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15 Best Restaurants in Montreal to Impress Your Date

Seeking the perfect place in Montreal for your romantic escapade. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Although the ideal date might vary significantly from person to person, there is nothing better than celebrating your love with your date at one of the best restaurants in Montreal.

As the saying goes, food is one of the best companions in happy times. Whether enjoying exquisite Japanese cuisine or classic French dishes, you and your significant other can enjoy a fabulous time full of love, laughter, and delicious food<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> at these restaurants.

Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Montreal that are ideal for your next date with your loved one.

1. Au Pied de Cochon

The famous Au Pied de Cochon restaurant is at 536 Duluth Street East in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was established in November 2001 and is owned by the renowned chef Martin Picard.

The celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain featured this continental restaurant on his television program. It was also featured on the well-known Netflix show Somebody Feed Phill.

It comes highly recommended as a destination for romantic dates. However, when making plans aware that it lacks Reservations options.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Sinful Foie Gras Poutine

Head chef Martin Picard’s staring foie gras poutine and duck in a can is a must-try! Besides the chef’s specials, it serves savoury snacks such as pickled deer tongue and foie gras cromesquis.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Danny Lines / Unsplash. Copyright @2020

A bustling wine bar with a good selection of wines is also a hallmark of the restaurant.

2, Brasserie Decor

It makes the list of the finest restaurants for couples because of the open design and the delicious, elegant food.

Thousands of charming couples have frequented Au Pied de Cochon because of its open décor and brasserie-style seating against red walls.

2. Joe Beef

The French-market cuisine restaurant Joe Beef is located at 2491 Notre Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec. It was opened in 2005 by David Mcmillan, Allison Cunningham, and Fredric Morin.

The restaurant is named after an alias of Charles McKiernan, Joe Beef! The infamous Joe Beef family built his name by serving the blue-collar labourers in downtown Montreal. 

His warmth and compassion encouraged the owners to challenge the idea of fine French fine dining by serving everyone healthy, wholesome meals.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Lisa / Pexels. Copyright @2018

What Makes it Great?

1, The Greasy Lobster Spaghetti

After over a decade of delectable food, Joe Beef has established a reputation as one of the lovely restaurants.

Joe Beef specializes in seasonal specials, so its menu changes almost daily! It serves excellent lobster spaghetti, foie gras torchon, and rotisserie chicken.

2, Alluring Window View

When evaluating the eating scenes in downtown Montreal, Joe Beef is among the finest restaurants; despite a little greasy cuisine, it offers perfection with a spectacular front-window vista. 

It’s one of the finest restaurants for couples because of the well-liked cuisine, the natural wines bar, and the impeccable service.

3, Liverpool House

The Liverpool House is the sister restaurant of the famous Joe Beef restaurant. It was founded by the trio of David Mcmillan, Allison Cunningham, and Fredric Morin in 2007.

Liverpool House is situated at 2501 Notre Dame-West Montreal, Quebec.<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> This restaurant’s appetizer and beef tartare are highly recommended in the city.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Unique Oyster Bar

This Montreal restaurant specializes in market-inspired comfort dishes such as lobster pasta, spaghetti, and beef tartare. The raw bar of oysters and oyster mushrooms, one of its main draws, is exceptional in Montreal and a great way to start a meal.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Cottonbro / Pexels. Copyright @2020

2, Open Decor

Whether it’s the tasty cuisine for your tongue or the lovely sights for your eyes, this restaurant is on our list of the top dining establishments for nice decor. 

With a charming chalkboard menu and a well-known oyster mushrooms bar, the informal eating establishment is the ideal place for a date. The excellent service will aid in your lovely experience.

4, Garde Manger at old Montreal

Garde Manger is located at 408 St Francois Xavier St in Old Montreal. It was started by one of the most famous Montreal chefs, Chuck Hughes, in 2006. Since then, the restaurant has reached heights of success and is among Montreal’s best dining restaurants. 

Chuck Hughes is famous for hosting many cookery shows in Canada, such as Chuck’s Day Off, Chuck’s Week Off Mexico, and Chuck’s Eat The Street. He was also one of the judges on the first season of Chopped Canada.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Ravishing Seafood Platter

This iconic Old Montreal restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood platters, such as Canadian lobster poutine, and the generous chef’s tasting menu. 

The smooth wine, along with the impeccable chef’s tasting menu, is one of the highly recommended combinations you should try!

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Katerina Holmes / Pexels. Copyright @2020

2, Brick Interior

The restaurant’s scarlet brick interior and the dimly lit dining room make for a memorable special occasion with your date. Also, the ever-responsive and supportive staff will ensure you have a lovely time.

The restaurant’s shrills and thrills make it one of Montreal’s finest restaurants. It is also one of the few lively places in the city and is considered better than even new york restaurants.

5, Ferreira Cafe

Carlos Ferreira’s eponymous restaurant, Ferreira Cafe, was opened in 1996 and has had remarkable success and gained a reputation for the best Portuguese food among many Montreal restaurants, As well as a fantastic substitute restaurant for Ma Poule Mouillée.

 It is located at 1446 Peel Street, Montreal, Quebec. Ferreira Cafe is a fitting tribute to Portuguese culture and cuisine. 

A unique menu featuring one of the best combinations of Portuguese and Montreal cuisine, lovely decor, and evergreen customer service has gifted the restaurant more than two decades of success.

It is right amongst the best restaurants for fine dining. Its best offering is Portuguese chicken.

besr restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Jay Wennigton / Unsplash. Copyright @2014

What Makes it Great?

1, The Portuguese Blend Cuisine

Ferreira Cafe offers a variety of Portuguese dishes on its menu. It serves some of the best olive oil-cooked fish, smoked salmon and lobster salad.

The crispy Octopus, the pulled pork, and the crab cakes are among the signature dishes. The restaurant also offers an exotic wine bar for happy hours.

2, Upmarket Ambience

The new and aesthetic architecture of the interior makes the restaurant stand out. The festive decor gives it a fancy look and makes it an ideal date spot for a special occasion.

The long lines outside the restaurant mark its reputation, so get your reservations to have a fancy romantic dine-out in one of the finest Montreal establishments.

6, L ‘Express

L ‘Express is the famous Parison-style restaurant located in the Plateau Neighborhood area of Montreal. It was started in 1980 by Pierre Villeneuve and Collete Brossoit.

The entire city of Montreal has enjoyed the food of this plateau neighbourhood restaurant for more than four decades!

The L ‘Express Bistro was started to serve individuals irrespective of their economic status. It still serves healthy appetizers and lunch at affordable prices.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Rodnae Productions / Pexels. Copyright @2021

What Makes it Great?

1, The Fulfilling Brunch and Breakfast

The iconic restaurant serves breakfast and the best next-door food in Montreal, such; as Croque Monsieur, matzo ball soup, Classic French Fries, grilled half chicken and steak frites. 

The lounge is undoubtedly the best restaurant in Montreal to serve the delectable Bone Marrow and Chicken Poutine.

2, Classic Checkboard Interior

The 15-seat bar is perfect for enjoying the lovely food menu on small plates for a quick date. Also, for a special occasion, diners gather in the 60-seat fine dining room for a lavish romantic supper.

The chessboard decors give L ‘Express a classic look. The classic outlook and fancy dining room attract many couples to spend a fancy evening in one of the finest Montreal establishments.

7, Otto Bistro

One of the best places to eat Japanese food is Otto Bistro. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, at 143 Mont-royal Avenue. In 2018, Hanhak Kim and Hiroshi Kitano were the owners.

The restaurant offers a menu featuring a unique combination of Japanese and French cuisine. The menu comprises light brunch food, hot and cold salads, steak frites and a warm sugar shack.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Jep Gambardella / Pexels. Copyright @2020

What Makes it Great?

1, Cuisine From The East

The restaurant is famous for high-protein food, such as chicken sandwiches or chicken marinaded with rice. The chef’s specials consist of exotic dishes from the east that you should try. 

2, Lively Vibes

The restaurant provides a lively atmosphere for you to have a great time with your date. The efficient service adds more!

Often considered the neighbourhood’s hidden gem, it makes an excellent restaurant for having a memorable time and delicious food with your date.

8, Nora Gray

Nora Gray restaurant is located in the Little Italy region of Montreal, Quebec. It has been owned by Ryan Gray and the head chef Emma Cardarelli since its opening in 2011.

The restaurant offers some of the best Italian dishes and menu items. It is trendy for group dining with your family or friends and having a fancy time with your date in Montreal.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Chef’s Special Lamb

Nora Gray restaurant offers the best Italian food among all the Montreal establishments. The chef’s unique crispy lamb terrine starter and the fried chicken served with lettuce and a steamed bun are highly recommendable.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Jason Leung / Unsplash. Copyright @2018

2, Evergreen Black and White Decor

The warm staff is efficient and timely with its work. The black and white decor of the restaurant makes it stand out in the little Italy region.

The exotic creamy dishes and the classy decor of the Nora Gray restaurant promise a lovely evening and make it one of the best for cute couples.

9, Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette Triple Crown restaurant is at 6704 Rue Clark, Montreal, Quebec. Colin Perry opened it in the year 2012.

The restaurant had its humble beginnings as a takeaway counter when it started. Over the years, it gained momentum among Montreal citizens because of its greasy Southern cuisine.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – NeONBRAND / Unsplash. Copyright @2018

What Makes it Great?

The Creamy Coleslaw

The food featured on the menu gives a fresh break from the more common cuisines relevant in Montreal. The fried chicken, hot dogs, prime rib and pulled pork on its menu are as American as they can get.

The cream-cheese-filled smoked chicken coleslaw is another trendy food on its menu. It offers many dishes made with cheese, like; squeaky cheese curds, melted cheese, and grilled cheese.

 If you are a fan of those, you wo;t be disappointed with tasting menus.

Hipster Vibes

The lively music playing in the chic decor of the restaurant brings a rather hippy environment to the restaurant. The cosy seats add to the atmosphere!

The comfortable ambience and the greasy American food like hot dogs and prime rib make it one of Montreal’s top restaurants for having a relaxed and informal experience with your date.

10, Régine Café

Régine café is located at 1840 Rue Beaubian E, Montreal, Quebec.

It was started by the three friends Pierre Luc Chevalier, Maxim Lepage, and Charles Deschamps in 2012. This next-door restaurant offers excellent, delicious food on its menu. 

It is one of the unique restaurants where you can go with your loved ones for a lovely date every day, courtesy of its budget-friendly prices and fulfilling food.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Breakfast Combos

The restaurant is filled with great food on the menu.

  • The cream cheese and tomato salsa-topped cornflour waffle.
  • The Gros Jambon combo includes bread, baked beans, ham, bacon, smoked pork, potatoes, and fruit.
  • A special on the menu at the restaurant is the grilled cheddar cheese sandwich with caramelized onions and walnut or pistachio toast.
best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Cottonbro / Pexels. Copyright @2020

2, Warm Ambience

The bright and beautiful decor of the restaurant brings an attractive vibe to the restaurant. The soft and velvety yellow armchairs and banquettes give the whole restaurant a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

The easygoing vibe of the restaurant makes it perfect for an easy and quick date with your loved one.

11, Foiegwa

The Foiegwa restaurant is located at 3001 Notre-Dame Street, Montreal, Quebec. This French diner opened its service in Montreal in 2016 and is owned by Roberto Porres.

Due to its fabulous cuisine of French classics like steak frites and superb décor, which blends a French brasserie and an American diner, this French diner has gained a lot of notoriety in recent years.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Hidden Breakfast Gem

The Foiegwa restaurant is rightly considered among the Montreal restaurants for having a fulfilling breakfast with your loved ones on a date. 

The dishes on its menu include the Parisian Omelete, Onion Soup, and the Poutine filled with cheese curds. Also, look out for their crazy cocktail deals.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Cottonbro / Pexels. Copyright @2020

2, Midcentury American Diner

This little gem is located between Saint Henri and Little Burgundy neighbourhoods, with its plated metal outlook. 

The white marbles inside and the lively bar section make it an Instagram-worthy spot for you and your loved one.

The bold combination of class and casual setting has been the formula of success for Foiegwa restaurant, making it ideal for spending with your romantic partner.

12, Satay Brothers

The Satay Brothers restaurant is located at Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal, Quebec. Matthew and Alex Winnicki started this restaurant along with their friends Phil Chin and Marco Villequette in 2011.

The restaurant adds South Asian cuisine<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> to the vibrant choices of cuisines in Montreal. This restaurant brings the authenticity of the Asian culture to all your five senses in Montreal.

What Makes it Great?

1, The Spicy Singaporean Taste

The Satay Brothers restaurant brings the exotic taste of Singapore food to the people of Montreal. 

The Chili Shrimp Coconut Milk Soup is highly recommended. The steamed buns and the smoked meat skewers are also among the favourites.

2, The Spicy Singaporean Taste

The Satay Brothers restaurant brings the exotic taste of Singapore food to the people of Montreal. 

The Chili Shrimp Coconut Milk Soup is highly recommended. The steamed buns and the smoked meat skewers are also among the favourites.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Minha Baek / Unsplash. Copyright @2021

3, Aesthetic Asian Decor

The most significant aspect of the restaurant is its decor. The bright red lanterns, the unique silk curtains, and the wooden crest with carvings of a peacock and tiger all make for an impeccable Asian Ambience for the restaurant.

This affordable restaurant provides excellent food and an entertaining environment, which is great for a date spot.

13, Damas

The Syrian restaurant Damas is located at 1201 Avenue Van Horne, Montreal, Quebec. Its head chef, Fuad Alneirabeie and Ivan Abbas started the restaurant in 2010.

The restaurant had to be closed for a while in 2015 after a fire broke out. Even after that, the restaurant has continued to be one of the most highly rated in Montreal and an absolute fan favourite.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Gary Barnes / Pexels. Copyright @2020

What Makes it Great?

1, The Syrian Speciality Menu

The restaurant offers the best of the exotic Syrian food on its menu. The most popular items on its menu are the smoked meat BBQ collection.

It includes Lamb Shank with cheese curds and the lovely Fattouch Salad. The vibrant colours due to the spices make the food even more popular.

2, Modern Middle Eastern Essence

The magical decor of Damas teleports you straight to the urban Middle East states. 

The warm-coloured ceiling, Arabic carpets, and lights make for a perfect candlelight dinner with your partner.

The Syrian surroundings and the epic food and music of the Damas restaurant make it one of the top restaurants for couples.

14, LOV

The LOV restaurant is a vegan restaurant located at 464 McGill Street, Montreal. Dominic Bujold started this restaurant in late 2016.

This all-vegetarian restaurant has generated a lot of buzz in the last few years and has even attracted non-vegan couples for devouring its excellent food.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Haseeb Jamil / Unsplash. Copyright @2017

What Makes it Great?

1, The Botanical Cuisine

The strictly vegetarian cuisine of LOV is not only healthy but also fulfilling. The vegetarian Poutine, comprising fries and cheese curds, is among the favourites.

The mouthwatering onion rings and the enormous Burger Big LOV are two other highly recommended menu items.

2, Beachy Decor

LOV’s decor comprises relaxed beachy tones of green and white and high ceilings with picturesque wallpapers. 

The bright chandelier adds to the restaurant’s overall image and makes it Instagram-worthy. The green cuisine and stunning interiors promise an excellent time for any couple. 

It’s on our list of great restaurants in 2022 for having a unique and memorable date with your romantic partner.

15, La Banquise

The La Banquise restaurant is at 994 Rue Rachel East, Montreal, Quebec. The restaurant was started in 1968 by Pierre Barsalou.

Originally started as an ice cream parlour, La Banquise has transitioned into the favourite place for Poutine in the entire Montreal.  Currently, the restaurant is taken care of by the founder’s daughter, Annie, and her husband, Marc Latendresse.

best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Wiktor Karkocha / Unsplash. Copyright @2018

What Makes it Great?

The Poutine Paradise

La Banquise has attracted customers from all around the world for its Poutine recipes.

 The Classic Poutine with golden fries and spicy cheese is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in Montreal. Apart from the classic recipe, the restaurant has also meddled with its recipe from time to time.

Easy Going Decor

Annie has significantly contributed to maintaining the restaurant’s easy and accessible vibe. 

With pop culture posters and aesthetic art hanging around the walls, the restaurant presents a relatively easygoing vibe to its millennial audience, who come for a lovely romantic dinner.

The iconic Poutine and the modern aesthetic decor of the restaurant have attracted couples for a beautiful date. The success mantra of La Banquise has made it one of the finest restaurants for a well-spent date.

The best coziest places in Montreal to spend quality time with your partner. Consider this listicle a cheat sheet while debating your next date destination with your partner.


best restaurants in Montreal
Credits – Cottonbro / Pexels. Copyright @2020

Closing Thoughts

You can have a wonderful and memorable time with your loved ones at these top restaurantsThere is no better way to begin an exciting love story than by spending time together at some of Montreal’s highly rated restaurants. 

If you didn’t find your ideal in the above, fear not. Here are some honourable mentions you can check out: Chef David Ollu at bouillon bilk, hoogan et Beaufort, Poule Mouillée, Maison publique, snowdon deli, ma poule mouillée, vin mon lapin, omakase tasting menu on Victoria Street, le club chasse and other michelin starred restaurants.

Frequently Asked Question

What are some good restaurants in Montreal that don’t require reservations?

Some restaurants don’t accept reservations because they’re constantly busy. Even on the coldest days, there are lines out into the street at the well-known Schwartz Deli on St-Laurent Boulevard

Numerous upscale French restaurants around have strict maîtres d’s and reservation requirements. Nevertheless, many new eateries are sprouting up that have owner-chefs, are more relaxed, and serve top-notch food.

You can also try Hopkins in Monkland, Bistro Rosie on Belanger, Tavern on the Square in Westmount, or one of the more established restaurants like Café Cherrier or l’Express on St. Denis.

What food best represents Montreal?

First: Figaro’s Croissanterie! is a location in mile end with such rich history, style, and French culture, but it is implemented in its hipster area of Mile End.

Second: Before the independentist administration of Québec changed it to “Je me souviens” in 1976, the province’s motto was “Bellepro’s” and “Pataterie La Belle Province.” There are burgers and hot dog joints all around the province. This is frequently less than delicious with the 50s “greaser” decor. It has held up over time! 

Third: Pickles, Rue Bread, deli meat (smoked meat, fried salami, bologna), homemade sodas, etc., are all available at Wilensky’s. Here, it costs more to get it sans mustard! Since 1932, everything has been done the same way. 

Ruth and Moe Wilensky created this establishment, two Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Since then, the modest location has become deeply ingrained in the Burroughs’ history and popular culture.

What is the best sushi/Japanese restaurant in Montreal?

I would suggest Furusato on de Bleury or the restaurant of Dollard des ormeaux if you’re searching for a Japanese-owned restaurant serving genuine Japanese high cuisine and ramen that tastes like what you would get in Japan. 

The restaurant is called Osaka; it goes by a new name now. However, despite the name change, the cuisine, the atmosphere, and the service are still on par with Japan. 

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