Parks Canada: Top 10 Alluring National Parks Of Canada

Parks Canada

Are you planning a visit to Parks Canada?

Canada, World’s second-largest country called The Great White North, furnishes you with boundless experiences. Starting from the vibrant cities, lively festivals to the most scenic parks in Canada. The country has a lot to offer.

Being a home of 38 national parks, Canada has always been known as a hub for its recreational parks, natural habitats, wildlife, flora, hiking, lighthouses, culture, sceneries, adventure sports, and other outdoor pursuits.

So if you’re looking for a natural escape in the midst of the bustling country, this article about Parks Canada got you covered.

National parks offer you a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. They allow you to learn about the country’s natural, cultural, and historical heritage. All of the Parks Canada take you on a trip to the past and unfold their exciting stories.

I’ve curated 10 of the best parks Canada that you must visit.


Parks Canada: 10 Alluring National Parks of Canada


1. Auyuittuq National Park

One of the fascinating Parks Canada. Located on the Baffin island, the word Auyuittuq means ” the land that never melts” in Inuktitut. Doing justice to its name, The park lies in the majestic arctic circle.

Landscape, Parks canada

The penny ice cap, being the highlight of the park is residual of the last ice age. The park offers you glacier-formed landscapes, ice fields, ice caps, picturesque fjords, icy mountains, and sprinting rivers.

The mountain pass

Akshuyak pass, parks Canada

A long mountain pass, Akshayuk pass lies within the park. It is the most common hiking route among visitors. The pass follows two rivers, Weasel and Owl rivers, along the Summit Lake, which is supposed to be the highest point on the pass.


Both the vegetation and wildlife are scarce within the park due to the harsh climatic conditions. Plants in Autuittuq park grow in clumps to create a warmer microenvironment for their survival.

Animals dwelling in the park include red foxes, snowy owls, peregrine falcons, rough-legged hawks, gyrfalcons, beluga whales, snow geese, polar bears, wolves, narwhals, Canada geese, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, and few others.

Reaching the park is a bit difficult as there is no road connectivity in Nunavut. You can visit the park by boat either from Pangnirtung, South, or Qikiqtarjuaq in the north. You can also fly through Canadian North
The best time to visit the park is in Late July- September.

2. Bruce Peninsula National Park

Bruce peninsula National park

Of all the parks Canada, Bruce peninsula national park has the most dramatic landscape.

Bruce peninsula national park is an extension of Niagara Escarpment, Southern Ontario, Canada. The rock of escarpment is around 400 million years old. Geologists stated that the escarpment would have looked like the Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

The park offers exquisite sceneries, thrilling hikes, bird watching, the captivating hue of sunrise and sunset, green trails, the rocks, and wildlife.


The park offers several hikes for different levels of hikers that you would love to discover. The Cyprus Lake Trail, Georgian Bay, Marr Lake Trail, Horse Lake Trail, or Singing Sands. Few of the trains terminate at the viewpoint.

Rock climbing

Cliff, parks Canada


If you’re a bouldering fanatic, you are in the right place. You can also practice rock climbing at the shoreline borders of Halfway log dump.


You can also enjoy swimming at Singing Sands Beach with your little ones. Located on the west side of the peninsula, this place is a perfect spot to spend your afternoon under the sun in harmony with nature.

You can easily reach this park through Highway 6. The park opens daily from 9:a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in spring and fall and from 8:a.m to 8 p.m. in summer.

3. Cape Breton Highland National Park

If you are looking for some spectacular topography, This one of Parks Canada has got you covered. Here the mountain merges with the sea, the river canyons extend to the plateaus encircled by steep forested cliffs, waterfalls, valleys, and whatnot.

Located in Northern Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a must-visit.  It was the first Canadian national park in the Atlantic provinces.

Recreational Water bodies

Waterbodies, parks Canada

If you’re a beach person, this park is a must-visit for you as it provides a home to five saltwater ocean beaches and two freshwater lakes. Ingonish Beach, North Bay Beach, Broad Cove Beach, Black Brook Beach, and La Block Beach are the ocean beaches. The two freshwater lakes are the Freshwater Lake and Warren Lake.
Keep an eye on the ocean currents if you’re bringing kids to the beach.

Forested trails

Trails in parks Canada

The park offers 26 hiking trails surrounded by trees, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches. Trails are of all the different levels. The easiest ones being the Bog loop and Le Buttereau loop.

The Warren lake loop and Salmon loops are a few of the difficult trails. Skyline trail is one of the longest trails in the park, but it’s an easy trail in terms of hiking.


If you enjoy watching birds, their habits, The park will not disappoint you. From owls to bald eagles, you will come across different birds: northern gannets, various species of hawk, Bicknell’s thrush, and kestrel.

The best time to visit the park is in late July and August during the summer months.

4. Forillon National Park

Out of the 38 national parks Canada, Forillon National park was the first Canadian national park in Quebec. The park is located on the Gaspe Peninsula.

The park offers arboraceous forests, huge mountains, edgy cliffs, magnificent beaches, sandy coastlines, diverse flora and fauna, fishing, and whale watching. The park also takes you on a ride of cultural history and activities by local people.

Forillon national park

The park is enshrouded with forest and provides shelter to 700 different plants, mainly found in the Arctic and Alpine environments.

Bird watchers, Wildlife photographers, are presented with more than 225 species. The perfect site to discover them is along the cliffs.

You will find Moose, black bears, lynx, red foxes, beavers, porcupines, coyotes, snowshoe hares, mink, ermine, and many others.

You can easily reach there if you’re in Quebec or Montreal. Fly to the town of Gaspe and then drive to highway 132. You can also reach this park by simply training.

5. Ivvavik National Park

Happened to be the birthing ground of Caribou. This one of Parks Canada is named after the word Inuvialuktan which means “nursery” or “birthplace.”

Parks Canada

Ivvavik National park is located in Yukon, Canada. The park extends from east to west, aligned to the Arctic coast along with the British mountains. The park eventually amalgamates with the Brooks Range, Alaska.

Canada’s Oldest River


Firth River, known to be Canada’s oldest river, flows through the park. The river drains along the canyon and integrates with the Beaufort sea. You’ll encounter grizzly bears, black bears, Yukon wolves at the shore.

Cultural heritage

The park offers various sites of cultural importance to local indigenous people. Every spot has a story to tell.

6. Mount Revelstoke National Park

Mount Revelstoke national park

Named after the city Revelstoke, Mount Revelstoke National park is located in Selkirk mountains. The park is relatively small in size to other parks Canada, but it has a lot to offer.

The park was established in 1914 as an extension of the initiative by the local people of Revelstoke.


Mount Revelstoke National park is one of the very first popular ski destinations in North America. Many international competitions were held in the park. The area was later modified to trails and downhills for hiking and biking, respectively.


 Scenic Walkways

Take a walk through these walkways and enjoy the wilderness of the park. Of all the trails, The meadow in the Sky Parkway is the most famous among the visitors. The rainforest in the Southwest corner covers the subalpine region and terminates in Wildflower meadows.

Many other walkways are also there in the park. These are Giant Cedar Boardwalk and Skunk cabbage boardwalk.

Fly to the Kelowna Airport, 199 km away from the park. Then you can drive the park through the highway.

7. Prince Albert National Park

Named after the city, Prince Albert; This is one of the most ravishing parks in Canada. The park is located 81 km north of the city in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Prince Albert national park

Of all the parks Canada, Prince Albert National Park offers the most exorbitant activities. From scenic tours to camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing, picnicking. The list is endless. The cabin of naturalist and conservationist Grey owl is also present in the park.

Picnicking and Scenic views

The park is equipped with picnic tables, swimming areas, campfire pits, scenic views, and benches. King Island, Sandy lake, South gate, Heart lakes are a few of them. Do check them out if you visit the park.


Yes, you can play golf inside the park. The park has an 18 hole golf course. It also hosts a tournament every year.


Boating in parks Canada

You can enjoy both powerboats in some water bodies and motorboats in almost all the water bodies in Prince Albert National park. Rentals are available; personal Watercraft are not allowed. Canoes, kayaks, and sailboats are allowed on all the lakes.

You can access the park through the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport.

8. Thousand Islands National Park

One of the smallest National park of all Parks Canada, Thousand Islands National park comprises of 21 islands, 2 mainland properties along with many smaller islets, and a visitor center.

Thousand island national park

Situated in the thousand islands region of Saint Lawrence River, it connects the Canadian Shield in Ontario to the Adirondack mountains in New york.

Thousand Islands National park was the first Canadian National park in the east of the Rockies. The park encourages visitors about sustainable lifestyle and a regional partner in conserving biodiversity.

You can enjoy picnicking, camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities, Also keep an eye on the incredible faunan which consists deer, coyotes, turkey vultures, rabbits, raccoons, and many others.

Various trails are also present in the mainland area of the park. Explore the wilderness in a powerboat in one of the most attractive National parks of Canada.

You can mainly access the park by boat. If you are in Toronto you can reach the park either by train or drive to the gateway, Gananoque.

9. Waterton Lakes National Park

Named after the Waterton Lakrocky mountains and boundless prairies surround Waterton Lakes National parkies. The park is bordered by Glacier National Park, Montana, and is located in the southwest corner of Alberta, Canada.

The park is comprised of four many regions, foothills parkland, Montana, Subalpine, and alpine region. There are several hanging valleys, glacial troughs, ridges in the park, which beautify the landscape.

World Heritage Site


For its scenic valleys, spectacular topography, unusual climate, high mountain peaks, and rich biodiversity, the park was declared as World heritage site in 1995.

Waterton Lakes National park is home to Bighorn sheep, beavers, bison, timber wolves, black bears, grizzly bears, hoary mammals, pikas, and several other animals.

Although the park is open all year round, the best time to visit the park is in July and August.

10. Yoho National Park

Yoho National park

As its name suggests, the Yoho National park will amaze you with its magnificent landscape, islands, and high mountain peaks. Edged by Kootenay National park on the south and Banff National park along the east, The park is located along the western slope of the continental divide of American Southeastern British Columbia


You can explore more than 13 known mountain peaks inside the park. The highlight being Mount Stephen, the tallest mountain which surrounds the field town, British Columbia. Mount Burgen is one of the frequently climbed mountains

Rivers and Waterfalls

Water falls

You’ll be amazed by a spectacular natural bridge formed by the ‘Kicking horse river’ through solid rock. The scenery there is appealing. Also, there are 2 waterfalls, Takall kaw falls, and Wapta falls. The falls are a great place to relax and enjoy the natural harmony that explores parks Canada.

You can easily reach the park by road. Airport Shuttles from Calgary and Alberta are also available.

Next time you visit, Canada get yourself a relaxing experience in the lap of nature in any of these national parks Canada, and fill yourself with positive energy.

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