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10 Best Restaurants In Oakville

The list of best restaurants in Oakville is never-ending because the city’s food experiences are thriving. While Oakville is relished for its castle-inspired mansions, the city goes beyond that and offers delicious food at different prices. Some of the best restaurants in Oakville are located a short distance from Town Square for the locals in the town.

Explore the best restaurants in Oakville through brunch, lunch, or dinner, and find yourself enjoying a road trip to different places. For instance, from Glen Abbey to Bronte, Erin Mills to the historic downtown strip in the town. Oakville’s menu provides love for fancy interpretations of Italian. Nearly all of of the Oakville restaurant menu provides a bowl of delicious gnocchi.

Once you have reached an appetite, knock on the door of one of the best restaurants in Oakville for a meal to remember. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Oakville to choose from while staying in Oakville.

Oakville City

Oakville City
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Oakville represents a very charming city that borders Lake Ontario. Downtown Oakville is another great place to stroll and admire historic buildings, different cars, and lake views. If you are a foodie and in the mood to have some perfect sandwich or lunch or the perfect Asian snack and pizza, Oakville is the right place to satisfy your requirements.

Oakville, Ontario, is a popular destination spot for those looking for a short break from the city life of Toronto.

With numerous options, you are likely to move towards the city’s west for better than you can have at any point in the year. The top local eateries downtown Oakville are also open for barbecue dining, take-out, and delivery options.

Oakville is also equipped with many sandwich shops and is managed with care and dedication. Owners of the shops put a huge amount of effort into giving great food to their customers. The staff of all the shops in Oakville is welcoming, attentive, and cheerful.

10 Best Restaurants in Oakville With Most Beautiful Interiors

Oakville and downtown Oakville are cities of restaurant owners who go to extra mile to serve their people best. Oakville has 13 contrasting neighbourhoods, around 200,000 inhabitants, and various restaurants to choose from.

All the best restaurants in Oakville have a positive atmosphere, rapid service, and delicious meals. Prices for each of them keep fluctuating depending upon the situation.

Whether you are heading for a fine dining experience, a casual cafe, or a resto-bar, the best restaurants in Oakville have so much to serve in the form of award-winning cuisine featuring fresh local ingredients.

The best restaurants in Oakville have various mouth-watering choices- from authentic Italian to Middle Eastern cuisine, from basic steaks to delicious seafood, and from world-level wines to cocktails.

1. Oliver’s Restaurant

Oliver's restaurant
Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

Enter into the world of fine luxury and experience the restaurant through your senses. Oliver’s restaurant offers fine dining with its incredibly rare and appealing scotch and wine menu. It is a renowned steakhouse.

Since 1969, this icon in Oakville has been run by a family. Locals Michael Dabic, the owner, and Chef Derek von-Raesfeld revitalized it in 2018. Both residents and guests of Ontario can enjoy exquisite dining at Oliver’s Steakhouse.

This family-owned, four-star modern steakhouse restaurant has consistently won New York’s Wine Spectator’s Award for Excellence for more than a decade.

The food has a good sense of flavour and detail, and the décor is modern and chic. Oliver’s Steakhouse’s famed and extremely rare steak cuts and eminent scotch and wine menu are elevating fine dining to a new level. Oliver’s, a family-owned firm, successfully combines both cultures.

They provide a wonderful supper for the guests and all the extras that complete the event. One begins with charming amusement. They serve amazing lobster bisque as an appetizer. Additionally available are the outstanding steak tartar and Caesar salad.

One of the nicest steaks one can ever have in a restaurant is the bone-in fillet. It is sliced like butter, whether the expensive tools or the meat. Overall, the lunch couldn’t have been better. It performs the role of fine wine. The wine list is broad and current; many of the wines have recently been featured by the LCBO on social media and in the release of their most recent vintages, so we were already aware of the price in the store.

However, they do mark up bottles of wine more than most places. However, this is to be expected when dining out, and with the number of workers attending to your every need without being cloying or patronizing, expenses must be met.

Several options include A5 Kobe, American Wagyu, and USDA Prime dry-aged on-site. PEI has organically grown grass-fed beef, homemade pasta dishes, and fresh fish. The atmosphere is beautiful, the service is amazing, and the meal is great.

Visit Oliver’s restaurant in Oakville Steakhouse in Lakeshore Rd E, an Oakville landmark serving clean and rich flavoured cuisine with the best quality seasonal ingredient and traditional and modern techniques. You cannot miss enjoying the restaurant’s interior by celebrating prestigious occasions.

The menu items of Oliver’s steak house restaurant rank among Oakville’s best steakhouses for their delicious handmade kinds of pasta. With wedge salad, steak tartare, smoked trout carpaccio agnolotti del plan, and surf & turf, anytime is a good time for Oliver’s restaurant.

2. August 8

It’s raining, and you are craving chicken, sushi, and Cantonese-style dim sum in Oakville. There is only one restaurant to choose from among the best restaurants in Oakville: August 8, a popular first local chain restaurant to bring the finest combination of Cantonese-style dim sum and Japanese cuisine within the plaza at Dorval and the QEW.

2008 saw the launch of August 8’s first location, which was in the heart of Hamilton, Ontario. It was recognized as a pioneer in the restaurant industry for combining the best elements of Japanese and Cantonese cuisine, making it the first restaurant of its sort in the neighbourhood.

The name “August” conveyed the company’s future goals and represented a novel restaurant idea for the time; the “8” next to August was merely the brand emblem (a reinterpretation of “August” in Chinese characters).

Many patrons would refer to “August” as “August 8” during the restaurant’s period of increasing success, and many years later, that name would change a formerly little restaurant into the brand it is today. The devotion of August 8’s patrons is what defines its history.

A restaurant called after its following was given that name after an innocent typo that has remained the same ever since. The signature dish is dim sum.

The delicious food served on August 8 is a gourmet feast, offering a healthful and revitalizing experience. August 8 is a unique culinary experience, with savoury and sweet meals stimulating the tongue and a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Enjoy the numerous delectable options for dim sum and teppanyaki grill menus, or indulge in some delicious fresh sushi and sashimi. Each dish offers complex, rich flavours that make you want more. Blending flavours from two very different cuisines will undoubtedly provide diners with a delicious lunch.

August 8’s appetizing dishes are mouthwatering. Starting from savoury and sweet dishes to refresh the palate to a warm and welcoming chic atmosphere, August 8 is worth visiting in Oakville.

Among all the dishes on August 8, salmon sushi bowl, miso soup, chicken katsu, unagi black dragon ball, touched scallop oshizushi, and dynamite shrimp taco is some non-negotiable orders.

3. Maro’s Bistro

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels

Take a trip towards the north of Lakeshore Road on Kerr St to enjoy Maro’s specialization in grilled meats, chicken, healthy salads, tasty seafood, and crispy flatbread. The Kerr Street Restaurant is a perfect spot for vegans because it has much to offer as vegetarian dishes such as spicy eggplant, hummus, and tahini.

A great location to savour flavorful foods that blend Middle Eastern flavours with genuine Mexican cuisine. It is wonderfully inventive food that offers quick service and a nutritious lunch. Their specialties include tacos, burritos, pitas, crepes, shawarma, falafel, quesadillas, chicken dinners, beef dinners, and shawarma.

Their entire menu is freshly prepared for you. In our open-concept kitchen, observe them preparing your dishes. They guarantee that the children enjoy their meals. The Maro’s Bistro is committed to serving you and your entire family wholesome, delectable meals at the most reasonable costs in Oakville. They have a kid- and family-friendly menu. We stand out because of their cheerful, open-concept atmosphere, warm welcome, and exceptionally great service.

Visit Maro’s Bistro for some amazing cuisine. Enjoy the laid-back ambiance and take in Maro’s sharing of his love and passion for cooking. The bistro, owned and operated by Maro, is a welcoming and informal dining establishment. A kitchen is a well-oiled machine that works quickly to get your dishes to the table while making them appear as though they took all day to prepare.

Make a sneak-peak inside Maro’s Bistro to glance at walls covered in attractive pop art by Middle Eastern artists and the outdoor setup of the restaurant.

If you are a traveller and have been to Dubai, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, or Turkey, you can feed yourself familiar flavours from the Mediterranean. Make it a note to finish your meal from Samson and Delilah’s salad to The Veggie Tower with a glass of Turkish coffee or Persian tea.

4. Stoney’s Bread Company

Experience one of the best brunch restaurants in Oakville by planning a visit to Stoney’s Bread Company in Kerr Street Village. You can go with your friends or family because it serves familiar classics with a modern twist.

When you think, “I’d love a terrific restaurant with fantastic food and charm,” they want to be the first location you picture. That location has been restored to life by Stoney’s, a casual restaurant with market-fresh food and a unique ambiance. A spot where you may re-discover your favourite familiar classics prepared with a contemporary touch.

With Stoney’s Bread Company, they hope to reinvent casual dining by offering their customers great and creative market-fresh food in a welcoming environment for every occasion. Everything at Stoney’s is handcrafted using only the best ingredients and an unrivalled passion for cooking, from the daily soups to the artisan cheese pizzas.

The patio space is nice, and the meal is delivered quite soon. Their assistance is quite effective. Although somewhat boring, the meal is extremely nice. The main options included cheese pizza, pasta, salad, and sandwiches.

The Stoney’s Bread Company will not disappoint you with its extensive menu because it features fresh salads, decorative pasta bowls, homemade soups, cheese thin-crust pizza and pasta, and delicious sandwiches with different fillings. The restaurant is lit with natural lights on the floors and windows. The open concept is equipped with a booth and wooden tabletop seating.

Stoney’s bread company has the vision to modify casual dining and provide an uplifting atmosphere for different occasions of guests. Always remember that everything at Stoney’s, from fine soups to artisan cheese pizzas, is prepared with fine ingredients combined with the skill and passion for the art of cooking.

5. Hexagon

Photo by Soloman Soh from Pexels

Do not take the hexagonal-shaped restaurant in Oakville lightly because Hexagon is the most visited and modern French restaurant with 48-sit spaces in downtown Oakville. It has fine dining to make you comfortable while enjoying the meal, which is why it is the most lauded restaurant in the city.

Hexagon is a modern French restaurant serving a la carte and a dining tasting menu in the centre of Oakville’s historic downtown. A multi-course menu that is served blind and is made with a variety of seasonal ingredients.

Excellent chefs, culinary offerings, and service across the board. Hexagon is a wonderfully relaxing location in the heart of Oakville. Each dish has a distinct flavour. There is a lot of food on the tasting menu, but we managed to fit it all, including a delectable dessert.

An a la carte menu is also available. The wine list was excellent, and the drinks looked delicious. From Toronto, the trip is worthwhile. After that, one can stroll down the pier along the lake! Excellent location and unrestricted parking on the streets nearby. The setting is lovely.

The inside of the restaurant has a glamorous bar offering fine French wines and craft cocktails. Run your fingers through the Hexagon menu and glance at the French classics with a twist. It is a beautiful place to enjoy Beef Tartare, Truffle Shallot Agnolotti, Hamachi Crudo, and other mouth-watering dishes.

With all the changes happening worldwide, Hexagon breaks from the regular dining concept. It delivers an approachable menu with different exciting new dishes prepared by some talented chefs.

6. Plank Resto Bar

Are you fond of visiting the resto-bars with your friends or colleagues? Plank resto-bar is a chef-inspired resto-bar and the best option as it offers creative Asian-inspired comfort food such as tandoori chicken momo, duck poutine, and pumpkin laksa.

Enjoy delicious meals and enjoyable company in a cozy, welcoming setting. A meeting spot focused on small meals, top-notch music, and an excellent choice of beers, wines, and whiskey.

The amount and quality of the food make up for the price, which may seem a little expensive. The staff provided warm, unpretentious service. It’s smokey here. Pleasantly smoky, but be aware that you’ll smell like food. It’s still a cool restaurant despite it. We adore the atmosphere because it’s very relaxed. Everything on the menu is great.

You can order various dishes from the menu because it is made up of modest servings. There is usually a cool breeze because the restaurant is situated directly in front of the lake. It’s impossible to pick just one thing here, so shareable surely flourish here. While waiting for the food, one can enjoy the drink.

Make it a worthy visit by exploring an open kitchen and wet bar with a stool-side seating area, and this intimate bar is the best spot to sip while waiting for a table in the dining room to become available.

The most important aspect of the plank resto-bar is the plank menu which regularly changes depending on local seasonal ingredients. It includes duck poutine, the Big Macka, halloumi fries, chicken, waffles, and tandoori chicken momo.

Give company to your meal by having local microbreweries and Ontario wines from Beamsville, Niagara on the lake, and Prince Edward County because Plank resto-bar is a gathering spot that gives out dishes on small plates along with mesmerizing music and an option of selected beers and wines.

7. Cucci

Choose the Cucci restaurant in Bronte whether you are out for a romantic dinner or embracing a special occasion. It is because Cucci is packed with wide-eyed Instagrammers.

Cucci is nothing but a popular tourist destination, an elegant Italian restaurant in Oakville’s Bronte neighbourhood. Chef Clancy’s menu emphasizes showcasing fresh Canadian ingredients with classic Italian flavour.

Since it first opened, this chic restaurant serving contemporary Italian food has won several prestigious awards. Cucci assures its guests the greatest service possible in addition to fine dining, live music, a stunning, cozy dining area, and outstanding hospitality.

They warmly welcome visitors to Cucci, an elegant dining venue for all your special events, date nights, and business gatherings. Take advantage of a cozy table for two, reserve our secure private space, or rent out the entire restaurant for your occasion. When the weather allows, there is additional upscale outdoor dining available.

A big bar with a marble top and comfortable seats are hallmarks of their recently remodelled area. A dining room for individuals who haven’t forgotten the pleasures of dining with friends and family, Cucci can be defined as cozy and unobtrusive.

The environment and music were wonderful, and the employees were nice and cheerful. The lunch was then incredibly fantastic.

Additionally, it offers vegan dishes and gluten-free alternatives. Modern Italian food has won awards, a white tablecloth, an exceptional wine list, a full-service patio, and sophisticated but not pretentious service. The quality and service are on par with those high-end fine dining establishments, despite the costs not being as exorbitant as those in the downtown area.

Prepare yourself to be enchanted with Gnocchi, Foie Gras, Rose Veal, Mushroom, and Squash Pappardelle. It is consistently the best place to dine in.

The Cucci restaurant has received delightful responses since opening its doors because of fine dining, live music, intimate dining room, and extraordinary service, ensuring perfect hospitality at Cucci.

8. Scoontorn Bahn Thai

Thai Food
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

If you have never tried an authentic taste of Thailand, then here is your chance in one of Downtown Towne Square’s most perfect locations, Scoontorn Bahn Thai. Step into a wide Scoontorn Bahn Thai and enjoy the food with a modern vibe featuring hot pink lighting.

The main cuisine is rice, although there are many other dishes. In true Thai style, there are no strict rules regarding what matches with what, but it should contain a combination of these flavours: sweet, sour, salty, and hot. Since dinner is typically composed of fewer courses than in the West, it is common for all the dishes to be served simultaneously.

They are happy to promote Thai culture while providing customers with an unmatched dining experience at this restaurant tucked away in Downtown Oakville. The interior of Soontorn Bahn Thai is exquisitely furnished to heighten the romantic ambiance and Thai tropical impact. We can accommodate several people at once and have a dedicated private space for your events.

They offer a sizable patio with sitting outside. Beef curry, cashew nut shrimp, and eggplant delight are available for ordering. I ordered the chicken noodle meal, which consisted of only a hand’s worth of noodles, some vegetables, and thinly sliced meat.

Everything is delicious and fresh there. For those looking for authentic Thai food in Oakville, all meals are well-prepared with transitional Thai flavours. The potion sizes are balanced between being small and large.

Run your finger through the Royal Thai cuisine menu showcases contemporary Thai food. Order any Thai meal composed of various dishes with rice at the center. You will enjoy Thai salads, coconut chicken soup added with meat pieces, curries, smokey barbecue, noodles, rice bowls, and vegetable dishes such as eggplant delight, carrots, and baby corn. Each one of them includes a combination of flavours.

9. 7 Enoteca

Do you love exploring different dishes? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy eating a combination of modern aesthetics with the traditional enoteca along with Italian wine. Among the best restaurants in Oakville, it portrays dinner theatre as an exhibition of pizza and pasta with a linear leathered marble bar on one side.

With an all-Italian wine selection to go along with them, 7 Enoteca has been serving savoury, fresh, and authentically inspired Italian meals since 2010. The eatery offers dinner theatre in the shape of display pizzas, which can be enjoyed in either the cozy dining room or the bar’s slender, leathered, marbled design.

7 Enoteca uses seasonal ingredients from nearby merchants to match its savoury, fresh, authentic, and Italian-inspired cuisine when feasible. The eatery offers dinner theatre in the shape of display pizzas, which can be enjoyed in either the cozy dining room or the bar’s slender, leathered, marbled design. Visit 7 Enoteca to partake in this exclusive gastronomic experience.

7 Enoteca is a laid-back eatery with a small amount of seating. While you wait for a table, you can relax at one of the many local cafés or galleries. The eatery had a cozy and attractive design. The cuisine was delicious, had a unique flavour, and had excellent service.

It has a distinct underground atmosphere. One can get a burrata board, a kale salad, or cheese pizzas with various drinks. The elegant decor. Watching the kitchen crew at work in the room’s darkness is highly appreciated. It combines a “contemporary look with classic enoteca,” as they put it. Here, they do make excellent Neapolitans.

The contrast of the toppings is what one enjoys. It was incredible, and their menu is constantly changing. In addition to a fantastic range of Italian wines, all the components have been thoughtfully chosen.

With a Napoletana pizza oven designed with volcanic stone and ingredients bought from Naples, 7 Enoteca greets its visitors with tempting food. If you have decided to eat at 7 Enoteca, enjoy pie perfection with their Fruit Di Mare (mixed seafood), Matteo, or Sorrentina.

7 Enoteca is an authentic, fresh and local restaurant open for dining out and inside. Cozy wood, a bar designed with marble and orange leather places a trendy vibe for the visitors to enjoy eating thin-crust pies and pasta.

10. Riyasat Indian Restaurant

Indian Food
Photo by Marvin Ozz from Pexels

Looking to dine in a fragrant Indian kitchen while living in Oakville? Riyasat is Downtown Oakville’s best India restaurant, near Lakeshore Rd E. It offers an amazing fine dining room to serve a wide spectrum of special dishes cooked by the chefs to inculcate Indian flavours and ignite the taste buds with food like biryani, rich in flavours and spices.

They take pleasure in offering real dishes drawn from India’s diverse culinary heritage. Their chef created and innovated a variety of specialty dishes to highlight the depth of Indian flavours and enliven the palate.

At Riyasat, civility and customer pleasure are rituals. Their employees go above and above to provide world-class service that is the greatest. Enjoy Indian food, which combines many different culinary traditions. You can rely on this bar for delicious butter chicken, naan, and garlic naan.

An important benefit for Riyasat Indian Restaurant & Bar-Oakville is food delivery. You will find fair prices here. Visitors to this location can take pleasure in the welcoming atmosphere and lovely decor. The flavours from the curry dishes stood out among the other delicious foods.

The cuisine is hot, the portions are substantial, and the rice is perfectly cooked. You can order cheap portions of real home-style Punjabi and Indian meals. There are numerous choices for a gluten-free diet.

You will not find North American Indian dishes like samosa or butter chicken on the menu of Riyasat. But you can innovatively explore shareable and enjoy traditional dishes from North India such as stuffed aloo Tikki, chicken tikka masala, jheenga Hara payaaz, kadhai kebab, baingan Mirch ka salam, pudina pepper paneer tikka, Delhi style tandoori chicken, laal maas, and latpata paneer.

Also, read about the top 10 best Indian restaurants in Toronto, Canada.

Additional Options In Oakville

You can experience different modes of enjoying meals in restaurants that are in and around Oakville. Such as dine-in, patio, takeout, and delivery services so that you can take pleasure in Oakville’s edible delights at your comfort level.

1. Patio Dining In Oakville

Patio dining
Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

Oakville is a hub of many trendy spots around the town showcasing special outdoor dining. You need to consider certain things while planning patio dining in Oakville:

  • Research the area you plan to visit and go through local guides to decide where to withdraw your meal because several restaurants offer patio dining.

  • Check out parking areas and services to avoid stress due to last-minute parking issues.

  • Consider supporting small restaurants while patio dining to support local communities.

  • Be sure whether the restaurant you choose has a reservation-only or walk-in system.

  • Be respectful towards restaurant staff when you are out and become compassionate towards imperfect things.

  • Explore the outdoor area of the restaurant while dining in.

2. Plan A Picnic

An idea of a picnic is delightful and innovative because it offers various openings for many outdoor dining experiences. Follow these steps to plan an aesthetic picnic in Oakville:

  • Choose your spot by going through Oakville’s park directory to have information regarding park amenities.

  • Bring a variety of local food, explore Oakville cuisine, and support small food businesses.

  • Maintain a positive vibe while enjoying the picnic by doing entertainment, listening to music, and playing sports and games.

3. A Visit To Talk of The Town Awards

A visit to talk of the town awards allows visitors to access local insider information on the best restaurants in Oakville. The Talk of The Town Awards aims to reward local establishments for outstanding performance in products and services based on the feedback received from local people and visitors.

A new category of the award is announced monthly through an online survey wherein several people participate and support their favourite Oakville establishment. Then the survey winners are listed and posted on the Oakville website for the newcomers to look for the best option.

Best Food Trucks In Oakville

Food trucks are a new concept in every country nowadays. Here are the best food trucks in Oakville:

1. Chippy’s Fresh Cut Fries

It is a popular food truck to serve you in downtown Oakville. They prepare appetizing dishes in perfect styles, like fresh fries, milkshakes, poutine, and ice cream.

One of the best things about this food truck is that it uses chicken breast dressed in a breaded batter in the chicken burger. The burger tastes even better when filled with toppings of your choice and mouth-watering onion rings.

2. Sammy’s Famous

It is a famous food truck serving high-quality and flavoured hot dogs, chicken, fish n chips, hand-cut fries, burgers, and milkshakes. They start preparing dishes from scratch and use unique fresh, and traditional ingredients. Sammy’s tasty fish n chip batter is utterly seasoned, light, crispy, and filled with sauce.

New Restaurants Opening in Oakville

Nobody likes to miss something new happening in a city like Oakville. Oakville, Bronte Village, and downtown Oakville have something exciting for all in the upcoming months.

For instance, a magnificent Oakville Place Mall in Oakville plans to add new restaurants to the list of best restaurants in Oakville. Oakville palace mall welcomes new restaurants, offering different cuisine experiences at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. STACK Restaurant

STACK restaurant is also seen at Yonge and Lawrence in Toronto. It is described as southern BBQ casual dining.

2. Pearl Chinese Cuisine

Pearl Chinese cuisine will open on the south side of the building of Oakville palace mall near the entrance doors.

3. Vietnamese Restaurant

One more to add to the list of food courts offering pizza, pasta, and other dishes at Oakville palace mall- a Vietnamese restaurant.

4. Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza

It is a fully licensed restaurant offering wood oven pizza to its customers. It has a plan to prepare and present all the food in Italian style and Italian ambiance. For example, pizza and different Italian styles.


best restaurants in Oakville
Photo by Mehmet Suat from Pexels

Best restaurants in Oakville offer a vibrant independent cuisine prepared and designed by award-winning chefs. They create seasonal menus through local ingredients and design from-scratch dishes for every new taste.

Many of these restaurants in Oakville have takeout as well as delivery options. But it is recommended not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the meal while enjoying the restaurant’s decor.

The best restaurants in Oakville are pieces of interest for several people residing in the lakeside town. Both visitors and residents can enjoy meals at eateries and famous downtown Oakville restaurants.

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