10 Best Delectable Bakery Edmonton

10 Best Delectable Bakery Edmonton 1

Are you craving a delicious cake or pastry? The list of best bakery Edmonton will help you choose the apt place to satisfy your food cravings.

Edmonton is a city of mouth-watering delicacies. Many bakeries serve you everything you need, from fluffy bread to buttery burgers and amazing pastries. So we have carefully curated ten excellent bakeries for you!


10 Best Delectable Bakery Edmonton


1. La Boule Patisserie & Bakery Inc.


Address: 8020 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3R1, Canada

La Boule Patisserie & Bakery Inc is the most popular bakery Edmonton that serves the best French pastries. They believe that every snack is an experience so bake them with the finest ingredients. They are a team of experienced pastry chefs specialized in baking pastries and confectionery.

They bake delicious loaves of bread, croissants, cookies, choux, cakes, and danishes. This is one of the best bakeries for all croissant lovers, where you will get to taste almost ten varieties of croissants. Their Cafe Chocolate Croissant is a must-try as it leaves you filled with the flavors of chocolate and coffee.

The cakes and tarts at La Boule are something that melts your heart the moment you have a bite from it. You will also get homemade caramels and delicate cookies of excellent flavors here.

2. Bon Ton Bakery

Bon Ton Bakery – Rating Bee Online Reviews

Address: 8720 149 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 1B6, Canada

Bon Ton Bakery Edmonton has been serving delectable cakes and pastries since 1956. Their buttery brownies and pastries are sweet delights to anyone entering the shop. They also have everything from raisin bread to rye bread and baguette.

The Raspberry Almond cake is one of the popular cakes in demand at Bon Ton. The shop offers tasty diabetes-friendly bread varieties to the customers. They bake fiber-rich sourdough bread and multigrain bread for health-conscious bakery lovers.

The craftsmanship with which they bake their cakes and loaves of bread is a matter of craft. Customers can opt for dine-in or curbside pickups at this place. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.

3. Sugared & Spiced Baked Goods Inc.

Menu | Sugared and Spiced Edmonton, Canada

Address: 10334 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z8, Canada

Featuring next on the list of delectable bakery Edmonton is Sugared & Spiced. They stepped into the world of baking in 2012 with their unique flavors of cookies. They quickly gained popularity because of their excellent service and mouth-watering recipes.

Their brownies are one of the most famous in town.  The price of these traditional-style brownies starts from $4.20. Do try out their signature cakes the next time you order from them. They are made of three layers of special filling, Italian buttercream, and fresh macarons.

The bakery also offers amazing Nanaimo bars, meringues, and cookies to enjoy with your coffee. You can join their Cake Club to make your celebrations sweet and memorable with their special celebration cakes.

4. Duchess Bake Shop


Address: 10718 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5 0H1, Canada

Opened in 2009, Duchess Bake Shop serves you luscious French pastries, macarons, éclairs, croissants, and cakes. All of their treats are made with the finest and best quality ingredients. They also have many varieties of chocolate bars and coffee for the customers.

If you love baking and wish to polish your baking skills, Duchess is for you. They offer several baking workshops to help the budding patissiers. This bakery Edmonton also provides gift cards starting from $ 10 for your loved ones.

You can pre-order their cakes and pastries on their website. Financier, butter tart, and banana cream pie are some of their best pastries you must give a try. Do celebrate your special events with them by ordering the favorite flavors and treats of your choice. All orders over $ 50 will be delivered to your place free of delivery charge.

5. Chocorrant Patisserie & Cafe


Address: 10328 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5N 1R2, Canada

Here is the bakery Edmonton that serves the best and crunchiest sandwiches in the city! They bake several kinds of croissant and Panini sandwiches. Every bite of it is definitely a treat to your taste buds.

One of the best things about them is that all their cakes are made in-house exclusively based on your orders. They bake almost eight unique cake varieties for the customers. It would be best if you placed the orders 48 hours before custom-made cakes.

You will get to explore a wide range of juices and coffee drinks here. All of their latte drinks, coffee, and tea are at great prices.

Are you planning to hold a luncheon or party? Chocorrant is a great option for you. Their team also offers catering services in Edmonton. Check out their official website to know more about the catering menu and payment.

6. The Art of Cake

The Art of Cake - 147 Photos & 51 Reviews - Bakeries - 11811 105 Avenue

Address: 11811 105 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0L9, Canada

Next on the list of delectable bakery Edmonton is The Art of Cake. This cafe and bakery is a lovely picturesque space with cozy vibes. The cafe offers special Edmonton roasted coffee varieties and great teas. They also serve signature sandwiches and quiche along with the usual ones.

This is a much-recommended bakery for all the savory and sweet lovers. The cupcakes, muffins, pies, and cookies will make you fall in love with this place. You will be delighted to enjoy almost 14 unique cake flavors at this bakery. They also bake custom-designed cakes with personalized inscriptions for their customers.

You will also find a good selection of wines and brews here. The hospitality of their staff is yet another reason for you to choose this bakery.

7. Bliss Baked Goods

Bliss Baked Goods

Address: 10710 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 2P7, Canada

Bliss Baked Goods is a top-rated bakery Edmonton that serves dairy-free and nut-free baked items. Opened in 2002, they are a family-owned shop specialized in making excellent vegan food products.  One of the best qualities in them is their use of homemade ingredients. They believe in traditional styles and so never use any preservatives in what they serve.

The well-known products include bread, donuts, fresh foods, and pastries. They also bake custom cakes of different flavors according to the needs of the customers. Their trained cake decorators are well talented in decorating the custom cake of your dreams.

You will get a great choice of healthy yet tasty snacks at an unbeatable price here. Their pastries range from chocolate donuts to apple caramel cookies and blueberry muffins. They are open on all days except Saturdays from 7 am.

8. Artistic Bake Shop

Home | Artistic Bake Shop

Address: 6820 104 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2L6, Canada

Next on the list of best bakery, Edmonton is Artistic Bake Shop. Established in 1966, this bakery is one of the oldest family-owned initiatives in the city. They bake a good number of recipes from various European countries.

All their items are baked with great care using the finest of products available in the market. Pretzels, loaves, and fresh rolls are the signature items that the shop offers. They also bake the best seasonal goodies that money can buy.

The shop carries a lovely ambiance and friendly, experienced staff, an additional reason to shop with them. They are open on all days from Tuesday to Saturday.

9. Macarons & Goodies French Bakery

Lunch Combo - Macarons & Goodies

Address: 10548 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2R8, Canada

Macarons & Goodies is yet another delectable bakery Edmonton that serves Canadian and French confectionery. All of their baked items are made in-house with quality ingredients. Macarons, sandwiches, eclairs, and croissants are their signature items that have a huge customer base.

Their specially roasted Vergnano, an authentic Italian coffee variety, is another treat on-demand since 1882. The special event cakes that they bake are a thing that helps them stand out from the rest. They have a team of experienced bakers that offer rich catering services. Do check out their catering services to treat your dear ones with assorted appetizers.

They also have a food delivery app to deliver delicious treats to you at the earliest. You can purchase the products and place a pre-order from their website. Their team also organizes frequent baking classes for baking enthusiasts. The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am.

10. Vienna Bakery

Vienna Bakery

Address: 10207- 63 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6H – 5T3, Canada

Began in 1959, Vienna Bakery Edmonton is one of the best delectable bakeries in town. They bring you fresh bread, cakes, cookies, pastries and much more. They started as a wholesale bakery and later began serving the Edmonton bakery lovers. They have a great variety of traditional recipes at their confectionery.

The Poppyseed buns at this family-run bakery are of exceptional quality and taste. Their bread and pastries are also very popular. This is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet cravings, as all of their products are super affordable. The place is much famous for its amazing customer service as well.

Never forget to try out their much-on-demand Strudels on your visit to this bakery. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.

All of the mentioned bakeries in this list of delectable bakery Edmonton are unique in their flavors and dishes. Do visit them to experience and enjoy their signature food products. Give your taste buds the treats they deserve.


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