H1B Visa Professions – Amazing Specializations!

The H1B visa program is a specialized employment immigration scheme for people belonging to speciality occupations.

It has dual intent and potential for permanent residency. Many international citizens apply for an H1B visa every fiscal year to work in a US-based organization based on their qualifications and skill set.

Speciality occupations list some disciplines like biotechnology, chemistry, architecture, engineering, medicine and health, education, law, accounting, business specialities, and the arts.

Specializations in H1B Visa Professions

Here are some specializations in H1B Visa Professions.

Your Skillset Matters

Although there are many preferred specialities for the H1B visa policy, your skillset is what would determine the approval of your visa petition.

It also depends on the employer and how much they abide by the regulations and guidelines laid down by the USCIS.

But yes, most visa sponsors are IT firms, due to which software engineers constitute the maximum percentage of H1B visa holders.

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The US’s existing favoritism towards STEM students makes it easier for engineering, management, and science graduates to apply for H1B.

Even doctors make up for a considerable margin of H1B visas. But of course, the lion’s share of H1B visas goes to IT professionals, software engineers, and management graduates employed by major IT firms like Infosys, Capgemini, IBM, and more.

So we cannot say that H1B policies favor a particular profession, but yes, the margins differ. The final decision rests on your skill set, qualifications, documentation, and your employers’ credentials.

With the restrictions on the lottery caps, however, the visa allocation process might become trickier. It may be more difficult to get in due to increased competition and the quest for highly skilled workers.

Law comes under the category of speciality occupations and is one of the most popular careers in the US. The legal system of the United States is the most diversified and has room for so many career vocations.

Here are some of the most popular branches of law taken up by H1-B visa holders.

Corporate Law

With the huge number of corporate firms originating and being set up in the US, the field of corporate law has just become more popular with the high amounts of corporate disputes and legal issues to take care of.

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Corporate lawyers are some of the most highly-paid lawyers in the US.

Immigration Law

The United States has many international citizens coming to its lands to make it big in life. And the visa options are plenty too.

But as the visa process can get tricky and the petition process is complicated, immigration lawyers are in high demand and are the highest-paid lawyers in the country.

With so many visa fraud and deportation cases, this field is becoming even more popular with lawyers.

Consumer Law

Consumer rights are always prone to violations. It may be due to human error or negligent policies. This is where consumer lawyers come in handy.

Many high-profile cases have been settled with expensive lawsuits for consumer issues in the US.

Criminal Law

The US has a history of lethal and heinous crimes- criminal lawyers have been imparting justice to many victims.

This is a highly fulfilling, rewarding, and high-profile law branch and the first choice for many law students- both American and foreign.

Most Common Types of Engineers Among H1-B Visa Holders

Engineers form a major part of H1B visa holders in America. This can be attributed to the US’s technological supremacy over other nations, a major reason most global citizens flock to the US in large numbers.

Engineers also form a network of STEM students. Here are the most common fields of engineering among H1B visa holders.

Software Engineers

By far, it is the most popular choice for engineers in America. The presence of tech giants like Infosys and Capgemini, to name a few, has contributed immensely to the boom in software engineers in the US.

The attractive pay packages, job security, and innovation avenues have increased this engineering branch’s popularity. Moreover, the opportunities for working in tech-based startups are myriad.

Mechanical Engineers

Many companies are looking for mechanical engineers to create agricultural equipment, hydraulic machines, and other daily appliances that make life easier.

This is what makes this branch so popular and rewarding. Considering the saturation and high levels of competition for software engineers, this seems like a good option.

Automobile Engineers

America has one of the highest numbers of car owners and manufacturing companies in the world. This is the reason why automobile engineers are in great demand in the US.

This field is becoming increasingly popular among H1B visa immigrants with attractive pay packages and job prospects.

Electronics and Communication Engineers

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From home appliances to telecom giants, these engineers find a job everywhere. The flexible work hours, a more balanced work-life balance, and many experimentation avenues make it unique.

Does Specialisation in Theology Make You Eligible for an H1B Visa?

Theology is the study of God and the beliefs associated with the divine. Mostly educated in the Christian religion, theologists turn out to be professors, pastors, priests, and other designations of clergy members who assist in religious activities.

The H1-B visa program is a specialized employment scheme for people with speciality occupations, including biotechnology, engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, medicine and health, education, law, accounting, theology, and the arts.

Theology comes under the specialty occupation category, and in some cases, it also gets a cap-exempt.

Theologists can work under the following religious designations:

  • Ministers
  • Priests
  • Missionaries
  • Theology or religion professors
  • Clergy member

You could also work in a government setting, which will give you a cap exemption:

  • Archaeologists
  • Anthropologists
  • Non-governmental organization workers
  • Humanitarian workers
  • International social workers
  • Diplomats

It is noteworthy to mention here that theology isn’t limited to religion. The study curriculum of theology will also include critical thinking, analytical skills, and writing skills. It will fit many other non-religious job descriptions like:

  • Social workers
  • Ethicists
  • Non-profit workers
  • Counsellors
  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • Historians

It would help if you found a visa sponsor. The visa sponsor will file your petition and agree to pay you more than the prevailing or actual wage.

Moreover, the Labour Condition Application has to be filled out and abided by. The working conditions and the job hours need to be on par with the American citizens working in the same position.

You need to submit all your documents with your credentials and qualifications and make sure nothing is incomplete.

H1B Visa for Advertising Professionals: Requirements and Opportunities

The field of advertising is upcoming in the US job market, especially for H1B visa candidates. All huge multinational corporations have their branches here, and the US is the biggest market for any corporation, to begin with.

This makes advertising so much more promising. A degree in mass media, advertising, or even business administration can help you go a long way in this career path.

There’s Chicago with a booming glamour market, and of course, New York, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. There is a well-structured setup for advertisement professionals.

So many products need to be advertised, and the competition is just intense. With more and more companies looking for innovative ad campaigns to market their products and catch the public eye, the avenues look more lucrative than ever for advertisement professionals.

There’s also a well-established fashion industry and the media industry in the US. They are constantly on the lookout for fresh talent and innovative ideas for promoting their products. You could also work in a company’s promotional division to organize promotional campaigns to market their products.

Tapping on American resources to grow professionally in the field of advertising will prove fruitful. The visa application process is the same as for any other occupation, and opportunities are numerous.

Other Professionals in Demand in the US

Data Scientist

The importance of data in today’s technological age cannot be underplayed today. Understanding data
can be a tricky process, and it’s a game of numbers and a collation of information.

Today, data scientists are becoming one of the most important aspects of the workforce and have an attractive pay
package of a median of $111,267. This profession is expected to grow by 16 per cent.

Information Security Analyst

With threats to computer systems and company information due to the advent of malware, viruses, and hackers alike, the relevance and demand for Information Security Analysts are growing manifold.

With pay packages centring around the figure of $90,120, job prospects are expected to grow at a rate of 18%.

Operations Research Analyst

The field of operations research has gathered considerable momentum, and professionals add a lot of value to the workplace, significantly enhancing organizations’ productivity.

Offering median salary packages of $78,630, the job growth is expected to be as high as 30 per cent.

Medical Services Manager

With an increase in lifestyle disorders and a surge in senile populations leading to a constant overload on medical establishments for treatments and services, the demand for medical service managers increases at an unprecedented rate.

More professionals are now required to manage affairs at these places. The salary packages are as high as $94,500, and the job market is expected to grow by 17 per cent.


Statisticians are the most versatile group of professionals in corporations today.

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Providing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market scenario with scientific measurement methods, from profit generation to cost estimation, everything becomes easier to navigate with statisticians’ help.

The pay package is estimated at $80,110, and the expected growth in the job market ranks the highest at 34%.


That sums up the insight for skilled professionals with more chances of getting an H1B Visa when they apply. If you’d like to read more on the subject.

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