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Canmore Hotels – 10 Stunning Places to Stay!

Are you looking for some great Canmore Hotels? If yes, then we have listed some of the best hotels laden with great amenities.

Canmore, Alberta, is one of the best tourist destinations present in Canada. The numbers of tourist attractions are quite high, as several mountains surround the county.

The natural wonders have attracted people worldwide as the snow-laden mountains facilitate extreme adventures in Canmore. 

In such a scenario, Canmore hotels become an important need. 

Canmore Hotels: 10 Stunning Places to Stay For You

We have listed some of the best Canmore hotels for your better convenience that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

1. Stoneridge Mountain Resort by CLIQUE

Stoneridge Mountain Resort
Photo from Stoneridge Mountain Resort website

Stoneridge mountain resort by CLIQUE is one of the best-rated Canmore hotels. This hotel is best for families and those who seek outdoor activities.

The hotel is located nearby Downtown Canmore. The central location allows access to several places and encourages some fun activities that can be explored nearby.

One of the great advantages of staying in Stoneridge Mountain resort is the closeness to Banff National park.

The resort is laden with amenities on the inside, and its services are award-winning. The amenities are not limited to well-equipped suites, but it also has a conference room for business meetings.

There is a fully equipped gymnasium for taking care of the fitness of the visitors. The outdoor pool, hot tubs, and heated underground parking are notable attractions of the resort.

Apart from these fantastic features, this Canmore Hotel has Condon-style suits available in one, two, and three bedrooms laden with all modern amenities. The kitchen, sound system, and televisions are equipped in the room, as spacious bathrooms and bathtubs.

There is a café present inside the resort, which offers delicious food options and wide cuisine options to the visitors.

2. Copperstone Resort by CLIQUE

Copperstone Resort
Photo from Copperstone Resort website

Copperstone Resort is one of those Canmore hotels where you need no excuse for spending a few days. Located in the Dead Man’s Flats area of Canmore, Copperstone Resort is one of the best resorts owned by Clique.

There is a massive pool present in the resort, which increases the overall aesthetics. There are basic facilities like a gym and fireplaces.

The fun part is the library, which has a collection of games that keep the gamer engaged and thrilled. Along with gaming, their barbeques are a must-try in these Canmore Hotels.

The rooms are spacious and laden with modern amenities, and separate dining spaces and balconies are provided. Access to high-speed free WiFi is also offered to visitors.

The resort allows pets, and special accommodation is allotted with such bookings. There are walking trails for the engagement of the pets as well. The resort does a great job at taking care of your pawsome pets.

3. Solara Resort & Spa

Solara Resort & Spa - Canmore's Top Resort Hotel - A Bellstar Resort

To experience sheer luxury during your stay, you must visit Solara Resort and Spa.

It is located just a few minutes away from Banff National Park. There are one, two, and three-bedroom suites present in the resort, laden with world-class amenities. The whole look of the suits is amazing, and the royal finishing adds up to the entire experience.

The amenities offered by Solara Resort and Spa include a spa, which is one of the well-known spas of the Canadian Rockies. There is a theatre present inside the resort for the entertainment of the visitors. Pools and hot tubs are other facilities provided by the resort.

In addition to these facilities, you can also avail of banquet halls, conference centres, event catering, boardrooms, steam rooms, fitness centres, and saunas. The resort has one of the best locations for wedding events and other celebrations.

4. Blackstone Mountain Lodge by CLIQUE

Blackstone Mountain Lodge
Photo from Blackstone Mountain Lodge website

Blackstone Mountain Lodge is located in Canmore’s central location, Kananaskis Way, making it quite convenient to visit the nearby attractions.

Blackstone Mountain Lodge is one of the finest Canmore hotels in Alberta and the Canadian Rockies.

Whether it is a team meeting or a casual weekend getaway, the Blackstone mountain lodge is the best option for every need.

There are several room choices present in the hotel as over six variants are offered by the hotel, and based on the number of people, the rooms can be allotted.

The suits are fully laden with modern and luxurious amenities designed to take care of the visitors’ needs. The windows and balconies provide pleasant mountain views of the Canadian Rockies, enjoy them throughout the stay.

The amenities provided by CLIQUE are always pleasing, and therefore in this Canmore Hotel, you can enjoy two outdoor hot tubs, along with heated pools. There is a spa treatment room that provides one of the most relaxing experiences for visitors.

The Barbeque area and outdoor courtyards are the highlights of this hotel. Blackstone Mountain is laden with comfortable features and a pleasant experience, making it one of the best Canmore Hotels.

5. Falcon Crest Lodge by CLIQUE

Image from Falcon Crest website

Falcon Crest Lodge by CLIQUE is one of the best Canmore hotels. Several factors make this hotel unique as it is one of the most environment-friendly hotels in Canada. The hotel has used recycled plastic to make furniture, and electricity has been used efficiently.

The rooms of this hotel are available in six variant which has different space and amenities. There is a kitchen, private patio, free WiFi, and award-winning services available to take care of the visitors in every room.

The amenities provided by Falcon Crest Lodge are laden with outdoor hot tubs, barbeque grills, and even car wash facilities that have been provided for the convenience of the visitors.  Onsite restaurants and cardio rooms are some other facilities.

This Canmore hotel is one of the best wedding venues as the views of the mountains are breathtaking.  The hotel also has meeting rooms which are available according to the purpose and number of people.

Overall, Falcon Crest is one of the best hotels in the CLIQUE range of hotels in Alberta.

6. Pocaterra Inn and Waterslide

Located on Bow Valley Trail, Pocaterra Inn and Waterslide is one of the best Canmore hotels. The Pocaterra Inn and waterslide is situated on the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

The hotel offers six variants in the rooms and has a different set of facilities in every room. Few rooms offer stunning views of the mountains, which one can enjoy while sitting at the fireplace. These arrangements make this hotel unique and attractive to visitors.

One of the prominent features of this hotel is the indoor swimming pool, which has a waterslide as well, and that’s how the hotel gets its name. Other hotel features include a sauna, business and meeting rooms, a fitness centre, and hot tubs. For a hassle-free stay, there is a facility for booking your rooms online as well.

Pocaterra Inn and Waterslide is a pet-friendly hotel that takes care of your pet as well. Some other amenities of the hotel include free WiFi, parking space, vending machines, free laundry, and complimentary breakfast in bed.

7. The Malcolm Hotel by CLIQUE

The Malcolm Hotel by CLIQUE
Photo from The Malcolm Hotel by CLIQUE website

Located on Spring Creek Drive, Malcolm Hotel is one of the best Canmore hotels. The mountain, bow valley, and creek views make it one of the best hotels to stay in Canmore.

Many fun and exciting tourist attractions can be accessed from the hotel as it is primarily located.

The hotel has five room variants loaded with modern facilities and comfort. There are special rooms which face the mountain and are available at slightly higher rates.

The outdoor heated pools are one of the standard services provided by the CLIQUE range of hotels. The lounge and grill area of the hotel has stunning views and a diverse menu. The meeting space is quite huge, and along with these amenities, fitness centres, and outdoor pit areas are also provided.

You can enjoy your leisure time in the game lounge. The pets are welcomed and given the utmost priority and care. The hotels provide separate beds and special menus for your pet buddies.

8. Silver Creek Lodge

Silver Creek Lodge

Silver Creek Lodge is one of the best Canmore hotels present in Alberta. The hotel is located on Mountain Ave.

This Canmore hotel has an Asian touch to its amenities. There are rooms and condo suites for visitors, and every space has ample amenities. The comfort and luxury of the space have been balanced perfectly. This hotel is pet-friendly, which is an added advantage.

One of the best wellness centres is present in the hotel. Bodhi tree spa, sushi lounge, and wild orchid bistro are a few of the most notable features of Silver Creek Lodge. The lounge and bistro are located on the hotel’s top floor and provide Asian cuisine that is 100% gluten-free.

The hotel provides some impressive views of the Canadian Rockies, which makes it one of the best wedding destinations in Canmore. The hotel has made catering services and every kind of arrangement.

Overall the hotel has all kinds of basic facilities, restaurants, spas, and fitness centers, making it one of the best Canmore hotels to stay in.

9. The Georgetown Inn

The Georgetown Inn
Photo from The Georgetown Inn website

Georgetown Inn is one of the oldest Canmore hotels as it was built in the year 1993. Every room has been designed and decorated in a unique way, which has given a different appeal to all the rooms.

The rooms are old, but the luxury has not faded away as it is well-maintained. The interior gives you a homely feeling. The hotel is located in a prime location, and several provincial parks and tourist destinations are present within a few miles of radius, including the Canmore Nordic Centre.

The rooms are spacious, and worldwide history has been displayed in the form of paintings around the hotel. There are suites available at the hotel, which has great accommodation capacity. Pet-friendliness is one of the best benefits provided by the hotel.

Georgetown Inn is one of the best hotels where history and rustic luxury can be experienced. The hotel provides a good venue for weddings, meetings, and small gatherings for celebrations. The hotel staff makes every arrangement.

10. The Summit at Grande Rockies

The Summit at Grande Rockies
Photo from The Summit at Grande Rockies website

The Summit at Grande Rockies is considered the peak of luxury, making it one of the best Canmore Hotels.

The hotel provides grotto suites, plus grotto suites, a single and double bedroom condo, along with a Parkland, which can accommodate eight people. The experience of staying in these Canmore hotels is similar to living in a luxurious penthouse.

The rooms are laden with modern amenities, and the king and queen-size beds are provided in all the rooms. These features make it one of the great places to stay in Canmore and a perfect weekend getaway.

These were the ten best Canmore Hotels that we recommend. You can read about them by clicking here! If you are visiting Alberta for the first time, then several activities can be enjoyed in Canmore.

There are several other moderately priced Canmore Hotels that provide the best amenities at a budget-friendly price. Among them, one of the best options is the Lamphouse hotel located near Grassi lakes.

The experience and benefits provided by 5 or 4-star hotels should be tried at least once. As the location of Canmore is quite convenient, so finding suitable accommodation is easy here.


There are several beautiful and adventurous locations surrounding the county, which is why there are so many luxurious Canmore hotels present everywhere in and around the city.

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