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Add Fun in Your Trip to Canada: 11 Amazing Theme Parks to Visit

There are many opportunities for tourists to enjoy themselves outdoors and get some fresh air over the whole of Canada. However, if you are seeking an experience that is jam-packed with excitement, then a trip to one of the best theme parks of Canada should be on your must-do list.

Your journey will surely be filled with even more fun and adventure if you take advantage of the opportunity to visit one of these theme parks of Canada with your loved ones. We have produced a list of the nation’s tallest and fastest roller coasters to ensure that thrill-seekers searching for a little bit of an extra adrenaline boost will not be let down.

Best Theme Parks of Canada

1. Calaway Park, Calgary

CALAWAY PARK VLOG|Calgary Amusement park 2020|The Kwechi's Family

Calaway Park is likely to be the location of the largest outdoor family-friendly theme parks of Canada out of all the theme parks that can be located in Canada. This amusement park has 32 rides, 24 eateries, 23 games, a 3D theatre, and live entertainment. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy at this park.

The amusement parks are focused on giving a nice time for families, and the fact that it receives more than half a million tourists every season gives validity to the platitude that “your smile is our goal.”

2. Galaxyland, Edmonton

WEM Galaxy Land + Ice Palace | Edmonton, Canada

Galaxyland, which can be found at West Edmonton Mall, is the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. It has over 27 thrilling rides, attractions, and play zones suitable for people of all ages.

A four-story indoor jungle gym is one of the attractions in West Edmonton Mall, of the space-theme parks of Canada, which also has the world’s biggest indoor skating rink and roller coaster with three loops, called Mindbender.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the upper Clements amusement park activities, including skeeball and a range of arcade games. The new Lazer Vault puts everyone’s coordination and competitive nature to the test, regardless of whether or not your family is a model of teamwork or if rivalry reigns supreme in your household.

Galaxyland, which opened its doors in 1985, is widely recognized as one of the best amusement theme parks of Canada and has won many honours based on visitors’ votes. The park is open every day of the year, which is a significant plus.

This is the ride you have to take: Mindbender – The roller coaster has not just three steep loops but twisting dips and a frightening helix.

3. Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan, Ontario

Over 330 acres in size, Canada’s Wonderland is not only the biggest amusement park in the country but also one of the most popular parks in North America.

The amusement park, Canada’s wonderland, has over 200 attractions, including 15 roller coasters and 69 rides. In addition, if it is very warm outside, you can beat the heat in the Splash Works waterpark, and it has Canada’s largest wave pool which spans 20 acres.

Adrenaline seeker? Ride the Leviathan, one of the country’s largest theme parks, and Canada’s terrifying roller coasters in see whether you’re made of metal. It has a top speed of almost 80 miles per hour and is the nation’s highest building at 306 feet.

Since the opening of Skyhawk and Flying Eagles in 2016, guests to Canada’s Wonderland world waterpark have been able to experience new heights thanks to the park’s expansion of its ride offerings.

Skyhawk riders can take control of their cockpits as they navigate through turns of 360 degrees while flying at an altitude of 135 feet. The Flying Eagles attraction is designed for younger children, and it has two-person aircraft that soar to a height of 28 feet above the ground. The riders referred to as “little pilots,” control their flight and the ride experience.

Ride you need to go on: Leviathan is possibly the largest, scariest, and fastest roller coaster on the block and will surely test your nerve. It would be best if you rode it.

4. La Ronde, Montreal

La Ronde in Montreal is the largest amusement park and theme park in Eastern Canada. It is located on 146 acres on the tip of Saint Helen’s Island, just a stone’s throw away from Montreal’s gorgeous old harbour.

Over forty different rides and attractions, including ten different roller coasters, can be found inside the Six Flags theme park, which caters to those looking for a good thrill.

On Goliath, one of La Ronde’s roller coasters is one of the tallest and fastest in Canada, even the most courageous amusement park guests might experience trembling knees. Other stomach-churning family rides that you may dare to try to include the Boomerang, which launches you through a series of high-speed loops, and mini golf and then boomerangs you backwards to the beginning of the ride. Or you might ride the Cobra, a roller coaster that will fulfil your thirst for speed.

The park is home to a wide range of activities appropriate for all ages, including the Galopant, which boasts the title of the world’s oldest wooden carousel and was built in 1885.

Ride you absolutely must experience: The Goliath roller coaster is a fantastic option, but we urge you to ride Le Monstre, the world’s largest two-track wooden coaster with a vertical loop.

5. Playland Amusement Park, Vancouver

Playland Amusement Park, which has been called the area immediately east of downtown Vancouver home since 1910, is the oldest theme park in all of Canada.

The park may be located inside the Pacific National Exhibition grounds (PNE) confines. The annual fair at the PNE takes place during the final week of August and the beginning of September, and as a result, the park is packed to the gills with partygoers looking for an adrenaline rush.

The amusement park is a veritable treasure trove of rides, midway games, the world’s largest indoor waterpark, the largest wave pool, a kid zone, timber falls, green gables, play areas, a haunted house, and an arcade; hence, there are a lot of attractions for guests to enjoy while they are there.

Hellevator is a rollercoaster that propels passengers up a 202-foot vertical tower before letting them free fall back down. Thrill-seekers should check it out since it will make their hair stand on end.

It is not often that all rides at theme parks of Canada become famous. Still, Playland’s distinctive Wooden Roller-Coaster has been featured in films such as Final Destination 3, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, and the television series Smallville. If you want to become famous, you need to ride this ride.

6. Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Niagara Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

WaterPark Weekend - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada || Chan คำพูมี Vlog

Because it is just a two-minute walk from the natural marvel, the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark is the ideal place to stop on your visit to Niagara Falls.

The attraction was ranked as the best amusement park and theme park in Canada on Trip Advisor in the past. It boasts a rocky mountain railroad, rocky mountains climbing wall, a Ferris wheel, ocean motion, a river riot, a lazy river, a wooden roller coaster, and the distinction of Canada’s biggest indoor waterpark.

There are sixteen exhilarating water slides, including body, mat, towers, and plunges.

The Canadian Plunge is a must-do ride; it is a large water centrifuge super bowl that allows riders to spin and splash their way down the bowl’s high walls before descending into a splashdown pool.

7. Calypso Theme Waterpark, Ottawa


The Calypso Theme Waterpark offers rides and other activities that are suitable for people of all ages, including very young children, teens, and even grandparents who are seeking an exciting adrenaline rush.

It is the biggest waterpark in Canada and has close to a hundred various activities that may be enjoyed while in the water. There are a number of giant water slides, a river run, wave pools, and Canada’s largest wave pool, which is approximately the same size as three National Hockey League rinks.

Slides with names like “Adrenaline,” “Black Hole,” “Fast Track,” and “Canyon Rafting” are among the most exhilarating of the park’s attractions.

You won’t need to carry any food with you since the park has a diverse selection of dining options, including a Hawaiian Beach Bar, and there won’t be a need to do so.

It is highly recommended that you visit the Calypso Palace wave pool, Canada’s biggest wave pool, with more than an acre of ocean.

8. Magic Mountain Water Park, Moncton

Magic Mountain Dive, Darien Lake Skywarp, Kennywood & Canada's Wonderland

The water park at Magic Mountain has four distinct areas where guests may enjoy themselves, some of which include a wave pool and water slides. A few theme parks of Canada attractions and a mini-golf course with 36 holes are also available in the park. They also feature a gaming and redemption centre.

9. Marineland, Niagara Falls

Marineland Closing Forever?

In addition to housing an aquarium, Marineland at Niagara Falls is home to several other attractions, including rides, arcades, a zoo, and a restaurant. You may see various acts put on by marine creatures, and they even offer a pool where you can pet beluga whales.

There is a convenient land train that can carry you throughout the park and several fantastic amusement attractions suitable for the whole family.

10. Sandspit Amusement Park, Cavendish Beach

Sandspit Cavendish Beach is an amusement park that has a number of rides and activities, some of which include roller coasters, bumper boats, and go-karts. They provide classic thrill coasters, rides that are appropriate for the whole family, and rides that are designed with youngsters in mind particularly.

11. Santa’s Village, Bracebridge

Santa’s Village is a seasonal amusement park with a Christmas-themed setting with attractions such as a petting zoo, a splash pad, rides, and visits with Santa. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, and it has a wonderful Christmas vibe. In addition, there is an aerial park and zip line next door to the hotel.

In addition, there is a sports park that has interactive activities, go-karts, bungee trampolines, batting cages, laser tag, and climbing walls, among other things.


Because Canada receives a significant amount of snow each year, the nation is often called “The Great White North.” This moniker has been quite popular over the years. It is the second biggest nation in the globe and spans from the United States to the Arctic Circle in the far north. Due to the extreme weather conditions, the Arctic Archipelago in Canada only sees a small number of tourists yearly.

There are other locations in Canada that are also extremely lucky to get snow that is such a brilliant and dazzling white colour, although it may not cover as much of an area as other regions. Large metropolitan regions include the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Quebec City; nevertheless, each has unique traits that set it apart from the others. Urban Toronto is an example of a metropolis, a kind of city characterized by a skyline dominated by towering skyscrapers.

In contrast, Vancouver, surrounded on all sides by mountains, has an active and thriving theatre community. The cities of Montreal and Quebec City speak French and are great examples of melting pots because of their cultural diversity and richness. In Canada, there is no lack of amusement parks and theme parks that will fascinate youngsters of all ages and those who still consider themselves youthful at heart.

It is highly recommended that everyone interested in experiencing the exhilaration of rollercoasters make their way to Canada.

When you think about it, images of vast national parks come to me, complete with lakes, mountains, and even bears. Canada is home to some of the most popular amusement parks in the world. When it comes to planning your excursions to Canada, we hope that this information will be helpful.

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