9 Amazing Facts About Lake Louise You Must Know

If you are planning to travel to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, you may want to consider adding Lake Louise to your list of must-see destinations. This iconic glacial lake, located in Banff National Park, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world.

Its crystal-clear turquoise waters are set against a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks, making for a truly breathtaking sight. But Lake Louise is more than just a pretty picture. It is steeped in history and culture, and there are many interesting facts and stories that make it a fascinating destination for visitors.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of these facts and share with you what makes Lake Louise such a special place.

1. Historicial Significance

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park, which is one of the oldest and most popular national parks in Canada. The lake is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and the wife of the Marquess of Lorne, who served as the Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883.

Princess Louise was a keen artist and she visited the area in 1882, where she was so taken by the beauty of the lake that it was named in her honor.

The lake itself is fed by glaciers, and its stunning turquoise color is the result of light reflecting off the finely ground rock particles, or “rock flour,” that is carried into the lake by the glacial meltwater.

The lake is also surrounded by a network of hiking trails, including the famous Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. It is popular with swiss mountaineers.

Lake Louise is not just a summer destination – in fact, it is just as popular in the winter months as it is in the summer. The lake and its surrounding mountains are a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders, with the Lake Louise Ski Resort offering some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Canada.

But Lake Louise is more than just a beautiful natural attraction. It is also home to a rich history and culture, including the indigenous peoples who have lived in the area for thousands of years.

Visitors can learn about the history and culture of the area through a variety of interpretive programs and exhibits, including the Peyto Lake Viewpoint, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

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2. Why does it Matter?

Picked from the thousand reviews shared by the visitors on their travel blogs about the lake, but is that it? Just a great hotel place? No, it is so much more than that you even don’t know so, we decided to make a list based on real facts about the lake to answer all your questions and to tell what makes Lake Louise genuinely outstanding.

So, If you’re planning to visit the lake or are even curious, then welcome aboard the Train to lake Louise cause we are going to reveal mysteries and going to give answers to your questions about Lake Louise.

3. Amazing Facts About Lake Louise

3.1. Lake Louise, Not Moraine Lake

Okay! So, the most common mistake that I found on the internet that people and travelers make while planning to visit the place is that they get confused between Lake Louise with Moraine Lake because when you search an image for lake Louise, it shows the green-blue magnificent lake.

Still, you might overlook that, but the pond you are admiring might be Moraine lake, and if you’ve just realized you’ve looked at the wrong picture don’t worry, and it’s pretty standard.

So is this just the image that lets people and travelers get confused between these two different lakes? And the answer is no because there are a few factors behind people misinterpreting these two lakes:

a) They both are blue-green colors, and they are probably more spectacular in real.

b) If you visit Mirain lake, then Lake Louise is just a 25-minute drive from you.

c) Beautiful mountains surround both lakes.

#fact: In 1979 and 1969, the picture of the valley surrounding the lake was featured in 20 dollar Canadian note by a nickname.

3.2. Living With the Wild

Lake Louise is not just a beautiful lake or just the right picnic spot but also the home to many wild animals.

You can easily find some Bears, Moses, cougars, or might be other mythical creatures from another dimension and if see some wildlife crossing the roads, then don’t panic it is very common there is a 60 km highway just for the wild animals so that they can cross the road and accident like roadkill can be avoided.

It’s like a place where wildlife and people can live side-by-side.

So, yes in lake Lousie, It is common to get encountered by a wild animal but no matter what people say but wildlife can be sometimes dangerous especially when it’s a spot for a beautiful lake, so there are kilometers of installed fencing for the protection from wildlife, and multiple corridors and a highway have been built above the Park Canada and for the roaming animal and their safe passage.

For the wildlife to adopt these new changes in their environment like tunnels and bridges, it took a while, but after more than ten years, the rate of accidents is reduced by 80%.

Lake louise ski resort
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3.3. Lake Louise Is an All-time Cold Lake

Whenever our minds come across the word “lake” the first thing that comes to our mind is a beautiful picnic spot, all warm weather, brilliant sun, and nature’s beautiful sound, and Lake Louise has all these except lake Louise is always cold through the year so you might want pack some warm clothes.

But why lake Louise is cold throughout the year? Because of the continually melting glacier makes the lake either freezing or freeze throughout the year and it’s not like Lake Louise is the only frozen lake you can find in the region, most of the lakes and rivers in that region are equally ice-cold as Lake Louise so what local do is just drive up to the Herbert Lake which is only a 10 min travel.

#fact about Lake Louise: On one side of the lake there is an old diving board, and there is a rumor that it belongs to the chateau’s swimming pool.

3.4. The Actual Center Lake Louise Town

In most of the images of Lake Louise, you see on the internet or the brothers, you find  Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, which is the hotel where the experience is literally out of this world.

Still, most people don’t know that Fairmont Chateau is not the center of the lake because if you go down the hill, you will find where all the action happens.

It is not more than 5 kilometers, and it is a small mall and a bunch of hotels, which is considered the center of Lake Louise, not the Fairmont Chateau.

The thing you would experience there is the hospitality of locals cause you are bound to meet them as they have only a few watering holes in the town, but you can grab some drinks or food at the trailhead and the B&G but not to worry travelers because the village is where the real actions begin because there is this magnificent trail which starts from the town then crossing the forest and stop at the lake.

Hence, the whole journey is just photogenic but beware of bears.

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restaurants in Lake Louise
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3.5. The Mysterious Color of the Lake

There is a mystery regarding the magnificent color of the lake and why is it like that and locals might tell you some legends about the chateau’s waiter.

There are so many theories about the color of the lake that according to the legends, the waited mentioned his customer that every spring, the river is darned and painted, which encourages people to come back next summer to experience the newly painted river and the customers returned as instructed by the waiter.

Still, according to the legend, after that, the waiter was fired.

Scientifically speaking, the real reason behind the beautiful color of the lake is because the glacier melts carried out the rock floor, which is dizzily down the lake, and when sunlight is reflected off these floors, then is seen as a beautiful color of the lake.

3.6. Highest Village With More Bears Than Humans

The upper town in Canada is the village of Lake Louise, which is 1540 meters above sea level, and the 1731 meters above sea level is the chateau lake, Louise.

Around it, people have formed communities, so you feel the fresh air, but the catch is due to its height the oxygen level is quite low so don’t be surprised if you would have trouble breathing.

And there is one more peculiar thing about this highest town in Canada and it is that the plate is habited by grizzly bears, which are a shy creature who lives at high altitude and doesn’t like sharing their space with humans.

Lake Louise’s alpine community offers its visitors an opportunity to watch grizzly bears in their habitat. In the time of summer, the ski resort in the gondola is known as a grizzly gondola, and in the year 2017, out of a month, 29 days bears were spotted.

Out of that 24 days, the grizzly bear was sighted, and if you stick for a while, you might get a chance to see a black bear roam the streets.

3.7. Most loved Ski Resort

Lake Louise is famous for its ski resorts, and there are some ski resorts there that offer the best view of the lake, but my firm favorite is the diversity you can see on the terrain and cement, which is vertical and challenging.

The Ski Resorts at lake Louise are voted as the world’s best Ski Resorts in 2013, 2014, and 2015 but lost 2016’s title to Revelstoke Ski Resort, but every year, ski areas are opened for voting to get nominated for this year’s awards, and it is open for public. So who you’ll be voting for this year?

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3.8. Winter Is Less Busy Than Summer

During the summertime, the lake is filled with tourists who are seeking the adventurous encounter of wild animals, magnificent views, and the mountain experience Woah! Like no other, you can even hike on a world-class hiking trip, kayak, rock climbing, mountain biking, ice fishing, or kids’ games like capturing little fishes and releasing them back, snowshoeing, and a lot more exciting events and activities.

And if you get there at the time of the winter season, the line for the ski lift would be less as compared to the summer season cause at that time, you might have to wait for your turn, but you can skip that with a provider of luxury tours.

One of the main attractions of lake Lousie is the Post hotels, and as they are members of the Chateaux and Relais Fellowship, the hotel enjoys distinction from the other hotels.

The post hotel of lake Louise village is a luxury hotel with a five stars restaurant, that serve inclusive wine cellars of the country; in winter, they offer ice skating, and every year, there is an international event for wine tasting, and tourist enjoys these events a lot.

So, all this is just a few steps away from the village center and on the pipestone river banks.

In fact, In Australia lake, Louise is the ideal winter holiday destination for people who would like to miss snowy peaks, and the ski area is like no other, but the locals disagree with this fact.

3.9. Alpine Skiing World Cup

Last but not least lake Louise is the home of the Alpine Skiing World cup event, which is held in Ski resorts in the northern hemisphere of lake Louise, and it is one the first skiing Areas to open.

The weather and condition at the time of November are perfect for the alpine skiing world cup, and usually, If there is no issue with the weather Ski Resort at lake Louise starts snowing at the beginning of early November, and skiing events begin as early a possible by the locals.

Closing Thoughts

Originally named emerald lake, Lake Louise is known for its spectacular scenery and natural beauty, It is a very popular UNESCO world heritage site.

It is a fantastic winter holiday destination option cause it is filled with exciting events, magical experiences, the highest town in Canada, wildlife experience, sports events, beautiful ice-cold blue-green lake throughout the year, and the best place for skiing for anyone so it’s like an excellent adventure packed in just one place.

There are so many facts people don’t know and misinformation that a blog wouldn’t be enough to share everything at all, so you have to buy some tickets and get there for your next lifetime adventure because now you know all the essential facts that you need to know lake Louise and what makes it so ice-cold special.

To learn more about paid parking, nearby restaurants like lake Agnes teahouse, rules hotel guests have to flows when they visit the canadian rockies, visit the official tourist site.

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