Living Permanently In New Zealand – 5 Best Things To Know!

When it comes to equality, stability, and jobs, New Zealand is among the world’s top countries. New Zealand has been ranked as one of the top countries to migrate to, Sweden being the topmost.

In a fast-developing country like New Zealand, the need for highly skilled and educated workers is a constant occurrence.

To facilitate the growing demand for skilled workers in all sectors of the economy, the New Zealand immigration department has rationalized a skilled migrant visa category.

Living Permanently in New Zealand: What You Need to Know

Here are a few things you need to know about living permanently in New Zealand.

1. Moving and Settling in New Zealand

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Moving to live permanently in New Zealand can be a great decision if well set. New Zealand offers an extravagant lifestyle; however, it is important to ensure that migrating to work and living here is the right decision. You have to consider the welfare of your spouse or partner and children if you have any.

Below are a few things you need to put into consideration:

1.1 Check if Your Profession is in Demand

New Zealand’s job market is growing steadily. There are employment opportunities available in almost every sector. However, some specific skills are urgently needed. If your skills are among those listed to be on-demand, you will find it easier to get a visa.

1.2 Come for a Visit

It is always a great idea to visit New Zealand for a holiday before deciding on migrating. You can use this visit as an opportunity to meet potential employers, experience life there, and check whether this is the right place for you.

1.3 Get the Right Advice

Submitting a visa application yourself is not a challenging task, but you can consider seeking help from a licensed immigration advisor if you feel unsure of the process. However, there will be costs involved.

1.4 Check Your Visa Options

Applying for a visa is not cheap, and it is time-consuming. Therefore, before you start, go through the visa options and pick the one you are eligible for.

2. Job Portals in New Zealand for Students

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We can pretty much find anything on the internet, and jobs are not an exception. Searching for an open situation, applying for a job, and communicating with recruiters can all be done online.

Sadly, this is not the age of advertisements in our daily. In New Zealand, a country with several immigrants looking at employers’ and employees’ needs has become important. This can be done easily with an aggregator of jobs like portals.

Most jobs are mentioned on job boards, and many of the offers of employment depend on the occupation and the kind of recruitment channels they rely upon. All the fields, including but not limited to:

  • Accountants,
  • IT Consultants (SAP, Oracle, Networking engineers),
  • Farming,
  • BPO and call centers,
  • The medical field, including Nursing, Doctors, and even the Hospitality industry.
  • Construction and Architecture,
  • Banking and Administration,
  • Consulting and Sports,
  • Jobs in the Government department,
  •  Jobs in the Food industry.

2.1 Seek 

Seek is one of the favourite rites of all New Zealand job portals and boasts the highest number of users among all the portals offering hiring and recruitment services.

2.2 Trademe Jobs 

It’s one more favourite and popular job portal, and it’s not only for jobs but also for buying and selling products online under various categories.

2.3 Careers Section in Government of New Zealand Portal 

The link here leads to the Government portal to find links to all job vacancy websites for Students, Immigrants, Migrants, and Graduates.

3. Family Visa for New Zealand

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Readers of rough guides, when asked to vote for the best and most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand came third. This explains why many people from all over the world are finding their way into New Zealand as permanent residents or citizens.

New Zealand is also a perfect place to go for a holiday together with your family. It has beautiful natural scenery that will amaze you.

Looking for a family visa or a spouse visa to New Zealand? It would help if you met certain conditions.

These include:

  • Your partnership has to be stable and genuine.
  • You and your partner must be living together.
  • You must meet the character and health requirements.
  • You must have your partner’s support.
  • Your partner must be qualified to support your application.

The specific requirements vary for residents and temporary visas. If you are an Australian permanent resident or citizen, you will also sponsor your partner’s visa.

However, you will be expected to prove that your primary residence place is in New Zealand before you are allowed to support the application.

It is also advisable to consider all visa options for migrating to New Zealand, for some are entitled to more services than others. New Zealand’s open space means you have the option of every living style that you and your family want.

3.1 Temporary Visa

You may apply for a temporary visitor or work visa to be with your spouse in New Zealand, provided you both meet the requirements.

If your partner is a permanent resident in New Zealand or a New Zealand citizen, you can apply for a visitor or work visa of 12 to 24 months. This majorly depends on the length of your relationship.

3.2 Resident Visa

Your partner can include you as a secondary applicant in their application under the most resident visa category.

This is also possible under the Residence from Work and Skilled Migrant Category. English language might be a requirement for these applications.

4. Achieving the Right Work-Life Balance

New Zealand has been rightly known as the ‘Land of Long White Clouds.’ NZ is a truly exotic nation famed for its royal blend of vibrant culture, natural surroundings, state-of-art working environment, leisure life, comprehensive policy framework, diversified business market, and friendly government.

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New Zealand presents a series of great immigration programs that help people from all over the world to immigrate to come and live, study and travel to the ‘land of Kiwis.’

New Zealand’s immigration policy is designed to ensure that immigration improves the country’s economic and cultural progress.

Research suggests that a slight improvement in the balance between our lives and outside work can bring great benefits for employees and employers. However, work-life balance is different for all of us.

For some, it means less work, while for others, it means more. There is no “one size fits all” (measuring tool) solution. Good work-life balance practices and policies are good for business.

Some of the benefits are:

4.1 Finding and Keeping the Right Workers

Finding and keeping good workers can be challenging, especially in this tight labour market. Employers who offer their staff work-life balance and bendable work options are more likely to hold onto existing staff, access a wider recruitment pool, and have a competitive edge.

Diversity Works New Zealand awards winners prove that some employers have offered good workplace environments and cultures for their staff and have succeeded in it.

4.2 Getting the Best From Staff

Poor work-life is likely to lead to absentees, stress, and low output. A proper and active work-life balance can improve employees’ well-being, general health motivation, and work satisfaction.

In this case, workers are likely to be more flexible, more committed, and more responsive to the customer’s needs and the business in general.

5. Visa Options to Permanently Live in New Zealand

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Luckily, most of the regular British artificial pas translate into New Zealander customs. Therefore, if you are socially good in the UK, integrating into New Zealand will not be a problem.

It is advisable to do some personal research on the traditional cultures of New Zealand before getting there.

Kiwis are reserved people generally and do not entertain individuals who blow their own trumpet. So, leave your swimming awards at home; no one needs them here.

They give respect to hardworking and honest people who turn up on time. However, they appreciate a good sense of humour socially and in business too.

The government of New Zealand offers several immigration options. Below are two prominent examples:

5.1 Student Visa

New Zealand’s government encourages overseas students to come and study in their colleges and universities. Along with their studies, these students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hrs a week.

Any student who has completed the required qualifications and has met the permanent resident regulations can apply for work and permanent residency after completing their studies.

5.2 Work Visa

The New Zealand Work Visa is aimed at contributing to the country’s economy and industry development. This is done by attracting skilled personnel from all across the world. There are two main options under this:

  • Work to resident: this category allows people to permanently inhabit the country by upgrading their temporary work visa into permanent residency.
  • Employment: this category gives New Zealand’s employers room to hire skilled individuals for vacant positions where no local staff can fill that gap.


New Zealand has been rightly known as the ‘Land of Long White Clouds.’

Photo by Victor Maschek from Shutterstock

NZ is a truly exotic nation famed for its royal blend of vibrant culture, natural surroundings, state-of-art working environment, leisure life, comprehensive policy framework, diversified business market, and friendly government.

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