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Top 12 Modeling Agencies in Toronto

Are you looking for some best Modeling Agencies Toronto? Great! Let’s check out some of the best modeling agencies Toronto has!

Toronto is one stunning and vibrant city in Canada. Its popularity is so high that it’s often confused with the capital city Ottawa.

Toronto is a hub of a diverse range of business activities. Not just the IT and finance industries but some great modeling agencies Toronto are present as well.

Modeling Agencies Toronto: 12 Best Agencies!

Modeling is a great career option for millennials, and many youths want to go for it. And if you are one of them, located in Toronto, then we have listed out the 15 best modeling agencies Toronto which can give wings to your career.

1. Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management was first established in the year 1977 by John Casablanca. Elite model management is one of the most prestigious agencies present in different cities, including Toronto.

The level of elite model management can be understood by the big names that are associated with it.

Some of the world’s prestigious and renowned models like Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, and many others became known because of Elite Model Management.

Elite model management is among the best modeling agencies Toronto. The best feature of Elite is they embrace and promotes diversity. It is one of the best agencies to apply for as they accept daily submissions.

You need to submit your full-length, close-up, and personality photos in both portrait and profile modes. Just visit their website and do the needful.

2. Two Management

Two Management is one of the international modeling agencies Toronto presently has. It was established in 2013 in Los Angeles and has gained immense popularity within a short period.

The growth was impressive in that it expanded to several other cities like Copenhagen, West Coast, Toronto, and Scandinavia. The modeling agency is known for its contact with some high-end brands like BOSS, Saint Laurent, and Calvin Klein.

You can approach Two Management if you fulfill the minimum eligibility of having a height of 5’6 for women and 5’11 for men.

You can submit a form with all your details and photographs by visiting their website. If the agency likes your profile, they’ll contact you.

3. Next Model

Next Model
Photo from Next Model website

The Next Model is one of the oldest modeling agencies in Toronto, which was established in 2000. The journey of the Next model began in Montreal in the year 1999, and later Toronto was approached and expanded.

It has registered its name in one of Toronto’s best modeling agencies with famous models like Yasmin Warsame, Kim Cloutier, and many others.

The team of Next Model is very dedicated to their work. The staff makes sure that the model’s pride and security are not harmed in any way. The team travels with the models to make the business process smooth and hassle-free.

To become a model for this agency, you need to have particular height, and plus-size models are also welcome. You can approach this agency by registering online on their website, as direct calls are not welcomed.

4. Icon Model Management, Inc.

Your next stop in this hunt should be Icon Model Management Inc, one of Toronto’s finest modeling agencies. Its reputation can be understood from the brand’s names that have their models.

Icon Model Management has established models with brands like Dior, Levi’s, Cartier, and Diesel; and in magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle. The modeling agency has great experience in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Icon Management aims not just to promote the looks of the models but also to encourage them to explore their passion. You can see their models almost everywhere, may it be in a TV commercial or music videos.

Icon Model management is always looking for passionate models and is one of the best modeling agencies in Toronto.

They take full care of their models and have a long-term career plans for them. The agency welcomes kids, men, and women alike for their modeling projects.

5. B&M Models

b&m models
Photo from B&M Models website

B&M Models is another one of the best modeling agencies Toronto. This modeling agency calls itself a boutique agency and has been present in the industry for the last 40 years.

The modeling agency began its journey by the name of Bookings Inc. in the year 1980. Later with its success and changing times, it was renamed B&M. Now, this modeling agency doesn’t believe in taking new models every day.

The agency has small but finest models, and they fulfill the client’s needs and provide customized services. The client base of B&M models is huge and diverse as well.

Located in Toronto, the modeling agency gives full freedom to models in choosing the projects they like.

B&M Models have been known for providing beautiful faces, and they welcome curve to XXL size models, both male and female.

6. WANT Management

WANT management is one of the popular modeling agencies in Toronto, founded by Sean Penhall.  The founder of the modeling agency has been a model since the age of 18! He had an eye for suitable models, and later in his life, he established WANT Management in Toronto.

The brand which has collaborated with WANT management includes FENDI, Burberry, D&G, Prada, and Calvin Klein. There are many others, as well.

This is one of the best modeling agencies Toronto could have asked for. The agency is known for embracing the diverse looks and unique personalities of the models. There are multiple opportunities available here.

WANT Management welcomes all those individuals who think they have a passion for it. Even if you are a beginner with no modeling experience, you can approach WANT. The agency is open to new talents and accepts normal clicked photos as well.

7. Orange Model Management

Orange Model Management
Photo from Orange Model Management website

Orange Model Management is quite new in the industry as it was established in the year 2006. Orange model management has risen to the top and become one of the best modeling agencies Toronto deserves.

The unique feature of Orange is that they have worked with models as old as 3 years and 72 years old. The modeling agency is headquartered in Toronto but has also expanded to Montreal.

The agency claims that they have worked with all the major domestic brands and a few reputed international projects in the entertainment industry.

The application process of Orange Management is quite usual. Interested individuals need to fill in their details along with their measurements. Just upload four photographs that display your features, and even if they are not clicked professionally, they are accepted.

8. Sherrida, Toronto

Sherrida is among one of the oldest modeling agencies Toronto has, as it was established in 1973. It began with an ambitious woman who has always been a modeling enthusiast, and today Sherrida has a different reputation in Toronto.

Sherrida is based on the owner’s name and has amazing experience in the fashion and marketing industry of over 40 years.

The modeling agency has always promoted their model’s talent extensively, and several models have become known faces in the film industry. They have collaborated with some of the best International advertisement campaigns and major magazine covers.

For submissions, all you need to do is e-mail them your recent photographs, and if you have industry experience, more preferences will be given. Sherrida modeling agency has kids and teenage models as well.

9. Elmer Olsen Model Management

Elmer Olsen Model Management
Photo from Elmer Olsen Model Management website

Elmer Olsen Model Management is another modeling agency Toronto has kept in its territory. The Elmer Olsen model management team is dedicated and experienced and believes in uplifting their careers.

Some of the top male and female models in the world have risen from this modeling agency based in Toronto. The agency has strong networks and receives projects from local to international and elite brands as well.

Elmer Olsen’s models have been on the cover page of reputed magazines like Vogue, Bazaar, and Elle. They have a client base of reputed magazines, fashion, advertisement agencies, and prestigious television clients.

The best thing about Elmer Olsen Model management is they welcome old-aged models in both male and female categories.

All you need to do for submissions is provide your details and three full-length photographs and profile mode, including one extra.

10. Spot 6 Management

Spot 6 management is one of the most exclusive modeling agencies Toronto. It was established in the year 2009, and within a decade, it has become one of the reputed modeling agencies in Toronto.

The modeling agency encourages fresh talent and passionate models by looking after their models’ career objectives. The agency has worked with some of the world’s elite brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and many others.

Spot 6 Management has models featured in reputed magazines like Vogue, Harper Bazaar, Elle, GQ, and many Canadian magazines. Their models have walked the runway for the most prestigious fashion designers.

For submission, all you need to do is visit their official website, fill in your details, upload your impressive pictures, and you are good to go.

11. Dulcedo Management

agence de mannequins dulcedo management
Photo from Agence de mannequins dulcedo management website

Dulcedo Management is one of the coolest modeling agencies Toronto has in its hidden treasure. The journey of Dulcedo began from the Facebook hunt, and today they are one of the reputed agencies of the city.

Dulcedo Management encourages fresh talent and people who have a burning passion within themselves. Models with an X factor are what the modeling agency looks for.

The team of Dulcedo Management has an eye for talent and fierce models who can handle anything from bold to trendy and soft.

Dulcedo Management has three segments: model division, influencer division, and sports & entertainment division. Their models are listed in the top 50 models in Canada.

Dulcedo Management models have walked for designers like Marc Jacob, and brands like Saint Laurent come to the brands and designers association.

To approach this modeling agency in Toronto, you need to fulfill their minimum criteria, fill-up the form, and upload four stunning photographs of yours!

12. Anita Norris Management

Anita Norris Management was established in the year 2008. Being one of the well-known modeling agencies in Toronto, it is run by one experienced woman.

Anita Norris has been a passionate and reputed model since the age of 15. She has won several beauty pageants and has over 35 years of modeling experience in the industry.

She has modeled for reputed luxury brands like Versace, Robert Cavalli, and many others.

Anita Norris Management has expanded and grown aggressively. With so many years of experience and contacts, Anita Norris Management has become one of Toronto’s best modeling agencies.

The modeling agency welcomes babies, toddlers, and child models for advertisements, films, and commercials. Teenage models that fulfill the minimum requirements are approached after submissions.


These were a few best modeling agencies Toronto has. If you are a passionate person with a good physique, then it’s a golden opportunity for you.

The best thing about modeling agencies Toronto is the diversity and openness toward body type. The modeling agencies have no limits on the age of the person who wants to be a model.

Even if you are old, a teenager, or even a kid, everyone has many opportunities in Toronto.  There are lots of other agencies, and every agency has different requirements.

The importance of photographs is something that plays an important role in your chances of becoming a model.

If you are interested in modeling, then get your profile ready and click some stunning pictures. You can get your photographs clicked at these stunning locations in Toronto!

Toronto is a beautiful city filled with opportunities for people of all gender, ages, and body types.

The brand association and the popularity of modeling agencies Toronto are worth noticing. Some of the top models of the world have come risen to the top of these reputed modeling agencies.

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