Best Restaurants in Victoria Best Restaurants in Victoria

Top 10 Most Luxurious And Best Restaurants in Victoria

Looking for a place to dine in Victoria? Well, know your search ends as we present you with the compilation of the 10 best restaurants in Victoria.

Victoria is a prominent tourist attraction in Canada. The city hosts a diverse population of different races and ethnicities. Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and French are considerably influential communities, apart from the English.

The varied and diverse communities of Victoria adds prestige to the rich cuisine of the island city. You can relish dishes like French seafood, Indian butter chicken, Canadian chicken fried rice with a local beer in any restaurant in Victoria.

1) Pagliacci’s

Photo from Pagliacci’s website


Inaugurated in 1979, the Pagliacci’s presents itself as the essence of Italian cuisine in Victoria. It is the apt place in the city to take pleasure in classical Italian dishes, not to mention its apt and fair pricing.


Pagliacci’s presents you with its mouth-watering menus especially curated for you. The restaurant serves lunch, happy hour meals, and dinner at specified time slots. You can choose from the best food like pizzas, burgers, and soups. You are also presented with Italian-inspired cookeries like salad, sandwiches, and gluten-free rice.

Being a representative of Italian cuisine means an abundance of wine. The customer is served with the best drinks, wine, and cocktails, all from local ingredients.

Why Visit?

The restaurant also has music bands to perform while its customers are eating. The band plays Jazz, Gypsy Swing, and Klezmer to enhance your dining experience at the restaurant. It has had live music for its customers since its inception, unlike many of its current competitors.

Pagliacci’s traditional Italian cuisine mixed with a tincture of modern spices makes it among the best restaurants in Victoria.

2) Ferris’ Oyster Bar

Photo from Ferris’ website


Ferris’ Oyster Bar is a prominent restaurant in Victoria. It extends you to the experience and expertise of three different culinary arts in one place. You can put your lip’s over the patio, oyster bar, and a tapas and a wine bar. Tom Ferris laid the foundation of Ferris oyster bar and grill in 1991.

If you are searching for a place for a date night beloved, the Ferris Oyster Bar is your destination. Experiencing a candlelight dinner in the dim of the night with the best food is a dream to go after.


The restaurant’s main floor, Ferris grill, and garden patio are the original part of the restaurant. It will serve you with its wide selection of dishes from seafood to oyster.

Ferris upstairs seafood restaurant and the oyster bar were set up in 2005. This is a perfect spot for brunch, a happy hour meal, and a dinner of fresh seafood and oysters.

The restaurant’s third and latest part, Perro Negro offers you an extensive list of Spanish dishes and wines. You can savor delicious tapas and sherry at the tapas bar.

Why Visit?

You can eat dishes with the experience of eating in a Mediterranean country. The chef of the restaurant is particularly influenced by Spanish cuisine, which affects his culinary arts.

Ferris Oyster Bar restaurant carries the aroma and taste of authentic Spanish food, making it one of the best-rated restaurants in Victoria.

3) Little Jumbo Restaurant And Bar

Little Jumbo, Victoria BC


Owned by Bruce Gillespie, the Little Jumbo Restaurant And Bar is one of the most renowned restaurants in Victoria. The restaurant offers French-inspired contemporary cuisine to its customers.

Little jumbo restaurant and bar is a relatively new restaurant, started just eight years back. But this did not deter the restaurant from presenting itself as a top-class restaurant in Victoria. The restaurant has steak, pasta, and wine on its menu. It also serves cocktails, chips, and several other healthy vegan foods.


The eatery specializes in its cocktail menu. It makes a creative and handcrafted cocktail to serve you to the best of its abilities. The restaurant follows a principle the principle of mixology to make the best of cocktails and fine wines.

Why Visit?

This restaurant is the perfect place for the celebration of intimate family occasions. The restaurant is spacious and proper sanitation is maintained. The service of their staff is top-notch, and the food is fresh and healthy. You can delight in spending quality time with your family.

The restaurant prioritizes your health in serving you fresh food, making it one of the best restaurants in Victoria.

4) Zambri’s

Zambri's Private Spaces


Zambri’s is a family-owned business that started in 1999. The restaurant was founded by two brothers, Peter Zambri and Jo Zambri.

Located in downtown Victoria, the restaurant aims to provide its customers with a better understanding and taste of Italian cuisine. The exhilarating taste of the food served in the restaurant helped the restaurant quickly build a place for itself.


What can be a special attraction at an Italian restaurant? None other than the pasta. Pasta is the signature dish of the restaurant. The restaurant shall also delight you with its noodles and pork. It uses locally available but best-quality ingredients.

Why Visit?

Zambri’s is also known for its cocktails. You can relish house gin and several other fresh drinks along with their food.

If you are visiting the restaurant, make sure you do it on non-holidays. The crowd builds up quite fast on weekends, and you may be unable to get your seat.

Zambri’s finds a special place among the best restaurants in Victoria.

5) The Tapa Bar

Photo from the Tapa Bar website


Similar to most restaurants in Victoria, The Tapa Bar is located in downtown Victoria. You would find the essence of Spanish culture in the food served.

This restaurant is a great place for a date night with your true love. The ambiance and the atmosphere at the restaurant present a perfect place for a romantic evening.


You can have your lunch, happy hour meal, dinner, and late-night meal at the restaurant. It offers you a diverse option of dishes to choose from its menu. The menu of the restaurant features vegan options to choose from.

The restaurant also offers baked goods. You can opt for small plates meals with afternoon tea. The experience of taking small bites with a sip of tea is heavenly.

Why Visit?

If you are health conscious, you have the option of gluten-free dishes to select from. The restaurant also offers cream cheese pizza, pork tapas, and seafood to be pleased with.

The Tapa Bar is one of the best restaurants in Victoria owing to its promotion of vegetarianism and a no gluten diet.

6) Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant

Photo from the Sizzling Tandoor website


Established in 2010, this restaurant aims to provide you with a finger-licking experience of Indian cuisine. The eatery is a hidden gem in Victoria, and you must acquaint yourself with it.

Sizzling tandoor restaurant is a family-operated restaurant. Narpinder Bawa and Gurinder Bawa manage it. The restaurant has held the title of the best Indian restaurant for eight straight years, from 2012 to 2019.


The menu of the restaurant comprises dishes of hybrid nature. The restaurant may offer you dishes like Calamari pakoras and Fettuccine Alfredo. These dishes result from the Indo-Candian culture and occupy a special place in the customer’s heart.

Local people greatly enjoy the service of the restaurant. It is their favorite breakfast place.

Why Visit?

The eatery is perfect for having a family-style meal. The large portions of servings facilitate the lunch for families and business connections. The restaurant uses authentic and best-quality ingredients from local farms to prepare the food. It also has several appetizers and desserts in store for you.

The distinctiveness of the Sizzling Tandoor Restaurant makes the eatery counted among the best restaurants in Victoria.

7) Nubo Japanese Tapas

Photo from NUBO Japanese Tapas website


Nubo Tapas is a popular Japanese restaurant in Victoria. As the name may suggest, the restaurant presents you with authentic Japanese cuisine. This is a great place to introduce yourself to the cuisine.

Having been established in 2016, the restaurant is relatively new in the region. But being the sole prominent Japanese restaurant in the area, it quickly rose to fame.


The restaurant is designed as a Japanese izakaya-style eatery. The restaurant is Japanese at the core, with culinary techniques derived from around the world. The restaurant is the symbol of the Japanese culinary arts in Victoria.

Nubo Japanese Tapas offers an environment conducive to business meetings on a plate of lunch. It presents the opportunity for customers to take pleasure in the Japanese Sushi bars. It offers fresh breakfast and brunch to the customers. You can also experience drinks like Cider, House Sake, and beer. You can have exhilarating fresh fruit drinks at Nubo.

Why Visit?

At Nubo Tapas, you are presented with either dine therein or have the food delivered to your house. You can use Door Dash, Skip the Dishes, or Uber Eats to get your food delivered to your doorstep. Conversely, you can also directly call the restaurant for the same purpose.

The unique Japanese cuisine presented by the restaurant makes Nubo list among the best restaurants in Victoria.

8) Red Fish Blue Fish Restuarant

Photo from Red Fish Blue Fish website


Red Fish Blue Fish is another popular restaurant in downtown Victoria. This is a seasonal restaurant operating between February and October. The closing down of restaurants is legally required for the conservation of fish.

Having located near the seaside, this seaside restaurant presents you with the opportunity to view fish while eating seafood. It is a moment of great delight to eat seafood while you are gazing at the sea. The food presented at the restaurant is influenced by French cuisine.


Red Fish Blue Fish offers you an extensive menu of seafood to choose from. Fried seafood is the specialty of the restaurant. You can have fried fish and oysters, which you can relish with tempura batter. You can grab carefully crafted hand-rolled tacos and buns and enhance your experience of the seafood.

Why Visit?

You can have your breakfast at the seaside or take the food home to eat. There are fish, cod, and chips on the eatables list. You also have sandwiches and salad at your service.

The Red Fish Blue Fish is a Victoria’s one of the most famous restaurants offering you a great range of fried seafood. The restaurant is among the best restaurants in Victoria.

9) Green Cuisine Restuarant

Photo from Green Cuisine website


Green Cuisine, in sync with its name, is a restaurant promoting vegetarianism. The restaurant makes and serves vegan dishes. It wants to amplify the cause of non-violent food. The basic idea is to avoid foods that are prepared after harming animals.

The Green Cuisine Restaurant can be found in Market Street, Victoria. It is a well-established restaurant founded in 1990.


The Green Cuisine lays stress on the importance of eating healthy vegan food. It seeks to motivate people for the same. Rice and salad are the basic dishes offered daily. On the other hand, there are special dishes that the restaurant offers daily. These daily specialties are infallible in forcing you to retreat to the restaurant.

Why Visit?

The most important feature of eating at Green Cuisine is that you can pay as per the weight. This pricing strategy is relaxed, enabling you to eat as much as possible. Also, after the main course, do not forget to get a kick out of the most mouth-watering of the desserts the restaurant presents.

The advocacy of veganism by the restaurant occupies a special position. The bistro is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Victoria.

10) Restuarant At Point No Point Resort

Photo from Point no Point Resort website


Restuarant at point no point resort is counted among the earliest restaurants in the city. The resort was established in 1952, making it Victoria’s one of the most legendary restaurants.

The restaurant serves its customers in a small dining room. You can choose to trek to the resort, which might take an hour but would be a refreshing experience.


The restaurant serves its customers on the principle of first-come, first served. Make sure you reach the eating place early. Else you might have to wait. Seafood chowder and Charcuterie platter are the special dishes offered by this restaurant.

Why Visit?

The resort offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding seaside. You are also provided a pair of binoculars to view the serene scene while you are eating. Salmon, roast meat, and many other desserts and appetizers would certainly enhance your experience.

The restaurant at point no point resort is a quite special eating place given its unique location. It is proud to count itself among the best restaurants in Victoria.

This was our list of the best restaurants in Victoria. Your response and experience for the same are awaited.

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