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Carry Back Love From Canada: 15 Best Gift Options

Canada is a beautiful place with exquisite scenic landscapes that will take your breath away. The majestic mountains, the gorgeous lakes, Niagara falls, its beautiful coastline, the northern lights, and the very famous “Maple syrup” and “Canadian ice wine” – there are too many places to visit and too many things to do here.

If you are planning to visit Canada, it only makes sense to bring home Canadian souvenirs to cherish the wonderful moments spent here. And you don’t just want to bring all the exciting voyage stories but also some awesome Canadian- gifts for your friends and family members.

However, when it comes to buying a souvenir gift for your loved ones, it gets a bit tricker to find just the “perfect gift” that is both “thoughtful” and “unique.

To save you a lot of your time and all the stress and indecisiveness in deciding what Canadian souvenirs to buy, we have curated the 15 best Canadian -gifts to make your loved ones feel special.

Amidst all the mesmerizing places to visit in Canada, delicious foods to eat, and other interesting things, take some time off to visit the souvenir shop, local stores, boutiques, and antique stores there.

You will most certainly find some hidden treasures to bring back home as a memory of this beautiful place.

1) Canadian Smoked Salmon:-

Canada is famous for being one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of salmon.

Canadian smoked salmon is known worldwide, and if your loved ones are seafood lovers, what are you waiting for? Make them taste this delicious salmon.

You can easily purchase them in local stores or sites like Canadian Select or Amazon.

You can bring them home, as the smoked salmon can be preserved for at least 24 hours and easily bypassed through airline customs.

2) Maple Syrup Products:-

What makes Canada famous and loved by everyone is its delicious maple syrup. Many food items are made of this syrup your loved one would like to try.

2.1) Maple Syrup:-

Pure maple syrup is one of the best Canadian- gifts to bring back home. Also known as liquid gold, this syrup is well-known for its great taste and has plenty of health benefits as it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

Also, it can be added to a wide range of dishes, from pancakes, waffles, and crepes, to adding as a natural sweetener to your coffee or mocktails. This syrup is so diverse it can be used in any meal!

And do you know this syrup is categorized into four varieties depending on its color and light transmission of the syrup? All these are influenced by the time of the season the maple sap is collected.

Also, if you visit Canada during springtime, you should consider attending their maple syrup festival.

2.2) Maple Tea:-

Maple tea
Via Evgeniya369/Shutterstock

Maple Tea captures the fine flavor and essence of the maple syrup. It is also rich in health-promoting ingredients such as polyphenols and antioxidants.

A perfect gift for all the tea-lovers!

Some brands you can look for:-

• Metropolitan Tea Company

• Pluck Teas

• Canada True Maple Tea

2.3) Maple Leaf Cream Cookies:-

These Maple cookies look so cute with their maple leaf shapes. They are so crunchy on the outside, with a sweet maple cream on the inside.

It is a great gift for all the sweet tooths!

Some Canadian maple cookie brands to look for:-

• Canada True Maple Cream

•Dare Ultimate Maple Creme Cookies

• Turkey Hill Sugarbush

2.4) Maple Leaf-Shaped Candies:-

These lovely maple leaf-shaped candies will not only melt in your mouth but will also melt your heart. These maple candies are made of pure Canadian maple syrup and taste divine.

You cannot miss treating your loved ones with them!

Some Maple candies brands are:-

•Turkey Hill Sugarbush

• Yupik Pure Maple Leaf Syrup Candies

2.5) Maple Spread:-

Tired of having the same old Nutella or Hershey’s spread on pancakes, toasts, and crepes? Well, give maple spread a try, then.

Maple spread, also known as maple butter, is made from pure maple syrup. It is a perfect addition to your boring breakfasts and for garnishing desserts. You can also grab your spoon and have this spread while watching your favorite movie. Plus point, it does not contain heavy fat.

Some maple spread brands:-

• Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

• Sapsquatch Organic Maple Cream

• Map-o-Spread Maple Spread

3) Tim Hortons Coffee:-

Canadian gifts
Photo by Erik Mclean on pexels, copyright 2021

Tim Hortons (also known locally as timmies or the tims) is one of the largest coffee chains in Canada and has a special place in the heart of all Canadians. Their coffees and doughnuts are to die for!

If you are visiting Canada, you must visit Tim Hortons. You will get some fine coffees to bring back home as a Canadian souvenir, and you can also choose from its wide range of mugs, T-shirts, posters, and stickers collection.

Fun fact:- Before doughnuts, Tim Hortons sold burgers.

4) Canadian Ice Wine:-

Canada is one of the largest producers of ice wine, and some of the “best” ice wines are produced here.

You may ask, “What is Ice wine?” Ice wine is an extremely sweet dessert wine due to its intense flavors and rich taste. It pairs best with foods or desserts that are equally sweet and fruity. They taste the best when served cold.

Unlike normal wine, ice wine is made from frozen grapes. After the fall harvest, the grapes are left hanging on the vineyard, and when the temperature drops to -8°C or below, the frozen grapes are picked and crushed to make the ice wine.

Ice wine tops the list if you want to bring a unique Canadian gift for your loved ones.

A few of the best ice wine producers are:-

• Inniskillin

• Jackson-Triggs

• Peller Estates Winery

5) Canadian Beers:-

If your loved ones are not big fans of wine, there are many popular breweries in Canada where you can purchase some incredible beer.

Canada is considered one of the best places to brew beer due to how cold and harsh the winters get there. And Canadians take immense pride in their brews.

One of the most popular beers in Canada is Molson beer. Budweiser is also very famous. Other options include Muskoka Brewery, Moosehead Lager, Labatt Blue, etc.

6) Crown Royal Canadian Whisky:-

Canadian whiskey
Via Yi-Chen Chiang/Shutterstock

Crown Royal is one of the most popular whiskies produced locally in Canada and has been a staple whisky brand in Canada for generations. The Crown Royal has vanilla, cinnamon, and oaky notes and is extremely smooth and creamy- a combination that Canadians love.

Interesting fact:- Crown Royal was specially made as a gift for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in honor of their visit to Canada in 1939.

You cannot skip this perfect souvenir.

Apart from Crown Whisky, other whisky options that you can give a try are J. P Wiser’s whisky, Canadian Club, Lock Stock & Barrel, and Lot 40 Rye whisky.

7) Canadian Cider:-

We have talked about wines, whiskies, and beers, but if you have non-alcoholic friends and family members, go for Canadian ciders.

Cider is a beverage made mainly from apple juice and sometimes pear. Canadian Craft cider is becoming quite famous worldwide. Canadian ciders are worth tasting and enjoying!

Some of the best ciders you can consider purchasing include:-

Prince Edward County Cider

• Molson Canadian Cider

• Sea Cider

• Okanagan Premium Cider

• Broken Ladder Cider

You will easily find these cider bottles in liquor stores and grocery shops.

8) Fridge Magnets:-

If you are low on budget, you can always opt for fridge magnets. Fridge magnets are the most common souvenirs people bring home for themselves and others.

Search for magnets with Canada’s best landscapes or their famous “red maple leaf” printed on them.

Decorate your fridge with these eye-catching magnets; whenever you miss Canada, you can look at it while grabbing the wine or beer you brought from Canada.

9) Christmas Ornaments:-

Christmas gifts
Photo by Laura James on pexels, copyright 2020

If you love decorating Christmas trees, look out for the unique and whimsical Christmas ornaments you will find in Canada.

A red maple leaf Christmas ornament is the perfect Canadian gift to complete your Christmas tree decoration this year and lift the Christmas spirit.

Apart from the basic yet stunning Christmas ornaments, you will also find many stores where you can personalize the ornaments to your liking.

10) Canadian Aboriginal Art:-

Indigenous (aboriginal) art is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. Aboriginal art history in Canada can be traced back to the last Ice age between 80,000 and 12,000 years ago. However, the oldest surviving Aboriginal art pieces are almost 5000 years old.

Do you know Aboriginal art is considered aboriginal only if made by someone of that origin? All Aboriginal art tells a story, and you will get to know a lot of the culture of the people there. They are mainly based on folk stories depicting wildlife, nature, ordinary people, and pre-colonial Canada.

Original aboriginal art is expensive. So you may consider budget-friendly alternatives. Many shops offer jewelry inspired by aboriginal art.

You will also find cheaper alternatives to the original art.

11) Nanaimo Bars:-

One of the best Canadian souvenirs you can buy is Nanaimo bars.

You are missing out on a lot if you still haven’t tasted Canada’s iconic dessert, the Nanaimo Bars.

The Nanaimo Bars get its name after the city of Nanaimo in British Columbia. This no-bake dessert bar consists of three layers- a wafer, nut and shredded coconut base, custard-flavored icing in the middle, and a layer of chocolate ganache on the top.

Mouth-watering, isn’t it? So bring home as many Nanaimo bars as you can and give your loved ones a taste of Canada.

12) Maple Leaf-shaped Jewellery:-

What’s a more appropriate Canadian gift than jewelry shaped like the maple leaf, the national symbol of Canada?

Jewelry is a timeless gift that everyone appreciates. Be it classy earrings or dainty pendants, you will be amazed at the plethora of jewelry options Canada offers. Many homegrown jewelry shops will give your selected pieces a personal touch.

Here are a few jewelry brands to look out for:-

• Poppy Finch

• Myel

• Mejuri

• Stone and Strand

Jewelry from these brands will surely steal your loved one’s heart!

13) Canadian Snacks:-

Aero bar
Via Kev Gregory/Shutterstock

Canada is quite famous for its unique and mouth-watering snacks. Sadly, you wouldn’t be able to purchase these delicious snacks outside of Canada. So why not fill up your trollies with these tasty Canadian souvenirs and spoil your loved ones?

Some of the Canadian snacks are:-

13.1) Smarties:-

Smarties are oval-shaped pieces of chocolate coated by a layer of candy of different colors. (similar to M&M, but not exactly). The smarties sold in Canada go by the name “Rockets.” Kids seem to love these cool and colorful candies, and so would you.

13.2) Ketchup Chips:-

Are you a fan of chips dipped in ketchup? What if I say there is a Canadian snack that’s a mixture of your favorite food combination?

Yes! The Hostess ketchup chips. It is a staple Canadian snack that almost everyone loves.

13.3) Hickory Sticks:-

The hickory sticks are perfectly seasoned potato sticks that are hickory-smoke flavored. These sticks are made by the Hostess Potato Chips, and they taste amazing.

Try not to get addicted to these hickory sticks!

13.4) Coffee Crisp:-

Bless your taste buds with a coffee crisp that is a perfect blend of crispy wafers and coffee-flavored cream with a thin chocolate layer as the covering.

The Nestle Canada company manufactured this chocolate bar and has a huge fan following (for obvious reasons).

13.5) Aero:-

Nestle Canada also manufactures aero bars. These are chocolate bars filled with bubbles that will melt in your mouth. Don’t forget to share these tasty bubble bites with your loved ones.

13.6) Caramilk:-

Caramilk was first introduced in 1968 by the Cadbury company Canada and is still manufactured exclusively in Toronto. Caramilk is a milk chocolate bar filled with soft-flowing caramel. This chocolate is must try!

13.7) Maltesers:-

Maltesers are tasty, crunchy, malt-flavored chocolate balls filled with golden honeycomb centers. This delicious ball candy has been around in Canada since the 1930s. A perfect chocolatey alternative to popcorn.

14) Inukshuk Gifts:-

Canadian gifts
Photo by Justin Ziadeh on Unsplash, copyright 2022

Inukshuk is a stone formation made to look like a person, traditionally built by the Inuit. These structures were built on vast, barren lands for navigation purposes. The presence of this structure may indicate a food source or warn others of any danger. An inukshuk may also have symbolic purposes. They are often constructed to mark a sacred place or to honor the loss of a loved one. You can easily spot inukshuk around northern Canada.

Even though you cannot bring real inukshuk structures, you will find many art pieces, stickers, and posters inspired by inukshuk. You may also find tiny replicas of inukshuk in different colors and designs.

This souvenir screams Canadian culture, something you should consider putting on your gifts list.

15) Ethically Sourced Canadian Diamonds:-

If you are still confused about which Canadian -gifts to buy to make your loved ones feel special, you can always go for diamonds. After all, who doesn’t love those eye-catching, sparkly, and elegant stones?

Canada is one of the top three diamond-producing countries, and the diamonds they produce are of superior quality. Besides, Canadian diamonds are also ethically sourced from the northwest territories. The diamonds are mined without exploiting the mine workers or the environment. So now your loved ones can wear diamonds without feeling any guilt. Sounds pretty good.

Some conflict-free Canadian diamond brands are:-

• Era Design

• Blue Nile

• Do Amore

• Ethica Diamonds

• Whiteflash

Here are a few Other Gifts to consider Buying:-

Apart from the above gift options, you can buy First Nations art like handcrafted figurines, shawls, burnt wood loon carvings, and handicrafts. Soapstone carvings and dream catchers are also beautiful picks for home decor. Other gift options include:- stone totems, Canada flag pins, Canada keychains, collectible coins from Canada post, Canadian-made soaps, maple leaf coasters, and Canadian-made wool blankets.

So, how intrigued are you by these Canadian souvenirs? How many of these items have you added to your gift list? Whatever Canadian gift you choose for your loved ones, be assured that it will capture their heart.

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