9 Wondrous Places To See Near Canmore


 There are loads of beautiful and amazing places to see near Canmore. If you want to visit places nearby Canmore then checks out these 9 places. Canmore, the beautiful place located in Alberta’s rocky mountains, nowadays known as one of the most beautiful and enchanting towns of Alberta.

Canmore started as the coal mining town in service of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Now it has evolved to become the best town of all in Alberta. Many tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful town every year and explore the appreciable beauty of the town. Places to see near Canmore are innumerable but these are the top picks for you.

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Places to see near Canmore:

Below mentioned is the list of 9 beautiful and mesmerizing places to see near Canmore. So take a hop onto it and get ready to explore this wondrous city.

1. Canmore cave tours:

The Canmore Cave tours are one of the excellent experience you can take advantage of in Canmore. Canmore Cave tour is a fascinating and very adventurous event held at the Canmore.

Canmore Cave tour sare offering this caving opportunity at the Rat’s Nest Cave since 1992. Since then the prime goal of this tour is to provide all tourists opportunity of having extraordinary fun and adventure. You get to explore a lot by considering Canmore Cave tours to visit places near Canmore.

The team of Canmore Cave tours is committed to providing you the best experience of your life. This tour might be very exhausting and tiresome at the end. But this is nothing in front of what you achieve from the tour. Spending these hours underground might sound a lot crazy and crazy is good sometimes.

This tour will be one of the best places you have ever visited and leave you speechless with all its amazing glory and adventurous fun.


2. Grassi Lakes:

Grassi Lakes, named after Italian Lawrence Grassi who emigrated to Canada in the year 1912. He began his work as a miner in the Canmore coal mines in the year 1916 just after working with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

He built many trails in Canada and went on to become a well-respected climbing guide. This small, emerald-colored is one of the most famous places to see near Canmore.  This land is the part of Canmore Provincial, which is, in turn, the part of the Kananaskis Country Park system.

In Canmore town, Grassi Lakes is a very popular destination for hiking and rock climbing.  Lying at the foot of grey cliffs which are the part of Cairn Formation. It is a fossil reef formed during the Late Devonian period. The reef-forming organism here were stromatoporoids. Stromatoporoids are now the extinct bulbous sponge.

This 246 ft high cliff is the most desired place by the rock climbers using the voids left by the sponges as a hold for hand and feet. Now, these all things sound so much fascinating and amazing. The place has much more than this for you to get amazed.

Among all the places to see near Canmore, this one is visited by a great number of visitors and tourists.


3. Ha Ling Peak:

The beautiful and startling peak located at the northwestern end of Mountain Lawrence Grassi is the Ha Ling Peak. This mountain is located south of the Canmore and east to the Spray Lakes road in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies. The beauty of this place is different among all other places to see near Canmore.

This is one of the amazing hiking routes above the south. Then there are several technical climbing routes on the north and a scrambling route up the Canmore Couloir. The name of the peak was Chinaman’s Peak but than it was changed to Ha Ling Peak in 1997 to prevent being offensive as the name Chinaman was viewed as derogatory.

The hike to the Ha Ling Peak is fantastic and provides you the opportunity for a perfect workout in the mountains. The hike up the Ha Ling Peak is not very long. It is somewhere around 3 kilometer which would hardly take your 90-110 minutes.

This peak is comparatively less challenging than the others, but when it comes to the snow and ice without the icers it may create a mess for you. The section next to the snow and ice is the one with rock and scree which takes 20 to 25 minutes.

The views from this mountain peaks are impeccable and stunning. You would never have seen anything like this before. Ha, Ling Peak is a complete must visit among all the places to see near Canmore.


4. Policeman’s Creek Boardwalk:

When you are looking forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of life this is the most preferable place among all the places to see near Canmore. The most interesting thing about this place is that t is quiet, hidden, and away from the noise and chores of the busy world.

The moment you step on the boardwalk is the moment you get the exquisite feeling of having escaped from your daily life. This is the place from where you can see the unobstructed view of the enormous mountains of the Canmore. The boardwalk adds a fantasy look and feels to the place just the way shown in fairy tales.

This place is so magnetic and stunning that it can surely be your dream destination and the place you should never miss to visit. For all the nature lovers along with the animal lovers, this is the place where you will be completely mesmerized by the glory and charm of the place and the lives residing there.

You can witness wildlife like the beavers, songbirds, ducks, even elk or deer if your luck is at the top. For all the adventure seekers this boardwalk will further lead you to the towns’ trail system where you can continue your journey for a long time.


5. Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park:

The Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park is the center of many exciting and adventurous activities one must try. Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park is a provincial park in Alberta, Canada, which is situated west to Canmore, 105 km west of Calgary. The specific address to this place is the 1988 Olympic Way, Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

The fun and adventurous activities of this park are Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Other Winter and Summer Activities. 


The Biathlon is the perfect place for all the biathletes with a year-round facility of training for the elite as well as recreational biathletes. The Canmore Nordic Centre holds an IBU the specific license to carry on the Biathlon World Cups regularly.

The range has 31 firing lanes with the amazing Kurvinen electronic targets crafted for the .22 caliber biathlon rifles.

Cross Country Skiing:

Frozen thunder is the particular trail designed by the machine-made snow which provides an opportunity for the cross country skiers to begin there training. The length of the trail is approximately 2 km.

The general public is allowed at the Frozen thunder trail when it is not used by the high-performance athletes. The public skiing event is permitted afternoon every day.

Other Winter Activities:

The other winter events include activities like snowshoeing, Fat biking, Tobogganing, Ice Skating, Winter Disc Golf.

Each one of these activities is amazing and fascinating enough for you to try. You will be gifted with one of the most adventurous and best Winter experiences of your life.

Summer Activities: 

The list of Summer activities at the park is very fascinating. Here you can give a shot to activities like Mountain biking, visiting Mountain Bike Skills Park, Hiking, Trail running, Roller skiing, adventurous courses like Orienteering and Summer and wildlife Safety.

You got a wide range of ventures to explore. It s the most amazing place among all the places to see near Canmore.


6. Quarry Lake:

The lake formed at the place of a pre-existing quarry is known as Quarry lake. One such enormous and beautiful lake resides in the Canmore town of Alberta, Canada. This is one of the beautiful places to see near Canmore.

The Quarry lake park is the joint campaign of the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation and the Town of Canmore. It is one of Canada’s most visited and highly liked place. It has facilities of amenities like picnic tables, lawns, benches, and even swimming areas. It all sounds so beautiful and intriguing.

This is the best spot to visit if you are up to a family tour or picnic. You can also visit this place with your friends, coworkers, or even alone. Quarry lake has all the beauty and charms that you would like to adore and experience.

The park also offers wedding and event sites having astounding mountain views. It can accommodate up to 10 people. The place is so cheerful and wondrous that you will surely consider celebrating your great days here whether it is weddings or birthday parties.

The Quarry lake and the enormous mountains add everything that is left out to your special event and make it a memorable moment for you.


7. Grotto Canyon:

The Grotto Canyon hike is the local favorite and very much visited in Canmore. It is situated to the right of the Grotto Pond. The Grotto Canyon hike is a bit challenging than the rest of the others.

This hike contains several slick boulders which are difficult to tackle for children. But it turns out to be a lot of fun for the older children as you get an amazing and different view at every turn. This is just like reading a book with many different chapters. With the ascending hike, the limestone walls get steeper and narrower which leads to a mesmerizing cascade falling and shining in the rays of the Sun.

From this hike, you can see several different astonishing views from all the angles like the 500 to 1300 years old wall paintings are known as the Hopi pictographs from the tribes of native Americans, the stream, and much more.

Grotto Canyon is one of the best places to see near Canmore in the Winter as well as the summer season. Each of these seasons has different views and stories to depict which you will adore.


8. Cross Zee Ranch:

Cross Zee Ranch, located on the northeast boundary of Canmore also acquires a perfect spot in the list of places to see near Canmore. This is the solely amazing place offering you horseplay in the Canadian Rockies.

The Cross Zee Ranch is known for many of its specializations like the wondrous mountain trail rides for the age group of 7 to 100. The place is the center of mouth-watering food like the barbeques and the famous Alberta beef, chicken salmon, and much more.

The scenery of the Cross Zee Ranch cannot be explained in words. It is one of the most beautiful places and perfectly suitable for your outings with family members. It is also open to private functions and events like celebrations, weddings, and many other special events of yours.


9. Big Head Sculpture:

Bighead sculpture, the name itself tells all about it. Yes, this place is about a very big granite head that seems to be lost in deep thoughts and half-buried in the ground. Well, this place is something new to see because arts like these are very rare and also have much knowledge to offer that one should not miss.

The Big Head Sculpture was sculpted by the great artist Alan Henderson, an artist from Alberta who was commissioned for this work. The artist found great inspiration in the name of the town itself that is Canmore. It is named after Canmore on the northwest shore of Scotland which is in turn named after King Malcolm. He was also known as Malcolm Canmore.

Now, in Gaelic, Canmore means “big head”, so that is exactly what he produced. This sculpture weighs nine tonnes. The eyes of the sculpture are closed and appear to be in deep thinking. Carved from blue granite it has become a symbol of town since its installation in 2008.

The head is considered the most important part of the town and is covered with hats during the Winter season. In the Summer season, the sculpture looks amazing in the pirates’ outfit. This is a must-visit place among all the places to see near Canmore.


So this was the exquisite list of the 9 wondrous places to see near Canmore. Make sure to add these places to your visit list and experience the adorable glories and charm of these destinations. There are many more to these places to see near Canmore.









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