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13 Best Restaurant In Oakville

All the Best restaurant in Oakville are made available in this article.

Best restaurant in Oakville
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A really attractive city is bordering Lake Ontario in Oakville. Another fantastic area to meander through is downtown Oakville, where you can take in the lake vistas, various automobiles, and old structures. If you’re a foodie and in want of a delicious sandwich, lunch, Asian snack, or pizza, Oakville is the place to go. It will meet all of your needs.

You have a lot of options, so you might as well go to the west of the city where the quality of life is better than at any other time of the year. The leading restaurants in Oakville’s downtown are all available for BBQ dining, take-out, and delivery.

For those seeking a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Toronto, Oakville, Ontario, is a well-liked vacation location.

best restaurant in oakville
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The city’s culinary offerings are thriving. Thus the list of the best restaurant in Oakville is endless. While Oakville is renowned for its houses modelled by castles, the city also provides wonderful restaurants at various pricing points. For the residents of the town, some of the top dining options in Oakville are not far from Town Square.

Once you feel like eating, go to the best restaurant in Oakville and make a reservation for a memorable lunch. The best restaurant in Oakville is listed below for you to pick from while visiting.

Best restaurant in Oakville

The best restaurant in Oakville provides award-winning cuisine made with local, fresh ingredients, whether you’re looking for a formal dining experience, a laid-back cafe, or a resto-bar.

best restaurant in oakville
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The best restaurant in Oakville provides a wide range of delectable options, including real Italian and Middle Eastern meals, simple steaks and delectable seafood, fine wines, and cocktails from around the globe.

1. Oliver’s restaurant

To start with, the best restaurant in Oakville the first one is Oliver’s restaurant.

Explore the realm of great luxury and utilize all of your senses while dining. With its extremely unusual and alluring scotch and fine wine selection, Oliver’s restaurant promotes excellent dining.

Why visit Oliver’s Steakhouse?

Visit Oliver’s Oakville Steakhouse on Lakeshore Road East for clean, savoury cuisine prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients using both time-honoured and cutting-edge methods. You can’t help but celebrate important occasions while taking in the restaurant’s decor.

You can visit this steakhouse if Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum is nearby. Canada-inspired food is served at Oliver’s Steakhouse.

To establish a judgment on this restaurant, the extensive menu includes:

  • excellent fillet steaks
  • Caesar salads
  • oysters

According to customers’ reviews, servers here serve:

  • delectable cheesecakes
  • brulee desserts
  • crème brûlée

Every visitor can find something in the vast wine selection to suit their taste. Customers come here to sample the tasting menu and the excellent espresso. The friendly crew makes this establishment great by working hard and remaining upbeat.


One excellent quality that greatly contributes to the popularity of this steak house is quick service. From the perspective of the visitors, prices are reasonable. Oliver’s Steakhouse has a warm ambiance with elegant furnishings.

Address: 141 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville ON L6J 1H3

2. August 8

One of the best restaurant in Oakville that stands out among the perfect spot for dining options in Oakville is August 8.

About August 8

This well-liked local chain restaurant offers the best fusion of Japanese and Cantonese food in the plaza near Dorval and the QEW.

They have been assisting their consumers in finding new flavours and experiences across countries for over a decade. By meticulously assembling information for their consumers, they empower them to make educated decisions.

best restaurant in oakville
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Best Known For

Famous for serving both Chinese and Japanese food, this restaurant.

The signature dishes are perfectly prepared and the following are the few all time – dishes of the restaurant:

  • Dim Sum
  • Fish tacos
  • Pork dumplings
  • Rice noodles
  • Hot and Sour soup

You may find delicious desserts as:

  • Mango desserts
  • Sponge cakes
  • Mango ice cream

Trying great wine is essential when on August 8, Oakville. Your dinner will taste better, and you will definitely return if you get a great iced green tea from the cocktail bar.

Ambience and Reviews

Customers who like to have dinner on the fly can benefit from this restaurant’s takeout options. Many reviewers mention how patient the staff is at this establishment.

Visitors emphasize good customer service in their comments. You must pay democratic pricing for your dinner. Visitors can unwind in this space thanks to the wonderful decor and welcoming ambiance.

Address: 280 North Service Rd W, Oakville ON L6M 2S2

3. Maro’s Bistro

Travel north on Kerr St from Lakeshore Road to sample Maro’s specialty of grilled meats, chicken made in their special sauce, wholesome salads, and delectable seafood.

About Maro’s Bistro

The Kerr Street Restaurant is a great choice for vegan dishes as it offers a variety of vegetarian options such as tahini, hummus, potato bun with American cheese, and spicy eggplant.


Sneak a peek inside Maro’s Bistro to admire the stunning pop art by Middle Eastern painters that cover the walls and the restaurant’s outside setting.

best restaurant in oakville
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Best Known For

If you’ve been travelling and have visited Dubai, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, or Turkey, you can eat food that has recognizable Mediterranean flavours.
Family and friends may find this restaurant and the Oakville Lighthouse to be alluring. Try Mediterranean cuisine while you’re here. Here, you may have couscous, a burrito bowl, and expertly prepared Moroccan chicken with your pals.

Check out Maro’s offers for some excellent flija and good baklava.

This area is well-known for its good liquor and wonderful wine. Try coffee; it’s fantastic.

This establishment is renowned for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel who are always willing to assist you. You will find fair prices here. This location has a pleasant ambiance and excellent decor.

Address: 135 Kerr St, Oakville ON L6K 3A6

4. Stoney’s Bread Company

Plan a trip to Stoney’s Bread Company in Kerr Village to have brunch at one of Oakville’s greatest eateries. It serves well-known classics with a contemporary twist, so you can go alone or with friends or family.

About Stoney’s Bread Company

They strive to transform the face of casual dining by providing visitors with an inspiring ambience for every occasion, as well as tasty and inventive market-fresh cuisine!

From the daily soups to the handmade pizzas, everything at Stoney’s is produced with only the finest ingredients and an unrivalled enthusiasm for the art of cooking.

best restaurant in oakville
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Best Known For

You won’t be let down by the quality cooking of Stoney’s Bread Company; the dishes include seafood, chicken, fast food like burgers, pasta with cheese, and a lot more.

Locals adore Stoney’s for its hearty, kid-friendly food served for brunch, lunch, and dinner. There are several reasons why this eatery is always busy, from creative sandwiches to delicious pizzas, spaghetti, and breakfast favourites created from farm-fresh ingredients.

The goal of Stoney’s Bread Company

Natural light enters the restaurant through the windows and floors. There is a booth and hardwood tabletop seating in the open concept. The goal of Stoney’s Bread Company is to reinvent informal eating and provide a positive environment for visitors on various occasions.

Address: 325 Kerr St, Oakville ON L6K 3B6

5. Hexagon

There is just one establishment in Oakville that offers high-end, seasonally-inspired, artistically prepared tasting meals and that is Hexagon.

About the Hexagon

Hexagon is the most popular modern French restaurant serving dinner with a tasting menu and a la carte options that is situated right in the middle of Oakville’s historic downtown with a 48-seat capacity, so don’t take its hexagonal design lightly.

The reason it is the most praised restaurant in the city is that it offers great dining to make you feel comfortable while you enjoy the meal.

best restaurant in oakville
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French Foood You Should Try

Visit this eatery while passing the Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum. You can sample French food here. You can have eggs benedict, duck confit, and a perfectly prepared grilled octopus here.

Try delectable chocolate cakes, crème brûlée, and brioches. It’s good to order delectable whiskey, champagne, or chardonnay. Customers at Hexagon Restaurant dislike lattes.

French onion soup is the finest at Hexagon. It is a multi-course menu that is served blind and is made with a variety of fresh herbs.

Infrastructure and Ambience

The restaurant’s interior features a chic bar serving premium French wines and handcrafted cocktails. Browse the Hexagon menu with your fingers and look at the French favourites with a modern twist.

Hexagon departs from the standard dining concept in light of the global changes taking place. It offers menu items with a variety of mouthwatering new dishes made by several great chefs.

Other Services

You can place a takeout order at this restaurant. Many visitors believe that this establishment’s personnel is knowledgeable.

The pleasant service attests to the establishment’s high standard of excellence. You will pay democratic prices for your lunch. This restaurant has a charming atmosphere and unusual decor.

Make your reservation well in advance, free up your schedule, and give in to a series of dishes showcasing the kitchen’s skill. Hexagon is by far one of the best restaurants in Oakville, so do visit this place. It is definitely worth a visit.

Address: 210 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville ON L6M 3R7

6. Plank Resto bar

Hope you like all the suggestions for the best restaurant in Oakville, so next is Plank resto-bar.

best restaurant in oakville
by Plank Resto Bar

Do you enjoy going to restaurants and bars with your friends or coworkers? The finest option is Plank Resto-Bar, a chef-inspired restaurant and bar that serves comfort food with an inventive Asian flair, such as tandoori chicken momo, duck poutine, and pumpkin laksa.

Plank Restro Bar’s Smokey Ambience

Explore the open kitchen and wet bar, which has a seating area with stools. This cozy bar is the greatest place to relax while waiting for a table in the dining room to open up.

A restaurant and bar with a focus on seasonal, locally sourced, fresh food. A popular gathering place with a focus on light fare, excellent music, and a wonderful range of beers, wines, and bourbons.

It’s smokey here. Positively smoky, however, be aware that the guests will smell like food. It’s still a really cool restaurant despite it. Very laid-back, and one will like the vibe.

In Oakville’s Bronte Village, the Plank Resto Bar is tucked away by the lake. Knowing about its distinctive interior design is important because the cottage has a highly upscale vibe.

Food by Plank Restro Bar

Come to this restaurant first if you want to remember Bronte Historical Society – Sovereign House. You can sample Spanish cuisine here.

You may sample delicious tapas, prosciutto, and chicken wings at Plank Resto bar.

Order delectable cheesecakes, ice cream, and waffles. After a long week, you can savour delectable bourbon, prosecco, lime juice, or craft beer. Waiters provide excellent lattes, espressos, or cappuccinos based on customer feedback.

Because it’s tough to get just one meal without having leftovers regardless of what the person sitting next to you ordered, this is undoubtedly a place where shareable flourish.


This restaurant is a great option for a family dinner because of the cozy ambiance. Without their enthusiasm, the personnel would be unable to make this place successful. Customers enjoy the quick service offered here. This eatery claims to have reasonable prices. Each visitor’s taste will be satisfied by the gorgeous decor.

Address: 67 Bronte Rd, Oakville ON L6L 3B7

7. Cucci

Choose the Cucci restaurant in Bronte if you want to celebrate a particular event or go out for a romantic evening. It’s because there are so many Instagrammers with huge eyes in Cucci.

About Cucci

It is a friendly and quiet dining room for individuals who haven’t forgotten the joy of a meal with friends. Many restaurants have closed, but Cucci has stepped up!!!

They have quadrupled the area of their outside patio and transformed it into an attractive and pleasant space with lighting and heaters. The meal and service are both excellent.

In Oakville’s Bronte district, the beautiful Italian restaurant Cucci is nothing more than a well-liked tourist attraction. The focus of Chef Clancy’s menu is on using local, seasonal ingredients with traditional Italian flavours.

best restaurant in oakville
by Cucci

Food by Cucci

Many visitors are drawn and attracted by Italian cuisine’s spicy flavours. Try the duck breast, red snapper, and nicely cooked medium steaks that are available at this restaurant.

Try delicious cheesecakes, gelato, and tiramisu. Prosecco, champagne, or martinis are excellent ways to start your dinner. Excellent espresso; taste it.


Cucci is appropriate for both a business lunch or meeting and a family meal. The courteous employees and the competent service are two highlights of this establishment. You’ll find affordable deals here. Visitors can savour the magnificent ambiance and gorgeous decor at this location.

Address: 119 Jones St, Oakville ON L6L 3E7

8. Scoontorn Bahn Thai

If you’ve never experienced a true taste of Thailand, now is your chance at Scoontorn Bahn Thai, one of Downtown Towne Square‘s most ideal locations.

About Scoontorn Bahn Thai

Soontorn Bahn Thai is a premium Thai restaurant that specializes in Royal Thai cuisine using fresh Thai ingredients. Soontorn Bahn Thai is exquisitely designed to enhance the Thai tropical impression and romantic ambience.

Enter this spacious restaurant to experience Thai cuisine in a space with a contemporary feel and hot pink lighting.

best restaurant in oakville
by Scoontorn Bahn Thai

Food by Scoontorn Bahn Thai

Customers will like dining at this restaurant since they may enjoy a beautiful view of the Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum. There is Thai food available here.

Eating Thai Style is nearly typically a group activity. Enjoying wonderful cuisine with friends should be a reason for joy and celebration.

Enjoy the finely prepared mango salads, hot beef, and red chicken curry here with your buddies. The majority of visitors advise tasting good mango sticky rice. It would be good to sample the delicious wine. At Scoontorn Bahn Thai, some patrons enjoy fantastic Thai iced tea, iced tea, or coffee.

The chicken in their Thai Green Curry is really aromatic. Curry is served, which is popular in Thailand. Chicken breast cutlets in a greenish curry sauce with veggies, Thai basil, and coconut cream.


This place is fantastic because of its charming décor and cozy vibe. People are always warmly welcomed by the attentive staff. The excellent service at this location indicates the high degree of quality there. You must pay democratic pricing for your dinner. Because of the impressive decor, this is considered one of the best restaurant in Oakville.

Address: 210 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville ON L6J 1H8

9. 7 Enoteca

This sister restaurant, from the same team as Hexagon, has a more relaxed atmosphere but is no less stylish. Traditional Southern Italian cuisine is offered, and it expertly covers all the requirements.

best restaurant in oakville
by Inactive account – ID 22564702/pixabay, copyright 2021

Best Known For

Don’t miss the chance to savour Italian wine and food that combines contemporary design with classic enoteca. One of Oakville’s top dining establishments, it presents dinner theatre as an exhibition of pizza and pasta, with a linear marble bar covered in leather on one side.


With an all-Italian wine selection, Enoteca has been serving savoury, fresh, and authentically inspired cuisine from Italy. In the restaurant’s modest dining room or its long, tanned, marbled bar, customers can enjoy dinner theatre in the form of exhibition pizza.

Food by 7 Enoteca

If you happen to be close to Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum, you can visit this pizzeria. It is advised to sample the Italian cuisine on the 7 Enoteca menu.

Order some delicious pizza Roma, grilled octopus, and prosciutto at this restaurant.

The best meals include fruitcakes, a good tiramisu, and lemon dessert. Enjoy the opportunity to sample some outstanding wine, Spritz, or Italian beer. Excellent juice or espresso is available at this establishment.


Due to its excellent location, this pizza parlour is simple to spot. The skilled crew gives this business its beautiful atmosphere by working hard and remaining upbeat. The quickness of the service is mentioned by visitors.

Prices are reasonable in the opinion of the visitors. You will enjoy 7 Enoteca’s cozy furnishings and magical ambiance.

Address: 216 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville ON L6J 1H8

10. Riyasat Indian Restaurant

Up next on the list of the best restaurant in Oakville, we have Riyasat, which serves mouth-watering Indian cuisine.

best restaurant in oakville
by firstclick8556877242/pixabay, copyright 2020

If you reside in Oakville, would you like to enjoy a flavorful Indian meal? Near Lakeshore Rd E, in Downtown Oakville, Riyasat is the best Indian restaurant.

It has a fantastic fine dining area and delicious food, which has a wide variety of special meals prepared by the chefs to instill Indian flavours and awaken the palate, such as biryani rich in flavours and spices, is served.

Many customers claim that the waitstaff here serves delicious butter chicken, jheenga Hara payaaz, kadhai kebab, baingan Mirch ka salam, Delhi-style tandoori chicken, laal maas, naan, and garlic naans.


Many tourists come here after exploring the Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum. Customers have commented that the Indian food is quite tasty, and the menu is well-organized.

Most people discover that Riyasat Indian Restaurant & Bar – Oakville has good beer.

In order to make things easier for its patrons, this restaurant offers food delivery. Prices are fair, according to the comments of the visitors. You’ll enjoy this place’s wonderful furnishings and welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 263 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville ON L6J 1H9

11. Sotto Sotto Restaurants

Veteran restaurateur Marisa Rocco has faithfully re-created every appealing aspect of Sotto Sotto‘s wildly popular Avenue Road establishment in this branch in Oakville.

The smooth service and opulent environment highlight the kitchen’s exceptional knack for translating simple Italian recipes into gourmet masterpieces.

best restarant in oakville
by Pastel100/ pixabay, copyright 2018

Food by Sotto Sotto Restaurant

Visit this restaurant to eat if you get hungry after viewing Merrick Thomas Farm House Museum. If you’re in the mood for Italian food, Ristorante Sotto Sotto Oakville is a good choice.

You’ll enjoy it, particularly the well-prepared calamari, mussels, pasta, hummus, and veal. Come here to sample delicious tiramisu and wonderful chocolate desserts.


The extensive wine list can meet all of the guests’ needs. Prices are average, according to the opinions of the visitors. Cute furnishings are used to draw in more guests. The great atmosphere at this location is what makes it special.

Address: 139 Trafalgar Road, OAKVILLE ONTARIO L6J 3G4

12. Trattoria Timone Ristorante

Trattoria is the kind of family-run eatery that encourages repeat business. The food at Trattoria Timone Ristorante is the gastronomic equivalent of Nonna’s warmest hugs, with a selection of substantial, traditional Italian meals that evoke cravings and nostalgia.

One of the most creative and intriguing restaurants in the Oakville and Mississauga region is Trattoria Timone. With carefully designed dishes and inventive cocktails, one can taste and feel the various “genuine” brands.

The location is ideal for any lunch or evening event; clients seeking a fine dining experience, friends sharing appetizers and cocktails in the bar/lounge or on the cyclical patio, or even private parties and functions in the sixty-seat main dining room.

It’s also only a short ride to the QEW. Later in the evening, the bar and lounge area serves alcoholic beverages and light fare.

best restaurant in oakville
by Trattoria Timone Ristorante

Food by Trattoria Timone

The Italian and Mediterranean cuisines served at this restaurant are well-regarded.

Dishes like Branzino, lobster soup, and seafood salads are all prepared to perfection at Trattoria Timone Ristorante. Most visitors advise ordering nice gelato, key lime pie, and tiramisu.

Your lunch will be much more amazing with delicious house wine, champagne, or liqueur, and you’ll definitely want to come back. Try some excellent espresso, cappuccino, or latte.


The fact that food is delivered here is a significant plus. The friendly employees and efficient service at this establishment help visitors unwind. The opinions of the visitors indicate that the costs are fair.

Visitors to this restaurant can take pleasure in the calm ambiance and contemporary design.

Address: 2091 Winston Pk Dr, Oakville ON L6H 6P5

13. Landing Group

The Landing is an open-concept restaurant and patio featuring a large selection of menu items that are all freshly prepared for your enjoyment. There are several alternatives on the menu, including vegan and gluten-free items—a full-service bar with premium drinks and wines.

Thanks to the attractive setting and attentive service, you may enjoy a casual yet elegant eating experience. Try any of the distinctive drinks made by their in-house mixologists using innovative flavours and fresh ingredients.

best restaurant in oakville
by Landing group

Best Known For

They serve delicious dishes like:

  1. nachos
  2. pizza
  3. turkey
  4. deep-fried chicken burgers
  5. maple glazed salmon salad
  6. caesar salads
  7. yummy risotto

They also provide a kid’s menu that is as delicious as the regular one. The landing group also serves mind-blowing cheesecake and pudding. They also provide a different brunch menu for both adults and kids.

Because of the different menus, this place is considered one of the best restaurant in Oakville. So do visit this place for delicious food and great options.

The landing group is definitely a place to visit with family and friends and have a great time without hesitation.

Address: 481 Cornwall Road, Oakville, Ontario L6J

Final Thoughts

Award-winning chefs prepare and create dynamic, independent cuisine at the best restaurant in Oakville. The design recipes from scratch for every new taste and create seasonal menus using foods from the area.

best restaurant in oakville
by Joenomias/pixabay, copyright 2016

There are takeaway and delivery options available at many of the best restaurants in Oakville. However, it is advised to take advantage of the chance to enjoy the meal and the restaurant’s ambiance. So this article comes to an these were all the suggestions we had to make hope you liked them and do give it a visit once.

Most Favourite FAQs

1. What are the most popular Oakville restaurants?

Some of the restaurants that are most loved by people in Oakville include:

  • Maro’s Bistro takes in the amazing contemporary art created by Middle Eastern artists that adorn the ceiling and the exterior dining area.
  • Pasquale’s, Trattoria is renowned as the best Italian restaurant. A family-run restaurant that takes pleasure to invite customers to the customs of the Calogero family in the welcoming ambience of his trattoria.
  • Jac’s Bistro is a family eatery with a highly contemporary flair. From slow simmering to a fast sizzle, their menu combines rustic Italian and French food to name some.

2. What are the best restaurants in Oakville that deliver?

Some of the most popular restaurants in Oakville which also facilitate the convenience of delivery are Funky Thai Restaurant, Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant and Thai Senses.

3. What are the warmest and cozy restaurants near Oakville?

Some of the warm and comfortable restaurants around Oakville have to be Fornelo, Hexagon Restaurant, Paradiso, Jacs Bistro and a few others.

Mediterranean Restaurants are particularly very popular among the people of Oakville and thus there are a number of popular Mediterranean restaurants in Oakville, like Adonis Restaurant, Montfort Mediterranean Restaurants, Levantine Mediterranean Restaurants and a few others.

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