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African Lion Safari: Absolute Explanation In 5 Points

Canada has a legacy of 50 years old animal safari that has prolonged its originality all along. Canada’s original lion safari is “African Lion Safari,” paving its trail with wild ferociousness for the viewers and creatures.

Safari originated from an Arabic word meaning “a trip or a journey.” A journey teaches a lot while you get to your destination. Safari is a trip you take in the wilderness. The wilderness connects a bridge between humans and animals at their raw.

The trip symbolizes raw emotions and wild nature at its best. Instilling that roughness and ruggedness within oneself is essential to survive in this criticizing world.

Natural diversity and wildlife teach basic beliefs necessary to sustain survival instincts in this catastrophic world.

African Lion Safari
Photo by Martin Vatev/ Unsplash Copyright 2018

A person with Nature boy characteristics might want to enroll on the kind of safari trail that African Lion Safari offers. It’s a dream trip for someone who wishes to visit wildlife in the wild.

Check out what all African Lion Safari of Hamilton, Toronto, Canada has to offer with never more the plain sight.

1. African Lion Safari: Introduction

African Lion Safari is a family-owned wildlife park heritage maintained of great importance located in Southern Ontario, Canada.

The mass is spread over nearly 740 acres of land opened closely by August 1969 and overindulged with exotic birds and other animals. The famous exhibits within its reach are Simba Lion Country, Nairobi Sanctuary, and many more on the list.

African Lion Safari is a safari trail with abundant vegetation and fauna to explore down the game reserves. A trolling chance by the African bush to observe animals of exotic species roam freely within their natural habitat.

It’s an experience trip that would give your family fun in plentitude if it’s a chance to see more than 1,000 exotic birds and animals.

Game reserves are the African Lion Safari’s comprehensive source, where many species of animals roam freely, making them a splendid sight to behold.

You can visit this reserve any time. It’s open daily except on some occasions when severe climatic weather conditions may temporarily cause it to be closed. Safari keeps the privilege to alter animal display without directive. Visitors have a tour planner that directs them on trails toward African lions.

The main attraction spot of the whole tour is the African Lion, which has finesse beauty about itself that’s never been seen before in the whole world.

It’s an exploration that cannot be completed in one trip. One trip is never going to be enough. One can experience the Safari with their vehicle or tour buses with protection gear, ensuring contained areas so that animals can roam freely.

2. Whereabouts

African Lion Safari is set on the large Game Reserves, consisting of seven sections. You can visit any of those within caged transportation, where the large enclosures allow animals to roam unrestrained.

The African Lion Safari offers two types of tours based on your preference and choice. You can opt for one after acquiring prior event details.

2.1. Tour Route by Boats:

A safari trail through the means of boats that goes around a lake whose locations of islands are scattered by various primates.

African Queen Boat Cruise offers the visitors an event of onboarding to glimpse mammals such as the White-handed Gibbon, Black & White Ruffed Lemur, Pink-backed Pelican, Black Swan, Marabou Stork, Robust Black Spider Monkey, and Siamang.

2.2. Tour Route by Rails:

It’s a route by natural wetlands through trains, an option of safari trails through natural forestry exhibiting native strain. Visitors travel through the Natural Boy Scenic Railway through the natural forest, where viewers can see exotic birds of more than 1,000 species and native primitives such as Reindeer and Fallow Deer.

Through this train ride, you can experience miniature replicas of a 4-2-4T Steam Locomotive, a Southern Pacific’s C.P.Huntington.

2.3. Safari Trail

The 7 large Game Reserves in the world giving the best experiences of African Lion Safari are the names below:

2.3.1. Nairobi Sanctuary

It’s the base of Cheetah breeding. Its prime purpose and drive is Cheetah Shelter. It’s structured as an enclosed preserve for cheetahs to live in groups or separately.

You will see the Egyptian goose, the European white stork, Watusi cattle, East African crowned crane, and Ilama on grassy fields. It also homes many elegant birds.

2.3.2. Simba Lion Country

It’s the home to African lions. It’s a momentous reserve because of its structural module made out of rocks specifically designed so that the lions can rest. Its grassland has the same grassy stretch, just like the Nairobi sanctuary.

2.3.3. Timbavati Lion Country

Timbavati also consists of grassy land with rocks for lions to play and rest. It’s specifically home to white lions. Or rather, they are called Timbavati lions after so many years.

These white lions were first discovered in Timbavati in the mid-1970s by Chris McBride. White lion breeding was examined to preserve this evolution after their discovery.

Timbavati Lion country
Photo by Arleen wiese/ Unsplash Copyright 2018

2.3.4. Wankie Bushland Trail

It’s one of the most interesting safari trails of entertainment. A home for bongo, miniature zebu, Malaysian tapirs, and mainly olive baboons.

The trail has structured baboons’ towers, especially for them to play and rest. Here you might have to be careful of your belongings as the baboons have a niche to get creative with whatever they can get their hands on.

2.3.5. Rocky Ridge Veldt

Representing the Savannahs of Africa is the Rocky Ridge Veldt Reserve. This grassy reserve has a structured shade, and several piles of rocks maintained for animals to climb on.

It’s home to agile animals such as Grant’s Zebra, Ostrich, White Rhinoceros, Rothchild’s Giraffes, Scimitar-horned Oryx, and many more. You may also find interestingly curious Ostrich, which becomes a lot more fun to watch as of their antics.

2.3.6. Australia

A reserve made up of trees, grass, and a pond mixer. On a smaller fenced section in the reserve’s periphery, you can come across an enclosure for Turkmenian Markhor (Bukharan) and Sichuan Takin.

Australian Reserve includes other exotic animals like Western Grey Kangaroo, Red Kangaroo, Tibetan Yak, Indian Rhino, Sicilian donkey, and Red-necked Wallaby.

2.3.7. North America

The grassy reserve is home to North American elk, American bison, and Spotted fallow deer. It’s also home to the largest Asian Elephant herd out of any zoological facility in North America. The most successful breeding program of elephants is carried out here.

The keepers bring out the elephants all cutely and cuddly, holding the tail of the one in front. They provide entertainingly educative elephant shows such as Elephant swim, Elephant Round-up shows, and many more. “Birds of Paradise” is the next show that displays exotic birds among the 1,000 exotic birds.

These Game Reserves give the best experience on the Safari trail through their tours to explore wildlife at its raw. You can go on rides in your car or tour vehicles. It would be beneficial to go on tour vehicles to avoid unfortunate circumstances.

African Lion Safari - Ontario Canada

3. Location

Canada’s African Lion Safari is located in mainstream Canada, perched by Hamilton and Cambridge cities, 100 kilometres west of Toronto. The African Lion Safari trail includes locations that give the best of the safari experience in the park. Check out the event details and safari trip highlights entail:

3.1. Tanzania Lion Game Drive

The most desired location for a lion game drive in Tanzania. One of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing. It’s also a place with one of the most iconic national parks.

3.2. The Famous Great Migration Observation

It’s an amazing view to behold the Greatest Migration of the wildlife in sustenance. Every year, millions of species migrate in need of rich feeding grounds and freshwater sources.

3.3. Rustic Camping under the African Skies

It’s an unbelievable opportunity to experience the starlit African Skies. A camping chance along the Central Kalahari Game Drives exploring the starry night.

3.4. Incredible Ngorongoro Crater Exploration

Ngorongoro Crater is a “Once in a lifetime” experience cause of its spectacular view and diverse and variant accommodation. Considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage site with a huge forest expanse and magnificent Kilimanjaro.

3.5. Great Rift Valley Escarpment Wall Viewing

Located in Kenya, running from north to south, it is a geological hotbed comprised of volcanoes, earthquakes, hot springs, and geysers. You can also find Lake Turkana located in the vicinity, which is a dazzling view to behold.

3.6. Manyara Tree Top Walk from Above Wildlife Viewing

A sky-high adventure above the Manyara Lake overlooking the wildlife beneath is a mind-blowing adventure through the forest canopy. It’s like a walk along the untouched nature in its prime habitat.

3.7. Sunrise Game Drive, Serengeti

Serengeti National Park has an awesome awe-inspiring hot air balloon ride flowing above the plains, and wildlife endlessly spreads over the surrounding. It’s an unforgettable experience to glimpse the wonderful sunrise and its golden horizon.

3.8. Tracking Lion Spoors on Exclusive Nature Walk

The Safari trip entrails a nature walk that notices wildlife’s existence in its primal form. To follow a trail of such a wild beast is an adventure in itself with exotic thrill feels. Left behind footprints or paw marks help in tracking lion spoors.

3.9. Amazing Olmoti Crater Hiking

Located in Ngorongoro, Tanzania, 30 minutes away from the ranger post, hiking on the way leads to Olmoti Crater. It’s a sunken caldera resulting in exquisite views and Munge waterfall, guaranteed to give you a memorable experience.

3.10. Maasai Cultural Experience Exploration

Among the various tribes situated in Kenya, the Maasai civilization is a semi-nomadic tribe living by herding cows and goats. The culture is a great part of Ethnic tourism in Kenya, Africa and to experience this cultural vibe firsthand is the highlighted key point.

Maasai Culture
Photo by Jan Canty/ Unsplash Copyright 2021

4. Instructions

African Lion Safari trail trip offers your family fun and enjoyment in the safari park. It’s open daily to view all those exotic birds and animals and explore the full zoo day.

The guests get to experience many more animals for a full day long. The zoo has open hours from 9 am-5 pm. Hamilton, Toronto has a lot to explore among the wildlife excavation of birds and animals.

You can get the exploration done in a day. However, the Game Reserves Safari Trip can be days long.

4.1. Trip Packages Inclusion

The trip package inclusion ensures adventure with fulfilling amenities for the tourists within the park locations at no additional charge.

Check out the following package and plan your imagined trip:

  1. Package including trip pre-departure information.
  2. Lodging details (accommodation as preferred).
  3. All snacks included.
  4. Locally experienced English-fluent trip leaders.
  5. Ground transportation inclusive.
  6. Inclusive airport transfers.
  7. Entry fees of the National Park site are included.
  8. Local taxes are outright inclusive.

5. Reasons

African Lion Safari was established and settled in Hamilton, Toronto, Canada. It has bought this wildlife entertainment with vast exploration antics for your family’s fun and joy.

African Lion Safari, affiliated with Misumu Bay Wetplay, strives to ensure adventure for kids with wild amusement rides in the park designated only for them.

Be mindful of the open hours anyway. There is no doubt of worry about their safety. This lion Safari is the best place Canada offers in terms of Wildlife expeditions.

5.1. Accreditations

African Lion Safari is a proud member of CAZA, along with the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the International Elephant Foundation (IEF), and affiliation with the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE).

Wildlife Conservation
Photo by Hu Chen/ Unsplash Copyright 2018

5.2. Wildlife Conservation

All these accreditations guarantee African Lion Safari, Canada’s Original Safari Adventure, is a chance to thrive with wildlife conservation as its priority objective.

African Lion Safari, included in supporting Lion landscapes, is a leading organization doing groundbreaking work in lion conservation.

When you entrail on this safari trip, African Lion Safari takes you on the trip that makes sure to return with some wildlife conservation values ensuring finer co-existence vital to preserve wildlife conservation stability.

The Union prospers to provide better solutions for this endangered species conservation and spread awareness in African nations like Zambia, Tanzania, and more.

Closing Thoughts

Canada and African Lion Safari “The Original” embarked on an adventure in the amalgamation of humans and wildlife to sustain in the coexisting habitat.

The park environment brings opportunistic adventure to the viewers to see animal species in their natural existence in their caged vehicles or tour vehicle. Ride by large game reserves that flavour out the exotic species living in our world, displaying childlike curiosity and vibrant creation.

A chance to be wild with the wild you could never have imagined!

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