Why Establishing a Career in USA is Good For You? – 5 Facts!

The H1B visa is a specialized employment-based dual-intended visa program for people of all nationalities coming under the specialty occupation category.

But even students on an F1 visa can avail of an H1B visa after their Optional Practical Training is over.

Why Establishing a Career in the USA is Great For You?

Here are the reasons why you should consider establishing a career in the USA.

1. You Can Study in the USA With an H1B Visa

A host of American Universities have a high percentage of international students on the roll who go on to be H1B visa holders, making their contributions to the US workforce and economy.

Here is the list of the top 5 universities with the maximum number of H1B visas.

1.1 Florida Institute of Technology

Founded in 1958, this school ranks 171st worldwide and has a wide range of STEM students. Offering space engineering with the famous Kennedy Space Center, this college offers degrees in engineering, liberal arts, and psychology.

This institute has produced many notable alumni with a well-equipped research facility, including Wind and Hurricane Impact Research Laboratory or WHIRL.

1.2 New School, New York

This school was founded in 1919. Offering courses in design, liberal arts, performing arts, and social research, the University has a highly inclusive, diverse, and culturally vibrant environment. It invites a plethora of international students.

1.3 Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

Founded in 1890, this institute has a sprawling campus and offers aerospace engineering, biomedical and mechanical engineering courses, sciences and liberal arts, and the law. This university ranks 103rd globally.

1.4 University of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Founded in 1894, this is one of the oldest universities in the US. From extracurricular activities to research facilities, this University vouches for inclusivity and diversity.

The best courses on the radar are the ones in petroleum engineering.

1.5 Suffolk University

This University was founded in 1904. Law, Science, Business, and Arts- all the courses here are rigorous. The impressive internships, along with the liberal environment, make this a desirable institution for international students.

2. Top 5 Visa Employers by Number of Visas Approved

The H1B visas are subject to an annual cap, but huge firms are rallying to get a hold of them to hire the maximum percentage of foreign workers.

Recent visa policy developments may have dampened these companies’ spirit for a brief period, but the petitions in 2017 have reinstated the spirit. Here are the top 5 companies with the maximum number of approved visas.

2.1 Infosys

Infosys, a technological consultancy and digital solutions firm of Indian origin, is in more than 50 countries. It had the highest percentage of H1B visa holders in its branches.

2.2 Capgemini

Capgemini is a French IT firm that ranks among the top 3 IT companies worldwide and has a foothold in 40 countries.

It is a 50-year-old multidisciplinary and multinational firm specializing in retail, telecom, and business solutions apart from tech consultancy.

2.3 Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational corporation specializing in digital solutions, technology, business ventures, and consultancy disciplines.

It is based in more than 46 nations and filed around 13134 Labour Condition Applications in 2016.

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2.4 IBM

An American Multinational Corporation, the International Business Machines Corporation, spans more than 170 countries and has the biggest branch and global reach in this list, ranking 8th in the world for revenue and profits.

2.5 Wipro

Another Indian Multinational Corporation, Wipro, is a multidisciplinary firm with business, healthcare, electronics, home improvement, research and development, and business solutions, apart from having a strong foothold in the IT sector. Wipro submitted around 10607 LCAs in the 2016 fiscal year.

3. Highest Paid Jobs for H1B Visa-Holders

The H1B visa program is a specialized employment and immigration scheme for foreign citizens working in the United States. Many disciplines make up the specialty occupation category of H1B.

Many employers are rallying for H1B visa holders to work for their organizations due to the demand for fresh talent in the workforce. Here are a few of the highest-paid jobs for an H1B visa holder.

3.1 Dentists

Earlier, medical professionals entered the US on a J1 visa, but due to the 2-year residency rule, most of them are now opting for H1B. Dentists are the highest taxpayers in the US.

Dental surgeries and procedures sure cost a lot in the US, and dentists are tapping into this market to emerge as the highest-paid professionals.

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3.2 Software Engineers

THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES with IT giants like Infosys, Capgemini, IBM, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, and their booming IT hubs in the US.

The job profiles have the highest pay packages of all corporate jobs, and with recent changes being implemented by the Trump government, the per capita wage is set to increase by more than double.

3.3 Management Fields

With so many business avenues opening up and organizations specializing in business solutions and various multinational businesses, firms are on the rise; there is an increased demand for MBAs and statisticians to fill the gap and provide a comprehensive and lucrative business strategy to investors.

This is the reason why Global MBAs are rising so much in popularity.

3.4 Hospitality

With the travel industry growing at an unprecedented scale, more and more luxury hotels have opened up their chains in the US. This has generated many high-paying job openings for people belonging to the hospitality industry and hotel management fields.

4. 5 Ways the US Laws Protect You as an H1-B Visa Immigrant

You may have landed that H1-B visa, but you need to be wary of your employers exploiting you and indulging in unfair trade practices.

This can be detrimental to your peace of mind and your professional growth too. You didn’t travel this far to be subjected to such harassment.

Remember that the American government has your back, and laws are safeguarding your interests. Here are a few ways in which US laws protect you when you hold an H1-B visa.

4.1 The Employer Will Sponsor Your Visa

YOUR EMPLOYER FILED the H1-B visa is filed for you the employer, which means they are answerable for any discrepancy or irregularity in filing the documents.

Moreover, the employer first needs to qualify as a visa sponsor according to regulations laid down by the USCIS.

4.2 There Are Wage Specifications to be Followed

The employer is required to provide in writing that you will be paid a wage higher than the prevailing or actual wage. This means you can’t be underpaid, or else your work permit won’t be approved.

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4.3 If You Get Sacked, the Employer Will Help You Relocate

If you get terminated from your job before your visa term is over, your employer will pay for your transportation and compensate you for your efforts. This, by law, is something every employer recruiting an H1B visa holder should do.

4.4 You Are Entitled to Certain Working Conditions

According to immigration laws, if your employer wants to bring you to the US on a work visa, they must provide you with the same working conditions provided to any US citizen at the same job designation. Moreover, your job shouldn’t affect your life adversely in any way.

4.5 Any Discrepancies and Unfair Practice Will Lead to Prosecution

If an employer is reportedly not providing you with wages or satisfactory work conditions or their documents have been forged somehow, they are liable to criminal and civil penalties.

And every employer has to abide by the Labour Condition Application and whatever regulations have been mentioned there.

4.6 You Can Change Your Employer at Any Time You Want

If you’re not satisfied with your current employer, you can always change your job. Despite the filing of your visa application, you are not bound to work for them for the entire term. You can always apply for a change of status and work for a new employer.

5. Things to Know About Renewing Your H1-B Visa

The H1B visa has a validity of 3 years, and it can be extended to another three years, making it a total of 6 years, after which you have to reapply for another H1B visa.

Your H1B visa can only be extended or renewed if your visa classification is the same. If you want to apply for a different visa category, you need to apply it according to a different protocol.

You will be given a form I-94 after being issued an H1B visa, and you need to apply for the renewal process before the date on the I-94 form expires.

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The following documents need to be submitted for the renewal of your H1B visa:

  • Your passport with a validity of at least six months. Your visa can be renewed only if a minimum of 60 days remain from your visa expiration or hasn’t expired for more than a year.
  • Your original form I-94 is given to you by the USCIS inspector at the time of visa stamping. If your Form I-94 expires, you need to submit a Form I-797 Notice of Approval from the USCIS.
  • A letter from your visa sponsor confirming your identity and employment and documents proving the suitability of its business and market position necessary for fulfilling all the conditions for the H1B visa with an original signature of the company’s representative on a company-owned letterhead.
  • A visa application form OF-156 and a passport-size photograph of the visa candidate. The date of birth should be mentioned in words on the forms.
  • Form I-94 of the H4 dependents, if any.

The last thing you require to submit is a non-refundable fee for a machine-readable visa via a demand draft, money order, or a corporate cheque addressed to the US Department of State.

No personal cheques are accepted, and people from certain nations need to pay an additional reciprocity fee. It takes 6 to 8 weeks for the processing of visa renewal.

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