What Makes the H1B Visa So In-Demand?

The H1B visa program has given wings to many dreams. It has set so many careers and uplifted so many families. The USA is a world superpower. And this is why people strive so hard to be a part of this country. There’s everything. Opportunities, urban ways of living, a better standard of living, you name it, they have it. But there are so many more reasons why the H1B visa is globally in demand.

Let us discuss why this visa scheme is so popular despite the Trump administration’s stringent policy changes recently introduced.

What Makes the H1B Visa So In-Demand?

What Makes Getting an H1B Favourable?

The Basic Structure of the H1B Visa

The duration, application process, and overall structure of the H1B visa are highly advantageous to foreign specialty occupation workers. The dual intent nature of this visa makes it possible for visa holders to apply for permanent citizenship. The 3-year duration plus the 3-year extension is highly advantageous for specialty workers in terms of career growth.

The Existing State of the Foreign Countries

Let’s face it; most people come to the US because their home countries are struggling in terms of infrastructure, economy, and in some cases, political and social stability. The US offers them everything they can’t get in their countries back home. This is one of the major reasons why the H1B visa is so popular.

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The Stability in the US

The US is a global superpower. All the big companies have their headquarters here. There is no shortage of opportunities, avenues, and facilities for foreign immigrants here. The stable economy and the well-structured job market are important factors leading to increased demand for this visa program.

The Facilities Available

The H1B visa has provisions to allow spouses and children to study and work under special circumstances in the US. This helps secure the future of the foreign workers’ families. It also ensures that the visa holders live with their spouse and kids in the form of H4 dependents, so they don’t have to stay away from each other during their stay in the US.

Advantages of Being an H1B Visa Holder in Research

Researchers are indispensable to the world today because of their contributions to the world of education and technology. Here are a few advantages that researchers with H1B visas have over the others.

Job During OPT

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For researchers on an F1 visa, it is possible to find attractive job offers and continue working as soon as your H1B visa petition is approved.

Better Job Opportunities

Researchers coming to the US on an H1B visa can be assured of a good job opportunity to kick their careers. The institutions and laboratories and scientific and innovation centers in the US are hubs for talented researchers. And the amount of breakthroughs in this industry requires a talented set of research scholars from all around the globe.

Easier Approvals

America is looking for researchers to contribute to education, science, and technology through its innovation. Hence researchers have a smoother job search experience as compared to other occupations.

Cap Exempt

Suppose you end up working for a government agency, nonprofit organization, or higher education institution. In that case, you can avail of a cap-exempt status, and it’s easier to get a job in the areas mentioned above as these require a large number of researchers on board. This helps you escape the highly competitive lottery cap.  

Permanent Residency

STEM researchers can easily avail of a green card. There are two categories for doing so: the EB-1 or EB-2 category.

The EB-1 visa is further sub-classified into EB-1A for extraordinary ability and EB-1B for candidates classified as outstanding researchers.

Advantages USA offers to H1B Professionals.

The H1B visa program is employee-based. The visa candidate can’t file the applications for an H1B visa. Your employer files them, and only when the employer fulfills all the conditions and submission of all the paperwork can you avail of the visa. So your visa approval depends a great deal on your employer. But even after getting the visa issued, loyalty to your employer is of paramount importance.

Here’s why:

1. Unlimited Applications

You can apply for any number of H1B visas in your lifetime. There’s no limit. As soon as your term expires, you can apply for another term, no questions asked.

2. Dual Intent:

The dual intent of the H1B visa states that you can apply for a lawful permanent residency while on an H1B visa. You need to apply for a Green Card and spend a designated time in the US for that.

3. Job Security:

The specifications laid down for employers are extremely strict regarding the H1B visa. The working conditions have to be satisfactory, and your job can’t be terminated without a lawful reason. This regulation ensures that your interests are protected at all times.

4. Employer Flexibility:

One of the H1B visa advantages is that you can change your employer how many times you want. And that won’t shorten your visa duration. You are not bound to work for the employer who sponsored your visa. You can always change your job.

5. Advantage for the Family:

Your spouse and children can enter and reside in the US for as long as your H1B visa is valid, and they can also study in any school, whether part-time or full-time. Your spouse can also work here part-time by obtaining a special work permit.

Advantages of Being Loyal to Your H1B Sponsor

The H1B visa program is employee-based. The visa candidate can’t file the applications for an H1B visa. Your employer files them, and only when the employer fulfills all the conditions and submission of all the paperwork can you avail of the visa. So your visa approval depends a great deal on your employer. But even after getting the visa issued, loyalty to your employer is of paramount importance. Here’s why.

Better Job Conditions

When you stay loyal to your visa sponsor, they will ensure that you get the best working conditions, and that the employer takes good care of you. They will understand that you’re a valuable asset to their organization, and your well-being will be important to them.


Loyalty to your employer is one of the factors governing your incentives. Loyalty and dedication towards your job help you perform better at work, which lands you a lot of incentives and increments.

Better Care For Your Family:

Suppose your H1B visa consists of H4 dependents. In that case, your loyalty will go a long way in giving the best life possible to your spouses and children- from quality education to various benefits other than the ones already a part of the specifications.

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Safeguarding Your Interests:

In the case of unfavorable conditions and any altercations at work, your loyalty will count. Any disputes and pondering over them will take into account your competence and loyalty before reaching a decision. This helps save you from a lot of trouble. Even if you make a mistake, that will be excused in the initial stages if you’re a loyal employee.

Better Situations During Layoffs:

If your company is on the verge of shutting down or layoffs are underway, your loyalty will save you from impending doom. If the company is shutting down, your employer will ensure an easier transition for you, and layoffs won’t be a cause of worry anymore.

H-1B Visas Benefit Both India and the US

The latest study shows that the H-1B visa system issuing Green cards has proved beneficial for India and the US. This was noticed after US President Donald Trump introduced the new merit-based system visas for immigrants wanting permanent residency in the US.

The H-1B visa program has been beneficial for India and the US as it created a combined income rise of about $17.3 billion between the early 90s’ and 2001. Center for Global Development and the University of Michigan revealed that the overseas migration of skilled workers into the US had boosted both countries’ sectors by 0.45% in 2010.

Trump’s Severe Measures on H-1B Visas

Trump has often criticized the H-1B visa program in public. In March 2016, he said in a statement, “The H-1B program is neither skilled nor immigration, these are temporary foreign workers, imported from abroad for the explicit purpose of substituting American workers at low pay. Earlier this year, in April, Trump had ordered the H-1B visa procedures to be reviewed to support his “Buy American, Hire American” propaganda.

And the executive order has been signed by Trump, which is more stringent towards the criteria on which skilled workers from abroad are granted visas to work in the US and restrict foreign investors from bidding on federal projects. The new measure also adds that American companies will only hire skilled overseas workers if they fail to find an American for the job profile.

US Workers Benefit From the H-1B Visa

Statistics show that India and the US benefitted from the tech boom, led by the H-1B visa scheme. There has been considerable profit in firm productivity and consumer welfare.

Although studies show many drawbacks caused by the H-1B visa scheme, this scheme’s benefits outweigh the rest.

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