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10 Best Restaurants In Quebec City With The Most Delicious Food

In this article, we’ll be looking through the list of the best restaurants in Quebec City which provide quality food along with great services. First, let us learn more about the city itself.

Quebec is one of the major cities of Canada and is one among the oldest cities in North America, with an abundance of tourist spots and restaurants; it is also known for the wide variety of food it offers, from warm and lip-smacking poutine to the comforting and delicious meat pie, from street food to gourmet restaurants, Québec city has it all.

Quebec is also well-known for its history, declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985, Québec city is rich in history. If you are visiting Quebec as a tourist on vacation, on an office trip, or shifting to Québec city, then you should be able to find restaurant-hunting in Quebec quite easily after going through this list.

The restaurants of Quebec serve not only delicious food but also represent the history and culture of the region in a creative and spectacular manner. They serve a variety of cuisines belonging to different parts of the world to serve the taste palate of tourists from all over the globe. The specialty of these different restaurants is that they try to maintain the authenticity of each cuisine they are serving to the maximum limit practicable.

Local ingredients are produced fresh and creatively induced in the culinary processes, which boost the local economy and upgrade the quality of the food in which they are incorporated. One can find seasonal Canadian dishes in Quebec.

Not just delicious food but also the warm hospitality of the service staff and the instagramable ambiance of each iconic restaurant make the dining experience extraordinary in Quebec. There are a number of highly popular restaurants in Quebec, and to help you choose the best, some of the best restaurants of Quebec are listed below with necessary information that would help one to shortlist from among the best of the best.

Of course, there are the cliched treats. People frequently associate Quebec with poutine, a gloriously sloppy dish made of chips, cheese curds, and gravy. For true poutine in Quebec City, many people choose Snack Bar Saint-Jean or Chez Aston, but any small diner or restaurant offering local cuisine will have its unique take on this well-known dish.

Before getting into what the best restaurants in Quebec City are, let’s learn about Quebec Specialties first, shall we?

Quebec Specialties

Some famous food options that you will commonly find in the best restaurants in Quebec city are listed below:

1. Poutine

One of the most popular dishes in Canadian restaurants is poutine, which everyone enjoys, irrespective of their age. The ingredients in the dish are pretty interesting, It might sound a bit shady, but once you try it, there is no going back.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Shelby L. Bell/Flickr.Copyright2021

The composition of the poutine begins with a layer of crispy and crunchy french fries. A handful of cheese curds is finally topped with a ladle of hot, irresistible gravy generally made with beef stock as the main ingredient. Who wouldn’t want to have a serving of steaming poutine in the chilly winters of Canada?

Three components combine to create a dish that is distinctively Quebecois. It’s rich, calorie-dense, and excruciatingly delicious. It is absolutely delicious. There are other varieties available in restaurants in addition to this traditional one, which is a necessity. If you’re going to indulge, these downtown Québec City poutines are a must-try and are conveniently reachable on foot.

2. Hot Chocolate

Does hot chocolate even require an introduction? A beverage that people around the world have for its delectable chocolate flavour and rich consistency. Classic hot chocolate is made using really good quality chocolate and cream/milk.

The capital of cuddling in Canada is Quebec. Our brisk winter weather has a way of organically bringing people together. Or perhaps our hot chocolate has anything to do with it? Snuggles in a cup, hot chocolate instantly make everything feel good. I’ve tried every cup in the city in an effort to create these delectable hot chocolates.

Real chocolate and heated milk or cream are the two main ingredients in Quebec City’s greatest hot chocolate. It is hearty and delicious, warming to the stomach and mouth. It goes well with a cheese buffet with a variety of Quebec cheeses and is delicious on its own.

Imagine having a cup of hot chocolate right after having a fun ski trip with your companions in Québec city. This is something that you can savour from both the streets and from a fancy place. It is also called chocolat chaud in Quebec City.

3. Meat Pie

This Canadian specialty is filled with mouthwatering and juicy meat filling and a flaky crust that is to die for.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Ruth Hartnup/Flickr.Copyright2021

The filling usually consists of beef, pork, potato, and spices stuffed into the pie crust and then baked to perfection. It is also commonly known as Tourtiere in Canada, commonly found in restaurants in Québec city.

4. Stew

Stews feel like warm hugs on chilly days, and thankfully there is a variety of stews to choose from in Quebec, but the most common one consists of vegetables like onions, garlic, and more, a kind of meat spices like cloves, nutmeg, and stock. This comforting bowl of magic full of flavour is one of Quebec’s most enjoyed dishes.

5. Baked Beans

Baked beans can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even as a snack; either way, this evergreen dish is comforting and homely.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By jeffreyw/Flickr.Copyright2021

All the ingredients, like pre-soaked beans, onions, spices, and more, are put into the same vessel to cook; the Canadian version is unique as it includes the Canadian specialty: Maple syrup. The making process of this dish is quite easy and not time-consuming at all, and at the same time, the taste is not compromised because of the cooking time.

6. Poor Man’s Pudding

If you couldn’t tell by the dish’s name, it is a dish that is made using the simplest of ingredients. Some of the ingredients include eggs, sugar, and oil; these are basic ingredients that everyone has in their home, hence the name. This recipe was created back during the Great Depression, as it required minimal ingredients and wouldn’t have used up too many resources back then.

7. Cretons

This savoury dish is made using pork, onions, garlic, spices, and bread crumbs. It is a flavorful pork spread that is usually enjoyed with some bread. It can be frozen for long-term usage too.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Carol/Flickr.Copyright2021

This flavoursome yet simple French Canadian dish is also quite popular in Canada; you can bring this pork spread along with you on picnics to have as a spread on top of pieces of bread, as it can be conveniently stored in a container.

8. Pea Soup

Many people like to start their meal with a bowl of soup; if that’s you, you will enjoy the popular pea soup, one of the famous dishes in Québec restaurants. Essential ingredients that pea soup is made of are dried yellow peas, other vegetables, spices like bay leaves and thyme, ham hock, and chicken broth.

Best Restaurants

Now that we have looked at some of the popular foods of Quebec City, let us find out the best restaurants in Quebec City that serve these dishes:

1. Chez Boulay

Chez Boulay in Old Quebec serves Boreal cuisine of the Boreal Forest. There’s no way we couldn’t mention Chez Boulay while we’re talking about the best restaurants in Quebec City. All the ingredients in this bistro are from local producers. This fine-dining restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and the portion size for all the dishes is quite generous.

Located in Rue Saint-Jean, this bistro is owned by chef Jean-Luc Boulay and chef Arnaud Marchand. Their bistro has been in business since 2012 and is blooming because of the great food and service provided in Chez Boulay.

Chez Boulay is a chic, modern eatery that serves upscale “seasonal Nordic bistro fare.”

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Jenn Kosar/Unsplash.Copyright2021

In Quebec, Chez Boulay, owned by Jean-Luc Boulay and Arnaud Marchand, was able to secure the support of a passionate team who have been dedicated to facing the challenge of inventing and reinventing Quebec-inspired indigenous northern cuisine since 2012. Connecting the abundant availability of boreal forest resources and the exceptional and unmatched quality of local ingredients, they master amidst French cuisine techniques to facilitate a true amalgamation of flavours.

Local, healthy, inventive and nutritional, the northern cuisine from Quebec represents the essence of the emerging culinary tradition within each bite. This fine dining restaurant also serves fine contemporary french cuisine and is known for its local cuisine.

Chez Boulay offers an array of gourmet seafood, meaty dishes, vegetarian dishes, soups, desserts, local wines, and a lot more. You can choose from a wide variety of alcohol, wine, and beer to pair with your appetizing meal.

2. Nina Pizza Napolitaine

Second, on our list of best restaurants in Quebec City, we have Nina Pizza Napolitaine, which has two branches; one in Saint Roch and the other in Saint-Jean. It is a pizzeria with a wide variety of pizzas made with great quality ingredients, all baked in the traditional wood-fired oven.

They maintain the authenticity of the original Italian pizza as the owners were trained by Italian chefs to perfect their pizzeria experience.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Thomas Tucker/Unsplash.Copyright2021

This pizza venue does not fail to live up to its reputation. When we read about who trained the owners, it comes to the forefront, the secret of the authentically Italian pizza served there. Even the taste of simple prosciutto and rocket pizza bears such a level of deliciousness that one person alone would eat the whole pizza.

The Nina Pizza Napolitaine does not only serve authentic Italian cuisine, but they are also generous in the portions of the servings of every dish available there. The service provides by the staff of the place, especially the waiters and attendants, is really praiseworthy.

The service and the quality of food make the dining experience exceptionally better than other similar spots in the surrounding area. This place’s authentic Italian cuisine led People from different parts of the world to prioritize visiting this pizzeria when they are in Quebec.

This restaurant has a cocktail bar that serves delicious cocktails and wines. Here you’ll find several vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options too. The restaurant’s prices are pretty affordable and reasonable, which is great if you are served great Italian food, good taste and quality.

It specializes in making mouth-watering pizzas, salads, homemade wines, and other Italian specialties. The restaurant has a capacity of 50, so you can bring along your family to enjoy one of the best pizza dishes in Quebec city.

3. Le Champlain

Le Champlain is one of the best restaurants in Quebec City and is famous for the right reasons. This restaurant offers various options for a delightful brunch or a dinner; Le Champlain also offers a tasting menu, and the cuisines served are mostly French cuisine. The restaurant also has a wine bar.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Davey Gravy/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The restaurant has a massive capacity of 160 people, with an ambiance that will take your dining experience up a notch; the restaurant’s vibe is modern, and the colours used for the interiors are neutral and muted, which gives off a classy look.

This lavish and bougie restaurant has an impeccable menu, with dishes made from quality ingredients only. If you want to spend a little extra, this is the right choice for you; the experience, the ambiance, the food, and the view will make it worth the extra penny.

After touring Quebec City and its busy streets, the Le Champlain is a beautiful, quiet and relaxing heaven. Cool lighting and massive wall wine racks added extra elegance to the ambience. The service has remained impeccable over the years, and the waiters and other staffs are extremely attentive.

Ideal for couples as well as groups of friends or family who can spend some hours enjoying the six-course meal with an extra amuse bouche. The fish course provides two perfectly cooked scallops with sauce (subject to change as per menu and seasonal availability of ingredients), and the meat course offers an opportunity to experience a melt-in-your-mouth-tender and rare sensation.

Chocolate cake covered in an apple crumble is a signature dish of the restaurant to have a perfect end of the meal with the sweet delight of this dessert. The Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac is an all-time one of among the favourite hotels in Quebec, and the Le Champlain is a perfect match for such an ultra-gorgeous hotel.

4. Beffroi Steak House

If you are a die-hard meat lover, then Beffroi Steak House is going to be your savior in Quebec city. The restaurant is in Old Quebec town and offers great food and a great view of Place D’Youville and Porte Saint-Jean.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By iman zaker/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The vibe of this restaurant is a pretty warm and cozy restaurant serving steak. Here maple wood charcoal cooking and meat aging are used to bring out the best flavours of the meat.

Besides meat, you can try the different seafood dishes, which are equally good. The cuisine served here is Quebecois, and the place can hold around 225 guests; the price per person would start from 45$ to 75$.

The Restaurant Beffroi Steak House is the favourite place for lovers of good meats. Nestled a few steps from Old Quebec, the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of Porte Saint-Jean and Place D’Youville.

The place has a divine potential to let the diners be charmed by the magic of this place, the aged meat, and the cooking on maple charcoal. One must foot inside to relish the best grills and seafood in the nation’s capital. Dim lights, cozy atmosphere, attentive service, well-laid sitting arrangement and high cellar would make the visitors live in a dreamy heaven. One must come here to enjoy the experience of the Restaurant Beffroi Steak House in complete privacy.

At this place, one is served beef as it should be. The steakhouse has complete mastery over the skills to grill beef and other meats to a perfect steak.

5. Ristorante II Teatro

Being one of the best restaurants in Quebec City which serve Italian cuisine, Ristorante II Teatro, located in the upper town of Rue Saint-Jean, has a wide variety of breakfast and seafood items on the menu, along with a bunch of delicious and mouthwatering Italian dishes like salad, pizza, soup, and pasta dishes with a range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options all of which are accessible at a reasonable rate.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Dawit/Unsplash.Copyright2021

Moreover, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Quebec City while enjoying your meal at Ristorante II Teatro, which has a two-floor infrastructure and an elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

6. Albacore

If you are on the lookout for a good seafood restaurant, then Albacore should be your first pick in Quebec. It is one of the best restaurants in Quebec City for seafood; vegetarians can enjoy a great meal here too.

The fifth location of the L’Affaire group is called Ketchup, and it gets its name from the fish; the menu consists primarily of seafood dishes. This place has a really laid-back vibe. The restaurant is perched atop Côte d’Abraham; during the summer, I suggest sitting on the patio to take in the lovely view of Quebec City.

Quebec City eatery that is refreshingly trendy and off the regular tourist trail. The most magnificent bowl was used to serve my incredible fish dumplings. The cuisine really shone, despite the excellent service that was provided. The food is fantastic, much like it is at their sister establishment, L’Affaire est Ketchup. Service was wonderfully amiable, eager, and unpretentious, like their sister restaurant. Such a beautiful blend of inventive, excellent cooking, presentation, and a lively setting.

Albacore is the ideal location for the aperio hour. The wine selection features a wide variety of beverages at relatively affordable pricing, focusing on sparkling and white wines. There are some great references available. The menu was limited and concentrated on serving the finest creative and fresh seafood preparations. We were tempted to order multiple bottles of wine from the wine list because we felt better after popping each cork.

It is located in Saint-Jean Baptiste and Rue-Saint-Jean. The décor and the ambiance are quite modern and classy, and you can enjoy a spectacular view from your table too while sipping on your wine, as there is an option for outdoor dining too.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Pim Myten/Unsplash.Copyright2021

Crowd favourites include risottos, puddings, and albacore, to name a few; the food here is remarkable, will leave a lasting impression on you, and will make you want to visit Albacore more often.

The staff here is very friendly and cooperative too, which will add to the amazing experience in this restaurant for you.

7. Restaurant La Buche

An amazing bistro in Old Quebec, located in the Rue Saint region, La Buche serves food mainly from French and Canadian Cuisine.

La Buche serves genuine, original cuisine from Quebec in a welcoming setting. La Buche is the only location to satiate your appetites for hearty, home-cooked meals like Sheppard’s pie, hog stew, smoked maple salmon, and sweet sugar pie for dessert.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; the menu has something for everyone. La Buche, which offers an experience akin to a sugar hut, is situated in the centre of ancient Quebec and is close to all the major tourist attractions.

La Buche is the go-to spot in Québec City to experience classic Québec cuisine with a modern twist because it is situated in the centre of Old Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, between four walls full of stories.

Come and sample Grandma Jacqueline’s well-known dishes. Your mouth will moisten when you eat its tourtière, pea soup, and jobless pudding. Morning, noon, and night in La Buche, in a joyous mood and a charming setting reminiscent of Uncle Bob’s Shack. All year long, snow taffy is accessible. French and Canadian cuisines were combined in the menu. Also fantastic was the service. The staff was extremely helpful and cordial.

With wild game, meat pies, and smoked fish, the Quebequois menu is extensive and heavily meat-based. Although I was disappointed that the vegetables were delivered in polystyrene containers, the tiny complimentary tray of pickled vegetables and homemade pork rinds that they provided us as an appetizer was quite tasty.

It is also one of the sugar shacks in Quebec City, with massive ratings, serving traditional Quebecois food. This restaurant is also one of the places to eat for vegans and those who prefer gluten-free food.

If you visit this bistro, trying French toast is a must, as it is a crowd favourite. If defined using one word, the ambiance would be rustic, and the vibe would be old-school and woodsy.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Joseph Gonzalez/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The popular menu items in this Old Quebec restaurant include french toast, meat pie, poutine, stew, pounding chomeur, crepes, and a lot more. This is the perfect family-friendly restaurant, with lip-smacking, homely food and a warm and welcoming ambiance.

8. Le Don

This restaurant is special, not because of its ambiance or location, which are also on point. Still, the most important factor that makes this restaurant extra special and one of the best restaurants in Quebec City is that the menu here is completely vegan, which means there are no dishes made with animal products. This is Quebec City’s only restaurant that is entirely vegan. It is a fine dining and stylish upscale restaurant in Quebec city.

Le Don is situated on one of North America’s oldest streets in the Old Port of Québec. It is Quebec’s sole vegan restaurant. Eating at the Don is like taking a trip around the world on your plate because of its food, which is influenced by the Mediterranean, South American, and Asian cuisines.

Try Don’s vegetarian options. It tastes like delicious bibimbap, mushroom risotto, and spaghetti. Delicious fruitcakes, puddings, and parfaits can be found here. Enjoy some fine wine. Try the great coffee while you’re here. The veganized version of the traditional Quebecois treat, Poor Man’s Pudding, and carbonara pasta. And this is not tap water; it is pure from Canada! Just be aware that, at times, the music here can be explicit, which one would like them to alter to make it somewhat more family-friendly if you want to bring your kids.

Without the hip personnel, this establishment could never succeed. Customers enjoy the good service provided here. You can have delicious meals at reasonable pricing at this restaurant. Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the lovely decor and ambience.

So if you’ve always struggled to find 100 percent vegan restaurants on your previous trips, this time, it will not be a mystery for you to find one. In Quebec City, you will get great food at a value according to your preference at Le Don restaurant.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Abhishek Sanwa Limbu/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The menu includes a wide range of delectable pasta dishes, dumplings, cocktails, and other dishes. The restaurant offers unreal imitation meat dishes, so even if you are a meat lover, you could still give Le Don a fair shot. But if you are a vegan who wants to enjoy delicious food guilt-free and are in Quebec, then Le Don is your best shot.

The reviews of genuine customers testify to the fast service and a friendly welcome; therefore, Le Don is among the best restaurants in Quebec City, especially suited for vegans.

The restaurant is usually open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm as mentioned on their website.

9. Le Saint-Amour

A fine dining restaurant in Old Quebec serving traditional Quebecois food, Le Saint-Amour is one of the best restaurants in Quebec City for fine dining, with a capacity of 90 people.

This restaurant is quite popular among big celebrities too. Alicia Keys, Sir Paul McCartney, and One Republic, among many other popular names, have been to Le Saint-Amour. They have also been awarded many titles and certifications, which makes this restaurant even better.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Tyler Nix/Unsplash.Copyright2021

Along with the selection of fine wines, here you can savour a bunch of gourmet delicacies from the French and Canadian cuisines, and vegetarians and vegans too can have a great time here.

The ambiance in Le Saint-Amour deserves a special mention altogether; the restaurant has a courtyard-style dining experience and beautifully set tables, which set the right mood for a romantic date.

10. Chez Rioux And Pettigrew

Situated in Rue Saint-Paul, Chez Rioux And Pettigrew serves French and Canadian cuisine, and undoubtedly the dishes are made with quality ingredients only.

On the renowned 160 Rue Saint-Paul, Chez Rioux & Pettigrew is a trendy, cozy restaurant serving and bar with “authentic market-fresh cuisine” that highlights Quebec’s diverse tastes and flavours. Rioux & Pettigrew offers a traditional menu of seasonal cuisine that combines local specialties with flavours from around the world and a table d’hôte menu where the chef surprises diners with extraordinary creations.

The restaurant has a charming, welcoming atmosphere with vintage decor and comfortable furnishings. A selection of beverages is served with the food, including classic cocktails crafted with premium spirits, casual French wines, and craft beers on tap and in bottles.

The stonewalls of this beautiful restaurant have tales accumulated around itself over the years while witnessing deliciousness being served at every corner. The place is decorated with tea tins, wooden boxes, old bottles and rice bags from another era to immaculately recreate the ambiance of a general store in order to remind us that food has always been part and parcel of a tradition at 160 Saint-Paul Street.

With the creative cuisine of Chef Dominic Jacques, winner of the television show “Les chefs” in 2012, it begun with its humble starting as the Rioux and Pettigrew wholesale grocer to today’s bistro-style restaurant. Inspired by the roots and flavours from abroad, its cuisine is rigorously authentic and inspirationally creative.

Rioux and Pettigrew did a praiseworthy job of replacing all the canned goods by giving way to fresh, in-season foods with mouth-watering savours. As for the aromas, once locked away in barrels, metal boxes or cotton bags, they now embrace the entire place. Become part of our history. A single glance at the menu and is enough to charm you with the timeless essences of Quebec. It serves fine contemporary french cuisine.

Chez Rioux And Pettigrew have a long list of fine wines on their menu, and the food is served on the turntable, which is an experience on its own. The menu items include beef, delicious steak, oysters, burrata, pudding, and a lot more.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Pinar Kucuk/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The restaurant has well-laid seating arrangements with the availability of high chairs. The place is also known for serving fine-tasting beverages that cover a range of flavours from different regions. The place also facilitates digital payments, free Wifi, and advanced reservations. Valet parking could not be arranged however they compensate it with the available street parking. The payment modes are dynamic, too, as it accepts Credit Cards and valid Gift Cards.

Here at Chez Rioux, chef uses seasonal ingredients, which adds to this restaurant’s list of good things. The food in this steakhouse is flavorful and worth every penny you spend.

Some Wine Restaurants In Quebec City

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Lefteris kallergis/Unsplash.Copyright2021

1. 1608 Bar

A wine and cheese bar, 1608 Bar, is located inside a hotel called Chateau Frontenac hotel. The bar looks luxurious, with a beautiful chandelier right in the middle of the room. The cheese served here is the perfect partner for the fine wine that is presented in the 1608 Bar.

2. Le Don

Apart from the irresistible vegan food served here in Le Don, you can also find a pretty good collection of wines here, and the prices are quite affordable.

3. Shaker Charlesbourg

This restaurant has a massive central bar, and you can get amazing wine cocktails that taste delicious.

4. Chez Muffy

You have an enormous menu from Chez Muffy to choose your preferred wine; they have classics, vintage, and many more varieties. The place has stone walls that set just the right mood.

Best Restaurants In Quebec City
By Oscar Nord /Unsplash.Copyright2021

5. Louise Taverne & Bar à Vin

This restaurant is located within Hotel Port-Royal and has a wine bar that will make you want to return to this bar; again and again, Louise Taverne & Bar à Vin has a great collection of French wines.

6. L’Îlot Repère gourmand

With a beautiful interior last on the list comes L’Îlot Repère gourmand; they claim to serve wines that please every palate. This restaurant has an open-kitchen feature that serves Quebecois cuisine.

How To Reserve A Table At Restaurants In Quebec City?

These restaurants are often packed with people, which s why you need to pre-book a table at most of these restaurants. You can either go on their respective websites or call them, and your reservation will be booked.

These were the 10 best restaurants in Quebec City; of course, the list goes on and on since Quebec City is a place where restaurants are abundant, so it is not possible to accommodate every one of them; however, few of the best Quebec restaurants were mentioned above so that the next time when you are on a trip to Quebec, you wouldn’t have to search for hours for a nice place to eat at.

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