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Hot Air Balloon – 5 Canadian Tourist Destinations

Hot Air Balloon flights are an experience to behold. The delight of being at the top of clouds, miles above the soil, is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. The stunning views of the landscape will captivate your heart and mind.

Canada is a country with a very rich and varied landscape. It has calm coastlines, serene Rocky mountains, densely populated cities, and cold deserts in its north. The diverse landscape is perfectly suited as a tourist destination. People from all parts of the world come to Canada to navigate the rich landscape of the same. Air Balloon rides serve as the perfect medium for exploring the country.

Hot Air Balloons are not a medium of transportation. Instead, they are a medium to traverse the terrain. It helps to enable you to move backward, forward, and sideways. The Hot air balloons enable you to grasp a bird’s eye view of the landscape.

Evolution of Hot Air Balloons

The Montgolfier brothers made the first hot air balloon. The Montgolfier brothers’ balloons used buoyant force to ride on air. Hot air was used to generate the buoyant force necessary to fly hot air balloons.

The first hot air balloon flight with humans as passengers took off on October 21, 1783. With time, significant changes were made by several scientists.

Initially, the balloons developed were based on gases like helium. These gases made hot air balloon flights unsafe. In 1960, Ed Yost modified the air balloon by using a nylon envelope and a propane burner system. The hot air balloons developed were all without any basket and only a seat to ride. A balloon basket was added to the invention, with future modifications leading to modern hot-air balloons.

How do The Hot Air Balloons Work?

The preparation for the safe conduction of a modern hot air balloon falls on the pilot and the ground crew. Most balloons offer approximately one hour of flying service to passengers. The pilot and the crew are responsible for their safety.

Preparation of Balloon Flights

Before launching any balloon ride, the pilot must check the different wind directions in which S/he would fly. The pilot pulls up with the weather service to know about the wind conditions. S/he has to choose a site with fewer power lines and a good wind speed for the balloon ride.

Launching of a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons work on the basic scientific principle that heated air rises upwards. A burner is attached to the basket lying below the balloon envelope, and the propane tanks store the liquid propane. This burner mixes the liquid propane from the propane valve with oxygen and ignites it. The balloon is sufficiently light than the surrounding air, making it easier for hot air balloon rides. The air balloon ride carries passengers in the wicker basket.

The pilot aims the burner flame towards the mouth of the balloon basket. The burner increases the air temperature of the cold air inside the balloon. As a result, the air outside the balloon remains cool, but the air inside becomes hot. Now, since hot air tends to move up, the hot air balloon moves upwards. Conversely, when the air in the balloon envelope is allowed to cool, the air balloon descends towards the ground.

Flying in a Hot Air Balloon

Once the air balloon rises alongside the cooler air, the balloon lifts with the air contained in it. The balloon is steered at different altitudes by the pilot. The ground crew of the balloon follows the hot air balloon flights. The crew follows up the hot air balloon flight in different directions in which the balloon flies. The crew is also referred to as the chase crew as it chases the air balloon ride.

The pilot of the balloon rides manages the air balloon. S/he uses devices like altimeters and Variometer to search for the right altitude and wind conditions. Balloons travel in the wind direction, but pilots can use turning vents to give you a complete panoramic view of the landscape. Pilots can move the hot air balloon upwards by burning and downwards by letting the air in the hot air balloons cool.

Landing of The Hot Air Balloon

The process of landing hot air balloons begins with the process of searching for suitable landing sites. A landing site should be flat and should have no power line. When the pilot finds one, s/he has to communicate with the ground crew. The ground crew reaches the landing site and spreads the ground tarp on the site. Modern air balloon rides do not face much turbulence in the landing of the flights.

During the process of landing the Hot Air Balloons, passengers should crouch down to cancel any adverse effects. The ground crew holds the balloon to minimize the aftermath. After the safe landing, the crew has to pack up the balloon. The passengers celebrate their safe landing with a champagne toast and similar other events.

Tourist Destinations For Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air ballooning is a popular choice for recreation in Canada. Canada brings into the world numerous spots for a hot air balloon ride. These tourist spots are renowned for having tourists from across the world. Some of the best spots are listed here:

1) Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located in the prairie heartland of the nation. The city is blessed with rich geographical terrain. You have the opportunity to view the provincial parks and Rocky mountains from over a thousand feet in the air.


An air balloon ride in Calgary offers air flight to you to enable you to experience the joy of flying in the air. You can view the sunrise from a floating balloon above sea level. Some balloon ride packages offer you a free champagne celebration and free transport to your location after the fly. This will certainly make a great deal for you.

2) Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital city of the province of the prairie province of Alberta. The city is the second most populous in Alberta after Calgary. The city is located in the Edmonton river valley. A hot air balloon ride in Edmonton will force you to capture stunning views from your camera.

Edmonton, AB Hot Air Balloon Ride

The passengers of an air balloon flight will get a captivating experience. You will have the benefit of relaxing and enjoying the enchanting views of the Alberta countryside. Sunrise and sunset times are the perfect time for an air balloon flight in Edmonton. If you get an opportunity to fly in a  balloon in Edmonton, it would certainly be a refreshing experience for you.

3) Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the most populous city of Saskatchewan. It is located in the heart of Canada. Saskatoon is laden with several natural benefits. The topography is mostly flat, though there are a few hills. The city is divided into two parts by the South Saskatchewan River. The place is perfect for celebrating a special event or just taking a break from life’s daily problems.

Hot Air Ballooning in Saskatoon serves as a good escape from worldly problems. You can explore the city of Saskatoon and nearby areas from thousand meters above the land and take breathtaking pictures. The passengers are offered traditional champagne toast after the flight of the balloon. Many service providers of hot air balloons flight also offer free transportation to the balloon’s launch site.

4) Winnipeg

Winnipeg is one of the most populous cities in Manitoba. It also happens to be the seat of the provincial government of Manitoba. Manitoba is another Canadian prairie province forming the agricultural belt of Canada. The city has four major rivers: Red, Assiniboine, La Salle, and Seine. The city experiences cold and severe winters and warm and moderate summers.

Winnipeg from a Hot Air Balloon

The city of Winnipeg is a perfect destination for hot air ballooning. You can experience the vast region in your flight in the balloon. You can view and rejoice in the natural serene landscape from the air. The ballooning experience in Winnipeg will certainly be a memorable one.

5) Iqaluit

Iqaluit is one of the most sparsely populated and northern cities in Canada. It is also the capital city of the province of Nunavut. The city has a rich topography of snow-laden mountains and tundra valleys. Large parts of the city remain covered in water in the summer months. This makes ballooning preferable only in the winter months.

Iqaluit in the Canadian arctic is a growing tourist destination. Balloon rides in Iqaluit are a unique opportunity to fly over the Northern communities and explore their topography. A flight in a hot air balloon in Iqaluit can also enable you to spot arctic foxes and caribou.

Hot Air Balloon is a must-have experience to relish for any human, and Canadian regions are the perfect destinations to relish that experience.

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