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10 Best Neighborhoods: Meet Great Neighbors

If you are considering moving to Edmonton, Alberta, you should consider the best neighborhoods in Edmonton where you will settle down. Each person has their own set of considerations that lead them to choose a particular neighbourhood over another.

It may be because of differences in the area’s amenities, schools, crime rates, home prices, or even the kind of homes available for purchase.

On the other hand, several neighbourhoods in Edmonton, Alberta, are very well-liked, and when rated as favourites, they will consistently be found at the top of the list.

1. Here Are Some Best Neighborhoods 

1.1. Ritchie

One of Edmonton’s most desirable communities, Ritchie, is in southeast Edmonton. Robert Ritchie, the mill’s original proprietor and a previous mayor of Strathcona, inspired the name.

Many new businesses and residences have made Ritchie a great place to live for young families and working professionals. Downtown, Mill Creek Ravine, and Old Strathcona are all within walking distance, giving residents easy access to vibrant nightlife. Mill Creek Ravine is one of the best places to go biking, and the area around it is rich with cafés and cycling culture.

In 1992, residents banded together to form the Ritchie Community League. It manages a community centre, several parks, and playgrounds in the area bounded by 98th and 77th avenues.

Ritchie’s three most well-known schools are Escuela Mill Creek Elementary School, Ecole Joseph-Moreau Junior High School, and the Learning Store. During the spring of 2017, residents of Ritchie worked together to construct the Richie market at the corner of 96th Street and 76th Avenue. Within this cutting-edge commercial complex, you’ll find some of the finest eateries, boutiques, and a brewery.

Single-family detached houses, condos, and duplexes are all available in the Ritchie area.

1.2. Strathcona District

Strathcona is another fantastic and best neighborhood in Edmonton, Alberta, that is perfect for those who like going out at night. Because of the allure of its ancient culture and the unparalleled entertainment options it provides, it is also an excellent destination for travelers from other countries and those from the surrounding area.

As a result of the high quality of the live music and theatre performances that can be found there, Strathcona has earned the reputation of being Edmonton’s most romantic neighborhood. The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is one of the largest theatre festivals in the world, and its administrative offices are located in the neighborhood of Strathcona.

Its location is ideal since it is immediately next to Downtown, Queen Elizabeth Pool, and Whyte Avenue. It is also close to the campus of the University of Alberta and the river valley.

E.L. Hill Park, End of Steel Park, Mill Creek Ravine Park, Strathcona Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park are among the most well-known parks and open areas.

Public schools on Elk Island, private schools on Elk Island, and the Conseil Scolaire Center are some of the finest educational institutions parents may choose for their children.

1.3. Garneau

One of the most prominent historic areas in Edmonton is called Garneau. Inside this neighborhood, there is a whole block devoted to demonstrating how the early people of the area lived before the advent of industrialization. Laurent Garneau, who first settled in the area in 1874 with his wife Eleanor, is honored with the naming of this place.

The former industrial district of Garneau has been transformed into a dynamic community with a healthy balance of commercial and residential activity. Because the University of Alberta can be found in this city, the culture of a university town may be found here.

The well-known 109 Street is a bustling commercial district that attracts residents and tourists looking to purchase a broad range of goods. In addition, this area is home to the renowned Garneau Theatre, which was developed in 1940 by the architect William Blakey.

The Sugar Bowl, High-Level Dinner, and the Red Bike store, one of the favorites for bikers, are just a few of the restaurants and entertainment venues found along 88 Avenue, a trendy street for eating and entertainment. The Garneau Elementary School, St. John’s Institute, and the University of Alberta are close to one another.

1.4. Aspen Gardens

The private community of Aspen Gardens may be found within the southwest corner of the leading neighborhoods in Edmonton, far over the well-known Whitemud River Gorge.

It was built between the 1960s and the 1970s as an elective lodging option for a subset of Edmonton individuals who needed to work within the city but live in a quiet, unmistakable, and affluent bequest. This was done between the 1960s and the 1970s.

The parcels in Aspen Gardens were much greater than the typical size, making them a fabulous choice for building a extravagant domestic. Aspen Gardens could be a neighborhood within the city that’s not as thickly occupied as a few other communities and is domestic to a few of the wealthiest individuals within the city. Typically, one of the reasons it has one of the least wrongdoing rates in Edmonton.

Both the Vernon Barford Junior Tall School and the Westbrook Rudimentary School are considered to be among the exceptionally finest schools within the Aspen Gardens range.

The Aspen Gardens Community Association is the organization that talks for the community of Aspen Gardens. Inhabitants can connect the association at costs that are inside their monetary implies, giving them access to a wide assortment of the most well-known open air exercises, such as swimming, soccer, celebrations, and music. Moreover, it gives inhabitants a unique chance to lock in in discussion.

The larger part of the homes in Aspen Gardens are single-family homes, which contributes to the community’s sense of pride. In expansion, it has totally develop trees, wonderful walkways that are open to both walkers and cyclists, and a assortment of eateries and excitement scenes.

1.5. Greenfield

Greenfield is also known as Petrolia because there is a well-known little retail complex in Greenfield that is also named Petrolia. Herbert Greenfield, who served as Premier of Alberta from 1921 to 1995, is honored by the naming of this place.

Even though many flats and duplexes are available for rent, most of the population here lives in single-family houses in the best neighborhoods. Greenfield can be reached relatively easily from the 111 Street entrance, the LRT stations, and Century Park.

Greenfield, which had a population of around 3,640 people and a higher average household income than other communities in Edmonton, was the subject of a municipal census in 2012. The neighborhood of Greenfield benefits from an improved level of mobility as a direct result of the well-organized road network as well as public transportation.

The Greenfield Community League serves as the community’s representative organization. It is responsible for planning activities, games, and programmes that are accessible to both children and adults at reasonable membership costs.

Greenfield Public School, St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School, and the Academy for Math’s and Sciences are three of the finest schools in the area that cater to young families and are located in areas that are located in Greenfield.

1.6. Glenora

The beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley may be seen from the residential area of Glenora in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Glenora is located in Canada’s province of Alberta.

The community of Glenora is alive and bustling with activity. It would help if you didn’t miss out on seeing sights like the Royal Alberta Museum and the Alberta Government House while in the province. Because of how near it is to both Downtown and River Valley, it has many people living in it.

Most residences in the Glenora area are of an older design and are organized as single-family houses on expansive lots. The Glenora area is distinguished by its large, well-established trees, clean streets, stunning, extensive parks and the best neighborhoods.

Glenora is home to four different educational institutions: the Glenora Elementary School, the Westminster Junior High School, the St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School, and the Progressive Academy (private school).

1.7. Queen Alexandra

 best neighborhoods in Edmonton
Image by Patrick Routledge from Pixabay/ copyright 2013

Residential and business real estate is available in the Queen Alexandra neighborhood. Alexandra was a part of Strathcona city in the past, and it got its name from the wife of King Edward VII of England at the time.

The Queen Alexandra neighborhood may be reached from the North through Whyte Avenue, from the East via 104 Street, from the West via 109 Street, and from the South by 70 Avenue. In addition to being close to the University of Alberta, these lovely residences in an older style can be seen in this area.

On the other hand, it has lately documented the creation of new condominium buildings. Through either 109 or 104 streets, Queen Alexandra residents have uncomplicated access to the central business district.

According to the municipal census completed in 2012, the total population was 4,694 people. Duggan Street/Queen Alex School, Queen Alexandra Elementary School, Strathcona Composite High School, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Schools are the four schools that students in the Queen Alexandra area have access to for their educational needs.

Alexander Circle, Rollie Miles Athletic Field, Strathcona Leisure Center, Southside Athletic Grounds, and Southside Arena are well-known recreational facilities in the Queen Alexandra districts.

1.8. Downtown

 best neighborhoods in Edmonton
Image by Wissam Hajj from Pixabay/ copyright 2020

The Central Business District of Edmonton, Alberta, is located in the Downtown Edmonton area. The geographical heart of Edmonton city is where you’ll find this establishment, making it an ideal location.

When you are in the Downtown core area has the best neighborhoods , it is much simpler to get to other surrounding neighborhoods by using 97 Street to the East, 97 Avenue to the South, 105 Avenue to the North, and 109 Street to the West, which is Edmonton’s oldest neighborhood. The North Saskatchewan River may be found on the southeast side of Downtown, which is also near the area.

The census conducted by the municipal council of Edmonton in 2014 revealed that downtown had a total population of 13,148 people. Several reputable educational establishments may be found in the downtown area.

Among these are the campuses of MacEwan University, Alberta College, and NorQuest College, as well as Center High Public School, Boyle Street Educational Center, and Grandin Elementary school.

The downtown area is home to several historical treasures and cultural heritage sites, including the arts District and the spectacular Churchill Square.

Underground Tap & Grill, Fionn MacCool’s, Baiju, Tzin Wine & Tapas, and Sorrentino’s Downtown are just a few top bars and restaurants that one may dine at and brag about. Other notable establishments are Tzin Wine & Tapas and Sorrentino’s Downtown.

1.9. Oliver

Oliver is a residential community located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Frank Oliver, an early settler who was also active in politics, is honored with the naming of this place. The area has a high population density due to its advantageous geographic location, making it an excellent prospect for commerce and investment.

The neighborhood of Oliver takes excellent satisfaction in having some of the most attractive sidewalks in all of Edmonton city. The Grandin neighborhood is located in the southeast corner of Oliver, and it is here that both the Grandin LRT Station and the Grandin School can be found.

Because Oliver is situated in the city’s geographic center, many of its citizens find it relatively easy to get about, and numerous conveniences and services are just a few meters away.

Because Oliver is one of the oldest and best neighborhoods, you will most certainly find older houses, most of which are single-family dwellings scattered across the various sections of the area. Many renters are driving up demand for housing, which is being met by the construction of new apartment complexes and condos.

Jasper Avenue is the finest spot to go to Oliver to shop or have fun. You’ll find everything you need there. It’s the central street in the best Edmonton neighborhoods, packed with stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, coffee shops, and other essential facilities you may want.

The Royal Glenora Club, Victoria Golf Course, young families and, Victoria Park, royal Alberta Museum are all located in the neighbourhood and provide a variety of amenities and recreational opportunities.

Oliver’s inhabitants use the High-Level Bridge and the Groat Bridge to access the River Valley’s south side. Oliver School, Whyte Avenue, Edmonton Catholic Schools, other Canadian city centres and Grandin Elementary School are just a few schools where local families send their children to get an education.

1.10. Westmount

Southwest Edmonton, Alberta, central location Canada’s Westmount neighbourhood is a well-established residential community that may be found in the province of Alberta. 111 Avenue limits it to the North and Groat Road to the West Edmonton mall, and it is incredibly near to the central business district of Downtown. Groat Estates is another name for the southern part of Westmount, also called Groat.

The history of development in Westmount and among one of the best neighborhoods, may be traced back to 1910 when there was a need for newly graduated young professionals to have residences built for them. This close-knit community has not altered much since the 1980s, even though it has seen slow but steady expansion.

It has a long history of engaged citizens, inhabitants who take pride in their community and welcoming people. The well-known West-Edmonton Mall is located in the Westmount neighborhood of Edmonton. This area is known for having kind and inviting people that live here.

Social facilities are available, such as parks for leisure and retail malls, pubs, and restaurants. The stores and restaurants near the intersection of 124th Street and 102nd Avenue are among the finest that you can find anywhere in the area.

Individuals who choose to live in single-family houses, apartments, or contemporary condos may all find what they’re looking for in the Westmount area with the Canadian real estate association since it has a diverse selection of housing options conveniently located in a centrally located town.

2. Conclusion

Regarding popular neighborhoods, the best neighborhoods, Alberta, are trendy and frequently appear at the top of the list. Regarding popular neighborhoods, Edmonton, Alberta campus has some of the most significant neighborhoods in the country.

The city that is the most populous in North America and has the northernmost latitude also has a vibrant cultural scene comprising year-round festivals, museums, theatres, and musical events. This ensures that the city has something to offer every one of its residents.

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