Things To Do In Canmore – 13 Exciting Options!

What are some exciting things to do in Canmore? Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada. And it offers various exciting things to do in Canmore

Canmore gives you a visual treat of the Canadian Rockies. It is more than just a town. We only know the beauties of cities but towns offer the same too. Canmore is Alberta’s ninth-largest town.

Initially, Canmore was a coal mine area dedicated to the service of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Since then, the town has flourished into a beautiful tourist spot. About a few km away from Calgary, you can settle back in the guesthouses.

Adventure seekers will love Canmore. There are several exciting things to do in Canmore. No matter how long you stay here, you’ll still wish to visit here again and again.

Spending summer vacation in Canmore is ideal. Winters can be fun too with ski and snowboarding. In summer feel the freshness of palm trees, mountains, rivers, and lakes.

This article serves your query on exciting things to do in Canmore. Check it out to add to your bucket list.

Best Time to Visit Canmore?

Canmore is exciting all year round. Things to do in Canmore can be done both in summer and winter. Summers offer green nature while winters offer beautiful snow. The ones who don’t’ like chilly weather can visit here during winter.

Photo by kavramm from Depositphotos

The temperature remains warm, but not that hot. Temperature changes between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. Nights are colder as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Canmore is all about mountains. High-altitude areas receive unpredictable weather.

During winter, skiing is the prime activity. Local resorts are almost crowded. As winters are icy, so avoid activities like hiking or trekking. Spring can be chilly, too, so make sure to bring layered clothes.

If you wish to explore deeper, then autumn is the best. Fall is beautiful and receives less crowd. Enjoy the crisp air with favorable weather.

Each season offers a unique experience. Visit according to your convenience.

Now when you know about the best to visit? Let’s check on the exciting things to do in Canmore. 

Top 13 Exciting Things to Do in Canmore

The town of Canmore offers plenty of activities to try out. Planning for a trip to Canmore is incomplete without fun things to do in Canmore. Each point describes activities well.

An excellent trip always needs a detailed guide. Have an enjoyable read.

1. Hiking

Hiking is the most popular activity among things to do in Canmore among tourists. Once in Canmore, try out this exciting activity. While in town, you’ll see most of the people are fitter than you. Canmore people love to enjoy outdoor activities.

Hiking is an adventurous activity. All you need is summer wear, hiking equipment, and a trekking pole. The Canadian Rockies offer more than 100 trails to hike.

Each trail delivers a unique scenery. An ideal activity for adventure seekers.

One can even spot wildlife, beautiful flora, and fauna while hiking. Carry good grip shoes, enough water, and plentiful snacks.

Always remember to adjust your body well at high altitudes. Hydrate your body at each spot. Have plenty of food.

Don’t forget the bear spray. You might spot bears on your way. Hiking trails range from severe, to easy, and moderate. Some need an hour to complete, while a few require multiple days.

If you’re a beginner, then hike towards Ha-Ling-Peak. The scenic view is overwhelming.

Check out Canmore’s beautiful Grassi lake.  

2. Whitewater Rafting

Kananaskis Rafting - White Wolf Rafting (Canmore, AB)

Whitewater rafting is one of the daring things to do in Canmore. This activity includes rafting on the gushing river. Only a daring heart can try this out. But rapids do differ in class.

Class 1 to 2 is an easy level rafting; river rapids are fewer. Classes 3 to 4 are moderate, and 5 to 6 are challenging.

Beginners and families are recommended to try class 1 or 2 levels of rafting. Real adventure is a difficult one. Feel the adrenaline rush as the rivers flow in full form. Make sure to check all safety gear. Though safety is well maintained.

Tourists love the Kicking Horse River Rafting near Golden, BC. Also, check out the Bow River that flows through Canmore. Whitewater activities can be enjoyed in May and June.

If you wish for more rapids, then come after June till September. During the monsoon seasons, rapids are higher. Experience floating down the gushing river surrounded by majestic mountains.

3. Horseback Riding

An exciting activity in Canmore, is horseback riding. A romantic adventure that takes you through the Canadian Rockies. There are skilled horses ready to give you an incredible ride.

Rides differ with time. Some are 2 hours ride while others can be a six-night total ride.

If you’re into horseback riding, go for the six-night long, the trip is adventurous. You’ll get to explore more of Canmore through this ride. A beautiful tour that takes you amidst the backcountry. You will experience a different side of Canmore.

Whether you wish for a ride through the valleys or mountains, every option is available for you.

Not only horseback riding also try out mountain biking. Canmore offers adventurous mountain biking.

4. Wildlife Distillery Tour

Adventure Hub Experience with Wildlife Distillery - March 2019

It would help if you did not miss out on wildlife distillery. They create crystal clear spirits just clean like the surroundings. The makers use mountain water and local grains to produce alcohol in small bottles.

Spirit lovers or any tourist can take a pristine tour here. You can explore the history and process. Also, learn how beverages are made and what ingredients are used. With an affordable ticket price, you get to dive deep.

You can buy these spirits. They even gift you a sample. Choose anything from these crafted spirits. Once at Canmore, do take a tour of the wildlife distillery. You won’t regret it.

5. Helicopter Tours

A spine-chilling activity to try out. A must-try one for adventure seekers. It’s a splendid feeling to watch the Canadian Rockies from above. Book a helicopter tour to ride along the mountains, rocks, and the atmosphere.

Feel like a free bird soaring above the scenic ground. Get a magnificent view of Canmore town. Several companies offer this tour throughout Banff, Canmore, and Jasper. Flight timings are either 12 minutes or a full hour.

Tickets are according to the time range. You can also combine this activity with hiking or yoga.

6. Mountain Soap Company

Two Cowboys on a Journey: Back to Nature with Canada's Rocky Mountain Soap Co - Canmore, Alberta

The mountain soap company is famous for its superior quality products all across Canada. They take pride in the Alberta Heritage. This flagship store is situated in Canmore. And you can join their workshop to explore more.

Purchase the tickets of the tour, and they offer you a gift card worth 20 Dollars and for children a 5 Dollar card. Isn’t it exciting? A great deal to not miss.

Soaps are marvelous and the best quality ones. You can purchase them or take the samples. After a great workshop and tour, fill your bathroom with these beautiful aromatic soaps.

To explore Canmore’s history, visit the Canmore museum.

7. Grotto Canyon


As told earlier, hiking is an everyday activity under things to do in Canmore. Hiking with families is a perfect choice. Visit Grotto Canyon, a beautiful canyon to witness. The walls are quite narrow where murals of the creek seep through.

You can explore two sides of it. The path where there’s a fork in the road leads to a mesmerizing cave. And the other way towards a beautiful waterfall. The cave view is sure to stun you. There are ancient paintings engraved on the caves.

You can even try to skate on the Canyon’s ice fields. Tourists visit here during winter to enjoy the frozen fields. Wear ice protection shoes before coming here.

In winter, the waterfall freezes, offering a brilliant view similar to an ice sculpture. Bring coffee or hot chocolate with you to enjoy the atmosphere. You will enjoy this place.

8. Ha Ling Peak

The Ha Ling Peak is a rocky mountain. It is definitely worth a watch. Tourists name this as one of Canmore’s best hikes. It is situated on the northwestern side of Mount Lawrence Grassi.

An easy hike with picturesque scenery and incredible valley views.

A complete 4 hours trip that takes a quick ascend. The summit view is a visual treat. You’ll feel as if you’re in a different world. Watch the other majestic peaks from a distance. An ideal spot to spend the early morning or evening.

If you planning for a night camp, then this place is perfect. You can even try rock climbing.

9. Gondola Ride Over Sulphur Mountain

A perfect adventure outing is to ride the gondola over Sulphur Mountain. The mountain’s lower slopes are home to hot springs. The ride takes you amidst beautiful scenic views toward the eastern slope’s summit ridge.

The summit ridge holds various gift shops, restaurants, and observation decks. Experience a splendid view of Bow Valley, Banff town, and surrounding mountains.

The car ride is glass-enclosed that holds four people. An ideal trip for family members.

The car ride offers a panoramic view of the scenery below and above. There is no best time to visit here. Each season offers a unique experience.

Tickets are tourist-friendly. Ride this car to experience a thrilling adventure. Feel that you are flying high in the sky amidst the clouds and mountains.

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10. Dine at Crazyweed Restaurant

Here is something for the food lovers. The Crazyweed restaurant is a popular dining place in Canmore. It remains crowded the whole year. Don’t worry. You’ll still get a chance to sit and eat. A book of mountain wildflowers inspires the name.

A fun restaurant that serves fresh food. The ratings are perfect, and its ambiance is customer friendly. They serve both lunch and dinner. So come here anytime to eat, and they are at your service.

A family-friendly restaurant that also serves authentic Canadian dishes. Pizza fanatics can choose from a variety of wood-fired pizzas. For more details, you can check out their menu and servings.

11. Trek at Policeman Creek’s Boardwalk

A great thing about Canmore is the vast stretch of land. Properly leveled hotspots are found almost everywhere. For the ones who to explore the wilderness, Policeman Creek’s Boardwalk is for you.

Beginners to advanced-level hikers can try this trek. Several trekkers and locals come here to feel the adventure. A favorite crowd place accessible from downtown Canmore. A perfect trip for the ones who wish to awaken their senses.

Numerous activities can be done here that include bird watching, watching the ducks swimming in the ponds, and surrounding lush greenery. There’s much more to just these. You need to feel and live every part of it.

Know more about Canmore cave tours to explore it deeply. 

12. Join the Canmore Folk Music Festival

The 2012 Canmore Folk Music Festival

The longest-running folk music festival in Alberta. It has gained immense popularity in recent years. The festival offers the best of folk music from around the world. Feel the country’s sounds echoing around you.

You are sure to enjoy this festival. An ideal festival that the whole family can enjoy. Every Friday there’s a free concert, you can join that. Children-friendly activities are also available.

More than 30 artists gather up. Immerse yourself in the mountain music festival.

13. Kananaskis Wildlife Drive

The most scenic drive in Canmore. The best one among one of the day trips. If you don’t wish to hike or trek, then this wildlife life drive is perfect.

A one-day scenic drive that takes you from Canmore to Kananaskis. It’s a gravel road. There are small obstacles midway Drive slowly to enjoy every scenery.

You can spot the wildlife on your way. Watch animals like deer, moose, and elk. Lucky ones may spot bear or cougar. Various species of birds are also found here.

On your way falls the Mount Engadine Lodge, a place to sip a cup of tea and relax. Watch the moose strolling around the meadows in the evening from windows. Once here also take a tour of Kananaskis country.

An incredible drive to explore Canmore’s wildlife and also enjoy your vacation.

Closing Thoughts

These were the top 13 exciting things to do in Canmore. Other than just exciting things to do in Canmore, this town also has some best places to visit.

If you are visiting canmore, you be surprised by how much there is to see in downtown canmore, most notable are canmore town pond, Canmore winter carnival, cross country ski trails, dog sledding, canmore nordic centre, or its Winter Wonderland. the canmore alberta Has everything you need for a memorable getaway.

If you are not into stuff like cross country skiing, then still you can visit Banff national park, Canmore mountain market, or Lake Louise ski resort, which are all at a driveable distance.

The city is a beautiful, adventurous place. Coming for a tour here will level up your adventurous spirits. I hope this article helps you out.

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