What are the Top 6 Canada Landmarks?

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Canada spreads from the Atlantic to the Pacific into the Arctic from the northern side. It covers 9.98 million square areas out of the total, making 2nd in the world’s largest country in terms of area after Russia. Russia is the largest country in the world, with about 17 million square areas total.

Your Guide to Visiting Canada

The capital city of Canada is Ottawa, and the other prominent cities are Quebec City, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.

People from all around the world migrate to Canada in search of better life opportunities and living standards. Besides, a large number of people travel to Canada on vacations, business trips, conferences, and various other activities.

Are you looking for the ultimate guide for foreigners to guide you around the country? A guide that will guide them towards gaining full-on Canadian experiences through visiting (as well as learning) about their culture?

Read on.

Things to Keep in Mind on a Trip to Canada

  • Documentation

  1. Passport ( For some, it might be shocking, but people do forget their passports on various occasions. In this situation, one might remember Joey keeping is stashed away. Not everybody has a Chandler and his sarcastic comments to remind them)
  2. Credit/ Debit Card ( You won’t have to worry about carrying all that money along with you)
  3. Travel Map, Guide, and Booklet (All this will be very helpful because technology can betray us at any time)
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)
  6. Driver’s license
  7. Plane Tickets (Make sure to book a round trip beforehand so that you don’t have to worry about it later.)
  8. Emergency Contact/contacts (Of course, in case of emergency)
  9. Cash-out some money in Canadian Dollars (Be ready with some Canadian Dollars in Cash will make things more convenient. Also learn about Canadian money in detail for its easy use.)
  10. Pens and a Legal Notepad (You never know when they might come in handy for you)
  11. Photocopies of all the original documents. 
  • Clothing, Toiletries, and Other Essentials

  1. Underthings for during the trip (It is advisable that you should ack tons of them. If you’re on vacation, you might not find yourself in the mood to do laundry many times)
  2. Woolen Socks (To keep your feet all warm and cozy)
  3. Woolen as well as Summer clothing (Like dresses for parties and sweatshirts, hoodies, and stuff for an outing.)
  4. 2-3 Pairs of Night Suits
  5. Hat/Cap
  6. Shoes/Heels/Slippers (Or maybe just two pairs of shoes.)
  7. Towels and some extra towels
  8. Soap, Shampoo, Moisturizer, Deodorant, and perfume.
  9. Blow Dryer
  10. Straightener/curler
  • Important Accessories

  1. Water Bottle (You wouldn’t have to buy it every time you feel thirsty)
  2. Laptop and its charger
  3. Phone and its charger+ A selfie stick
  4. iPod and its charger
  5. Camera with its charger
  6. Earphones/headphones
  7. Power Bank
  8. Bag pack
  9. Snack bag
  10. Extra Memory Card (To store all the fantastic photos to boast of later)
  11. Ready First Aid Kit (An emergency First Aid kit with all the necessary medication and tablets, band-aids, and other essentials)

Now, all packed and ready, you can head out to spend some of the best days of your lives. I hope Canada is whatever it is you wished it to be. Let us begin with Canada’s Landmarks article without further delay.

Top Canada Landmarks All-in-One Guide

1. Niagara Falls, Ontario               

The first on our list of Canadian landmarks is one of the seven wonders that is Niagara Falls. One of the most famous and visited places is Niagara Falls city well-known for its beautiful waterfalls.

The city is situated on the western side of the Niagara River in Southern Ontario. This river, namely the Niagara River, flows to Niagara Falls in New York.

This is the famous location to witness the miracle of nature where the river flows over the fall. On the Canadian side, Niagara Falls is one of the most tourist attractions sites.

The best place to enjoy this spectacle of nature is Queen Victoria Park, located in Ontario City. Because these Canadian landmarks are considered to be the perfect sites for clicking beautiful pictures, it would be nice to capture all the beauty surrounding you.

It would be like capturing that particular moment in that picture. Smile and click.)

How to reach there? It is pretty easy to reach Niagara Falls, Ontario, in the cheapest way once you land in Canada.

There are many public/private means of transport you can take to reach Niagara Falls. It is pretty easy to reach Niagara from Toronto, which takes up around 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately.

You can take a bus from the Bay Station downtown quickly to Niagara Falls. Once you arrive in Niagara Falls, then you can take a train from there.

Also, one can make use of Canadian Railway services from Toronto to Niagara Falls, which runs twice a day.

If you’re planning to stay there are hotels available which I advise you to book in advance so you get discounts and offers. You can also book bus-train tickets beforehand, too, according to your itinerary.

2. Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, Canada, is second on our list of Canada Landmarks. It is situated in Quebec City, also known as ‘The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac’ in general known as Château Frontenac.

It is a Canadian historic site as Château Frontenac is a landmark hotel located in the old Quebec area.

The surprising fact about the hotel is that it was architected by Bruce Prince himself and built by a railway company. The Chateau Frontenac hotel consists of eighteen floors following a Victorian-style design attracting people.

The hotel was declared a national historic site of Canada.

Currently, the grand Chateau Frontenac is managed by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and owned by Ivanhoe Cambridge.

It has everything from theme-based suites and rooftop gardens to three restaurants in the hotel itself. (Will give you a complete fairy-tale experience with its castle-like design and location)

How to reach there? From Toronto, it takes about 8 hours approximately by car and train to make it to Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City. Taking a train would be the ideal choice in case you want to save some money.

3. CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower is next on the Canada Landmarks list. The CN Tower is built on railway lands and is around 553.3-meter-high situated in Toronto, Ontario.

It was finally completed in 1976 and has since then been considered one of the world’s tallest-standing structures.

Now, the CN Tower stands on the 9th rank of the tallest standing tower and structure in the modern world.

The CN, in its name, is symbolic of the Canadian National referring to the railway company that built the monumental tower.

It took approximately three-four years to construct this gigantic tower whose construction cost 63$ million. It took around 15 years nearly to pay back such a vast amount fully.

The tower is designed in a way that it consists of several substructures. It includes several restaurants, Edgewalk, and the view from the glass floor of the tower.

Since its opening, many events and occasions have been organized in the tower. It is a real spectacle of Canadian development and growth. The CN Tower alone attracts more than 2 million global visitors every year to witness its greatness. Also, the tower is associated with the World Federation of Great Towers.

Though currently, the CN Tower has been closed indefinitely due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, Corona Virus.

How to reach CN Tower, Toronto? The best option to enter CN, Tower, and Toronto from other cities would be coming by train. GO trains are a good option if you’re traveling from more local places.

All you have to do is board a train to reach Union Station. From there, it is just five minutes walk to reach this Canada Landmark.

If you are looking to visit CN Tower from Toronto itself, you can take a bus or a cab to reach there. Cab services might be high priced, but the bus services are pretty fast as well as cheap to take without burning any holes in your wallet.

4. The Bay of Fundy 

Next on our list of Canada Landmarks is the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is located between two Canadian Provinces, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy is known for its extreme tidal range, which differs each day.

The average tides here go as high as 3 ft as they are known for their semidiurnal qualities, which translates that they have two-high and two-low waves every day.

The time gap between each high and low tide is roughly estimated to be around six hours and thirteen minutes approximately.

If you’re already here, it is suggested that you visit Reversing Falls which is where St John River and Bay of Fundy unite together. It would be in a lifetime experience to witness this natural corollary of the environment.

A few famous spots that you can visit around the Bay of Fundy. The most famous Hopewell Rocks in Hopewell Cape, Reversing Falls, Albert County Museum, and Fundy Biosphere Reserve provide you with some insightful experiences.

4.1 Hopewell Rocks Park, New Brunswick

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

Hopewell Rocks also goes by the name of The Rocks or Flowerpots Rocks, where the process of the rock formation is due to Tidal Erosion.

The Hopewell Rocks Park stands around 70 ft tall, making them an Ocean Tidal Exploration site of New Brunswick, Canada, is situated at the shores of the famous Bay of Fundy near the Fundy tourist hubs along with Fundy National park and trail.

The extremity of the tidal range is the reason that is covered in water, making it difficult to view. But the rock formations can be seen from ground level when tides are low. The rock formations mainly include sandstone and black sedimentary.

It is a beautiful place to visit with a fantastic view. (It would be a great place to click pictures amidst all the rocks with such a great scenic view to capture).

You’ll witness various kinds of shorebirds flying around. It would be advised to all visitors to see these tides if you’re visiting Hopewell Rocks.

The good thing is that your Hopewell Rocks Park Tickets will be valid for two full days. Now, you can enjoy Hopewell Rocks for two days for tourists to enjoy.

Just in case, one fails to witness the high tides on the day before. You can easily visit it the next day without any extra charges and enjoy the beauty of Canada Landmarks.

How to reach the Bay of Fundy and Hopewell Rocks?  The fastest way to reach the Bay of Fundy is to take a flight and reach the Bay of Fundy Airport, Canada. If you want, maybe you can first land in the Bay of Fundy directly and later explore the other cities.

This way, it will be cheaper for you, and the Bay of Fundy surrounding will help you enter a full-on vacation mood if you’re traveling from afar.

For North Americans to reach the Bay of Fundy, the most convenient transportation is taking a train. From anywhere in NA, you can reach the Bay of Fundy by train via a connecting train from Montreal.

5. Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park is number five on our list of Canada Landmarks. One of Canada’s oldest national parks, the Banff National Park built in approximately 1885.

The Canadian Pacific Railway played a central role during its early years by promoting Banff Hotels, and Lake Louise to attract sightseers.

Banff National Park is situated in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, in the West of Calgary. It consists of around 6k km of mountain terrains with ice fields, glaciers, and other landscapes.

The Banff National Park includes the famous Lake Louise and is connected to other national parks.

To name a few, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, and Kootenay National Park. Roads were built in Banff National Park for visitors’ convenience to explore it. The park is visited by millions of people annually to see the oldest of Canada Landmarks.

The park has a subarctic climate with ice fields, rocks, and forests around it. It contains a great many mammal and bird species for you all wildlife lovers out there. If you’re visiting Canada, you must visit its world heritage site to experience its magical wonders.

5.1 Lake Louise, Alberta

Photo by Kevin Noble on Unsplash

The famous Lake Louise is located within the Banff National Park, Alberta, in Canada. The name refers to Princess Louise Caroline, the daughter of Queen Victoria.

The water of the lake is turquoise due to the rock flour it carries and melt water from glaciers. Also, the historical Fairmont Chateau hotel is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Louise.

The other two famous lakes, lake Moraine and Agnes, are connected with lake Louise and are easily accessible from here.

It provides a large number of tourists visiting an adventurous hiking opportunity. It also offers a lot of fun activities mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing, horseback riding, ice-skating Kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, and various others for tourists.

You must visit this Canada Landmark out of all others.

How to reach Banff National Park?  The nearest airport to Banff National Park is Calgary International Airport, which is the best suite of course to reach the Banff National Park.

Of course, you can also go by bus as there are some buses available to Banff National Park.  But it wouldn’t be a suitable option for people coming from distant cities to witness Canada Landmarks.

Another way to reach this one of the Canadian landmarks is via train. It is one of the routes which directly reaches Banff National Park just a short drive from the railway station.

Research beforehand that which transportation will suit you the best without crossing your budget line.

6. Prince Edward Island

Last on our list of Canada Landmarks in  Prince Edward Island. It is one of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, commonly known as PEI short for Prince Edward Island.

Being the smallest province in Canada in terms of population and land. Despite its small size, it is densely populated.

Such as the Garden of the Gulf, Birthplace of Confederation, and Cradle of Confederation. Being one of the ancient lands, it symbolizes the

The primary productivity activities of Prince Edward Island are through farming, which alone produces 25% of potatoes in Canada.

Other primary productivity-creating events in Prince Edward Island are tourism, fishing, IT, bio-space, renewable energy, and aerospace.

PEI or Prince Edward Island has a long history behind how it became a British Colony and then annexed into Canada as a province.

It is speculated that it was part of the ancient lands of the Mi’kmaq before 1700 when it became a British Colony. It was in the late Nineteen Century that it was annexed as a Canadian Province.

Edward Prince Island is 5,620 km in size and has been ranked on the number 23rd in Canada’s largest Island and 104th most significant island in the world.

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Canada is a country full of wonders and adventures, which thousands of people every year visit to witness God’s miracle in North America.

Being one of the most developed countries with a high literacy rate and ensuring diversity, it is in the race with other countries to reach on the top.

There are many other Canada Landmarks which has not been included in this list. To name a few Confederation Bridge, Canadian Rockies, Parliament Hill, Horseshoe Fall, Stanley Park, and many more.

Are there any other Canada landmarks that you would’ve written down in the article above? If yes, please let us know through the comments below the suggestions for the best of  Canada Landmarks or Canadian Landmarks.

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