Top 12 Best Rated Hair Salon Winnipeg

Top 12 Best Rated Hair Salon Winnipeg 1

Here’s your Hair Salon guide you didn’t know you needed to find your ideal salon. Good hair has always been the goal, but is only following a good hair care routine enough? Well, this is when finding the right Hair Salon comes in, and while you’re at it in Canada Winnipeg, we have the Top 12 Hair Salon Winnipeg list curated just for you.

A change from your regular Hair Salon is all you need this holiday season to enhance your persona. New vibrant hair color or maybe a trendy haircut?

As fascinating as it sounds, we all have our doubts about our hair, which is exactly why we made you a report after some thorough research. Without wasting much of your time, Let’s move forward to our list.

Top 12 Best Rated Hair Salon Winnipeg


1. Élan Hair Studio

Award-winning Elan Hair Studio, located on South Sherbrook Street is, one of the most loved Hair Salon Winnipeg has, and, just like they say, they aim to make you love your hair. From color options in Blonde Balayage, Ombrés to color corrections, and everything in between, there’s nothing that this Hair Salon misses out on.

They have a unique customer experience and provide free customer consultations. They have the most passionate stylists working their magic with big brands like Kevin Murphy and Schwarzkopf.

They specialize in multi-tonal and icy-pastel trends, and if you decide to visit, consult with their master colorist, Renn Van Dyck.

2. Jerry’s Salon & Day Spa

Jerry's Salon & Day Spa

Photo from Jerry’s Salon & Day Spa website

In the Hair Salon Winnipeg Community, Jerry’s name has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Still, the Salon was taken up by new management in the previous few years and has undergone drastic changes ever since.

They constantly make their stylists and estheticians upgrade to the latest trends and techniques.

The Salon works with top products from Bumble & Bumble, Kevin Murphy, Davines, and Unite Professional. Located on 351-1120 Grant Avenue Winnipeg, Jerry’s Salon & Day Spa is a salon experience to root for.

3. Hair FX Salon

Hair FX Salon is a Hair Salon Winnipeg has and is located at 915 Grosvenor Avenue. It is one of the many branches of Hair Salon by the Hair FX Corporation.

They are a huge community of hair salons located worldwide and ensure at providing their customers with a fun experience at creating great hair.

This is an inclusive, comfortable neighborhood salon with specialized services in hair and makeup. They work with products from Redken, and their team of stylists is highly educated professionals who stay on top of new trends and improvise on techniques to serve you better. If you are close to the venue, do make the most of the offers.

4. Les Beaux at Belles

les beaux et belles

Photo from les beaux et belles website

Les Beaux et Belles is a luxurious Hair Salon in Winnipeg has that provides its customer with the most upscale hair services in town. Located at 250 Marion St, Unit 102, it has a very boutique-styled interior with a warm, welcoming look.

They offer services like consultation, cleansing, scalp massage, haircuts, and styling of all sorts. They also specialized in advanced treatments like Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment, Kevin Murphy Structure Treatment, and more.

If you ever plan on a hair color treatment, you know exactly where to go.

5. Hair Do Zoo

Hair Do Zoo

Photo from Hair Do Zoo website

Well well! We’re all aware of how kids have a tough time getting haircuts, and their parents have a tougher time finding them a good hair salon, so here’s Hair Do Zoo, a great place for all of your kid’s hair needs. It was the first specialized Kids Hair Salon Winnipeg in 1987 and had been effortlessly serving ever since.

This specialized Salon is handled by licensed professionals who create a comfortable environment for the little ones aged 13 and under, making their hair-cutting experience safer and fun. They started their skin care line for kids and babies named Olen Skin Care Corporation to add to the charm.

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6. Savile Row Salon

Savile Row Salon

Photo from Savile Row Salon website

WithLondon’se touch and the most exquisite detail for work, Savile Row Hair Salon Winnipeg is a luxury boutique Hair Salon Winnipeg owns. They offer natural, effective, made-to-measure hair services at 427 Academy Road in North River Heights’ heart.

Savile Row Hair Salon Winnipeg stylists custom design your hair needs, be it a haircut or a hair color treatment, you name it, and they have it. Not to forget, keeping the Pandemic situation in mind, they have a Covid-19 policy to protect their customers.

7.  Edward Carriere Salon

Edward Carriere Salon Winnipeg Canada

Photo from Edward Carriere Salon website

Just like their motto goes, “All and Everything you need under one roof,” Edward Carriere is a Hair Salon in Winnipeg that caters to almost all of your hair care and beauty needs.

They provide the best services and aesthetics using fine products like Yonka, Kiehl’s, Goldwell, Oribe, and R+co. They also have a store that lets you shop luxe products, including jewelry, perfumes, and handbags. Their team of professionals includes star stylists like Heather Mercer and more.

8. Aura Hair Salon

Aura Hair Salon Winnipeg

Photo from Aura Hair Salon website


The Aura Hair group is a community that extends a wide range of hair salons where hairstylists create and improvise their skills, leaving clients satisfied to the core. They are way ahead of hair trends and provide a vast collection of products at an unbeatable price.

The Aura Hair Salon Winnipeg community has 4 of its branches in Winnipeg at different locations like Regent Ave W, McPhillips St Unit, Portage Ave Unit, St Mary’s Rd Unit. Besides, they have a few other outlets that go by different names like Modern Man, Esquire, Revolutions & St. Vital Unisex.

9. The WKND Hair Salon

The WKND Hair Salon Winnipeg

Photo from The WKND Hair Salon website

The WKND Hair Salon Winnipeg is the hottest and in-trend hair salon for Men & Women. They have an updated, new team of stylists that provide their customers with satisfaction with the best quality products.

They also offer advanced hair treatments like full head perm, eyebrow wax/shape, beard lineups, hair designs, and more.

If you are soon to be married and looking for quality hair services that come with a discount, The WKND Hair Salon Winnipeg is your destination. Kudos! You’ve landed yourself a great deal.

10. The Sapphire Hair Lounge

The Sapphire Hair Salon

Photo from The Sapphire Hair Salon website

The Sapphire Hair Salon Winnipeg is an upscale family-owned business that has been in service for the last 20 years. They specialize in contemporary hairstyling techniques and are one of the best hair salons in town.

If you are interested in a hair coloring treatment and choose The Sapphire Hair Lounge Winnipeg as your option, make sure to grab an appointment with their very best stylists Jasmine and Lorie.

Not just that, they provide you with the tips and tricks to make your hair naturally healthy and also improvise its quality.

11. Verde Salon

Verde Salon

Photo from Verde Salon website

The Verde Hair Salon Winnipeg is one of the Luxurious Hair Care stops in Winnipeg, Canada, located at 400 North Town. It comes with all of its perks, be it the professionalized stylists or the desired hair treatment, all of it under a single roof.

It also houses experienced senior staff like Natasha, who is an ACE Certified Aveda Trainer. The professionals’ team is also constantly put through workshops and learning hours to keep up with the rapidly changing hair trends and increase efficiency.

12. Nice Hair Salon & Barbershop

As the name itself goes, The Nice Hair Salon Winnipeg is one of the finest and most looked upon Hair Salons in Winnipeg, Canada. It is located on 118-666 St James Street and specializes in almost all hair care services.

This is one place where styling is no less than an art, and the best artists are put to work to create the finest of masterpieces. If you live around the city, do not wait on your chance of having the perfect day.

Accompany your hair care and give yourself a pampered day off. Also, do not forget to check out our amazing articles on 13 Best Canmore Spa & Wellness Centers and 15 Best Spas in Ottowa too.

Somebody once rightly said, “Invest in your hair, for it’s going to represent you for a long time,” so why waste your time and chance on making your hair goals come true. Well, this was our list of the top 12 Salons Winnipeg has. Do hop around, visit, and make sure to grab on to a great deal of hair salon experiences.

In addition to the external hair services, try a few homemade hair care routines daily to enhance the beauty of your hair naturally and leave them looking more silkier, shinier, and more gorgeous than ever. Bonne Journée! Self Love all the way.

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