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8 Awesome Music Stores Calgary to Check Out

Music is a very popular form of art. It is a powerful tool for conveying one’s feelings and emotions. So, let’s explore 8 most famous music stores in Calgary!

It arises from the musician’s heart to touch the heart of the listener. It helps to soothe your mind, uplift your mood or make you feel energetic in the morning.

Many people are fascinated by music. But the problem with them is that they lack the availability of well-built and quality instruments. Music stores are often ignorant of the quality of the instruments they are selling or lack variety. But, contrary to this notion, Music stores in Calgary have the distinction of selling the right instruments. 

If you are thinking of buying musical instruments, this article is custom-made for you. It contains a list of the best music stores in Calgary. This list will help you get the most authentic and quality products from the best shops in Calgary.

The ‘Music Stores Calgary’ list is supplemented with the store locations and website details of the store.

1. Long And McQuade Musical Instruments

Long and McQuade is one of the oldest musical shops in Calgary. It is a reputed musical store,  operational since 1956. The store locations are at 225 58 Ave SE, Calgary. There is also a website available for the store. 

This musical store is famous for the variety of musical instruments it has. It also contains a host of equipment for recording purposes. This shop in Calgary is rich in quality pianos, guitars, keyboards, and drums.

It also has music software and professional audio devices. This is to cater to the needs of modern customers. The music store can also provide rentals of the instruments as per your desire; on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It also rents to students who are enrolled in music courses as an education yearly. 

The store opened a music school in the form of a music lesson center. It has professional experienced music teachers to give students a proper education. This shop in Calgary is highly recommended and has also hosted great performances by artists like Steve Vai and Alex Acuna.

2. Bowtown Music

Bowtown Music is one of the gems of Calgary. It is a relatively new shop in Calgary but uncompromising in its quality. The store’s location is at 1609 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary.

The Bowtown Music store houses the largest collection of ukuleles in Calgary. It also has an elaborate collection of quality pianos, banjos, and mandolins. It also has guitars, tuners, and strings waiting to be sold.

Bowtown Music also has harmonicas besides percussion instruments. The musical store also offers musical instruments for rent at affordable prices.

This shop in Calgary also offers music lessons, if you want to learn music. It has an offline studio and an online class system to provide you with music education. Generally, every music school in Calgary acts as a music school.

3. Music Centre Canada

Music Centre Canada is another important site for purchasing musical instruments. It also acts as a music school imparting the knowledge of music to many. The store is located at 10206 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary. 

This store in Calgary has banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and violin to offer its customers. It also sells the best quality pianos and bouzouki. The repair shop offers lifetime warranties on its services and repairs.

The store believes that there is no need for multiple repairs, and one would be sufficient. The services that the shop offers are installation of the instrument, set up, and restringing. 

The shop-cum-music school has a good quality of teachers. They provide music lessons to educate interested people. Many people highly recommend this store in Calgary owing to its warranty policy. 

4. St. John’s Music

There are many old but reliable Music Stores in Calgary. St. John’s Music is a 90-year-old but trustworthy music store. The store has five branches in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon. In the city of Calgary, the shop is located at 700, 58th Avenue SE, Calgary.

The music shop has a plethora of musical instruments on sale. Their collections include guitars, pianos, banjos, and drums. They also contain mandolin, violin, and trumpets. This shop in Calgary also offers accessories like guitar stands and repair parts of instruments.

Apart from these instruments, St. John’s Music also provides services like repairing damaged instruments. Like any other music store, St. John’s Music also provides rental facilities. 

The music school has many skillful teachers. These experienced teachers are capable of teaching music to a beginner and a pro with the same ease. The network of its customers and alumni is vast. People highly recommend this store owing to its wide network. 

5. Guitar Works

This shop is a Guitar speciality store. When specialized Music Stores Calgary was not popular, this store was established. It was founded in 1989 and was among the first of its type in the entire country.

The store in Calgary is now spread to more than 15000 square feet and is present in three locations in Calgary.  The shop has specialized in the field of the guitar. It offers a vast range of guitars like Acoustic guitars, Premium guitars, Bass guitars, and Electric guitars.

It also offers accessories like guitar bags, cables, headphones, strings, and tuners. Though initially it was designed to be a Guitar special store, gradually it has adapted itself to host a few others. It now sells pianos, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, and ukulele.

Apart from selling the instruments, it also has a qualified staff to cater to your repair needs. These Guitar technicians can repair broken strings, damaged heads, and overall repairs. There are also qualified teachers at the store for imparting music education, particularly Guitar knowledge. 

6. Aeolian Strings Ltd

If Guitar Works is a specialized store for Guitars, the same way Aeolian Stores Ltd is a specialized shop for stringed instruments. This is a reliable store for purchasing good-quality stringed instruments.

The shop is the legacy of Luthier Ross Hill. This great man was one of Canada’s most renowned stringed instrument makers. The shop is located in Bay 9, 6229 Centre St S, Calgary.

You can buy musical instruments like Violins, Violas, Cellos, Strings and many other instruments. Being a specialized shop for stringed instruments, Aeolian Strings Ltd helps get the spare parts needed for the instruments.

Like an ideal music shop, this musical store in Calgary gives coaching on stringed instruments. It has skilled tech manpower required to repair the instruments and bring them in a usable form. 

Just as Guitar Works specializes in Guitar, Aeolian Strings Ltd in the field of stringed instruments, the same way, Piano Gallery Calgary specializes in dealing in Piano. This musical store in Calgary is perfect for dealing with instruments having keys. The store is located at 8989 Macleod Trail S 6, Calgary.

Piano Gallery Calgary puts classical and modern digital pianos on sale. It sells the best quality pianos at the most reasonable prices. The store buys its supplies from well-known companies like Estonia and Schimmel.

Piano Gallery Calgary also deals in second-hand pianos. You can get a low-priced but good-quality second-hand piano from the store easily. The store also provides consignment services at your wish. 

Piano Gallery Calgary also provides piano lessons. The customers and students of the store highly recommend this store.

8. Sak’s Music

Sak’s Music is the legacy of the renowned musician Brent Saklofske. It was established in 1992. It is currently located at 10206 Macleod Trail S, Calgary. 

Many people highly recommend Piano Gallery Calgary because of its huge stock of musical instruments. The store can supply you with any item you want in just two weeks. The instruments offered in Sak’s are Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and Ukulele. It also supplies quality pianos, drums, and violins. Apart from the instruments, the shop also has a good collection of accessories, in case you need them. 

Unlike other Music Stores in Calgary, Sak’s Music offers one-on-one private music lesson packages. It offers customized and student-tailored music education.  

Closing Thoughts

Music stores in Calgary are a worldwide popular destination for the shopping of musical instruments. They offer a wide range of instruments. Calgary is a Canadian city in the state of Alberta.

These music stores contain musical instruments from violins to pianos and guitars, among others. Several world-class musical equipment can be easily found in the music stores of Calgary. Notwithstanding their popularity, the prices of these instruments are very reasonable.

Above was the list of best Music Stores in Calgary. Do visit these if you want to buy or rent musical instruments.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What should I keep in mind when buying a musical instrument?

When buying a musical instrument, it’s important to consider the type of instrument you want to buy, as well as your skill level and budget. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to start with a lower-priced instrument that’s easy to play. If you’re an experienced musician, you’ll likely want to invest in a higher-quality instrument.

2. Are there any music stores in Calgary that specialize in certain types of instruments?

Yes, there are music stores in Calgary that specialize in certain types of instruments. For example, some stores focus on guitars, while others specialize in pianos, and so on. If you know what type of instrument you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to check out a store that specializes in that instrument.

3. Is it better to buy an instrument in person or online?

Both options have their pros and cons. Buying in person allows you to try the instrument before you buy it, which can be helpful in determining whether it’s the right fit for you. However, buying online can often result in better deals and a wider selection of instruments to choose from. It’s always best to do your research, read reviews and understand their return policy.

4. Are there any music stores in Calgary that offer rental options for instruments?

Yes, there are music stores in Calgary that offer rental options for instruments. This can be a great option for beginners or for those who want to try out an instrument before committing to a purchase. Rental can also be a good option for those who only need an instrument for a short period of time.

5. Are there any music stores in Calgary that offer lessons?

Yes, some music stores in Calgary offer lessons on a variety of instruments. If you’re a beginner, taking lessons can be a great way to get started and learn the basics. Even if you’re an experienced musician, lessons can help you improve your skills and learn new techniques.

6. Do music stores in Calgary offer repair and maintenance services?

Yes, many music stores in Calgary offer repair and maintenance services for instruments. If you’re experiencing problems with your instrument, or if it needs to be tuned or cleaned, you should take it to a music store that offers repair and maintenance services. They should have a professional luthier on staff or recommend you to one.

7. What is the usual price range for musical instruments in Calgary?

Prices for musical instruments in Calgary can vary widely depending on the type of instrument, its quality and brand. For example, a beginner’s guitar can cost around $100 to $300, while a high-end guitar can cost thousands of dollars. It’s best to research and compare prices for the specific instrument and brand you’re interested in.

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