Top 22 Interesting Canada Facts You Need to Know

Canada Facts

What are some of the most interesting Canada facts?

One of the wealthiest countries in the world that provide top-notch quality of life, Canada is also one of the most admired ones.

Although Canada is not all about people stuffing their faces with maple syrup and poutine, we cannot help but agree that those are indeed awesome! The Great White North has a lot of positive features that make it so lovable and one of the most livable places on our planet.

This place even has a lot of things to offer- be it nature or natural resources. Get to know all about Canada- its area, size, population, natural wonders, food, and every other Canada facts in just 10 minutes. So let’s get started.

Top 22 Interesting Canada facts

1. Size.

Size is one of the essential Canada facts. You think you might have an idea of how incredibly massive in size it is, but trust me, it is more than it seems. Spanning nearly 9.99 million square km, Canada is the largest country in the western hemisphere (unbelievable, right?) Starting up Pelee Island, Ontario, it extends up to Alert, Nunavut. After Russia, it is the second-largest country in the entire world.

The size of its provinces is mention-worthy, too, as they are quite sizable. It has ten provinces, of which Quebec is the largest province. Want to know some comparisons of its size? You won’t believe it. Quebec is almost 2.7 times the entire size of the country of France and six times the size of the whole United Kingdom! The size of British Columbia is twice that of Japan.

But one of the interesting Canada facts is that this official figure only includes the land and the freshwater lakes of the country. It does not even add the immense seawater inside the country or the ocean territory around it. All these excluded land makes up almost another 1.8 million square km. It might even be the largest country if they included all those!

2. Canada-American border

Also, it’s a good thing that there isn’t any feud between Canadians and Americans as they share the world’s most extensive undefended border. It runs for 8,892 km across the country. The longest coastline of the world is also in Canada, which runs for a length of 202,080 km.

3. Highest tide

The Bay of Fundy, situated in New Brunswick, Canada, experiences the highest tides in the entire world.

4. The oh-so cold Canada fact!

Canadian capital Ottawa ranks just second in the list of coldest capitals of the world.

5. Largest non-polar ice fields

St. Elias Mountain of Yukon territory boasts of the world’s largest nonpolar ice fields.

6. Longest highway

Trans-Canada highway of 7,604 km is the longest highway in the world.

7. Biggest bay

Hudson Bay is the biggest bay in Canada.

8. Time zones

There are a total of six time zones present in Canada.

9. The natural wonders of Canada

Canada facts

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People who don’t live in Canada comment on its beauty from outside. But the residents know how genuinely gorgeous it is. Canada has nature’s blessings when it comes to scenic beauty and landscape. It indeed hit the jackpot in this field!

10. Canada facts- Freshwater lakes

One of the significant Canada facts is that it has more than 20% of the entire earth’s freshwater supply. If this statistic is hard for you to interpret, let me explain in a simple sentence. The country is home to more than 2 million lakes. There are more freshwater lakes in Canada than in the rest of the world combined.

The lakes make up for almost 9% of total Canada’s area. Canadians are lucky that their government realizes the value of their natural beauty and the fact that they need to protect it.

11. Canada facts- Natural parks

One of the unknown Canada facts is that some natural parks within the country are indeed more significant than several countries in the world.

The Wood Buffalo National Park situated between Alberta and the north-west territories is almost 44,800 square km. Apart from being the second-largest national park in the world, this place is larger than all of the Netherlands or Switzerland!

12. Forests of Canada

Forests cover most of Canada. Canada is home to more than 180 species of different trees. It falls third in the list of most forested countries in the world. Export of Timber is quite famous here too. One-tenth of the entire world’s forest is present here in Canada.

13. Food of Canada

When most of you think about the culinary delicacies of Canada, the first thing that comes to your mind is maple syrup and poutine (fries covered with cheese curds and gravy). Perhaps you are right! But one of the incredible Canada facts that you might not be aware of is that the country is the access to many essential food ingredients of the world.

13.1. Mapel syrup

Let’s start this point with maple syrup. What would have been the fate of all those pancakes and waffles if there wasn’t any maple syrup to eat them with? If you have a bottle of this deliciousness in your home, you have Canada to thank for! The world gets more than 80% of its maple syrup supply from Canada. The province of Quebec produces the largest amount of maple syrup in the country.

13.2. Lentils

The country is also one of the biggest suppliers of lentils in the world- one of the Canada facts which is unknown to many. Nearly 80% of the planet’s green lentils are grown in the cold climate and rich, fertile soils of Saskatchewan.

13.3. Wheat

The growing conditions in Canada are so incredible that it is also the world’s sixth-largest wheat supplier. Wheat has become one of the biggest exports for the country in the past few years.

14. Canadian inventions 

If you are living outside Canada and have an idea that the Canadian are just a bunch of simple stupid people who say sorry after everything, then there is a high chance that you are very wrong!

14.1. Canadian education system

Canada has received international recognition for having the seventh-best educational system in all of the world. The country has a literacy rate of 99%, which means almost every Canadian knows how to read and write. Out of 10,000 Canadians, you are bound to find at least 26 doctors.

14.2. Peanut butter

Apart from this, Canadians have been the brains behind many of the things you use in your everyday life. Did you have any clue that Canadians invented peanut butter?

14.3. Odometer and IMAX

They are also responsible for the odometer in your car. They have even invented the ink, which is mainly used in the American notes. Paint rollers, walkie talkies, and IMAX are some of their iconic creations.

14.4. Insulin

If peanut butter and IMAX aren’t convincing enough for you, then wait till you hear this- Canadians invented insulin! This creation saved millions of lives, which is one of the unknown Canada facts.

14.5. Standard time

Another one of the significant yet less known Canada facts is that they are behind the creation of Standard time too! All these creations are just naming a few.

15. Population 

Canada might be the second-largest country in the world. It serves as a home to less than half a percent of the entire world’s population. This makes Canada the fourth least densely populated country in the world. Only three people live per square kilometer.

But here is another one of the interesting Canada facts- most of its population is in the metropolitan cities. About 36.5 million people are living in Canada, but a vast portion of them (86%) lives in Vancouver, Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, and other cities. The US-Canada border regions are also densely populated.

According to a Census done in 2006, more people are living in the state of California, the USA than in the entire country of Canada.

But their population has seen a slow rise in the last few years. In the previous 20 years, Canada has gained almost 7 million people. But this increase is mainly from immigrants who are coming to the country. If Canada stops these immigrants, the population will again fall abruptly.

16. The Apology Act

One of the iconic and funny Canada facts is it’s Apology Act. Everyone around the world knows how much Canadians love to say sorry. They seem to add sorry almost after every sentence. Often it feels like it’s their favorite word to use as they use it too much.

The usage had reached to such an extent that the Canadian government passed a law protecting citizens from accidentally claiming responsibility for their actions simply because they said it. Yes, this happened in real life.

The Apology Act was passed on April 23rd, 2009. Before this law was passed, merely saying that you were sorry could be used by an opposing lawyer to prove that you claimed to be the guilty party in a given case. This law states that just saying sorry on reflex does not mean that the person has admitted any guilt or fault.

Sorry in Canada now only stands for sympathy. Have you heard any Canada facts which are as weird as this one?

17. Canada can be a potential home to aliens too!

Canada is home to a lot of people from different places. It is well known for its love of multiculturalism and welcomes everyone with open arms. But are you aware of one of the hilarious yet interesting Canada facts that welcome extraterrestrial beings too?

Yes, you might be surprised, but Canada has made arrangements for that too! In case some visitors from outer space do arrive here, they will find a place to stay as well. In the small city of St. Paul, which is located between Alberta and Saskatchewan’s western border, the local people have set up an invitation for aliens.

Fifty years ago, on June 3rd, 1967, which was even before men set foot on the moon, the local people of St. Paul built a UFO landing pad. They boasted of their tourism features by building this 130-pound landing pad. This monument is made of cement and steel and costs a whopping $11,000 back then.

The local businessman and shopkeepers donated all the money.

18. How Canada got its name

In my opinion, one of the most interesting Canada facts is the story behind how this enormous country got its name! Canada is a proud and respected country, but some jokes are made regarding how its name came into being.

Back in 1535, when the French explorer, Jacques Cartier, was navigating his second voyage through North America in an attempt to find the passage to China, he spoke with two young Iroquois men. Now, these two young lads called their village ‘Kanata.’ In Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian language, ‘Kanata’ literally means a village or a cluster of villages. But, the fun fact is the French explorer thought that ‘Kanata’ was the actual name of the place where these natives lived.

He went back to his country and declared that he had found a place called Canada. Though this theory is not believed by many, it is a topic of humor among most people. Many residents believe that Canada is named after a word for ‘village’ which technically makes Canada the biggest small town ever! This is rather one of the fun Canada facts.

19. Santa Claus is Canadian

Are you aware of the Canadian facts relating to Santa Claus?

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Canadians are known for being one of the kindest people on this face of the earth. Similarly, Santa Claus is known as a kind man who brings gifts to children all over the world. So, would it be a surprise if I told you Santa Claus is from the Great White North?

The story goes like this- to encourage literacy in growing children, current and former Canada post employees donate over 190,000 hours of their time each year, responding to around 1.5 million letters written to Santa from children around the world. The postal service uses the fictional postal code H0H0H0 or only ho ho ho.

Another one of the sweetest Canada facts is that they gave Santa Claus a Canadian passport too!

20. Famous Canadian personalities

One of the most exciting Canadian facts is that this place is home to a lot of celebrities. Apart from being Justin Bieber’s country, this place has given birth to iconic movie stars like Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Michael Myers, and the list goes on.

ryan reynolds

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Bryan Adams, Avril Lavigne, Steppenwolf are some of the most famous rock and rollers of the country. Lucy Maud Montgomery is the best selling Canadian author!

21. Sports

While Ice Hockey is the national game of Canada, did you know a Canadian invented basketball?

Yes, you heard it right. He first invented basketball in YMCA to gain control over a group of grounded students. They first started playing with a closed hoop. And as soon as they scored, someone had to climb up and take the ball out!

The country is also home to North America’s oldest golf club, which is the Royal Montreal Golf Club. More than 2800 hockey rinks are present in Canada. Canada has also been the host of the Olympic games thrice! These are some of the significant Canadian facts.

22. Natural resources

Canada is one of the biggest Uranium miners in the world. Cigar Lake in northern Saskatchewan has the biggest Uranium mine in the world as a whole. It also supplies oil and gas in large amounts to the US. It also holds the third place in the world’s largest oil reserve holders. Canada also produces hydro-electric power in large amounts.

There are many other iconic Canadian facts out there. Which fact was the most interesting in the list? Do you know any other Canada facts? Let us know down in the comments!

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