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Top 10 Vancouver Concerts You Should Visit

Vancouver is a city that holds the aura of the ancient amateur orchestra with the trendy 21st-century music culture, including jazz, EDM, pop, rock, and classical. The Vancouver Concerts are the best examples of such cultural conservation. The music enthusiasts of the world find Vancouver as a world-class music destination for diverse cultural reflections.

This article gives you an insight into the Top 10 Vancouver Concerts You Should Visit to know about the variety of musical compositions from every stream of music.

Vancouver Concerts: A Great Journey

In the early 20th century, the Vancouver music tradition had stability, and several new talents performed in amateur orchestras. However, the First World War halted the boom of music culture for a while. The whole nation was suffering the effects of the war and the Great Depression period added more troubles to the situation.

However, the murky clouds of despair cleared, and the music culture blossomed after World War II. Since then, Vancouver has been organizing world-class concerts each year with national and international stars as performers.

Like the multicultural fabrication of the society, Vancouver’s music spectrum is also weaved of metal, blues, classical, hip-hop, country, rock, and more forms. The diverse social structure with people from various religions and sects, backgrounds, and ideologies has created a fusion of musical preferences.

Present-day Vancouver has glorious concert venues, like Commodore Ballroom, Imperial Vancouver, Rogers Arena, Vogue Theatre, and many more. Each year Vancouver hosts numerous concerts with millions of music lovers and world-class singers and musicians.

The four main venues for Vancouver Concerts are:

(i) Queen Elizabeth Theatre hosts concerts throughout the year. It has around 3000 people capacity. It hosts concerts of national and international famed musicians.

(ii) Commodore Ballroom has around 1000 people capacity. It is a famous spot for music concerts. Notable singers and bands like Oasis, U2, Nirvana, Katy Parry, James Brown, and others have performed at this venue.

(iii) Rogers Arena is a popular concert venue that has hosted concerts for world-famous singers like Pink, Drake, Paul McCartney, and many more. It is a large area that has organized some of the biggest Vancouver Concerts.

(iv) BC Place is one of Vancouver’s largest stadiums, with around 55 000 people. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Luke Bryan, and Taylor Swift have performed here.

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Top 10 Vancouver Concerts You Should Visit

1. The Monkees

The American rock and pop band, The Monkees has an incredible legacy that is mixed with music, tv shows, controversies, and separation. It still has a popular fan following that is seen in every concert in Vancouver. Commodore Ballroom has the honor to conduct one of the most popular Vancouver Concerts of The Monkees.

The Monkees band has a sublime history starting from their debut in 1966 with a great fan following. Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, and Davy Jones formed their band in 1966 with best-selling songs like Last Train to Clarksville, and I’m a Believer. Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz are the band’s two active members as Tork and Davy are no more.

The Monkees - I'm A Believer (Official Live Video)

The Monkees have a successful history of North American musical tours. They are known for rejuvenating the old melody of their legendary band. Their Anniversary Tours attract innumerable music lovers to realize the Monkeemania. An Evening With The Monkees, A Midsummer’s Night With The Monkees, and The 50th Anniversary Tour are some of the memorable events in the past Vancouver Concerts.

2. The Zombies

Still Got That Hunger famed British legends, The Zombies are frequent performers at Vancouver Concerts. Commodore Ballroom has been organizing its tour for several years. Colin Blunstone (vocalist) and Rod Argent (keyboardist) are the founding members of the band. It has more than 50 years-long musical journeys exhibited through concerts.

She's Not There, The Zombies, Commodore Ballroom Vancouver

The Zombies’ live performances are loved and appreciated by the audience in huge numbers. This iconic British music band is known for the  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction that has entertained the audience with the mesmerizing performance.

Their jazz performances with eloquent guitar music and drums make them iconic performers. Their live performances exhibit their journey from 1968 to the present time with some evergreen hits.

3. Iron & Wine

One of the most anticipated Vancouver Concerts is Iron & Wine, Sam Ervin Beam’s stage name. He is known for his solo tours and out-of-the-box music concepts. He annually performs at different concert venues in Vancouver, including his popular concerts at Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Commodore Ballroom.

vancouver concert
Photo by Filip Andrejevic on Unsplash

Famous for his folk and rock genres, Iron & Wine tours Vancouver frequently to entertain music lovers. The gathering in his concerts proves his popularity. He plays some famous and soothing songs of his 15 and more years of history in most of his Vancouver Concerts. This Grammy Award-nominated singer soothes you with his experimental music.

4. Andy Kim Show

Andy Kim is a famous Canadian singer and songwriter who mostly tours with Kevin Drew and Sarah Slean. He is popular for the Annual Andy Kim Christmas Show. He has traveled the whole of North America extensively for his live music concerts.

Andy Kim Christmas Show 2015

Andy Kim’s shows are one of the most highly awaited concerts in Vancouver. His soothing voice and charismatic personality make every show memorably exciting.

Listeners enjoy his magical voice along with the videos of the legendary songs of Kim’s musical career in the background. It creates a fusion of memories with excellent artistic expression.

5. Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys concerts are generally held at Rogers Arena, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, and BC Place stadium. Backstreet Boys was formed in 1993, and it was one of the biggest bands of the 90s era. Iconic singles like As Long As You Love Me, Everybody, I Want It That Way, and many more are still remembered and loved as multi-million-selling tracks.

Vancouver concert
Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

The Backstreet Boys concerts offer you a chance to live the legacy of the top-ranking songs by the performers in live performances. Their DNA World Tour is one of the most sought out Vancouver Concerts. The concerts are entertaining with the best music compositions. Fans have the time of their lives, singing and dancing the whole night.

6. Rolling Stones

With a 60000 seat capacity, BC Place Stadium has the privilege of hosting Rolling Stones concerts. When the city is laden with the iconic Tongue and Lip posters, people wait impatiently to watch one of the most awaited Vancouver Concerts. These posters create Rolling Stones’ historical pop culture.

It is an English band formed in 1962, with presently four active members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood. Rolling Stones concerts are generally held at BC Place Stadium, Rogers Arena, and Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

They have performed more than two thousand concerts worldwide. Their concerts are known for designer stages according to the size and taste of the audience. Equipped with giant video screens and the best instruments, the concerts are always mind-blowing.

7. Maroon 5

With international hits like Girls Like You, Sugar, Animals, One More Night, and Misery, Maroon 5 joins Rogers Arena for their North America Tour each year. American band Maroon 5 is famous for pop, funk rock, R&B, and soft rock music styles.

She will be loved - Maroon 5 (Vancouver)

Formed in 1994 as a high school band, it presently has six members, with Adam Levine as the lead vocalist. Maroon 5 is entertaining music enthusiasts with the same caliber as its records in Vancouver Concerts for the past two decades. People enjoy its performances with the flavor of a true rock band.

8. Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Founded in 1978, Vancouver Folk Music Festival is one of the most respected annual music festivals in Vancouver. Each year more than forty thousand music enthusiasts attend the festival at Jericho Beach Park. Its main objective is to promote local music and culture with national and international acts.

vancouver concert
Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

The festival’s most sought-after concerts have made it win the title of Best Local Music Festival. It is best known for promoting contemporary folks and roots music across the globe. Many internationally famed artists have started their journey at the festival with their concerts.

9. The Weeknd

Canadian singer and songwriter Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, is known for his versatile music and eccentric presentation. His performances qualify him as one of the demanded performers in Vancouver Concerts.

Insider Access | The Weeknd Fall Tour: Vancouver

His performance is known for the amalgam of passion and desire that directly connects to the audience. He mixes up the old and new songs to make his performance memorable. Rogers Arena hosts The Weeknd concerts each year.

10. EDM Vancouver

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a new cultural inclusion to the North American music sphere. The Funk Hunters, Trevor Guthrie, Conroe, and Nathan Barato are the most popular EDM performers at Vancouver Concerts.

vancouver concert
Photo by Zachary Smith on Unsplash

EDM Vancouver hosts concerts annually, especially for EDM lovers. The best part of EDM concerts is the energetic vibe they spread. The performances are full of zeal, enthusiasm, and excitement that make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

vancouver concert
Photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash

Vancouver Concerts preserve the old musical culture of Canada with the new music cultures. Many famous singers and bands have performed at these concerts before seeing the limelight. Pop, Rock, Jazz, EDM, and folk music, all kinds of genres, attract the music enthusiasts at these concerts.

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