Top 10 Best Ottawa Events

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Canada’s Capital city Ottawa was founded in the year 1825 as Bytown and was incorporated as Ottawa in 1855. Ottawa Events are famous worldwide, not just because of the footfall but also due to its location, as it is in the east of southern Ontario and stands on the famous Ottawa river.

Being the Capital, it is the seat of Canadian political power and thus very influential. Still, it is undoubtedly more than just being a capital. Let us take a look at the best of the Ottawa events, to know what this city has to offer! So this is your guide to cover the Ottawa events, to make your vacation here beautiful!


Top 10 Best Ottawa Events


As the Capital of Canada, Ottawa is the home to the spectacular Parliament hill, which houses the Canadian federal government, it’s called Colline du Parlement in french. It is commonly referred to as The Hill. Until the late 18th and the early 19th century, it was a site for a military base.

Still, in 1859 Queen Victoria decided to make Ottawa as Canada’s capital and thus began the work of converting the area into a governmental precinct.

Several renovation and expansion, including a deadly fire that broke out in 1916 which destroyed the Centre Block help took Parliament Hill its present form. A massive amount of $1 billion has been pledged to renovate all of the Precinct’s buildings; the work is expected to be complete by 2028. The Parliament hall is a sight to behold, and should undoubtedly be on your Ottawa events to attend schedule!


Designed by Architect by David Ewart and completed in the year 1912, The Canadian museum of nature, formerly known as the National Museum of Natural Sciences, is Canada’s Natural Science and history museum in Ottawa. The diversity of Canada is well represented in the museum; You get a chance to witness five floors full of galleries that exhibit the history, geology, and the climate of the country.

The use of interactive displays helps all people of all ages to enjoy the experience. You get to observe not only dinosaurs and many reptiles but also get to enjoy the bird gallery. Get ready to see a real blue whale skeleton in the water gallery! But this is not all; you get to see an Earth gallery that has thousands of minerals and rocks.

To make the entire experience even more interesting, the museum also has a 3D movie planned for you! So do not forget to include this beautiful museum in your Ottawa events to attend the list!


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The museum is located in Gatineau, Quebec, which is directly across the Ottawa river from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Canadian Museum of History was formerly called the Canadian Museum of Civilization; it is not only the leading museum of human history in Canada but also one of the oldest public institutions in the country.

The Canadian Museum of history draws an average of 1.2 million visitors annually, making it the most visited museum in the country. The main aim of the museum is to not ‘ enhance Canadians’ knowledge about Canadian history but also enhance their awareness about world history and culture.

Architect Douglas Cardinal designed the museum; the building was designed in a way to demonstrate the features of the Country’s landscape.

The Canadian Museum of History also has a children’s museum to attract children and make them understand the country’s history in a fun way! But, perhaps the best part of the museum is CINE+, the movie theatre, which presents the past in the form of a picture, thus making the entire experience enjoyable for the visitors, So do include the Canadian Museum of History in your Ottawa events to attend list!


The National Gallery of Canada was established in the year 1880 by architect Moshe Safdie, the building is spread over 46,621 square miles, and 12,400 square miles of space is used exclusively for the art galleries, making the museum one of the largest in North America. The gallery offers a very interactive tour and talks to all its visitors – whether you are alone or are in a group, the gallery has arrangements for all!

The museum has as many as 93,000 works that belong to European, American, Asian, Canadian, and indigenous Canadian artists. The national gallery also conducts several traveling exhibitions, too, apart from displaying the work for its permanent collection. Do not miss out on this fantastic national gallery from you to attend the Ottawa events list!

national gallery of canada

Taxiarchos228, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The Canadian war museum was established in the year 1942, it was designed by architect Raymond Moriyama and is located in Ottawa, Ontario and aims to cover the military past of the country from the first record instance of death due to armed violence to the latest conflicts which grappled the country.

The incredible part of the museum, however, is touching testimonials and the artworks which reveal the human cost of war, helping Canadians realize the sacrifices that people in the armed forces have made for the safety of Canadians and Canada.

The museum also supports initiatives such as the ‘ Lest We Forget Project,’ wherein the students get to attend libraries and archives and learn about the happenings of world war one and world war 2, which will help the children understand the sacrifices and the bravery of the soldiers. Canadian War Museum is a must on your Ottawa events to attend the list!

canadian war museum

Markbruinekreeft, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The Canadian aviation and space museum was established in the year in 1964, which aims to represent the aviation history of the country. The museum has several civil and military aircraft in its collection from the pioneer era before the first world war till the present day.

The museum also has the space shuttle Endeavour’s Canadarm, which is the space shuttle Canadian built a robotic arm. There are several interactive activities and guided tours planned for visitors to make the entire session fun and interactive. So all you aviation enthusiasts do not miss on this museum and do add it to your Ottawa events to add to the list!


You are wondering where to stay while in Ottawa? Well, it has to be the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, the hotel that houses as many as 429 guest rooms is located in downtown Ottawa. The hotel is situated above the Rideau Canal; it opened on 12th June 1912.

It was designed by architects Bradford Gilbert and Ross and Macfarlane; it was designated as the national historic site in 1980. The hotel has an inbuilt indoor pool and elegant dining options to keep the guests entertained. The rooms are well furnished, and the friendly staff would surely make your entire stay quite worthwhile. So, do book a place here and enjoy the Ottawa events that await you!


The Byward Market is without a day the biggest attraction of Ottawa; it is comparable to the Seattle Public market though smaller it is still as stunning as the Seattle market! If you are wondering what to do on a lazy weekend, you can always go to the Byward Market!

The market has everything that you want, the delicious food, craft beers, salons, dance bars, you name it, and you have it. You can just roam around the Byward outdoor market and enjoy the sightseeing; the market surely has a lot to offer. Do not miss this fantastic market and add it to the Ottawa events to attend list.


Rideau Canal was designed by John By in the year 1832 and is unofficially also referred to as the Rideau waterways it connects the capital city to Lake Ontario and Saint Lawrence River at Kingston; parks Canada operates the canal.

The channel is the oldest continuously operated canal, and in the year 2007, UNESCO declared it as the World Heritage site. Begin your Rideau Canal sightseeing by visiting the Bytown museum, which will help you be acquainted with the history of Ottawa from the time the canal was constructed to the city’s emergence as the capital. You can always enjoy boating by the channel in the evening and enjoy the view.

But perhaps the best part of the canal is the Rideau Canal skateway, where you get a chance to skate on the world’s largest skating rink as recorded by the Guinness book of world records, the canal receives frozen between early January to early March every year, so do plan your visit accordingly. The Rideau canal should undoubtedly be on your Ottawa events to attend the list.


Looking for a fun-filled evening at the end of a tiring day, this is the place that you should visit! Absolute Comedy offers not only hilarious shows featuring some of the best stand comedians but also serves delicious food at affordable prices, thus promising you an eventful evening! Do not miss this place and add to your Ottawa events to attend the list!

Ottawa is thus more than Canada’s Capital, the stunning capital city has a lot to offer and entertains one and all. Do not miss this city and what it has to offer; these Ottawa events should be on your list!


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