best places to take pictures in Toronto best places to take pictures in Toronto

Capturing the Beauty: 14 Best Places to Take Pictures In Toronto

A well-curated and detailed list of the best places to take pictures in Toronto is the subject of this article.

Toronto, besides being the most populous city in Canada, is also known for its cultural, financial, architectural, and geographically significant influence on Canada.

Ever wondered which are the most photo-worthy places in Toronto that you would love to visit? Read on to know about it.

Best Places to Take Picture in Toronto

Here are some of the best places in Toronto where you can try clicking!

1. Nathan Phillips Square

An urban plaza in Toronto is Canada’s largest city square occupying an area of 12 acres. The Nathan Phillips Square is easily one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

It forms the forecourt to Toronto City Hall at the intersection of Queen Street West and Bay Street.

The reflecting pool is situated in the southwestern corner of the square and, in the winter months, is an entertainment source for ice skating.

You can get awesome pictures even if you are there during Christmas or New Year’s, as New Year’s eve and the Cavalcade of Lights Festival, both events are held here.

best places to take pictures in toronto

2. The Gooderham Building

Also known as the Flatiron Building, it is more than a century-old office building at 49 Wellington Street East. The building is well known for the narrow wedge shape it displays and the mural on the back wall.

The architecture of the building finds its roots in the Romanesque Revival movement. Berczy Park is a small park located behind the Gooderham Builday, which is famous for a fountain featuring 27 cast iron dogs spouting water.

Both these locations provide a good viewpoint of the Flatiron building and are one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

3. Scarborough Bluffs

Also known as the Bluffs, it is an escarpment in the Scarborough district of Toronto and features nine Parks. Bluffers Park is the one that has a beach.

This place is one of the most sought out destinations by photographers and tourists and is, therefore, one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

But a word of warning is advised, the escarpment is subject to erosions and flooding and can lead to collapse. So, trekkers and photographers are advised to exercise extra safety and precaution.

The individuals who break the warning sign/laws laid by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and enter restricted areas can be fined 5000$!

best places to take pictures in toronto

4. Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands are a group of 15 tiny islands in the Lake of Ontario, south of Mainland Toronto. The Island can be accessed from ferries that leave from Jay Layton Ferry Terminal.

The best time to visiting this little heaven would be before sunset and then relishing a joyful moment of photo sessions and laughs at Twilight.

The Islands are not only one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto, but also have additional recreational activities and services like an amusement park, a yacht club, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boat services.

If you want, you can take your bicycle on the ferry or, better yet, rent a bicycle at the islands and get yourself a good exercise and exploration time.

The Ward’s Island and Centre Island are especially popular among tourists as they provide good photography material. You’ll get one of the best pictures of the CN Tower from here!

best places to take pictures in toronto

5. Casa Loma

A Gothic Revival Style Mansion in midtown Toronto, Casa Loma, is now a historic house museum.

The interior of the house was intricately designed by European artisans, whose work can be reflected in the ceiling, furniture, ornaments, and textile layering of the mansion.

The Gothic features of the mansion have been an influential addition to horror movies and shows like Goosebumps, Shadowhunters, Hemlock Gloves, and even Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows.

Visit the location in spring or summer time during the afternoon or early evening, and you will get excellent shots of the mansion with the blossoming roses in the garden.

Casa Loma is easily one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto. Hey, if you are lucky, and you work hard, maybe you can have your wedding held at this mansion one day!

best places to take pictures in toronto

6. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a public research university located on the grounds that surround Queen’s Park in Toronto. It was established in the year 1827.

The university is quite popular, and the colleges associated with the university are highly reputed from which Nobel Laureates have graduated.

The stunning architecture is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic revival style buildings. The main building of the university college is a blend of Richardsonian Romanesque and Norman architecture.

The university also features the artistically significant Hart House and Soldier’s Tower, which contribute to the prominent history of the architecture and culture of Toronto.

Indeed the city is a well-known center of recreation, culture, leisure, architecture, and media, and The University of Toronto, one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto. Don’t be surprised if you see the University feature in several movies!

best places to take pictures in toronto

7. CN Tower

If you are in Toronto and haven’t been to the CN Tower yet, what are you doing? The Canadian National Railway Company in 1976, built the CN Tower, the signature of the Toronto skyline, as a communications and observations tower.

For a long time, it was the tallest free-standing structure, until the Burj Khalifa overtook it in 2007. You can get incredible views from various heights of the tower.

There is a restaurant in the main pod of the tower. As you are sipping your favorite coffee, you can look down at the city of Toronto, which will look like a tiny board game.

There is also a glass floor, through which you can look directly down to the ground level, *shivers*.

And if you are looking for the thrill of your lifetime, take a walk on the Edgewalk, where you can walk around the roof of the central pod, tethered by an overhead rail system, but hands-free!

Beautiful Secrets of Toronto
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8. Rogers Centre

A multi-purpose stadium, also known as the Skydome, is situated near the northern shore of Lake Ontario, and just southwest of the CN Tower.

The stadium is known to host baseball, football, basketball, and even trade fairs, conventions, concerts, monster truck shows, carnivals, and circuses.

If you ever get an opportunity to attend a live game at the Rogers Centre, do not miss it! The Canadian vibe will infect you with enthusiasm and euphoria.

The stadium is also close to the SkyWalk, which is a 500 meter enclosed walkway from the base of the CN Tower connected to the Union Station.

From inside the Skydome, you can get awesome pictures of the CN Tower as well, making this place one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

best places to take pictures in toronto

9. Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is an urban beach park in Toronto. It derives its name from the Redpath Sugar Refinery, which is situated directly across the beach in the East Bayfront neighborhood.

The beach serves the purpose of relaxation, leisure, recreation, and photography. Swimming is not allowed in Lake Ontario.

The beach is popular among the locals and tourists alike for its ornamental lighting, Muskoka chairs, rocky amphitheater, the pastel pink umbrellas, and a pedestrian walking area paved with granite setts.

The beach cost around 14 million dollars and was opened in 2010.

It is a very popular place among youngsters and couples and equally refreshing to visit in the winter season too. Sugar Beach is, no doubt, one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

best places to take pictures in toronto
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10. High Park

If you are tired of the overcrowded metropolis and want to have a photo session all to yourself amid nature, then going to High Park will be your best decision.

A municipal park in Toronto, High Park is a natural park with recreational activities too, with facilities like sporting, gardens, playground, zoo, and café available here too.

One-third of the park remains in the natural state. It is one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto, where you can create a picturesque environment, blending in with lush gardens present in the park.

The park is also very well known for the hundreds of cherry blossom trees that it nourishes. Getting a nice bright picture around them is a boon sent straight from Japan.

Got enough pictures with trees and flowers? No worries, head straight to the zoo, where you can pose crazily with the Capybara, peacocks, and reindeer.

best places to take pictures in toronto
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11. Ireland Park

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario on Eireann Quay, Ireland Park was opened in the summer of 2007 to commemorate thousands of Irish immigrants.

They fled Ireland during the Great Famine. The park is renowned for the bronze sculptures made by the Irish sculptor, Rowan Gillispie.

The sculptures feature a pregnant woman, a jubilant man, and three others that try to convey the situations of the Great Irish Famine.

Being close to the Quay and the Lake Ontario, the park provides excellent views of the skyline of Toronto, picturing CN Tower and some other skyscrapers.

If you go in the morning hours, you’ll see the brilliant reflections of the building in the Lake, and if you go in the evening or night, you’ll get yourself excellent pictures of the lighted skyline. Ireland Park is one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

12. Old City Hall

One of Toronto city’s most recognized and prominent structures, the Old City Hall, is a Romanesque type architecture and courthouse that was home for a long time to the Toronto city council.

The well known architectural features of the City Hall include the brilliant clock tower, which is 103 meters tall! Bronze style Gargoyle statues sit on the four corners of the clock.

The interior of the City Hall depicts three large oak doorways, Murals created by renowned Canadian artists depicting the history of Toronto, a collection of artifacts, and European style crafted pillars, woodwork, floor, and furniture.

A water body is present exactly in front of the City Hall, facing the Clock Tower. You can get excellent pictures of yourself with the City Hall and the Clock Tower in the background, which makes it one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

best places to take pictures in toronto

13. The Royal Ontario Museum

A globally reputed museum of art, world culture, and natural history, it is the largest museum in Canada and attracts more than 1 million every year. It was opened in 1914 and had more than 40 galleries and 6 million items.

The Lee-Chin Crystal was added to the main building and opened in 2007. Although highly controversial among the public for giving the entire museum an “ugly” appearance and costing too much money, the crystal is one of the distinguishing features of the ROM museum and one of the best places to take pictures in Toronto.

Apart from the picturesque value, the museum contributes to the average tourist cum photo enthusiast. The museum has some excellent stuff to explore through.

Galleries of archaeology, geology, zoology, costumes and textiles, natural history, outer space material/objects, and more.

best places to take pictures in toronto

14. Fairmont Royal York

Formerly known as the Royal York, it is a huge historic luxury hotel and the first choice of Queen Elizabeth II whenever she is in Toronto! The hotel is situated in Downtown Toronto.

The hotel features a Châteauesque-style architecture, which is a French Renaissance Revivalist architecture.

Like previously said, Canada is indeed a country known for its European style culture and architecture!

If you are on your budget and do not want to spend too much on the hotel, you can still visit it for a nice cup of coffee and have a little photo session for yourself! The hotel has a stunning lobby that features a beautiful clock in the center.

You will get your best pictures from the upper point of the lobby. The hotel provides many unique features and services, although it is hardly surprising.

The Fairmont Royal York is definitely on our list of best places to take pictures in Toronto.

best places to take pictures in toronto
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There are so many other prominent points in the blissful, modern and cultural city of Toronto that can be included in this list of best places to take pictures in Toronto, like Aga Khan Museum, HTO Park, Polson Pier, Humber Bay, Graffiti Alley, Art Gallery of Ontario.

Our list limits to these 14 best places to take pictures in Toronto!  Which are the best places in Toronto that provided you great photo opportunities for your gallery? Write in the comments section.

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