The 7 Must-Visit Theme Parks in Canada Vancouver

Are you going to spend your vacation in Canada? Do you want to engage in more outdoor activities? Then there’s Vancouver, Canada, where you need to be.

Numerous outdoor activities to keep you entertained during your vacation in Vancouver. However, the best option, perfect for every weather, is THE THEME PARKS.  

There are numerous theme parks located throughout the country but  Vancouver is home to some of Canada’s best theme parks.

Interested? Let us look at some of them.

Seven Best Theme Parks In Canada Vancouver

1. Granville Island Water Park

It is one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver, where your kids get to enjoy many of the water rides. It is the biggest free water park in North America, located in the heart of Vancouver.

They have a water slide, geysers, and water pipes that would be great fun for kids. You should not assume that the park is only for kids and not for adults or even teens. 

It is located on Grandville Island. So the other family members can enjoy a walk around the Island. They could explore the Granville Island Public Market and the Kids Market, walk along the seawall watching the views and ride the Aquabus. 

The park has everything for small kids ranging from water pipes to fire hydrants. They also have a particular area for toddlers. The children must be 3 feet 6 inches to use the water rides, and there are no exceptions.

There are painted stone pavements, and because of this, the kids are advised to wear shoes. 

Playland Highlights (HD) - Vancouver, Canada

2. Castle Fun Park

Castle Fun Park is a fun place and one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver, especially for parents. It has the best golf courses.

There are three mini-golf courses, and you can bring your children here on rainy days for indoor games. The classes are of jungle theme and coral sea theme in the indoor one, and there is also an outdoor one. 

Unlike other amusement parks, this park does not charge an entry fee. You can roam inside the park freely.

Even though the park is functioning at reduced capacity, and some of the sections of the park are closed, you still have access to around 200 arcade games. 

The park offers a wide variety of games. You can challenge each other in a virtual car race or a first-person shooter game.

Also, if you want a nostalgic feel, you can play pinball and see who gets the highest score. Here too, you get a long strip of tickets. You can either trade them for prizes or bring them home. 

2.1 Are they rebuilding Castle Fun Park?

The park’s owners began rebuilding the attraction earlier this year and recently announced that it will reopen in 2022. While no specific date has been given, Castle Fun Park will reopen in early summer, possibly at the end of the month or early July.

2.2 What is the scariest ride at Castle Park?

The Screamin’ Demon is the foe to be outwitted here at Castle Park if only you have what it takes! However, a word of caution: this is one of the scariest attractions in the kingdom, and it is not for the faint of heart.

3. Playland Park

Playland Park is an amusement park situated in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is one of the oldest and the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver. The regular season is from May to the end of September.

They are also open on Friday nights from the half of October until Halloween. They always add a new ride to the park every year. In 2015, the park added an extreme journey called The Beast. 

Every year, the park, along with its partner Pacific National Exhibition, holds a fair to entertain the people of Metro Vancouver.

This fair includes Talent shows, Animal Races, Demolition Derbies, Monster Trucks, agricultural demonstrations, and new food items. During this time, many more rides are brought from the West Coast Amusements, doubling the rides in the park. 

The park’s attractions include three substantial roller coasters and many other extreme rides, making it one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver.

The family attractions include Balloon Explorers, Dizzy Drop, The Flutterbye, Cap’n KC, Choppers, Cool Cruzers, Honeybee Express, and a Merry-Go-Round. The other attractions are Command Headquarters, Bonanza Shooting Gallery, Climbing Wall, Glass House, Haunted Mansion, and Pacific Adventure Golf. 

The park was the setting for many film shootings. The 1999 teen drama Rollercoaster was shot at this park. The opening scene of Final Destination 3, the broad walk scene in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, the Nickelodeon original movie Splitting Adam, the 1996 film, Fear, and many more movies were shot here. 

3.1 Can I bring food into Playland?

Playland provides a wide range of food options, including vegetarian options. Outside food and beverages are not permitted on site for the safety of all of our guests and team members.

4. Flyover Canada

Flyover Canada is one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver and an exciting attraction located in downtown Vancouver. An average of half an hour is needed for a full tour of Flyover Canada.

It begins with an introductory film called Flyover Canada to show along with a flying movie presentation. 

FlyOver Canada | Experience The Ultimate Flying Ride

Along with the film experience about Canada, they add some shows too. During the time of festivals, there will be a special presentation about other countries like the United States, China, Iceland, Taiwan, and some seasonal feature-related movies with themes like Christmas and Halloween. 

The price for entry into Flyover Canada depends on certain factors like your and the time when you buy the tickets. If you visit on a weekday, it would be 25 dollars, and on weekends it rises to 27 dollars per head.

The tickets for children aged 12 and below cost 10 dollars less than the adults. Students and seniors would get a reduction of 6 dollars.

There are safety issues during the rides in the park, and because of this, the visitors must be at least 40 inches tall. So when you take tickets for your child online, ensure the requirements. 

4.1 How long is the FlyOver Canada ride?

The entire experience takes about 25 minutes. This includes the Moment Factory preshow Uplift, the pre-flight briefing in the boarding zone, and the 8-minute Ultimate Flying Ride.

5. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an experience of excitement and one of the best theme parks in Vancouver Canada. If you need a fun one-day experience, ride to Stanley Park and enjoy your day.

You can either experience it with a guided tour or experience it on your own. You can plan many fun activities with your family. 

Best Theme Parks In Canada Vancouver
Photo by Ben Stock from Shutterstock

The park attracts more than 8 million visitors a year. One of the most important things you need to do in Stanley Park is to traverse the famous seawall that encircles the park.

There will always be people walking, jogging, cycling, and doing various activities all over the way. There are some shops nearby where you can get bikes and rollerblades for rent. 

The garden in Stanley Park has some of the best flowers in all of Canada. The three essential gardens in the park are the Stanley Park Rose Garden, the Ted & Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden, and the pictorial carpet bedding at Prospect Point, which is also the highest point in the park.

You will also get to see the largest aquarium in Canada, the Vancouver Aquarium here. Also, you have a miniature train that can take kids around the forest near the park. Stanley Park is one of the best landmarks that define the face of Canadian tourism. 

5.1 Is parking free in Stanley Park?

In Stanley Park, paid parking is available all year. Passes are available by hour, day, season, or year.

5.2 How long does it take to drive through Stanley Park?

If you don’t stop at any of the parking lots, this driving tour should take 45-60 minutes.

6. Paradise Fun Park

With the most famous landscapes and sandy beaches, Paradise Fun Park is one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver. The place is renowned for its worldwide known sandcastle competition.

The stunning view of the park, as well as the excellent climate, makes it a favourite spot for families. The park includes two mini-golf courses, an RV park, a motel, and an upscale golf course and restaurant. 

Whether you are planning to have a family trip or a solo trip, you can make it more memorable in the RV Park. In RV Park, you make memories that can be remembered over the years.

You will have a relaxing atmosphere in the surrounding RV Park. Also, you can have an active and energizing dip in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is indeed a paradise for your holiday. 

The other facilities included in the park are hot showers and laundry. It is just 30 minutes north of Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Ferry Terminal and can be reached easily.

The location of the RV Park is also ideal and makes a perfect spot for a vacation. They offer a special welcome to your pet animals too. What more do you need? 

7. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

One of the landmarks of Vancouver, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of the best theme parks in Canada Vancouver.

Source: Shutterstock

Fifteen minutes from downtown Vancouver, the park is famous for its swinging bridge across Capilano Canyon, making it the most visited spot in Canada. The place is renowned for preserving nature as well as its history. 

The most exciting activity here is walking the suspension bridge. It was built in 1889 and has been renovated many times. Earlier the bridge was the only attraction, and over the years, the place was developed with many other features with the tourist enjoying a tour around the 27-acre park. 

A Cliffwalk was an addition to the suspension bridge. It is environmentally sensitive and thrilling for the tourist. It is made of a beautiful labyrinth-like series with decks, stairs, and platforms. Another attraction is the treetop adventure you enjoy in the park.

It gives you a view of the vast coastal rainforest as you sit in the 1300-year-old fig trees. They use an innovative compression system without the use of any bolt or nail to secure the platform and the suspension bridges. 

You will get the help of guides who would help you explore the area in addition to the lectures on the history of the forest and guidance to preserve nature. The guided tour is very interactive, and you can learn about flora and fauna in the woods. 

Closing Thoughts

The list of best theme parks in Canada Vancouver does not end here. Many more are on the list of the best theme parks in Vancouver Canada. If you know more, let us know in the comments below. 

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