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Rooftop Bars Toronto- 6 Breathtaking Patios

Rooftop bars Toronto are the prime hangout spot in the list of places that set the vibe for friends and colleagues alike. Imagine spending quality time with your lovely company in the backdrop of an amazing skyline-fresh air and ambiance. 

Let the air from high above the city’s heights give you company as you enjoy your day out with your friends. And if you are the one who does not enjoy the light as much as you get amazed by the stars above, rooftop bars Toronto are your go-to place too.

Brunch during winter and date nights during summer are what make these rooftop patios and bars Toronto remarkable. The ambiance they set, the soulful live music played in the backdrop, and an amazing view of the Toronto skyline, doesn’t that sound out of a dream?

To help you arrange an exciting weekend night in one of these rooftop patios, we have listed some of the rooftop bars Toronto.

6 Best Rooftop Bars in Toronto

Go through the list of best Rooftop bars Toronto, and you might find some amazing places with stunning views, which will make your list of permanent hangout spots in the city of Toronto.

1. Drake Hotel

By Sookie/ Flickr

This cool hotel with a sky yard is such a happening place that it has made its name into literally all the blogs of the best rooftop bars in Toronto.

With the upscale bohemian aesthetic trend making itself to the gram of every influencer, this rooftop patio has also made its ambiance with the same vibe. This sleek and upscale rooftop bar serves fresh Sushi, salads, and sandwiches with a wide variety of wines and craft beers.

Laura Maxwell, the chief executive chef of Drake hotel, is making her mark in the culinary industry of Toronto, with brunch being the special food item on the menu.

This stylish rooftop bar offers both an indoor lounge bar and outdoor seating. The indoor lounge is equipped with fascinating artwork and cool furniture, reflecting the roots of the neighborhood of West Queen West roots to make your visit a cozy one.

The weekends in this Toronto rooftop bar are quite busy, so make sure you have your table reserved beforehand and make yourself present on time to enjoy the ambiance and vibe of the best rooftop bars Toronto.

If your table has not been reserved, the rooftop patio offers a first come and first-come basis.

Address- 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3, Canada.

2. The Porch

By Mark/ Flickr

The Porch Toronto gives you the best view of the city skyline, with CN tower only a few kilometers away. The Porch has recently become the city’s after-work relaxation hub.

Located floors above the Rock n Hair Saloon and just a few blocks away from Rogers Centre, The Porch offers a great ambiance to refresh your blues after a tiring day either from work or as a tourist.

The Porch is located right in the center of the city’s entertainment district and is well furnished with wooden decks to give the customers a classy vibe, and that is what puts The Porch on the city’s list of the elegant rooftop restaurant.

Toronto’s perfect weekend activity St. Lawrence Market is just 20km away from The Porch, spend your weekend in the most famous market of the city and refresh yourself with the signature bucket from the porch menu.

The Porch works busy during the summer months, mainly the Sunday rooftop brunch but also does not fail to attract crowds, mainly the younger generation during the Winter season.

The team arranges for cool winter activities like Porchmas and Apres Ski.

Address- 250 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1X6, Canada.

3. The Pilot

By Ellie Joy P./ GoogleMaps

The Pilot started as a dedication to WW-2 Canadian soldiers fighting overseas in 1944, has become Toronto’s most impressive restaurant among all Rooftop Bars Toronto.

The Pilot rooftop patio is a large rooftop terrace dubbed Flight deck.

The building of the Pilot restaurant has a ground floor main bar which is open all year round, the floor above that is the flight deck which is open only in the season, so if you want to feel the vibe of this cool Toronto rooftop bar, visit during the patio season of March to December.

If you do not want the city’s noise and traffic to affect your time with your loved ones, choose this rooftop bar, this being not tall enough and only a few floors height will be easier to spend a valuable time along with a faster order service.

Apart from being listed among the top rooftop bars in the city of Toronto, The Porch also offers some special sports like Porchmas and Apres Ski, especially in winter.

Address- 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6, Canada.

4. Lavelle

By Jenkins Courtney/ GoogleMaps

Imagine a Rooftop bar celebration with a swanky pool party, would not that just be your go-to venue for the party animal you are?

Lavelle is counted as the best rooftop bars Toronto attracting almost the majority of the crowd of youngsters during the day for the pool party as well as the nights for the melancholy vibe of the rooftop patio.

Located in the modish king west neighborhood, the menu of this perfect rooftop bar reflects the vibe of the area around. Specializing in contemporary French cuisine, Lavelle is sure to satisfy your taste bud with the variety of international dishes on the food menu.

Lavelle’s chef Daniel Ken has included a large variety of authentic Brazilian and Japanese dishes on the menu. They range from small dishes like Sushi to big ones like Wagyu Mac burger.

Unleash the fun person inside you in this rooftop fun with a massive outdoor pool, taste the signature cocktails at the pool tables, and you may then enjoy contemporary American cuisine in the private cabins.

Located at the height of 16 floors, this rooftop patio has a laid-back atmosphere with a dreamy Toronto skyline in the backdrop.

Address– 627 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5, Canada.

5. The Rooftop at Thompson Hotel

This rooftop patio above the Broadview hotel is located in the center of the bustling city of Toronto. Standing historically since the 1800s, this Rooftop patio has been on the list of best rooftop bars Toronto since.

This amazing rooftop bars Toronto above the Broadview hotel have made its mark because of the spectacular view of Lake Ontario from its open-air rooftop terrace. Even the CN tower makes an amazing from this airy restaurant.

This casual Toronto rooftop bar offers you both an indoor dining lounge and outdoor seating for a rooftop patio. The indoor lounge of the rooftop patio equipped with a 360° view of the Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario makes it very busy to handle the commotion around.

You can enjoy the classy interior of black floor and ceiling floor windows only with a reservation, but the outdoor rooftop terrace works on a first come- first serve basis.

The rooftop menu serves seasonal signature cocktails along with some international food dishes.

Try to book your table for family or friends beforehand, hosting you and your partners when you are coming with a reservation is encouraged at Rooftop of Thompson Hotel.

Address- The Broadview hotel, 106 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G1, Canada.

6. The Chase

By Chase/ GoogleMaps

Often confused with a casual sister restaurant, The Chase Fish and Oyster on the ground floor, this Chase rooftop patio offers a wonderful dining experience.

The Chase rooftop patio is located on the fifth floor of the Dinen building in the financial district of Downtown Toronto.

If you and your company crave seafood and would not miss even a slight chance to relish it, you will love this heated patio. Enjoy a contemporary modern North American menu with delicious cocktails and an amazing ambiance.

This impressive restaurant offers 75- a seated patio with an unbeatable view of Toronto’s downtown core to raise your toasts to.

Beautiful furniture, crystal chandeliers, and fabrics designed by Ralph Lauren himself in the main dining room are what make these rooftop terraces an elegant one in the list of best rooftop bars Toronto.

Address- 10 Temperance St Fl5, Toronto, ON M5H 1Y4, Canada.

Other Best Rooftop Bars Toronto

Apart from the top 6 rooftop patios mentioned in the list, many best rooftop bars Toronto have missed a place in the list just by a brisk.

1. The One Eighty

Toronto’s highest rooftop bar is set on the 51st floor of Manulife Centre in Yorkville. Climb an elevator, and it will directly take you to the two rooftop terraces.

Yes, you read that right, the one-eighty boasts two rooftop Patios. One is at par with another in vibes, food, and drinks.

The One-Eighty rooftop patio is also available for private events. Booking an appointment beforehand is encouraged. For spending a relaxing time together sometimes of the day, only the Indoor lounge is to be booked earlier, while the terrace patio is run on a first-come and first-serve basis.

Address- 55 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M4W 1A5, Canada.

2. Kost

Kost rooftop Patio is located on the 44th floor of the Bisha hotel, in the middle of downtown Toronto’s entertainment district. Experience a shot in California in the heart of downtown Toronto.

This rooftop bar has a coastal-inspired indoor lounge that offers pleasant vibes to visiting customers.

The food might not be amazing here, but the views and ambiance are worth your shot.

It serves dishes on the menu inspired by the Baja Peninsula, including all fresh and lively flavors from the coastline of California, ranging from Tuna Tataki and Avacado Pineapple Salad.

The scenic beauty of Lake Ontario dominates the Toronto skyline, and when you combine them both, Magic it is!

Address- 80 Blue Jays Way 44th Floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2G3, Canada.

3. Kaso Moto

This swanky Japanese restaurant, located just outside Toronto’s bustling downtown core, is one of the best rooftop bars in Toronto for cool casual weekend drinks and a wonderful dining experience.

Authentic Japanese dishes like maki, Sushi, Wagyu Skirt Steak, and Miso Black Cod are the signature dishes served at Kaso Moto and Signature cocktails.

Enter this rooftop patio with a table already booked in your name, and you can enjoy your time pleasantly.

Address- 115 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1C1, Canada.

4. Bar hop brew co

The 3-floor building on The Peter street location is quite aesthetic in its vibe. Visit the nighttime and find small and cute fairy lights hanging over your head, making it cozy and comfortable.

Bar hop brew co has about three dozen beers on tap and about 100 different varieties in the stock. Apart from these, you will find many one-off brews, collaborations, and seasonal picks, which you might not find anywhere else.

The Paupers Pub is located in two locations in the city of Toronto- The downtown Queen Street and Peter Street. Peter Street fills up amongst the two.

Grab a quick bite at lunch from the menu, which has something from all corners of the world—snacks, Salads, sandwiches, large dishes, or anything your tummy craves.

Scotch olives are special from the menu and are mentioned in the must-try section of any magazine you pick up.

Address- 137 Peter St, Toronto, ON, Canada.

5. Paupers Pub

Paubers Pub is a classic neighborhood pub located in the Annex area. Rising over three floors, Paubers pub offers something for everyone.

The main bar is located on the ground level and is open to the customers 365 days a year. The top floor lounge is the original Paubers Pub rooftop patio equipped with seasonal and colorful vibes. The second-floor lounge is complemented with live music, especially on weekends.

The Retro Brunch is a classic weekend special served with an exquisite collection of beers. Quite simple in interior decor and has a serene view of the Toronto skyline.

Being pocket friendly and offering a wide range of bite delights on the menu, Paubers Pub is on every youngster’s list of weekend party getaways among the best rooftop bars Toronto.

But also, the rooftop patio won’t mind anyone who enters wanting to spend a good and quality time with their loved company.

Address-539 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y5, Canada.

6. Gusto 101

Gusto 101 is a classic Italian restaurant serving some of the most unique, high-quality Italian dishes on its menu.

The ground-level terrace is the most romantic place in the city, with stunning architectural pieces and bright colors. With the view of Portland Street in the heart of the fashion district, you can relish the authentic taste of pasta, pizza, and drinks.

Gusto 101 is set up in an old auto shop, embarking an industrial vibe to the whole building. It is more of a restaurant than a rooftop patio, so if you prefer a beer alongside your beer, go for Gusto 101.

There is another rooftop patio on the terrace up on the roof. Customers can savor the house wine at a price of merely $1/oz. At the same time, People fill up the rooftop patio very quickly than the ground-level terrace.

Reservations are encouraged at Gusto 101.

Address- 101 Portland St, Toronto, ON M5V 2N3, Canada.

If you are someone who is not quite fond of a skyline or sky-high views extending some miles from your viewpoint, some rooftop patios offer a relaxed and setback atmosphere to make you feel all comfortable and cheerful; the Hemingway is one such rooftop bars Toronto.

Not only the rooftop patio but some cool and aesthetic bars have made it to the list. Trattoria Nervosa is on the list of such amazing bars in Toronto.
The bar is on two floors, the restaurant on the ground floor and an open bar on the top floor.

The yellow building of the bar makes it quite attractive on the street and, on entering, offers a different view of the busy street of Toronto.

Some other popular rooftop patios in Toronto worth mentioning in the list are The Hemingway, Trattoria Nervosa, SOCO Bar+ kitchen, District Restaurant and Bar, Stackt Bar, and many more.

Take some time from your busy schedule and give that moment of love and warmth to someone who has been waiting to spend some quality time with you for a long time.

And what better place to go than any rooftop patio with an amazing and stunning view. Use our easy go-to guide to pick out your choice of a patio.

Arranging a private event with family or friends or a day out with all the family members together- a celebration of togetherness.

An adventurous night out with friends or A reunion with your school buddies- a night about memorable flashbacks. A time away from your office desk, a stress relief afternoon with your colleagues (where the boss is not invited).

Have a date night planned? Take your partner somewhere here, and they will forever cherish the memories of the romantic evening with you.

Apart from all this, if you want to spend some quality me-time, head over to any of the above-listed rooftop patios, and you will not regret it. The rooftop patios and bars in Toronto will be more than excited to host and welcome you.

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