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Lion’s Head Provincial Park: 12 Interesting Things to Know!

Lion’s Head Provincial Park is the spot for you if hiking along 200-foot cliffs above turquoise, aquamarine waters while surrounded by old-growth white cedars makes your heart skip a beat!

This hiking guide has everything you need to know to visit one of our favorite Ontario Parks.

The park is renowned for housing provincially rare plant species. The old white cedars spotted on the cliff’s edge are fascinating.

The 17 km (11 mi) hike to Lion’s Head takes many hours. It has to be among the best hikes close to Toronto, and it is well worth the trip.

If planning a trip, you may locate all the interesting places you need to know about in this post to spice up your journey.

1. Lion’s Head Provincial Park

Awe-inspiring rock formations and gorgeous scenery. The park is a part of the Niagara Escarpment Parks System and the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve.

This 526-hectare park’s mission is to safeguard the local vegetation and distinctive rock formations.

Visitors are advised to remember that environmental elements are vulnerable to deterioration and danger. Hiking and admiring nature are both very ideal in this location.

lion head peak
Photo by Marcelo Novais on Unsplash

2. Devil’s Monument Loop Trail

LocationCape Chin North Road, Lion’s Head, Ontario N0H 1W0, Canada

One of the must-see sights in Lion’s Head, Ontario, is the Devil’s Monument Loop Trail.

You’re likely to be deeply moved by this stunning secret memorial. Any time of the year, people visit this location.

. If you proceed directly from the Cabin to Devil’s Monument, you’ll be able to take part in the best winter hike ever and take in breathtaking winter vistas.

June through October is the ideal time to travel this route.

Popular for rowing, trekking, and mountaineering, you may still enjoy solitude during the day’s quieter hours.

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3. Lion’s Head Beach

Location: 1 Forbes Street, Lion’s Head, Ontario N0H 1W0, Canada

Are you trying to find a nice area to spend time with your family? If so, you should visit this lovely, serene, and quiet sandy beach.

The beach at Lion’s Head is undoubtedly one of the town’s top tourist destinations. The town’s centre is where Lion’s Head Beach is situated.

It is important to note that the beach has plenty of parking spots. As a result, it will be simple and quick for you to find parking for your vehicle.

Lion Head Beach
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4. Lion’s Head Lighthouse 

The magnificent Lion’s Head Lighthouse is one of Lion’s Head’s most well-known landmarks.

It is the entrance to one of Georgian Bay’s deepest municipal harbours.

This little but formidable lighthouse was constructed in 1903 and has undergone numerous reconstructions because of severe weather. It is located beneath the Niagara Escarpment.

The lighthouse is still a must-see treasure, even if it is a reproduction of the original today.

A tranquil spot to unwind in the summer while admiring the pristine seas and breathtaking cliffs directly across from the lighthouse.

The ice on it and the ferocious waves that break over the jetty makes winter just as spectacular. Excellent reason to visit Lion’s Head to view it.

Lion Head Lighthouse
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5. Bayside Astronomy

Location1 Bruin Street Lion’s Head, Ontario

Would you like to view the stunning nighttime sky? In that case, you ought to visit Bayside Astronomy.

Here, you’ll have a wonderful chance to use powerful telescopes to see stars, moon craters, mountains, and Saturn’s rings.

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association organises a free public outreach programme each summer with 13 volunteer amateur astronomers who use their telescopes to show attendees items in the night sky.

From July 1 through Labor Day weekend, the programme is primarily provided on Fridays and Saturdays at Lion’s Head Marina.

This has been a popular tourist destination on the Bruce Peninsula for the past eight years, drawing more than 2,500 visitors for free from all over the world.

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6. Christ Church Anglican

Location55 Main Street, Lion’s Head, Ontario N0H 1W0, Canada

A neat small church, Christ Church Anglican Church is.

The Lutheran Church and the Anglican Ministries of the Bruce Peninsula are made up of seven congregations, including Christ Church Anglican.

A vibrant and expanding congregation! You frequently see between 25–30 individuals attending church on Sunday mornings.

The congregation is Anglican and speaks a Lutheran dialect. On the third Sunday of each month, individuals participate in Evangelical Lutheran Worship, while on other Sundays, they participate in General Worship and the Book of Alternative Services.

Because of our religion, the church is enthusiastic about spreading God’s love and fostering civil society and problems that impact our world.

The church extends an invitation to you to join its warm community. The church is delighted you are their neighbour and welcome here, regardless of who you are or where you are from.

The church’s interior will appeal to you. The church’s windows are made of stunning stained glass. Sunday morning services are held here.

It gives four community organizations a place to meet and conduct their work from all around the world.

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7. Smokey Head (White Bluff)

Smokey Head (White Bluff) is part of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve and the Niagara Escarpment Parks System. 

The place is very convenient for hiking. Distance resembles from parking lot to small parking lot.

8. Explorer’s Tread 

One of the top attractions at Lion’s Head is, without a doubt Explorer’s Tread. This location offers an incredible opportunity to enjoy snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, and camping.

Additionally, you can engage in water activities and an unforgettable boat cruise here.

The professional mentoring expertise of Explorer’s Tread spans more than 20 years, working with volunteer teams, public and private schools, and local construction companies.

To explore the protected nature reserve, trail, unusual plants, cemetery road, natural attractions, rock formations, and visitor facilities, there is a parking area accessible.

9. Aunt Donkey’s Toys and Novelties

Location67 Main Street, Lion’s Head, Ontario N0H 1W0, Canada

Another great store in Lion’s Head is Aunt Donkey’s Toys and Novelties.

This is likely to be your child’s favorite Lion’s Head attraction out of all of them. Children can find fantastic toys and gifts at Aunt Donkey’s Toys and Novelties. In this charming tiny shop, there are always a lot of toys available.

10. The Dandy Lion

One of the top retailers in the Lion’s Head neighborhood is The Dandy Lion.

It’s important to note that the shop has a wide range of goods. You can buy clothes, food, presents, toys, and other goods here.

The Shop on Main Street. The Dandy Lion shop takes pride in assisting as many local small businesses as possible. The store is pleased to house Murdle’s Mercantile, Aunt Donkey’s, and Dandy Lion in one location.

Please visit The Dandy Lions to learn more about the group. Dandy Lion hopes you appreciate your purchase as much as we enjoy bringing you the best goods. 

The shop of The Dandy Lion has a small range of toys, games, gifts, gourmet foods, and clothing.

A view of the bridge over Okanagan Lake between West Kelowna and Kelowna Brititsh Columbia Canada with a view of the Kelowna skyline and a marina in the foreground.
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11. Lion’s Head Marina

According to some, the most beautiful marina in Ontario is located here. Aside from the shore, where the Farmer’s Market and Harbourside Music are hosted each week, it is situated behind the Niagara Escarpment and close to all facilities and eateries.

You can use the charcoal BBQs and picnic tables, so bring your dinner!

The municipality operates this marina with 150 transitory berths with a dock depth of 18 feet.

12. Grandad’s Attic

Location7 Webster Street, Lion’s Head, Ontario N0H 1W0, Canada

Grandad’s Attic is a jewel in the Lion’s Head area. The business, located above Hellyer’s Foodland, offers customers fantastic options.

You can purchase household goods, gadget accessories, and other items at Grandad’s Attic.

One-stop shopping and a good time were united at Hellyer’s. The Attic has almost everything you might need to make your trip more fun. 

Included are swimming “noodles,” games, art supplies, household items, and some electronics.

There’s also a wide selection of gift items. But with all that are charming antiques, which give the whole place the feel of a cheery cultural museum – a nostalgic collection of vacation memories and cottage living.

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Closing Thoughts

With the help of the knowledge mentioned above, you may be able to make your trip special. Since Lion’s Head is a closed park, no services like restrooms exist, making it a great destination for a trip with or without family.

Be warned that the hike is moderate to intermediate in difficulty and takes two to six hours to accomplish.

From nine till eight, The Timing At The Lions Head is open for business.

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Best time to visit Lion’s head, a provincial park in Canada

Late Summer to Late Fall (July to October) is the best season to visit Lion’s head.

Charges of parking in Lion’s head provincial park Canada


This is the main access point for those who want to climb the mountain to the Lion’s Head Lookout within the Lion’s Head Provincial Nature Reserve. Each booking lasts 4 hours.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the best routes to get lion head

From Tobermory, it takes only 35 minutes to go to Lion’s Head and around an hour to get to Owen Sound.

You can enter in two distinct ways. The primary trailhead and parking area are on McCurdy Drive, just past Moore Street.

The other is located near Cemetery Road’s terminus. Take a picture of one of the trail maps for Lions Head Provincial Park as soon as you arrive at the trailhead. You can find the best spots at the lion’s head lookout trail, bruce trail passes, the main trail, and places with rock debris overgrown.

The parking fee is uncharged. And before you begin your hike, one of my best pieces of hiking advice is to take a photo of the trailhead map. 

2. Trails in Lion’s Head

The Bruce Trail isn’t the only one that passes through Lion’s Head. Several other paths can be found nearby, such as:- 

  1. the Cemetery Road Side Trail
  2. Giant’s Cauldron Side Trail
  3. Lion’s Head Pothole Side Trail
  4. Moore Street Side Trai
  5. McKay’s Harbour Side Trail
  6. Geodetic Side Trail
  7. Inland Side Trail
  8. Warder Side Trail
  9. and Ilse Hanel Side Trail (430 metres).

4. What are the Eating Options like at Lion’s head?

You have a few options if you want to eat breakfast, a filling lunch, or a robust dinner after hiking around Lion’s Head Provincial Park.

There are a few fantastic locations directly in Lion’s Head. There are Marydale’s Family Restaurant, Lion’s Head Inn, and Rachel’s Bakery & Café.

Going back to Tobermory or Owen Sound, you also have some excellent options.

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