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Visit Annapurna Toronto – The Best Indian Restaurant!

The one Indian vegetarian restaurant that you hear about everywhere in Toronto is Annapurna. It was established in the principles of Sri Chinmoy, who is an author, musician, artist, and athlete.

Opened this restaurant in the year 1974. Annapurna Toronto offers vegan, vegetarian, and South Indian dishes. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is tranquil, calm, and peaceful. Once you enter the restaurant to dine in, you can easily connect yourself with the Almighty god of food.

The instrumental Sitar playing at the backdrop, everyone speaking in a low voice, makes the restaurant apt for aesthetic pleasure.

At each table, there is a note for guests “to avoid loud chatter of cell phone.” Are you an Indian? Do you want to taste Indian food? Then, Annapurna Toronto is your ultimate destination. If you are stressed, then having a peaceful dinner will lift your mood.

The walls are painted sky blue and white, which always gives a calm feeling. The lighting of the restaurant is as bright as it can be. 

The feeling of having dinner at Annapurna Torontocan never be wrong if you want to bring your date to this restaurant.

Apart from delicious vegetarian Indian food, you can enjoy the peaceful Indian décor that will complement your DATE and make it a successful one.

Food is a part of your spiritual being. Annapurna vegetarian plates help you achieve the same. Sri Chinmoy believes in the inspiration of humanity. When you control your food portion, you achieve purity, and simplicity.

His spiritual teachings help people to achieve true humanity and humankind. Annapurna Toronto is one of the best restaurants in Toronto that offers you a wide range of Indian delicacies with little twists.

1.1 Authentic Love Indian Food

Hence, the Annapurna Toronto restaurant has many things to offer you. You name a vegetarian dish, and it is right in front of you. This restaurant is famous for many things. One, as you enter, you enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

Second, you got to taste real authentic Indian dishes. Third, apart from Indian menus, you can try western menus that are entirely veg, and there is no compromise of taste. 

Indian, especially if you are South Indian, and you live in Toronto and miss the food of your native place. Then, this place is the right address. You can satisfy your yearning for Indian food at this restaurant.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the calmness that this place has to offer you. Visit this place once, and you will fall in love to come again and again to this beautiful restaurant with a unique theme. 

Want to check the review of Annapurna Toronto? Do not worry. Almost all review websites like yellow pages, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Zomato, have good things to talk about this place.

Humanity and serving humanity are the central ideology of this place. Loud voice, loud music, and artificial lighting is strictly NO for this place. Here it is. You can hear a pin drop when you enter this place. The restaurant’s primary focus is silence and tranquility.

2. Food And Spirituality

After a tiring day’s work, when you visit this place for an excellent relaxing dinner, you leave away all the stress and anxiety of this place. Annapurna Toronto is famous for its aesthetic values.

If you are a firm believer in peace, then you can become a seeker. Many people came as diner turns into a seeker.

You can practice meditation with Sri Chinmoy and find your ultimate inner peace. Meditation helps you connect with the Almighty, relaxes your chattering mind, and helps you attain tranquility.

Some answers are only possible with meditation in life. It is not just merely a one-day event but a practice that will lead you and make you realize who you are. 

3.Top 8 Menus Of Annapurna Toronto Restaurant

Here are 8 top dishes from the tempting menu of Annapurna Restaurant.

3.1. Soups & Special Menus

Homemade soup (bowl at $4.75 and cup at $3.50)

French onion soup (you will get parmesan cheese, croutons, and cheddar cheese with it)- Bowl at $5.50 and cup $4.00

Today’s Special Dinner at $12.00 (on-call details)

3.2. Sandwiches

Tofu Burger with lettuce, Dijon mustard in Indian Roti, tomato, and spicy tofu is the kind of sandwich offered here. You will also get a dressing choice and salads.

Falafel Plate- It is patties with chickpeas with a sauce called tahini. Also, there is an herbal dressing salad and pita bread. Small size at $4.95 and large size at $6.50

Pita Pizza- As toppings, you will get green pepper. Broccoli, onions. Mushrooms will be served with cheddar cheese and a homemade sauce of tomato.

Each topping you add will cost $1.00, and the overall pizza is $3.95. At Annapurna Toronto, you will get each dish with great love and care. 

3.3. Salads

In Chef’s Salad, you will get shredded carrots, zucchini, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber. The regular bowl will be $6.75, and the large bowl is $8.95. 

The mixed Bean Salad will have green peppers. Tomatoes and beans. They all are marinated in olive oil, soy sauce, and spices. Its price is $4.25.

You will get Raita at $4.25 where you will get dill, cumin, cucumbers, tomatoes, and dill in yogurt. These salads are the specialty of Annapurna Toronto.

Greek salad has special ingredients like onions, feta cheese, greens, and kalamata olives, and all are marinated with olive oil. The small size is $8.50, and the large is $10.50.

The avocado salad price is $10.50 with half avocado. The tofu salad comes with seasoned tofu and with sesame seeds. Also, you can choose your style of dressings. 

You will get cheese and bread with salads at $2.25 and healthy servings of any salads i.e., a bowl of three at $8.50.

In the Dressing menus, you will get varieties like herbal, honey, mustard, feta garlic, tahini mayo, seasoned yogurt, and vinaigrette olive oil. Annapurna Toronto never disappoints you in the quantity and quality of the menus.

3.4. Tofu Vegetable Dishes

You will get steamed vegetables that have toppings of sunflower seeds. The small bowl price at $6.50 and the large bowl is $9.50. 

Also, this steamed vegetable is served with cheddar cheese, mushroom sauce, and tahini mayo dressing. You will get a broccoli bowl with lemon and sunflower seeds at $ 6.50.

Seasoned tofu and steamed vegetables are topped with sesame seeds and nori at $10.50.

You will get brown rice and steamed vegetables with sunflower seeds on the top at $10.50. You will get a vegetable macro plate at $11.50, and here you will get steamed vegetables with organic brown rice. Also, you will get marinated ginger tofu with sesame seeds and nori. 

South India has a substantial impact on the restaurant of Annapurna TorontoYou will get a variety of menus in this restaurant that you can try and satisfy your taste buds.

The complete South Indian dishes are incredible, and it gives you an authentic taste of real India. 

Dosa is an Indian crepe made of urad dal (lentil) and rice. Plain Dosa is served with coconut chutney and Sambar, which is priced at $6.00. 

Ghee Dosa is cooked in ghee and is served with sambar and coconut chutney. 

Masala Dosa has a filling of onion potato masala that is served with sambar and coconut chutney. Egg Dosai is cooked in ghee, coriander, and 2 eggs. It is served with sambar and tamarind chutney. 

Bonda is a special ball that is made of vegetable, ginger potato, which is dipped in chickpea batter. Then deep fried and need to be served with coconut chutney. Small Bonda price at $4.25 and a large Bonda price at $6.50.

Idli & Sambar price is $8.50. the plate has 3 dumplings that are steamed. These dumplings are made of urad lentils and rice. 

Annapurna Sampler is a plate that has Sagu, Sambar, chappati, brown or basmati rice, pappadum, potato masala, and yogurt. The plate price at $11.50. Sagu is a mixed vegetable and spinach vegetable that is cooked in spicy coconut sauce. 

3.5. Hot Beverages

You will get different types of hot beverages like:

Masala chai made with soy ($3.50).

Organic coffee ($3.50).

Original masala chai of Toronto ($3.50).

Black teas ($2.75).

Hot water with a slice of lemon ($1.00).

Herbal tea ($2.75).

3.6. Yogurt Shakes

Mango lassi at $4.50.

Salt lassi at $4.50.

Lassi at $4.00.

Tiger’s milk at $5.25.

Yogurt fruit smoothie $5.25.

3.7. Desserts & Frozen Desserts

Chocolate Tofu Mousse Pie ($4.75).

Carob balls ($2.75).

Fruit crisp ($5.50).

Vanilla ice cream (4.50).

Tartufo ($5.00).

3.8. Cookies

Almond butter ($1.75).

Cranberry Orange ($2.25).

Cashew cookies ($2.75).

Cupcakes ($3.25).

Closing Thoughts

Food is also a part of finding your true self. A good meal controls unnecessary excitement in your mind. It gives you satisfaction, the real inner deep pleasure that you have been longing for for some time. Annapurna is a place where food meets with spirituality.

If you are lucky to visit this place, then make the best of your time. You may never know what has in store for you. The choice of menu is in front of you, and you are free to choose the best one that fulfills your tummy, heart, and mind.

They started this restaurant with an aim, and day by day, it is popular because of its spiritual belief.  Come and join in this journey where food meets with one’s spiritual being.

Whether you are looking sizzling spicy tofu, hearty delicious soup, spicy chickpea batter with homemade tomato sauce, tofu dishes like ginger marinated tofu topped, and other things like mixed bean salad beans, spicy potato onion masala or soy milk products even brown rice vegan seasoned tofu vegan, the annapurna vegetarian restaurant is one of the best in the country,

You will feel happy, the food will lift your mood, and you can live a life that brings positivity to your life. It is not just a regular restaurant; it is a place to find yourself with your love for food.

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