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Best 12 Korean Barbecue Restaurants of Toronto

Here are the 12 best Korean barbecue restaurants in the city of Toronto to have fun in your leisure evening. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

As one of the largest cities in Canada, Toronto offers a wide variety of delicious cuisine to the world. The presence of people from all over the world has created a rich diversity of cuisine accessible to the people in the city.

From Asian and classical European to American cuisine decorates the restaurants and local delicacies of Canada. If you truly want to experience the deliciousness of the cuisines offered by Toronto, then Korean barbecue restaurants are the best choice.

Korean barbecue restaurants in Toronto are just what you need when you search for a place to have marinated meats and veggies sizzling on a tabletop hot plate.

Eating in a rusty, brimming, crowded place yet with warmth spreading in your heart is the best feeling ever as we chit-chat with our peers. Sitting on a wooden bench in the old Korean-themed diner with your loved ones while the aroma of grilled meat hits the nostrils gives away an incredible feeling.

Isn’t it amazing to be your chef to prepare your meal over a grill with the accompaniment of various delicious sides, including salads and dipping sauces? You can relax from the tiredness of the day while sipping the beverages in the diners’ odd yet comforting tone.

The below-listed restaurants in Toronto deliver the best experience in enjoying the smokeless grills with a bunch of friends to bicker around.

Best Korean barbecue restaurant in Toronto:

  • Daldongnae
  • Mapo Korean BBQ restaurant
  • Korean village restaurant
  • Korean grill house
  • Sariwon
  • Seoul House BBQ
  • Pujukan
  • Owl of Minerva
  • Yummy BBQ
  • Kobi Korean bbq
  • Arisu
  • HoSu Bistro- Yonge

1. Daldongnae


Address; 6034 Yonge St, Toronto

This is one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants, which has a unique decor with a cozy rustic feeling that will take us back to the 50s Korean streets. The old-styled wall tiles, the packed yet comfortable space, and the bbq grill in the center of the booth will make you come back soon with the rich taste.

They offer pork and beef, which are of good quality and fresh, along with many sides. corns, garlic, and raw egg are provided in special compartments.

They provide traditional Korean banchan as appetizers and a unique flavored soy sauce bawl.

As for drinks, they have a good collection of soju, makgeolli, and beer. The price ranges from CA$31 to CA$ 60 per person. Check them out

2. Mapo Korean barbecue restaurant

Korean Beef BBQ - Mapo Toronto

Address: 708 Bloor St W, Toronto

Are you looking for a classic Korean barbecue restaurant for a late-night meal? Then Mapo is one of the best choices for you. They serve traditional Korean cuisine with in-table grills.

They offer a variety of selections with beef, pork, chicken, and seafood specialties at a good price. The grilled meat comes with complimentary eggs, corn and cheese, salad, and soup. The meal can be ended with the yogurt drink they offer you.

Check out their official site

3. Korean village restaurant

Address: 628 Bloor St w, Toronto

Korean village restaurant in the heart of Korea town is one of the oldest Korean barbecue restaurants in Toronto. They serve authentic and traditional Korean cuisines along with the addition of their unique flavors. The place is spacious and has proper booth settings, unlike some other family-run Korean bbq joints.

You can use the built-in table grill BBQ with tabletop cooking and have an authentic experience with the best service ever.

The cuisines are reasonably priced, with fresh and quality meat and sufficient side dishes. They offer an extensive menu with over 150 savory dishes, and as for drinks, they serve Hite, a popular drink from Korea.

Check them out

4. Korean Grill House

Korean Grill House - Toronto

Address: 214 Queen St W, Toronto

If you’re searching for a Korean barbecue restaurant with tabletop grills where you could cook and have fun with your companions, then the Korean grill house is your prime choice. It has a bustling atmosphere where you can eat grilled meats in seasoned Korean style.

They have beef, chicken, lamb, and seafood along with the addition of veggies and dishes, including tofu, kimchi, and spicy sprouts.

The price range starts from $32.99. They also have an all-you-can-eat barbecue that includes side dishes, steamed rice and beef broth, and meats.

Click here to visit their site. 

5. Sariwon Korean barbecue restaurant

Address: 7388 Yonge St, Thornhill

This restaurant offers a family-style best Korean bbq with the highest quality and premium meats. They cook using coal which is a huge transition from typical Korean bbq restaurants. They have a fantastic rooftop patio with parasols if you don’t like reeking of grilled meat.

This Korean bbq joint has many marinated meats and grilled skewers with side dishes.

They offer a wide range of menus with appetizers containing tofu, steamed egg, salads, and drinks including beer, wine, and juices.

6. Seoul House BBQ


Address:  180 Steels Ave W, Thornhill

The restaurant is not too fancy but has a warm atmosphere.

They offer Galbi, Bulgogi, squid bbq, shrimp bbq, and Eal GUI, and side dishes such as fried egg, steamed white rice, noodles, scallion salad, lettuce, and sauces. They have various cool drinks and all at a reasonable price.

7. Pujukan Korean barbecue restaurant

Address: 4852 Yonge St, Toronto

Pujukan offers the best authentic Korean grilled cuisine. This place offers you the best quality meat with its tenderness. It’s a great choice to enjoy the sizzling sounds and the aroma of grilling meat.

They offer good beef, belly pork, and soup. Their most popular cuisine is Bulgogi cup, Jae-yuk cup, Tofu kimchi cup, and the incredible sides to go along with the cuisine.

This place is well known for the beer it offers. The price range varies from CAD 13 to CAD 120.

8. Owl of Minerva

Owl of Minerva

Address: 5324 Yonge St, North york city’s

If you want to eat dinner at a twenty-four hours Korean barbecue restaurant, then owl of Minerva makes the best choice for you. Though the dining area is small, the food is so tasty and perfectly portioned.

Their popular menu items are Bulgogi jeongol, Haejangguk, Dubu kimchi, sliced pork belly, and side dishes such as soups, veggies and stir-fried rice. They provide alcohol and beverage at a reasonable price.

The owl of Minerva is the perfect choice for those in search of cheap and delicious Korean comfort cuisine. They offer the best pork bone soup in town.https://owlfamily.ca/

9. Yummy BBQ

Address: 16 Mallard Rd, North new york

One of the best authentic Korean barbecue restaurants in Toronto, yummy bbq offers delicious food with generous portions of great flavour at a reasonable price. They have a bbq combo with three choices of meat.

It’s nothing but a diner in a relatively idle strip mall. But the cuisines they offers are incredibly tasty.

They have an extensive menu of various marinated meats with the Galbi, stir-fried rice and other side dishes.

10. Kobi Korean bbq

Toronto Restaurants || Kobi Korean BBQ

Address: 100 Steels Ave W

This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and offers fresh and quality meat. Here, you can regulate the spiciness you want and enjoy the cuisine. Spicy chicken with cheese is their signature dish, and has a wide variety of other cuisines to please the customers.

Along with the order, we get many sides such as bean sprouts, spinach, radish, and lettuce. The dipping sauce and the complimentary cheese and steamed egg are also incredible.

They also provide traditional soju, makgeolli, coke, and other juices as alcohol and beverages.

11. Arisu

Address: 584 Bloor St W, Toronto

Arisu is an authentic Korean bbq and sushi restaurant. They provide beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and side dishes and beverages.

Their Korean fried chicken tastes incredibly delicious. The taste of Top graded meat marinated to perfection never leaves the tongue of the customers.

Though the price is a bit high compared to others, the restaurant delivers good quality food with large portions and fantastic service. They have a part room with up to eighty people, which is another attraction of Arisu.

12. HoSu Bistro- Yonge

Hosu Bistro - Toronto Restaurants

Address: 2352 Yonge St, Toronto

This place offers a warm and comfortable dining experience for the customers with authentic and traditional Korean and Japanese cuisines, including Sushi.

They serve Bulgogi, Galbi, teriyaki, and gyoza along with vegetables. The food has both quality and deliciousness.

There are many other places Koreans eat traditional cuisines from the hot plate in Toronto, including Yakitori bar, Ojai, Kasai, little piggy’s, and many others. Usually, tons of sides tag along with the main course.

Most of korean restaurants include a typical selection of banchan, soybean soup, steamed egg, and corn and cheese on either side of the grill. Lettuce, grilled garlic, and dipping sauce come along too.

You can relish your time away from the usual stresses and have fun with your folks at the crowded tabletop grills with a beer in one hand and tons of meats waiting to be grilled.

These korean barbecue bbq places offer not offer unique dining experience, modern setting at dining room, wide array of options like kang ho dong or standard hot pot. And VIP treatment if you get reservations beforehand.

These diners deliver Korean folk’s local favorite cuisines. Let us know your thoughts after you have tried these recommendations.

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