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With all these festivities around the corner, and the enormous quantity of sweets and delicacies to feast on, many of us plan on getting our fitness game back on track.

Healthy and effective diets get planned, gym memberships are filled, and top-tier exercises are added to the routine, but the only thing missing is the motivation to begin. People give up their hopes of having their dream body.

Luckily enough, there are ways in which you can motivate yourself to get back up there and work your butt off to achieve those fit body goals.

We have for you a tailor-made list of Top All Canadian Fitness social platform stars who you can follow to witness their best workouts and the hard work they put in to get there.

Before we go further, let’s learn more about the different aspects of fitness.

Exercise is much more than just aerobic capacity and muscular mass. Yes, exercise may enhance your overall fitness and appearance, reduce body fat, enhance your sex life, and perhaps even add years of life expectancy.

However, it is not what motivates the majority of individuals to exercise regularly.

Individuals who work out routinely will generally do so because it provides them with a huge feeling of prosperity.

The various individuals seem to have much more energy during the day, sleep better at night, have a stronger memory, and are more positive about themselves and their lives.

It’s also an effective treatment for a variety of common mental health issues.

Standard physical activity can decidedly affect misery, tension, and ADHD2. It also decreases stress, boosts memory3, improves sleep, and elevates your mood.

You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to gain the benefits. According to research, even small quantities of exercise can have a significant effect.

Top 13 Canadian Fitness Influencers

In search of motivation to get fitter and body-wise better? Check out these fitness individuals and grab some ideas.

1. Johanna Seier

Canadian Fitness Influencers
An Image Of Johanna Seier Mid Workout.

Usually, it so happens that fitness social platform stars are pursued more as body stereotype setters than inspirations.

Still, when it comes to Johanna, she is as real as an influencer can get. You might hit the follow button on her Instagram account for her fitness hacks4, but you most definitely will stay for her raw and motivational portrayal of self-love.

She is a trainer in Winnipeg who established “Fit Girl Gang,” a fitness program for females that lets them support and harness each other’s journey.

It started as a small initiative but is now a community of hundreds of women marching in power towards their ideal body goals.

2. Beverley Cheng

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Cheng’s Image From The “Healthy Breakfast Ideas” Article.

If you’re looking for effective killer workouts, you’ve just reached the right person. As some people call her, Beverley, or Bev, is the owner of a fantastic web page on fitness called “Born to Sweat.”

She specializes in workouts aimed at booty building and core strengthening.

When she got into playing rugby, she started working out more and realized just how much she loved it. Her Instagram page is all about the idea of embracing one’s own self and loving imperfections.

3. Lara Marquez

Canadian Fitness Influencers
An Image From Marquez’s Instagram Profile.

Marquez is a Toronto-based personal trainer, coach, and founder of Drop Boxing who is here to prove you wrong on your assumption that there is no scope for getting fit for a mama after childbirth.

If you doubt the statement, then you most certainly should take a look at her Instagram feed.

Her area of expertise includes boxing, strength training5, motivational content, and adorable pictures from her mama’s life.

She’s a fitness guru, and music devotee and has been in the fitness department long before fitness gyms were a thing. If it is a professional that you seek, Marquez is one of the top-rated Canadian-Fitness social platform stars.

4. Caleigh Rykiss

Canadian Fitness Influencers
An Image of Rykiss.

Rykiss is one of the best Canadian Fitness influencers out there and is quite famous for establishing Bolo Inc. Toronto.

Bolo is quite well-known in Canada and specializes in Boxing. Apart from being a gym, this place is a great coffee shop and Salon all under one roof.

Before turning into a full-time fitness influencer, Rykiss was also a freelance writer. Rykiss was always of the opinion that the fitness spaces in Canada had an “icy” atmosphere.

That’s why she came up with BOLO, offering a warm and welcoming environment.

5. Jay Agustin

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Jay Agustin’s Image Post From His Instagram.

The Top 13 Canadian-Fitness social platform stars list would be incomplete if we forgot to include Jay Agustin.

This extremely fit hunk is the founder of Wall St. Fitness, an institution for passionate fitness freaks6. His Instagram feed is overloaded with animal flow videos with instructions and demonstrations for his viewers.

6. Cassie Day

Canadian Fitness Influencers
A post from Day’s Instagram Profile.

An athlete, coach, nutritionist, and eminent fitness personality are the right words to describe Cassie. She’s behind establishing two great fitness programs, “All Day Fit” and “Fit Escapes Retreats,” that draw the attention of a majority of people all over Canada.

Her Instagram is full of effective workout sessions that one can learn from the ease of their home and post workouts; her infectious smile and social etiquette win over her followers.

7. Jessica Webb

Canadian Fitness Influencers.
Webb Snapped On One Of Her Morning Jogs.

Being a trainer and a massage therapist has given Webb the right amount of calm and chaos required to be one of the topmost Canadian-Fitness social platform stars. Her Instagram page has a detailed list of videos on booty workouts, hip loosening, ankle mobility, and so much more.

Webb is a well-known personality in the list of Top Canadian-Fitness social platform stars with so much achieved.

8. Brent Bishop

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Bishop’s Image From The 2020 Win The Winter Collection.

Bishop is a celebrity trainer based in Toronto and owns a fitness studio of his own called “Think Fitness.”

He is also a part of City TV’s Daytime show called Cityline and has been behind great health works in famous Canadian magazines like Canadian Health & Lifestyle, Inside Fitness Magazine, and many more.

9. The Yoga Twins

Canadian Fitness Influencers
The Yoga Twins (Kaitlyn and Sydney) Posing For A Picture On Instagram.

Famously known as the Yoga Twins, Kaitlyn, and Sydney are one of the leading Canadian-Fitness social platform stars to use Yoga as a medium of fitness and workout.

With their regularly updated Instagram Profiles, Blogs, and Facebook posts, they bring the best of healthy eating ideas, travel blogs, and a list of all the products they use with detailed reviews.

If Yoga is how you plan on making it through, then Kaitlyn and Sydney are just the right people for you. Happy Stretching!

10. Paulina Witkowski

Canadian Fitness Influencers
An Image Of Paulina Witkowski Working Out.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Paulina Witkowski is a full-time fitness influencer. She is among the top-rated Canadian-Fitness social platform stars and is famous for her strong and updated full-body workout routines.

Even at the time she was pregnant, she came into the limelight for her modified workouts for the to-be moms and is an inspiration to behold. She mixes dance with workouts and makes it a fun session overall.

11. Roxy Earle

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Roxy Earle Posing For A Selfie For Her Instagram.

More than being one of the reputed Canadian-Fitness social platform stars, Roxy Earle is a plus-sized Canadian fitness model female and an inspiration for many women.

The confidence that she possesses in all of her endeavors is proof that there are no limits to what one can achieve and prosper in.

Her Instagram profile is full of interesting posts and workout sessions at best. She is living proof that fitness is not always about having a lean body; it is the feeling of being fit.

12. Sangita Patel

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Tv Presenter, Sangita Patel.

This charming, athletic personality Sangita Patel is one of the well-known Canadian-Fitness social platform stars who has a vast collection of heavy body workouts and inspirational videos on her Instagram.

A large number of people follow her to grab their dose of inspiration from this fitness freak.

13. Annabelle Hayes

Canadian Fitness Influencers
Annabelle Hayes Working Out.

Annabelle Hayes comes from a sports background and is a fitness enthusiast since her childhood. She mastered the fields of Soccer and Volleyball and was a brilliant student academically.

With the fitness community booming on social platforms, Annabelle took advantage of it and made herself a career that she now uses to motivate others.

The Close

The basic idea of following fitness social platform stars is to gain knowledge and motivation from their journeys to improve ourselves, and Canadian social platform stars top this list worldwide.

Not just the ones on our list, but a huge number of other Canadian-Fitness social media stars are out there contributing their bit towards this cause.

Fitness is not just a concept anymore. It is a requirement that every individual needs to give him or her the confidence to live in their own skin and love who they are.

As we mentioned before, it isn’t a perfect body or the right weight. It is the feeling of being physically strong and healthy.

Many people are picking up fitness as a necessity and working on the betterment of themselves. If it is the right set of people you were looking for to grab guidance and route, we hope our article serves you the right way.

Stay Fit Canada!

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