14 Astounding Things About Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park, established on 14th September 1907 in Alberta, Canada, is worth exploring once in a lifetime due to its magnificent natural scenery.

This national park is an add-on to the grace of the nation. Named after Jasper Hawes, the place was open to the world in the 1930s. It is situated along with the Athabasca river experiences cold winter, and the Ice act as a jewel. Planning a journey to Jasper National Park? Well, even 2 weeks will be short to explore it due to its vast territory and breathtaking scenery. Ready to jump into the world of enchantment? Well, let’s go!

Jasper National Park
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Jasper National Park

Crammed with stunning views, rocky mountains, rivers, and lakes, this national park is 4,200 sq mi long in the north part of Canada in Alberta to the West region, making this the largest national park in Alberta.

Jasper National Park is a part of a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, Rocky Mountain Park. This is a significant tourist attraction in Canada.

Want to know more about the Canadian rocky mountain parks? Don’t worry, and we have all the national and most significant park elements to enlighten you!

Places To Visit In Jasper National Park

1. Columbia Icefield

Being enormous, this icefield is lying between the Columbia-Alberta border in Canada. The expanse is filled with shiny glaciers, lakes, and high-top mountains. With absolute serenity all around the icefield is echoed with the soothing sound of waterfalls. The Icefields Parkway is a highway that connects Jasper National Park and Banff National Park. Along with this, there are many activities provided at the Columbia Icefields.

2. Athabasca Glaciers

This UNESCO World Heritage site consists of many alluring serene. One of them is Athabasca Glacier which a traveler can visit on the way to Columbia Icefield. The place also has Athabasca falls, an excellent spot for a canyon ride, a must-do for this trip.

It’s the most utmost part of the trip which is highly recommended if you want to relish your summer holidays to the fullest. Visitors always have this place on their list to explore because a water ride in Athabasca valley is worth the penny.

3. Maligne Lake Cruise-

Take a tour on the cruise on Maligne lake to witness the natural beauty of Canada, the stories of natives, and the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

4. Tonquin Valley-

Buff of Hiking? Then you can’t miss this valley if you come to Alberta. It is one of the most stunning trails of Jasper National Park, which makes it the perfect place for hiking and trekking. The cherry on top is the sunset which you will be witnessing on the Rampart Mountains. Located in such a beautiful part of Canada, visitors complete this hike even after a formidable adventure and camping.

Jasper National Park
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Canadian Rockies: Jasper National Park

The north side of Canada, which has the Canadian Rockies, has incorporated the Jasper National Park in Alberta, which we have already discussed above, but what about the wildlife there?

The territory has incorporated itself with astonishing species like Grizzly Bears, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Elk, Caribou, and many other species, which makes wildlife viewing worth it, but what about the winter activities that take place in the national park? Well, let us know more about the ways to explore natural wonders.

Big Horn Sheep Jasper National Park
Image by Wonita & Troy Janzen from Pixabay

5. Mountain Biking-

On a glossy summer morning, if you get the impulse to bike in the calm atmosphere, then Jasper National Park’s. Well-maintained and connected trails can win your heart. This can be a terrific option to do in the morning with families and friends! Although we highly recommend using safety gears because the trails can be dangerous due to changing weather, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring the paths as more the challenge and more is the thrill.

6. Skiing-

So much snow, and you missed skiing in Alberta? No chance! Tourists visiting in winters are more special due to heavy snow, and the thick ice sheets make the experience of skiing more memorable and demanding among the vagabonds.

Jasper National Park
Image by took a pic from Pixabay

7. Group Ice Climbing And Hiking-

Already done with the skiing and want to enjoy the effects of the Northern Hemisphere more? Well, the more folks enjoy waterfalls in summer, the more they admire the frozen cascades for ice climbing and even hiking. It is one of the unique ways in Canada where the travelers enjoy the frozen waterfall by climbing in groups, and you can get this opportunity here.

8. Dog Sled Tour-

This tour throughout the park can help you appreciate the wildlife, serene, full trails, god-given nature, and the Rockies located in the province of Jasper. An hour or two hours tour can make your park visit worth it as you get a view while traveling on ice with families and friends.

9. Ice Skating

Winter in Jasper National Park can result in rivers and lakes turning into frozen roads which allows Ice Skating, and one such known is Lake Louise which allows exploring the lake through skating.

Jasper National Park
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Jasper Townsite And Downtown, Jasper National Park

National parks are predominantly remembered for the scenery, but what about the town areas near them? What about the hotels and the best time to head towards the Jasper National Park?

10. Weather Conditions

The weather has always been unpredictable in the Canadian Rockies. That’s why foreseeing anything would not be worth the time.

But we speculate that the month between June and August would be a meticulous one if you want to enjoy the tours in your summer holiday. If you’re going to experience ice skating and ice climbing, then the winter season is for you! But not to lose hope as the Jasper undergoes through all four seasons.

11. Jasper’s Dark Sky Reserve

The most amazing fact about this national park is that it has the second-largest dark sky preserve globally! The stupefying skyline trail has always been a breathtaking site due to the dark sky and even preserves it from the light pollution. Jasper National Park has always captivated the minds of the travelers who go through these adventurous tours while being in the parks of the Canadian Rockies.

Dark sky preserve has enlightened the civilians of Jasper and the travelers from all around the globe who need to know why it is so essential to protect nature.

Jasper National Park
Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

12. Accommodation In Jasper

Wanting to about the nearby towns with hotels? You can always check on the websites, but we have all the relevant information required if you wish to stay near the parking area.

Edmonton, Hinton are some famous towns near Jasper where any civilian can find accommodation, and some famous inns in Jasper are Mount Robson Inn, Athabasca Hotel, Astoria Hotels. If you wish to know more information, we can provide you with video links to help throughout your trip planning to the Jasper National Park.

13. Scrumptious Food

The place is crammed with small restaurants and cafes. All the assortments you can taste at one place without heading towards any other, which makes it an excellent choice for visitors.

You can go for wraps and sandwiches in Patricia’s shop, appreciate Canadian seafood at Syrahs, cut the chilly wind through Jasper’s Brewing company’s beer, fresh fish. A wild game at Fiddle’s, and we even have places for vegan and vegetarians at The Raven Bistro. So we are giving you no reason to evade Jasper at any cost!

14. Another Beautiful World

Students and researchers constantly look for such national parks. These places provide great insight into the universe and help them gather more information starting from grizzly bears to dark sky preserves. Jasper’s park even provides a Planetarium and historic galleries, which is the storehouse of fantastic knowledge.


A Worth Visit To Jasper National Park

We have discussed almost all the facts of this national park commencing from the areas you need to visit in this large territory to the great Planetarium, so what stops you from visiting this magnificent place? We have shared some unique 14 astounding things about this park in Canada that can arouse the need to explore this place. The more it is astonishing, the more it is informative.

Starting with the places you need to visit while in the Jasper National Park, then the great ice activities and all the necessities, beginning with the food to the accommodation, are all covered to plan your trip to Jasper! So? What are you waiting for? Dive into the details to plan out your trip!

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