Glasses of wine served on a tray in a restaurant in Langley Canada. Glasses of wine served on a tray in a restaurant in Langley Canada.

10 Top Famous Langley Wineries

In British Columbia, where Langley is located, wine companies own most of the wineries around here. Larger wineries can also have bottling lines and warehouses in addition to winemaking equipment. They can have labs and tank farms, which are wide expanses of tanks.

A winery usually employs a winemaker to manufacture wines from raw materials. Grapes are used as raw material, cultivated on the property, or bought from a nearby vineyard.

Top 10 Famous Langley Wineries

Langley is considered part of the Fraser Valley wine region. It is the premier wine and libation destination in the Fraser Valley, and is known to produce high-quality, handcrafted wines in a range of styles and varietals. It’s a fantastic day trip destination because it’s so close to so many people’s homes.

Wine tastings are available, but several Langley wineries also offer dining and farm tours. The vineyards here are cultivated with zeal and purpose.

When you visit the Langley wineries, you will immediately notice the high quality and variety of wines available. They are ranging from fruit wines to sparkling wines to table wines.

The township of Langley in British Columbia’s province can be considered a winery and vineyard hotspot. Due to its temperate climate, which helps grapes to grow, the Langley wineries are well supported.

It would almost definitely receive more rain and have a colder atmosphere. As a result, Langley Wineries recommend cool-climate varieties. If you’re a wine lover, you won’t leave the area without taking a tour of each of Langley’s wineries.

1) Backyard Vineyards

Backyard Vineyards is situated in south Langley’s lush countryside. It is just an hour’s drive from Vancouver. Staff picks grapes from their own Fraser Valley Estate vineyards at Backyard Vineyards.

They also harvest from their Okanagan Valley farmers’ vineyards. It was established in 2009, and its wines have since gained local and international recognition.

It has earned over 30 awards for taste and consistency. Since 2009, Backyard Vineyard has been making award-winning wines in British Columbia.

They make blended and sparkling wines from grapes grown in their own vineyard that are 100 percent BC. Fruits are grown in the Fraser Valley, and the South Okanagan complements the wine.

The tasting room is elegantly built to provide you with a pleasant tasting experience. You can relax in their backyard or under the gazebo while enjoying something from their platter paired with a glass of fine wine.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the ideal spot for relaxing with your favourite people. You can enjoy a glass of red, white, or sparkling wine in the fresh country air.

2) Township 7

It was founded in 2001 to create a special sparkling wine. Township 7, one of the best Langley wineries, celebrates 20 years as one of the best.

Seven Stars, a champenoise wine, was their first release in 1999. They have received several awards since then. They were named the Best Canadian Wine at the 2019 Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships.

If you go, you can take advantage of the indoor wine-tasting experience, which is packed with fragrance. You can also relax in the outdoor seating while swirling your wine and soaking up the heat.

Its tasting room is the perfect atmosphere for drinking wine with new and old mates. There’s plenty for everyone here, with a wide variety of reds, whites, roses, and sparkling. This makes it one of the best Langley wineries.

3) Glasshouse Estate Winery

Along the Campbell Valley, Wine Route is the Glasshouse estate winery. It’s a family-run vineyard with an incredible range of boutique and hand-selected wines.

When you drink the wine, you can feel the family’s love for it. You’ll fall in love with the grapes from the first taste, and by the end of the bottle, you’ll be too.

Langley wineries are traditionally owned and run by wine enthusiasts who banded together for a common goal.

However, this winery has a unique story. Previously owned and managed by the family, it is now owned and managed by the Joseph Richard Group.

There is a tasting room available five days a week. The wonderful wine produced by Glass House can be enjoyed. It would help if you took advantage of their picnic pack, including a bottle of your favourite wine.

A tasty snack from their bistro, a blanket, and a basket is also available. Then it’s out to the vineyard’s picnic area to enjoy your meal and the new country air.

There’s a tasting room that looks like a greenhouse, as well as an event space. Only free-run grape juices are used to produce premium wines at this venue.

Since the output is focused on quality rather than quantity, it is a very limited but exquisite production. It’s worthwhile to pay a visit and take in the selection of one of the best Langley wineries.

4) Chaberton Estate Winery

There are many wineries in Langley, but this is the oldest. The owners, Claude and Inge Violet closed their winery and vineyard in France in 1975. After that, they decided to start a new chapter in a different part of the world.

They decided on the area that is now known as Metro Vancouver. The only justification for selecting this location was that its terroir was close to France’s best wineries. This makes it perfect for growing grapes in cooler climates.

Per year, they manufacture 50,000 cases of wine. It’s not just because of the grapes grown in their vineyards. It’s also made with grapes grown in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys.

Chaberton is one of the Langley wineries that has a tasting room. There you can enjoy locally made wines and an authentic French bistro. You can also enjoy views of the 55-acre vineyard and a large outdoor picnic area.

5) The Fort Wine Co.

Since 2001, The Fort Wine Co. has been producing breathtaking blends. This winery was established by a tugboat captain. It all started with a simple cranberry wine and has since spread to include 11 different wines. They’re all using new, organic fruit from farms all over British Columbia.

Today, the Fort Wine Co., along with the other Langley Wineries, is known for its sponsorship of British Columbia’s local berry farmers.

You can even book an entire tour in advance if you want to have a nice time here. In the tasting room, you will be offered three wines for free. Even if you want to try each wine, it will cost you between $5 and $10.

Every year, they hold a cranberry festival. They have a delicious cheese platter to pair with their premium wine.

During the summer, guests will relax in the cool shade of their wine garden while sipping a selection of patio wines. They also have a licensed picnic area where you can have your social gatherings. Because of all these things, it makes it to the list of top Langley wineries.

6) Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery

Since 1974, it has been a working destination estate. Krause Berry Farm & Estate Winery is located in Langley on 200 acres of pristine land. It provides a rich selection of unforgettable experiences.

You can spend the whole day here with your whole family, as it is the most family-friendly of the Langley wineries. Since 1974, it has been a working destination farm owned by a family.

Here you can also find U-Pick berry fields, where you can carry a basket and pick your own berries. Freshly picked berries are also available, which you can purchase.

This Estate Winery also has a one-way flow market and bakery. A waffle bar is located on the estate for you to enjoy hot waffles in the garden seating, which will add to your children’s muse.

There is a Porch Restaurant on-site, as well as a Winery Kitchen where guests can unwind. People can dine while sipping wine, cider, beer, or sangria. This is yet another great of Langley wineries.

Glasses of white wine and red wine were kept beside green and black grapes.
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7) Blackwood Lane

Blackwood Lane is a magical place dedicated to traditional winemaking techniques. Carlos Lee, the company’s owner, double-checks every aspect of the winemaking operation.

From ensuring that the grapes grown locally are perfectly ripe to sourcing only the finest French oak barrels, all is done with care. Before bottling, the wines are kept there for at least four years.

It produces wines the old-fashioned way, without chemicals or electric pumps, and it is in high demand. Carlos Lee’s dream was to open a winery because he enjoyed making wine.

The tasting room is open five days a week and has a lovely patio with the vineyard’s views. After a tough week, it’s the ideal spot to kick back and relax.

You can host a beautiful summer wedding here if you want to add to your awe. That’s because they have an indoor solarium that can hold up to 40 people. The terrace can be reserved for up to 180 guests.

8) Festina Lente Estate Winer

The 5-acre farm in the Langley Wineries region was purchased by a couple in 2010. It exemplifies the philosophy of doing things slowly and appreciating simplicity.

They brought the ancient custom of mead and honey wines back to life. With the passing of time, they put a twist to the Honey Wine that was well received for many years.

Their Honey Wine is well-known, and it’s actually a white wine that ages like a red. You can become a member of the wine club and gain access to limited-edition honey wines.

9) Springland Winery

It all began with a deep passion for winemaking. Springland Winery is nestled in a peaceful but sunny atmosphere. They make everything from nuanced red wines to one-of-a-kind and outstanding wines.

This winery is well-known for its blueberry wines and delectable dessert wines. Springland offers several flavours that will please your palate, whether you prefer sweet or dry.

Few bottles of different wines kept together.
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10) Trading Post Brewery

Trading Post creates craft beer by combining traditional brewing methods with modern techniques. They are guided by a desire to create something unique.

With each batch, they strive to create the best and most special brews to fit your preferences. To make English-style ales and barrel-aged beer, only the best ingredients are used. It’s also used in American IPAs, stouts, and many other beers.

Were you looking for some popular Langley wineries? Well, here are the best ten wineries for you. I hope this has helped you get to know about the famous Langley wineries.

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