Collingwood Restaurants – 12 Best Restaurants To Go To!

Some amazing Collingwood restaurants have satisfied the hunger of thousands of people. We have mentioned some of the best Collingwood restaurants that you need to visit when in Ontario for your ease!

Exploring a new place often leaves the tourist feeling confused. When you are new in town, exploring the best Collingwood restaurant may take some time if you haven’t done thorough research.

Collingwood restaurants are diverse as Canada is a land of culturally diverse people. Therefore, finding some of the best places to give you a homely taste is not a problem here.

Collingwood Restaurants – Your Best Options To Explore!

Here are some of your options to explore Collingwood restaurants.

1. The Huron Club

The Huron Club is one of the best Collingwood Restaurants, which has not limited its services to being just an eatery. This club is a whole package of food and entertainment.

Source – The Huron club official website

You can enjoy a wide range of snacks, main courses, drinks, and desserts here. There are outdoor seating arrangements made for enjoying the summers.

The club’s ambiance is quite upscale, and you can even enjoy your food with live music! The rates are slightly high, but the experience is worth the try.

There is a private area on the top floor that can be reserved for small parties or events. The private area can accommodate over forty guests.

2. Copper Blues Restaurant

Copper Blues is another one of the most recommended Collingwood Restaurants, as it has a diverse menu. At copper blues, you can find a separate menu for appetizers, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even a kids’ menu is there.

The show doesn’t end here as there is not just food, but the range of drinks offered by the restaurant is also amazing. From beer, wine, cocktails, and coffee and tea, everything is available at Copper Blues.

A team of professionals runs the restaurant, and the finest quality of service is what you can expect at Copper Blues restaurant. You can book this stunning place for corporate functions as well.

3. Kaytoo Restaurant and Bar

Kaytoo Bar is one of the oldest Collingwood restaurants as it has been serving delicious food for the last ten years. Here you can try some of the best Canadian cuisines as they put a major emphasis on promoting the culture of their country through food.

Source – Kaytoo restaurant official website

Kaytoo Restaurant and Bar is listed as one of Canada’s top 10 best restaurants, which makes it a must-visit place when in Collingwood, Ontario.

The menu is segmented into four sections: patio menu, regular menu, drinks, and kids menu. This restaurant does several fun things for keeping the place lively, like arranging fireplaces and providing a special menu on different days.

You can even organize a small or large event here, as all the arrangements are provided by the restaurant, which is one of the best features of Kaytoo Restaurant and Bar.

4. Gustav Chophouse and Bar

Gustav Chophouse and Bar is yet another fabulous restaurant in Collingwood. Here you can find a wide range of delicacies, and special emphasis is given to Canadian cuisine.

You can find a long list of items on the menu of Gustav Chophouse and bar. There is a separate menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, kids, wine, and cocktails.

Apart from the delicious food, the restaurant plays live music, which completes the dining experience while giving it an elegant touch. The restaurant organizes weekly events and offers, which keep the visitors engaged and entertained as well.

5. The Smoke

The Smoke   Collingwood and Vaughan

Smoke is one of the best Collingwood restaurants that offer some of the best barbeques in the area. When you crave smoked meat or award-winning barbeque, The Smoke is the place where you need to head to.

So be it lunch or dinner, The Smoke is the best option in Collingwood. The restaurant offers a wide range of burgers, smoked ribs, and meat. Their buns are gluten-free, and the use of nuts is negligible as many people are allergic to them.

The restaurant’s size is quite huge as it has an outdoor seating capacity of 28 people, whereas the indoor seating capacity is 82. Their signature dishes are delicious and worth trying.

6. Tesoro Restaurant

Vegans have very limited restaurants where they can go to enjoy lunch or dinner, but Tesoro Restaurant is the one-stop destination for you.

This is one of the best Collingwood Restaurants as it has a wide range of environment-friendly dishes. The restaurant offers fresh and frozen entrees along with delicious desserts. You can enjoy Italian cuisine and gluten-free dishes as well.

But meat lovers don’t need to get disappointed as they also get a separate menu for non-vegetarian dishes. The Tesoro Restaurant remains closed on Sunday and Monday, so go prepared!

7. Brunello’s

Brunello’s is the restaurant you should go to when you crave authentic Italian cuisine. This Collingwood restaurant offers a fine dine-in experience along with an elite ambiance.

Source – Brunello’s Official website

The restaurant is run by a couple with 35 years of experience serving authentic Italian cuisine.

They have been running Brunello’s for the last 13 years, and the restaurant has a wooden beam ceiling, high fresco walls, and vineyard prints. The moment you will step inside the restaurant, you can feel the Italian vibes surrounding your senses.

Their menu has listed all the famous and original Italian dishes, and along with the food you can enjoy a varied range of wines. Brunello’s is one of the best Collingwood restaurants to go to when you crave Italian cuisine.

8. Fig and Feta Greek Eatery and Market

Fig and Feta Greek Eatery and Market is one of the popular Collingwood Restaurants presents in Ontario. You can enjoy a lot of appetizers, salads, and pita here, along with the warm ambiance.

The restaurant has a wide range of beverages and drinks as well. You can enjoy handcrafted beers and wine here, along with a savory main course and dessert.

The restaurant offers great discounts on family meals and provides packaged food that you can buy from here and cook later on. You can also get your hands on their best-selling homemade sauces and salad dressings.

9. Iron Skillet Restaurant and Pub

Iron Skillet is one of the oldest Collingwood restaurants in the area as they have been present in the area since 1991. Today, the Iron Skillet has become a landmark and one of the most popular restaurants to go to.

Whether you are craving some juicy ribs, steak, Mexican or Thai cuisine, you can try everything here. Apart from a wide range of food items, they also serve delicious beer, wine, scotch, whiskey, vodka, and all kinds of drinks you need.

The restaurant offers various discount offers, and a special dish is served every day, which keeps guests engaged. Overall it is one of the best restaurants that you should visit in Collingwood.

10. Alphorn Restaurant

The Alphorn restaurant is one of the known landmarks that falls on highway 26. The Alphorn is one of the oldest Collingwood restaurants, as it started in the 1980s.

The restaurant offers some quality comfort food like fondue, chicken, trout, and cheese. One of their popular specialties is ‘Wienerschnitzel’; a Canadian magazine gave the dish’s name.

At the Alphorn, you can see wooden tables and a vast collection of memorabilia, several autographs, and photographs of famous personalities present in the restaurant.

This swiss restaurant offers amusement along with delicious food, as there are five-foot-long watches. The restaurant offers a vast collection of beer and wine as well.

11. Press Market

Press Market is one of the healthiest Collingwood restaurants to go to when looking for organic food. Press Market is a plant-based restaurant, and you can enjoy delicious organic smoothies while enjoying the views of Blue Mountain.

All the ingredients are grown using the organic method, and you can try healthy smoothies, breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and bowls.

The restaurant also offers organic wine, which amuses people quite a lot. Even vegans have a lot of items on the menu. Their desserts are all gluten-free, which makes it a must-visit place for health-concerned people.

12. Cabin Bistro

Cabin Bistro has been delivering happiness to its customer for the past ten years, which has made it one of the best Collingwood restaurants.

Cabin Bistro is another restaurant offering organic and healthy food to its visitors. The restaurant provides excellent desserts, and soups and also offers chicken, shrimp, mac, and cheese. They offer delicious frozen gourmet dishes as well.

Whenever you crave comfort food, you can visit Cabin Bistro, and you can either bring home their frozen dishes or order online as well. All these facilities offered by the restaurant have made this one of the most recommended places to go to Collingwood.


Being a diverse region, Canada has lots of restaurants, and Indian restaurants have left their mark on the crowd. In case you get the opportunity of exploring Calgary, you should visit these Indian restaurants for sure!

These are some of the best Collingwood restaurants that you should visit when in town. You can find a wide range of cuisine in the town as diversity is one of the best identities of Canada.

The restaurants have different ambiances, and menus, and all kinds of preferences are taken care of. Whether you need gluten-free food or a vegan meal, Collingwood has everything for you!

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