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What are The 6 Best Canadian Cities to Live In Today?

Are you trying to decide which Canadian cities would be ideal for you to start a new chapter of your life? We have your back! We’ll discuss some of Canada’s top cities to live in in this blog.

The country of Canada lies in the northern region of North America. It consists of ten provinces and three territories, making it the world’s second-largest country based on total area. 

Canada is ranked highest among the countries for its international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of lifestyle, economic freedom, and education. 

Hence, it is a good choice for settling in. All you need to do is select a city according to your choice set and move in. So, what’s the best city to live in Canada?

Though most of it is forest and tundra, the country is sparsely populated. Besides Ottawa, Canada’s capital, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are the country’s largest metropolitan areas.

The Top Canadian Cities to Live In

For convenience, we have listed some of the best cities to settle in with their respective details. 

If you are a new student, a new immigrant, or just looking to settle in another part of Canada but don’t know where you should go, here is a list that may help.

Remember, Canada is home to different cities, and whether you love the cold (or not), you will find something that meets your needs.

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1. Ottawa

Not only is it the nation’s capital, but it also has the city population with the highest level of education. Numerous post-secondary, academic, and cultural institutions are located in the city.

It has a humid continental climate. According to Mercer, in 2019, Ottawa was ranked third among other Canadian cities based on the quality of life. 

Also, it was ranked 19th in the world for the same. Mercer ranked Ottawa as the second cleanest city in Canada and the third cleanest city in the world.

Ottawa is a beautiful city, and if you have a whole family immigrating, then this city will be a great choice. The city even has an official site that has all the necessary details.

1.1 Transportation

Ottawa has a good transportation system, like having many airline services at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport and the other two regional airports. 

There are cycle tracks as cycling is a popular mode of transport. It can cost around $88 per month. Inter-city passenger rail and bus services are also available. 

1.2 Education

Ottawa has two main public universities- Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. 

It has two major public colleges- Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiate, and two Catholic Universities in the city are Dominican University College and Saint Paul University. 

There are four main boards for public schools. When it comes to education, this city has a lot to offer.

1.3 Employment

There are a lot of job opportunities, so you do not have to worry about them. 

Some popular occupations are information systems analysts and consultants, retail salespersons, computer programmers, and media developers.

1.4 Cost of Living

Rents can be around $700-1500, utility bills can be $100, and internet bills cost around $38. 

All these costs will fall into place because you will earn a lot! The total monthly expense in this city is approximately $2000.

2. Burlington 

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Definitely among the best Canadian cities to live in today, Burlington is located at the northwestern end of Lake Ontario

It has a humid continental climate with warm, humid summers with a dry winter. These features enhance this city to have good economic strength. 

The city’s proximity to Southern Ontario’s large industries and Hamilton’s transportation infrastructure add to Burlington’s economic base.

It is a sizable city surrounded by gorgeous scenery and the great outdoors. 

You can go on trips and discover different trekking locations. Here, you can live well and access top-notch medical resources. 

Also, in terms of safety, this city has low crime rates. The city even has an official site that has all the necessary details. All of this has led to sustainable growth in the economy.

2.1 Transportation

Burlington Transit is the public transport provider in Burlington. The city has a very developed transport system. There is a commuter rail service, intercity rail service, and rail cargo transportation.

2.2 Education

There are plenty of options to choose from for your kids. 

Burlington has 29 public elementary schools, 14 Roman Catholic elementary level schools, seven public high schools and 3 Catholic high schools. 

McMaster University DeGroote School of Business and Charles Sturt University are the two universities.

2.3 Employment

The robust structure of the economy is driven mainly by the automotive and manufacturing sectors, which have a lot of growth potential. 

Employment is maximum in food processing, packaging, environmental sectors and a few more. Two of the top five largest private-sector employers are Cogeco Cable and Evertz Microsystems. 

Some large public sector employers like the City of Burlington, Halton District School Board and Joseph Brant Hospital. 

Hence employment is not a problem in this city. There are several options to opt for.

2.4 Cost of Living

Burlington stands to be one of the most expensive cities, but it is worth it because of the lifestyle it has to offer.  The average cost of homes is $500,000-560,000, but the average family incomes are pretty high.

3. Toronto 

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Apart from being Ontario’s provincial capital, Toronto is the most popular city in Canada. It’s one of the best Canadian cities to live in today. 

Toronto is also considered the most cosmopolitan city and the most multicultural in the world. 

Toronto is an important destination for immigrants to Canada, reflected in the city’s diverse population. 

The city experiences a hot-summer humid continental type of climate. Besides all this, the city has a low crime rate, making the place a good option for settling in. 

The city even has an official site that has all the necessary details.

3.1 Transportation

Toronto is the central transportation hub for the road, rail, and air networks in Southern Ontario. 

The city has highways, public transit, train services, multi-use trails, and paths. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) operates all of this. 

There is also an extensive network of bicycle lanes. To know more, click here.

3.2 Education

Four public school boards provide elementary and secondary education in the city. There are several supplementary schools, seminaries, and vocational schools. 

The three public Universities are- OCAD University, Ryerson University, and the University of Toronto.

3.3 Employment

This city is the international business, finance, arts, and culture center. It is also a prominent center for music, theatre, motion picture production, and television production. 

There is good strength in technology, design, financial services, tourism, and many more. The city is also home to the headquarters of many Canadian and multinational corporations. 

There is a high concentration of banks and brokerage firms in the city’s Financial District, on Bay Street. Big Five, which comprises Canada’s five largest financial institutions, have its national offices in Toronto

Hence, Toronto is the hub of a huge employment percentage and has many job openings.

3.4 Cost of Living

Apartment cities are pretty high but living in the suburbs will cost you less. A one-bedroom apartment in the city costs around C$1,697, and outside the city costs C$1,318. 

The average monthly disposable income is around C$3,448. So the average cost of living per year will sum up to an amount of C$45,380.

4. Calgary 

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Calgary is in the western province of Alberta and is the largest city in Alberta. 

Another popular Canadian city to live in today, Calgary, is the third-largest municipality in Canada and the largest in western Canada. 

It is also the fourth-largest census metropolitan area (CMA) in Canada and the second-largest in western Canada. 

In 2019, National Post ranked Calgary as the best city in the world for drivers. The city has everything starting from pop culture to rock and roll music. 

Calgary has a high quality of life because of the clean, healthy, and safe facilities all around the city. The city even has an official site that has all the necessary details.

4.1 Transportation

The Calgary International Airport is the city’s major transportation and cargo hub for most of Central and Western Canada. 

It is also Canada’s fourth busiest airport. The Alberta Highway 201 covers several main roads around the city in a circle. 

There are rail services to many places, which is a convenient transport. Many of the downtown office buildings are connected by an extensive skyway network. 

The city also has bus and C-Train services, and the Peace Bridge is for pedestrians and cyclists, which leads right to the Downtown core. 

4.2 Education

The city has the country’s first high school, The National Sport School, which is exclusively for Olympic-calibre athletes. 

There are many schools, and two boards are- the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School District Board. 

Also, in Calgary, Western Canada’s largest public high school is Lord Beaverbrook High School. 

The University of Calgary has the highest enrollment of students for degree courses. Athabasca University also provides distance education programs.

4.3 Employment

Calgary leads in the oil and gas industry, among other Canadian cities. Alberta’s strong job market helps Calgary have a fast-growing region in the country. 

Many major oil and gas companies have their offices in Calgary. The city ranks highest among other Canadian cities in small business and self-employment levels. 

The distribution and transportation hub is in this city and has high retail sales. After Toronto, Calgary has the highest number of head offices. Hence, there are many job opportunities.

4.5 Cost of Living

Housing in this city is affordable as it costs around $457,000. 

In the city, a one-bedroom apartment costs around C$1371, and outside the city, it costs around C$1143. The average monthly disposable salary is approximately C$3978.

5. Vancouver 

Victoria Bc
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Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in Canada, which is said to be the most expensive in the country. Apart from being the cleanest city globally, it is also a huge metropolitan area with the nation’s largest industrial center. 

Vancouver is also home to many foreigners, making the city diverse with different cultures and languages. 

Foreigners immigrate here for attractive job opportunities and educational purposes.

5.1 Transportation

The whole transportation system is pretty good. The city has buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express commuter train service. 

There is a fare concession for small children and older adults. 

5.2 Education

The Vancouver School Board enrolls many students, making it the second-largest school district in the province. There are five public Universities located in Greater Vancouver.

5.3 Employment

Vancouver has the headquarters of forest products and mining companies. The city has become popular in software development, biotechnology, and many other sectors. 

So employment opportunities are abundant. The huge amount of tourism finances and supports the economy and several jobs.

5.4 Cost of Living

The standard of living is pretty high, but it is all worth it in the end because of the city’s features and facilities. 

In a month for one person, food bills can be $300-600, rent can cost around $500-1.6k, and transportation costs $90-172.  Utility bills cost around $800-2000; hence, $1845-4752 can be your expenditure.

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6. Waterloo 

Among the three cities in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, the city f Waterloo is the smallest. The city has a high living standard and is also enriched in cultural diversity. 

The city even has an official site that has all the necessary details.

6.1 Transportation

The city has an express bus, light rapid transit, rail, and inter-city bus services.

6.2 Education

In 2007, Waterloo was named the Top Intelligent Community by the Intelligent Community Forum. There are many schools and universities for secondary and post-secondary education. It is a good place to study in.

6.3 Employment

Waterloo is a part of Canada’s Technology Triangle and focuses on all areas of economic development. it is based on knowledge and service, and several insurance and high-tech sectors exist. 

The city has three very well-known think tanks too. The city is also home to significant breweries and distilleries. There is a significant amount of job openings available.

6.4 Cost of Living

In the city, a one-bedroom apartment costs around $1308, and outside the city costs $1080.  Waterloo is cheaper than many other cities in Canada, making it a popular choice for many new immigrants.

Closing Thoughts

Our list, by no means, is exhaustive. Canadian cities are diverse and flavorful. 

Maybe one other factor that could affect your decision is also what you can visit in your life after moving, here are some that most people brag about prince edward island, heritage park historical village, royal Ontario museum, old Quebec city, cobblestone streets, resort town, Canadian museum, UNESCO world heritage site and of course Toronto international film festival.

The capital city, British Columbia, these best cities in Canada, are major urban centers to live. For a more quiet life, maybe nearby a national park, like Yukon wildlife preserve or lake Ontario ( which also offers many hiking trails), are better options than the above-mentioned cities in Canada.

No matter where you want to live – whether it be a big city like Vancouver or a small town like Kelowna in B.C.- you will love the experience. Smaller cities tend to have more open jobs, given their limited population. 

While you may get better high-paying jobs in bigger cities like Toronto, if you aren’t in the I.T. industry, or if your work can be done from a smaller town, there is no reason you shouldn’t look at them.

Where do you want to settle in Canada? Let us know below.

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