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Want to know the best Indian grocery store in Canada?

Canada, as everybody knows is also a hub for Indians. There are many places where you could see Indians living in a group. Also, some shops are particularly aimed at Indian customers. So are grocery stores. There is a large number of Indian grocery stores in Canada. So, let us look at some of the best Indian grocery store in Canada.

Indian Grocery Stores in Canada

1. Queen Supermarket

Queen Supermarket Indian & Canadian Groceries | Parkdale Village BIA

Queen Supermarket- Toronto

The Queen Supermarket is an Indian grocery store in Canada located in Toronto which is even preferred by many of the new customers. It was established in 2005 and has been serving the Indians of Canada since then. The place is very customer friendly and has a very good service. The place makes sure that the customer gets whatever service they need. They have all kinds of fresh products, products of various Indian brands, and all the various authentic Indian sweets. You will also get the various Indian masalas in this shop. There is also a counter for lotteries as well as a smoke shop. The place is preferred by a lot of Indians in Toronto.

2. Trupti Enterprises Inc.

Trupti Enterprises Inc.

Trupti Enterprises Inc.

Trupti Enterprises Inc. is another one among the Indian grocery store in Canada. Its roots run down to a family business that was given down for years. Their business grew from a small retails shop that emerged into a manufacturing outlet and distribution centre. They have a rich heritage and hence has a good idea about the flavours and tastes. The products they produce have excellent quality and hence are termed as the best in Canada. Their relationship with the customers is friendly enough that you would not think twice to visit again. They not only provide ingredients for Indian culinary but also global cuisine. It is a place you get everything under a single roof. So make sure you visit this store while visiting Ontario, Toronto.

3. Singal’s Indian Grocery Delivery

Test du service de livraison de l'Épicerie indienne Singal's

Singal’s Indian Grocery

Singal’s Indian Grocery Delivery is an online Indian grocery store that delivers to all parts of Canada. They also serve the Pakistani and Bangla customers of Canada. They make sure that their customers get their most favorite flavours of Indian food. They have a technology platform through which they make this possible. They have a set of carefully chosen suppliers that would help them to satisfy their customers. They have free shipping for over 49 dollars in Quebec and Ontario. Also, they ship to all parts of Canada. All you need to do is to order and enjoy them. They will be at your doorstep within a limited time. To order, click below.


4. India Bazaar

India Bazaar Fresh Pik's

India Bazaar

Are you craving to have hot samosas and chole bhature during the Canadian winter? Are you looking for the perfect Indian grocery store to find them? Then, the India Bazaar is your next destination. The owner of the store, hailing from Punjab had in his mind, a place where you could get all the delicacies of Asia while in Canada. This lead to India Bazaar. Since then they have been serving Canada for more than four decades. They were a huge hit at their times. Their unending desire to serve the people and enthusiasm to work made them popular throughout Canada. They have over 8000 products available in their store including egg products, milk products, non-veg items, bakery products, and many other daily essentials.

5. Best Asian Grocers

The Best Asian Grocery Stores in Toronto | Jamie Sarner

Asian Grocery store

The Best Asian Grocers is another Indian grocery store where you could find all the essentials you need to prepare an Indian meal. It is a South Asian grocery store located in Cambridge and has been serving the natives for quite along time. They sell all kinds of fresh vegetables and all the necessary goodies. Their products are of the best quality that you could have tasty as well as healthy food. The store is open on all days from 9 am to 9 pm. their products range from the pantry to all the essential health supplements. The staffs are very much helpful and the customers review that the place has a lot of options to choose from. They also care about the cleanliness of the place and make sure that the store has a good ambiance to shop.

6. Indian Punjabi Bazaar Inc

Canada’s flawed national census: Siddiqui | The Star

Indian Punjabi Bazaar Inc

The Indian Punjabi Bazaar Inc is another one among the Indian grocery store in Canada that gives you options to choose for your Indian cuisine. It is located in Brampton, and they serve the best of Indian and especially Punjabi items. They sell quality products and fresh ingredients that have been produced locally as well as in India. They had begun as two small stores in Canada and now have established themselves as a brand that has its outlets in various parts of Canada. They sell all the essential ingredients for your Punjabi thali, the sweet delicacies you crave, and hot Indian snacks. They also provide catering and online delivery. They also have a restaurant in the same name that provides authentic Punjabi food.

7. Panchvati Supermarket

Panchvati Supermarket - Brampton, ON - 4-8814 The Gore Rd | Canpages

Panchvati Supermarket

The Panchvati Supermarket is an initiative of a group of Indian immigrants who were bonded because of the love for Indian heritage and culture. It is another Indian grocery store in Canada that has started to serve the Indians living in the country. They believe that through food and essentials one could hold on to the culture of his own country while they are away. The store is located in such a spot that it is easily accessible from all the major points in Toronto. The products they provide usually consist of flavours from India as well as the Middle East. The ingredients for most of the products come from India and they are careful to make sure that the products are of good quality. They ensure that all the products imported are fit for the health of their customers.

8. Sadroo’s Grocery Supplies Ltd.

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The Sadroo’s Grocery Supplies Ltd. Is another Indian grocery store in Canada that provides enough essentials for your Indian day in Canada. The place has excellent customer service and you could get the best recommendations from the owner himself. They have special varieties of East Indian goodies and fresh spices of different sizes. The place is always hygienic and they make sure to provide the perfect atmosphere for their customers. The shop functions every day from 11 am to 5 pm and you could drop by at any time in this time slot to get your essentials. The customers have also appreciated their patience in stacking the ingredients very well on the shelves. Make sure you visit this place to plan your Indian meal in Canada.

9. Spice Centre

Details of Spice Center Edmonton Alberta (Indian Grocery Store) - Last ...

Spice Centre

The Spice Centre is an Indian grocery store in Canada that has been in service since 1990. They import, retail, and sell authentic Indian spices and ingredients wholesale. They make sure that all their products are of good quality and the customers get to find all of their favourite brands. They maintain a good and healthy relationship with their customers and have been bringing satisfied customers into their shop for over 30 years. They also provide a positive environment to the customers so that the next time they look for an Indian shop, they would surely come here. Their relationship with the customers is friendly and they always have a progressive approach to the world of business. They have been serving as the providers of Indian and global food products for more than 3 decades.

10. House of Spice

10 places to shop for spices in Toronto

House of Spice

The House of Spice in Toronto gives you the smell of your kitchen back at home in India. The place holds a cave of spices for your Indian meals. It is located in the heart of Toronto and it is a family-owned business that has been passed on generations after generations to keep up the tradition. It began in 1971 and since then, the store has been selling spices, herbs, tea, coffee, and all sorts of essentials you need in an Indian plate. The mission they had in mind when they started the store was to provide the Indian customers in Canada, the most authentic of spices for a reasonable price. They have a good level of customer service and this is reflected in the number of customers that have been coming to the store for the past half-century. It could also be the oldest Indian grocery store to begin in Canada. The customers could come into the store to take a tour among the spices and but any amount of spice as they wish. The place is also a favourite spot for many famous chefs. Next time you visit Canada, this spice store is an important spot.

Canada has been home to many shops by Indians and shops that provide goods and ingredients for Indian cuisine. No Indian meal is complete without a pinch of spice or herbs and that is what these grocery stores have been doing for the past century.

These are not the only Indian grocery store in Canada. Comment the ones you know below.

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