Revelstoke Review – Guide To The 6 Best Things Do!

Do you want to know all about the winter city, Revelstoke? Well, this is your personal Revelstoke review guide to all of the best things they have in store for you.

Revelstoke is a small mountain town nestled in southeastern British Columbia. The city is known as Canada’s ‘winter city.’ It has excellent snow conditions and stunning scenery that was relatively unnoticed until recent years.

However, now the city is filled with people doing adventures all year round. There are plenty of things to do, see and explore in Revelstoke that you might not even be aware of.

Revelstoke is by far one of the best ski resorts you will come across in Canada. There’s so much to enjoy over the winters, like skiing, snowboarding, relaxing in a hot spring, dog sledging, and much more.

But to your utter surprise, the city is as good in the summer as is in the winter. It’s an all-year-round destination. But we recommend winter, and you will know why.

In this Revelstoke review guide for you, we have handpicked the best things to do in Revelstoke that you will enjoy.

Revelstoke Review: Things To Know

Before jumping into the things to do in Revelstoke, check out the brief features of the place.

1. ‘Revelstoke’ Wasn’t Always The Name

Revelstoke in the early days was known as Farwell. It was founded in the 1880s when the Canadian Railway was built around the area. However, the name Farwell is after a local landowner and surveyor, Mr Farwell.

Photo by SMJoness from Depositphotos

It was incorporated as a city in 1899.

If you are much of a movie fan, you might recognize Revelstoke. And for those who aren’t, here is a piece of exciting information.

Revelstoke has been a popular movie set for some time. It started as a movie set for the first time in 1936, in ‘The Silent Barrier.’

And since then, Revelstoke has appeared in many other movies, including Mountain Men, Frozen in love, Marry me at Christmas, and Double Jeopardy.

3. Award-Winning Beers & Spirits

Revelstoke might be a small cosy place, but they are going big with their flavours. Revelstoke has impressive beers and spirits that are winning hearts down.

Revelstoke has two local breweries and two distilleries with some splendid craft beer scenes.

4. Revelstoke Isn’t Just A Rainforest

Revelstoke might not sound like an interesting place to you, but there’s a lot hidden about the winter city. Revelstoke hails in the earth’s only inland temperate rainforest.

The rainforest is home to mountain caribou, the most threatened mammal in North America.

This rainforest is one of the rarest globally and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The rainforest specializes in old-growth trees. Click here to know more about the rarest rainforest.

5. Revelstoke Isn’t Just Another Snowsport Town

Revelstoke is now popularly known for its exciting snow sports, but there was a time when Revelstoke was known for ski jumping.

Long back, Revelstoke was the only place to be for ski jumping. The ski jumping excitement and culture were brought into Revelstoke during the late 1800s by the Norwegians.

And three world-length records have been set on the ski jumping hills of Revelstoke by the time of 1993.

These are just a few facts on Revelstoke that many might not be aware of. Along with these, there’s so much more to explore in the city.

Revelstoke Review: Top 6 Best Things To Do & See

Revelstoke is one of the best places to have memorable times. Being a small mountain city, the whole vibe of Revelstoke is quite serene. This is why people can enjoy both their summers and winters equally.

Revelstoke has got all kinds of outdoor activities, winter sports, and much more to enjoy. So presenting to you in this Revelstoke review guide, the top most amazing things to see or do in Revelstoke. Hope you have a great time.

Also, while you’re in Revelstoke, you might take a little detour to the closest beautiful city, Calgary.

1. Go for a Hike

One of the most exciting things to do in Revelstoke is hiking. It is one of the top activities done by tourists in Revelstoke. There are plenty of trails to choose from that cater to all your needs.

Whether you are an advanced-level hiker or a beginner, there are many available choices for you.

When you’re not visiting Revelstoke in the winter, the best way to explore the beauty of this backcountry is for sure hiking. And the best spot for that is Mount Revelstoke, National Park. It has the ideal setting for a hike.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is home to a wide range of trails that goes up to the mountains, through the forests, and into subalpine meadows with wildflowers. This 260-square-kilometre park is a true Revelstoke gem.

The trails range from short boardwalks to valley-bottom strolls and tough climbs, offering panoramic views of the rugged mountains. There are around 13 great trails you can choose from, of which the following are the most famous or preferred ones.

  • Giant Cedar Boardwalk Trail

It is a 0.3-kilometre loop trail primarily used for nature trips. The trail is ideal for hikers of all skill levels and features the oldest giant cedars.

  • Summit Trail

Summit Trail is 19.6 kilometres out and back trail with flowers blooming down.

  • Eva Lake & Miller Lake Trail

This is a 15-kilometre out-and-back trail featuring a gorgeous lake. The trail is mostly used for nature trips and bird watching.

2. Stroll Through Revelstoke Farmers Market

Next up on your Revelstoke review guide is the Revelstoke Farm & Craft Market. Nestled below the snow-capped peaks of Mount Revelstoke National Park is the Revelstoke Farm & Craft Market.

The Revelstoke Farm & Craft Market was set up back in 1985 to develop a community marketplace.

Every Saturday from May to October, local producers set up a vibrant market atmosphere in downtown Revelstoke. Locals set up small stalls with fresh fruits & vegetables, local honey, baked goods, flowers, and hand-made crafts.

Each Saturday morning brings about a fresh, lively vibe in there. And taking a stroll through the market, hopping from one stall to another, is a delight.

And above that, it is known as one of the best markets in small-town British Columbia.

3. Winter Sports At Revelstoke Mountain Resort

If you are here in the winter, the obvious thing to do is skiing or snowboarding in the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Because what good is the snow for if you don’t even try skiing?

Skiing & Snowboarding at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Photo by Kyle Pearce/ Flickr, Copyright 2021

Revelstoke Mountain Resort has the most vertical elevation in North America (whopping high), making it a dream destination for ski lovers. The snow here is always beautiful and perfect.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the only resort in the world that is home to lift, cat, and backcountry skiing. And for advanced riders, Revelstoke Mountain Resort has got the perfect terrain.

The heliskiing and snowmobiling scene here is getting pretty big. And there’s no way one should miss doing it.

And even if you are not a very skilled snowboarder, there’s nothing to worry about you can always learn at the Snow School.

4. Visit The Enchanted Forest

Bringing up 4th on the Revelstoke review guide is a virtual trip down the legendary Enchanted Forest. Discover the real magic of Revelstoke.

Just 32 Kilometers west of Revelstoke lies the Revelstoke Enchanted Forest. It is a real-life dreamland for the kids. Visit the enchanted forest and discover the magic of Revelstoke.

 Young or old, everyone should once come to see this magical forest which is an underrated gem. It’s all a fairy tale in here, with attractive castles and cottages, handcrafted fairytale figures, and treehouses.

And it features the largest treehouse in British Columbia. Visitors follow the different trails that take them down memory lane of their favourite childhood characters. (You will definitely spot one)

Little visitors can also climb and crawl down the castles and dungeons for real. This is the place to get completely get lost in your childhood days.

5. Take A Sip: Local Spirits

And next up on your Revelstoke review guide is something you will love doing. And that is, checking out the booming local craft beer and spirits scene of Revelstoke.

The local craft brewing and distillery scene in Revelstoke is just going places. Revelstoke is home to two local breweries and two distilleries.

Although each brewery has its different twist and philosophy behind its spirits, they all share a common theme. And that is, their products taste exactly where they originate from.

Their products are made using ingredients fresh from the backyard to match the vibe of the town. So, why go sightseeing when you can taste Revelstoke in your mouth?

  • Mt. Begbie Brewing

MT. Begbie Brewery
Photo from MT. Begbie Brewery website

Mt. Begbie is an award-winning brewery that you cannot miss. It was awarded Canadian Brewery of the year in 2017. Founded in 1996, Mt. Begbie has become the favourite in town.

They have a beer for every occasion and every mood. And their tasting offers a range of seasonal and experimental spirits.

Visit Mt. Begbie and know what’s so special about their spirits.

  • Monashee Spirits

Revelstoke Review
Cole Hofstra Photography. Taken from Monashee Spirits website

Monashee Spirits hailed in the heart of downtown Revelstoke was opened in April 2017. They are known for offering small delicious batches of organic spirits. And they make sure whatever you have there, you can never get the same taste anywhere else.

They are an award-winning distillery that won the 2019 Canadian Spirit of the year award.

They offer you the real essence of Revelstoke. So, do pay a visit.

6. Visit the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town

Last but not least, on your Revelstoke review guide, we have the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town. The three valley gap is an amazing blast from the past.

Located on the Trans Canada Highway, the three valley gap ghost town opens up historical wonders. The city includes around 25 historic buildings and a few replicas of original historic buildings.

Some of the buildings on site are Golden Wheel Saloon, Monashee Mining Co., Bottle House, and Blacksmith Shop. A stroll down the town will get you hooked on authentic shops and buildings from the late 1800s.

3 Valley Gap also has a beautiful garden and an antique automobile museum.

Discover the past while you’re in the present at 3 Valley Gap.

The Close

So that is all for you in this Revelstoke review guide. However, fun at Revelstoke isn’t just limited to the things mentioned here.

Photo by csr601d from Depositphotos

This city is a place filled with wonders. There are various other attractions to check out in the summer and winter.

Here’s a list of places for you to explore:

i) Explore the Revelstoke Railway Museum
ii) Visit the Glacier National Park
iii) Take a trip to the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre

If you have your own experience at Revelstoke that you would like to share, feel free to. Comment down your experiences or your personal Revelstoke review in the comment section.

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