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Langley Wineries – Your 15 Best Options To Explore!

The township of Langley in the British Columbia Province is becoming a hotspot of wineries and vineyards. The Langley wineries are supported well due to their temperate climate, which allows grapes to grow.

Langley is in the Fraser Valley Wine region, and so is bound to receive more rain and a colder climate. Hence, Langley wineries focus on cool climate varieties, unlike the ones in Okanagan.

Fraser Valley being in Vancouver’s backyard, Langley is closest to any location in the lower mainland. This setup benefits Langley wineries to be the best day trip destination.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you will not leave the region before experiencing a tour of each winery in Langley.

Langley Wineries – Your Best Options!

Among the 40 licensed wineries in the Langley region, which produce hand-crafted wines of high quality, here are the top 15 that will enrich your tour and make you a wine lover even if you’re not.

1) Chaberton Estate Winery

Chaberton Estate Winery celebrates 25 years of wine-making in Langley

Among the Langley wineries, this is the oldest. This winery dates back to 1975 when the founders, Claude and Inge Violet, wrapped up their winery and vineyard in France and set out to start a new chapter in a different region.

They chose a spot in the region, which is now known as the Metro Vancouver area. The only reason for choosing this area was its terroir being similar to that of the best wineries in France, making it ideal for cultivating cool-weather grapes.

They started experimenting with grape varieties to know which would be perfect for growing in the region. By the 1980’s they had shortlisted the types and begun planting.

Finally, 1991 was their first year as a Farm Gate Winery, and they produced 3000 cases of wine.

Today, they produce 50,000 cases of wine each year not only from the grapes in their vineyards but from grapes grown in Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys too.

Among the Langley wineries, Chaberton is the one that provides a tasting room for cherishing the locally crafted wines, an authentic French Bistro overlooking the 55-acre vineyard, and a large outdoor picnic area.

What more do you wish? Get a bottle of wine and some snacks and just relax with friends and family.

2) Fort Wine Co.

The Fort Wine Co

Most of the Langley wineries are based on the grape. But, the Fort Wine Company will offer you 100% grape-free wines.

The wines made here are the secret ingredients to the best sangria and martini you’ve had. The question is, if not grapes, then what?

The Fort Wine Co. was founded in 2001 by a tugboat captain and a cranberry farmer, Wade Bauck. They started off with cranberry wines, and the success of it brought in varieties of blueberries and cranberries.

Today, the Fort Wine Co., among the Langley Wineries, is famous for supporting local berry farmers of British Columbia as they produce wines of 11 different types from local fruit berries.

To enjoy a great time here, you can book an entire tour in advance or just visit as you wish. You would be offered three wines for free in their tasting room!

Even if you wish to sample each wine, it will cost just $5 to $10. They also host a cranberry festival each year.

Their bistro offers a perfect cheese platter to enjoy with their best wine. During summer, enjoy the cool shade of their wine garden with a variety of Patio Wines. They also offer a licensed picnic area, and you can host your social events here!

3) Vista D’oro Farms and Winery

Vista D'oro Farms & Winery

An authentic and culinary agri-tourism destination i.e., the Vista D’oro Farms and Winery.

They have created five unique farm spaces to let your experience of wine sampling and enjoying preserves and farms be explicable.

  • The Hitching Post
  • The Vista D’oro
  • The Old Walnut Tree
  • The Fig Trees
  • The Heritage Crabapple

To experience something different among the Langley wineries, Vista D’oro will be a perfect place. They serve an original pizza creation called Pizzams.

A local artisanal jam spread on a handmade crust with fresh toppings and cheese along with their best wine is a heavenly experience.

This winery is spread over 10 acres and overlooks the beautiful Campbell Valley Park and the magnificent Golden Ears Mountain Range.

They have special blend wines like fortified walnut wine, plum wines, Figs with a hint of vanilla, and many others. So, what are you waiting for? Just get up and go for this out-of-the-box experience.

4) Glass House Estate Winery

The Langley wineries are usually locally owned and started by wine enthusiasts joining hands for a similar purpose.

But, the Glass House Estate Winery has a different story to it. This has been a family-run winery that is now owned and managed by the Joseph Richard Group.

The family who started the place has 60 years of history in the greenhouse industry, and the name Glass House pays homage to it.

Arthur and Ingrid de Jong, with their three girls, came to Langley in 1983 and started a greenhouse development project.

They worked hard until 2004 and finally sold the last of their project and bought a Christmas Tree farm that today is righteously known as Glass House Estate Winery.

Here, there are greenhouse-like tasting rooms and events ground. The place produces premium wines only from free-run grape juices.

The production is concentrated on quality and not quantity, and thus, it is a very small yet exquisite production. You are sure to have a great time here and enjoy the collection of one of the best Langley wineries.

Vineyards at sunset in autumn harvest via rsedlacek on Depositphotos

5) Backyard Vineyard

With the experienced vision of their winemaker Liam Berti, Backyard Vineyard has successfully crafted award-winning wines in British Columbia since 2009.

They create blended and bubbly wines from 100% BC grapes grown in their vineyard. They complement the wine with selected fruits growing around Fraser Valley and South Okanagan.

The winery and tasting room are very sophisticatedly designed to give you a warm tasting time. You can have a great time in their backyard or under the gazebo with something from their platter to savour with the perfect wine.

6) Township 7

Township 7 Wine Tour, Langley, BC

Langley wineries have something for everyone, and Township 7 makes sure of that. Started in 2001 with a vision of crafting a distinctive sparkling wine, Township 7, among the Langley wineries, celebrates its 20 years of being one of the best.

Their inaugural wine was Seven Stars 1999, a champenoise wine. Since then, they have won lots of awards. They were even highlighted at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championship 2019 as the Best Canadian Sparkling Wine.

You can enjoy the indoor wine tasting experience filled with aroma or make yourself comfortable in the outdoor seating to soak the sun while you swirl your wine.

7) Krause Berry Farm and Estate Winery

Image from Krause Berry Farms & Estate website

You can spend your entire day here with the whole family as, unlike other Langley wineries, it is the most family-friendly one.

It has been a working destination farm since 1974 and is a family-run farm. This winery is beautifully located in the center of 200 acres of land.

Here, U-Pick berry fields are available where you can take a basket and pluck your own berries. Fresh pre-picked berries are also available.

There are a one-way flow market and bakery at this Estate Winery. To add to your children’s muse, a waffle bar is located on the estate for you to enjoy hot waffles in their garden seating.

There are a Porch Restaurant and Winery Kitchen where you can relax and have a bite along with wine, cider, beer, or sangria.

8) Blackwood Lane Winery

Langley Wineries
Image from BC Fraser Valley Winery website

Wish to sit on a patio overlooking a vineyard with a glass of traditionally crafted wine? Think no more.

Blackwood Lane is your place. They create wines without chemicals or mechanical pumps in an old-fashioned way. The winery was a dream of Carlos Lee, who wanted to create wines living up to their high standards.

Their company’s motto, “Bonus Vita et Bonus Amici,” which means ‘Good Life and Good Friends’ summarizes their philosophy of giving the wine lovers their best time. You would love their wine-tasting tour as they’re fun, friendly, and informative.

To add to your amazement, you can host a beautiful summer wedding here. They have their indoor solarium for an intimate gathering of around 40 guests. For around 175 members, you can book the terrace.

The view from their south-facing piazza is breathtaking and can offer a perfect wedding party beauty. You could even host a corporate event at Blackwood Lane Winery.

On booking the solarium, you have the entire winery to yourself! Isn’t it amazing for your next little event?

9) Festina Lente Estate Winery

Image from Festina Lente website

The name Festina Lente means “Make Haste Slowly.” Owned by a couple who bought the 5-acre hobby farm in Langley Wineries region in 2010, it reflects the thought of taking things slowly and of taking pride in simplicity.

They explored the lost tradition of Mead and Honey Wines. With changing times, they gave Honey Wine a twist that will be appreciated for many years coming. Their Honey Wine is basically a white wine, but it ages like a red.

You can join their wine club and have the privilege of limited-edition honey wines and exclusive wine club wines.

10) Springland Winery

Image from Springland Winery website

Starting with an undying love for winemaking, Springland winery is located in a quiet yet sunny region. From complex red wines to unique and exceptional wines, they make it all. Blueberry wines and delectable dessert wines are well-known ones.

Springland winery will leave you satisfied with its varied range of wines, be they sweet or dry. Just get on the road with your friends and family and stop here for a memorable wine-tasting time.

11) Fraser Valley Cider Company

Fraser Valley Cider Company - MINI Langley Community Video

From finding a 12-acre farm in 2014 to planting around 1800 trees in 2015, Fraser Valley Cider Company grows 25 different varieties of English and French cider apples today.

The company is thriving daily to offer the best-handcrafted ciders among the Langley wineries.

Along with tasting their cider, they serve pre-cooked charcuterie and cheese plates by Chef Adrian. You can buy as many chips bags to nibble on while you sample their varied ciders.

There is beautiful outdoor seating to let you enjoy your time with friends, family, and pets too.

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12) Trading Post Brewery

"Flights" - Trading Post Brewing Co. - S2 Episode 1

Trading Post group creates beer by adopting traditional brewing systems and blending it with modern-day techniques and a passion for creating something different. They create the best brews with each batch to match your taste.

The best ingredients are used to brew English-style ales, American IPAs and stouts, barrel-aged beer, and many more things. Trading Post is Langley’s first locally-owned brewery.

They prefer small-batch brewing of inventive flavours to please all.

You can enjoy the brewery tour at their Brewery in Central Langley. To enjoy their beers with a bite, visit their rustic Eatery in Fort Langley and Eatery in Abbotsford.

The place being family-friendly, it welcomes people of all ages to have their perfect evening.

13) Seaside Pearl Winery

Image from Seaside Pearl Winery website

A family-owned boutique winery, Seaside Pearl Winery crafts small lots of artisanal wines. Having a balance of richness and delicacy, Seaside Pearl wines are so fine that they speak the language of their terroir.

A beautiful farm surrounded by pasture, flowers, and trees in Mount Lehman, Seaside Pearl Winery will give you scenic beauty in the heart of Fraser Valley, unlike any other Langley Wineries.

14) Crescent Wines

Crescent Wines

Wishing to make your own wine? Well, Langley wineries have no limits. At Crescent Wines, you visit the store and decide on the wine of your choice with the help of their staff and add yeast to the juice for starting the fermentation process.

And it’s done! In 6-8 weeks, your personalized wine bottle will be ready. There are a few limited-release wines that you must grab at least once. Just bottle up your wine at Crescent Wines and have a great weekend or holiday.

15) Everything Wine

Having concept stores in many regions, Everything Wine is now open in Langley too. Offering more than 4000 awe-inspiring wines, you can also select from wines that are specially curated for the Langley Wineries region.

They have daily wine tastings from 2-6 PM when you can walk into the tasting rooms and sample some delicate wines.

They undertake many events, and “Wine School” is one of them where you can learn from experts about many different wine-related areas. So, what are you waiting for?

Isn’t the statement “Something for Everyone” very fitting for Langley wineries? You are sure to have a great time and find more than one favourite variety of wines that you will take home to cherish the memories of Langley wineries.

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