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The Top Ten Most Popular Hair Salons In Toronto

Are you tired of looking for the best and the most popular hair salons in Toronto? Here is the ultimate guide for you. Styling our hair in the perfect way which suits us needs talent, and knowledge. 

We need good guidance and proper hair care to maintain healthy hair. This is when hair salons come into the picture. 

Finding a popular and best-rated hair salon is much needed to give your hair the care it deserves. Although there are several salons in the city, knowing the apt one helps you achieve your desired look.

 We provide you with an exclusive list of popular hair salons to make your job of choosing the right one easier.

Hair Salons In Toronto
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1. Lebel & Crowe

Opened in 2012, Lebel & Crowe is the top-rated hair salon in Toronto. This is a warm and welcoming space with talented stylists. 

They provide hair wash and blow-dry services with all kinds of haircuts. They offer a wide variety of hair services to customers.

The stylists at Lebel & Crowe are a well-experienced team in the field. They help you look your best with their services, including coloring and styling. 

You can approach them to get your hair done for special occasions and weddings. The clients can reach them through the mail for all their queries and concerns.

Visit them in their salon at 1491 Dundas Street West, Toronto, to enjoy their services.

2. Album Hair

Album Hair is yet another popular hair salon in Toronto. Their quality services range from hair cuts to bridal styling and hair coloring. 

Album Hair is the epitome of perfection. Whether a basic haircut or intricate hairstyling, they ensure you get the desired result.

All the haircuts available at this hair salon come with a hair wash and style. They offer a complimentary finish look with hair coloring services. You can book their consultation for $ 25.

The salon is also popular for its bridal styling. They have bridal hair specialists trained in classic and contemporary hair trends. 

You can book an appointment with them on their website to complete your bridal look. They are available for in-salon and on-location bridal services.

Hair Care
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3. Fox and Jane Salon

Next on the list of popular hair salons in Toronto is Fox & Jane. This advanced hair salon offers you hair treatments, various haircuts, glossing treatments, and hair coloring.  

The main treatments available at the place include keratin smoothing treatment, illuminating treatment, and revitalizing treatments.

The glossing treatments start from $38 without a blowout. You can also book them for your special events. 

Platinum blonde is another service that they offer. The cost of haircuts is decided based on your hair length, not gender.

If you are looking for hair extensions, go for a consultation with their hairstylist. 

Their store is located at 1022 Gerrard St. East. They are available for online booking, or you can call them to place your bookings.

4. CL Salon

CL Salon is next on the list of popular hair salons in Toronto. 

With more than ten years of experience in the industry, they meet professional standards. From haircuts to perming treatments, they help you attain your dream look. 

This unisex salon offers many services, including Japanese 3.1 treatment, keratin smoothing, perms, bleaching, and haircuts. Besides, they have glossing and highlighting benefits.

You will get to buy several kinds of hair products in this salon in Toronto to keep your hair healthy. 

One of the best things about them is giving you an initial hair consultation to achieve your desired look. They are located in downtown Toronto, 771 Bathurst St.

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5. Vescada Salon

Here is an award-winning hair salon in Toronto for you! Escada Salon is one of the best in town, with amazing hair services for men, women, and kids. 

Not only are they specialized in hair, but also microblading, manicures, and pedicures. They have more than ten stylists to help you in setting your hair. 

The salon exclusively uses natural Aveda products and treatments to give you the best results. 

Popular hair services are haircuts, coloring, blowouts, and hair extensions. The bridal services offered by them are of competitive prices.

The lash services offered in Vescada consist of lash extensions, keratin lash infusion, and lash lifts. 

Some well-known aestheticians work here to help you with microblading, semi-permanent, and permanent makeup looks.

6. Figaro Hair & Beauty Salon

The list of popular hair salons in Toronto is incomplete without mention of Figaro Hair & Beauty Salon. 

They are known for their exceptional services and are the best place if looking for new trends in hair styling. 

You will find unique but pretty haircuts and styles at this unisex salon. Client satisfaction is their major concern, and they happily work for it. 

Hair extensions and color correction are among their top-rated services. You can get excellent updos and hair treatments done from here.

At Figaro, you will get the opportunity to avail various services from award-winning stylists. 

All team members are well trained and knowledgeable of the latest styling trends, including balayage. They are located at 547 Wilson Heights Blvd, Toronto, and are open daily.

hair salon
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7. Salon Soap

Here is a hair salon in Toronto with over 15 years of experience! The main services include haircuts, color correction, and blowouts. 

They also offer coloring services, and the most famous among those is the balayage. One of the main features of Salon Soap is that all its pricing is tax-free and gender-neutral.

Situated at Margueretta Street, 1669 Dundas St. West, Salon Soap is a top-rated hair salon in Toronto. 

This is not just a salon but an amazing place to hang out. The local paintings and monochromatic interior give you a warm welcome at this place. You can take your pets along to this salon.

This is one of the perfect options for you if you are located near Dundas. You can book an appointment with them through their email. They will also answer your queries in the same way.

8. N15 Hair Salon Dundas

Yet another popular hair salon in Toronto is N15 Hair Salon. They are a team specializing in Japanese hair care methods. 

They have talented stylists trained in straight perms, balayage hair color, precision cutting, and digital perms. All of the products used in the salon are made in Japan.

N15 opened in November 2015 and is owned and directed by the hairstylist Hiroki Sugita. 

They use advanced Japanese technology for hairstyling and blowouts. At present, they also have another branch opened on Bay Street.

They offer lash services and other beauty services in addition to hair services. 

You can choose your favorite eyelash look and customize your look when planning to get a signature lash look. They maintain a beautiful interior, and the staffs here are super-friendly. 

The salon also offers various Japanese drinks and free wifi for clients. You can visit their website’s FAQ section to learn more about the services.

9. Salon Solis

Salon Solis is next on the list of top hair salons in Toronto. This salon is known as the best in the downtown region of Toronto. 

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The salon is owned by the hairstylists Ernesto and Dino. Which are known for their innovative hair styled, like the long thick hair options. They have been working in the industry since 1998.

They offer you the best bridal packages and makeup services in town. Their services, like hair extensions and coloring, are well-liked and received by the clients. 

The beauty makeover package is one of the best services that heighten their popularity in the fashion world. It includes a full face and hair makeover for $ 600.

Salon Solis also has a great photography studio and several portfolio packages. Included in this package are makeup and hairstyling. 

The salon is up for you all weekdays from 10 am.  Visit their salon at 659 Yonge St, 2nd flour, Toronto.

10. Allan Paris Salon

The last on the list of popular hair salons in Toronto is Allan Parson Salon & Spa. The studio is run by Allan, one of the talented stylists in Toronto. 

He has been working as a stylist since 1990. This is your ultimate salon for all your beauty and makeup needs.

Allan Paris aims to provide quality and satisfying services to clients. They are not just a usual haircut and styling salon. What makes them exceptional from others are their ombre, scalp treatments, spa, balayage, and special occasion styling.

For all hair services, Allan gives consultation to know your hair needs. They also offer micro-blading, bridal up-dos, makeup applications other than color corrections, and waxing services. 

Interested clients can book appointments online on their website. Visit 42 Wellington St E, Toronto, to benefit from their services.

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Closing Thoughts

A new hairstyle isn’t just about our hair but also our persona. People tend to feel more confident with great-looking hair, and for your hair to look gorgeous, you need to try something new and different once in a while.

So, whether you looking for Japanese hair care techniques, laser hair removal, Authentic asian hair colouring, hair colour, hair cut options or a premium hair studio that offers one to one hair appointment with the top hair stylists.

Please make an appointment with these premium parlour salon services and best hair salon to try out amazing hair services and treatments today. Have a great time with them!

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