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7 Amazing Amusement Parks in Vancouver

An amusement park is a place with lots of entertainment-related features like rides, games, and other pursuits. A theme park is a specific type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions on a central theme and typically has numerous areas with different themes. Unlike temporary and moveable funfairs and carnivals, which are meant for intermittent operation, amusement parks are permanent constructions.

They offer attractions that often cater to various age groups and are more extensive than city parks and playgrounds. While themed areas are common in amusement parks, theme parks concentrate a stronger emphasis on a particular subject or group of issues with more precisely constructed themes.

At the coastal port of Western Canada, Vancouver is a lovely coastal region. In terms of livability and quality of life, it is ranked as one of the best cities. You may experience numerous fantastic amusement parks in Vancouver, making your trip even more fun. You’ll be undoubtedly drawn to Vancouver’s beauty and architecture. Previously known as Gastown, Vancouver today boasts several lovely sites to explore in addition to the Vancouver theme park.

1) PlayLand Amusement Park

Best Rides At Playland / PNE - Vancouver, B.C


A fantastic amusement park called Playland at the PNE may be found in Vancouver, British Columbia’s Hastings Park. It offers exhilarating rides, entertaining events, and spooky horror evenings. Since 1910, the PNE has hosted millions of visitors who have enjoyed its performances, amusement rides, exhibits, sporting events, concerts, cultural events, and yearly summer fairs. For the thrilling PNE Fair this year, they are searching for around 1000 eager and enthusiastic staff to work in several departments.

Vancouver has a huge need for these adventure and amusement parks. Along with additional attractions, there are approximately 35 rides available here. The best course of action during the summer is enjoying Playland while getting advance tickets to avoid waiting in extensive lines. Children under three years old are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

The park is committed to giving visitors unique experiences and contributing to the community’s social fabric. On the balcony, you may also have their revitalizing Aperol spritz.

One of Vancouver’s top amusement parks is Playland. Several films used the park as their setting. The 1999 teen drama Rollercoaster was filmed in this theme park. The broad walk scene from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, the Nickelodeon real-life movie Splitting Adam, the 1996 film Fear, and many others were filmed here, along with the opening sequence for Final Destination 3.

1.1) Rides in Playland

i. Kid-Friendly Rides

ii. Balloon Explorers: A family-friendly ride with a hot air balloon theme is called Balloon Explorers. Reminder: Young children must ride with an adult.

iii. Bug Whirled: Bug Whirled is a new small roller coaster with a ladybug theme. People of any height are welcome to ride. However, younger children need an adult’s supervision.

iv. Choppers: For this ride, chairs are replaced by helicopters and two-seater motorcycles. Riders on this ride must be between 36 and 52 inches tall and intended for more minor children.

1.2) Most Extreme Rides

i. AtmosFear: AtmosFear is an incredibly high swing ride. The ride circles in a circle and ascends more than 200 feet. A spectacular view of the city and the surrounding mountains rewards riders.

ii. The Beast: The Beast, the PNE’s newest and possibly most extreme pendulum ride, is located there. In western Canada, it is unique of its kind! The Beast rotates 360 degrees while swinging up 125 feet on either side. Only riders above 52 inches tall are allowed on this attraction.

iii. Breakdance: Breakdance is a ride with a city theme. Passengers spin around on seats decorated to resemble taxis as they sit in them. For this ride, riders must be at least 54 inches tall.

1.3) Specialty:

Super Slide, Crazy Beach Party, Drop Zone, Teacups, Scrambler, Merry-Go-Round, Kettle Creek Mine Coaster, Bug Whirled, Flutterbye, Pirate Ship & Revelation, Enterprise, Gladiator, Cool Cruzers, Choppers, Cap’n Kc, Westcoast Wheel, Honeybee Express, Wave Swinger, Breakdance, Corkscrew.

2) Fox’s Den

Fox’s Den will be an excellent option if you’re looking for an indoor theme park in Vancouver. There are several rides available here, as well as a drinking fountain. Splash Park is another name for it.  

Fox’s Den is also one of the best amusement park in Vancouver.

2.1) Address of Splash Park

1151 Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

3) Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake Adventure Park

A fairly large, up-to-date, and moderately priced amusement park may be found in the town of Cultus Lake. Although Cultus Lake Adventure Park is a tiny amusement park, it is effectively built, compact, and surprisingly large for such a small area.

The park offers eighteen rides that are appropriate for people of all ages. It resembles a miniature version of Disneyland without Mickey and the other characters or Cinderella’s castle. Families and groups of young friends will both enjoy it.

The amusement park is a seasonal attraction that is only open from roughly the third week of June until the Labor Day Weekend at the beginning of September, with one or two more weekends on each side.

Cultus Lake Adventure Park has an astounding array of rides despite being small.

The key attractions that are appropriate for young children are listed below, along with a list of rides that older children, teenagers, and adults will enjoy.

3.1) Rides in Cultus Park

i. Extreme rides

A. Cloud Buster: A ride called Cloud Buster ascends steadily before swiftly plummeting back to the ground. You believe you are falling for approximately a half second and about to die. This ride is exhilarating! Awe-inspiring vistas can be seen from the top, and it was a tonne of fun. But not for those with weak hearts or those afraid of heights.

B. Round-up 360: The Round-Up 360 attraction is undoubtedly the most extreme in the park and is perfect for thrill-seekers who enjoy spinning upside down. It is a wholly inverted, intense swing ride that rotates 360 degrees while going up and over. While the adolescents hang around here, grandparents and young children should probably stick to attractions like the carousel and Ferris wheel. The minimum height requirement for this attraction’s riders is 4 feet.

ii. Thrilling Rides

A. Runaway Mine Train: The 1000-foot-long Runaway Mine Train, a chaotic train ride, is among the park’s most well-known attractions. It’s a small but enjoyable roller coaster. The use of it is limitless for riders holding an all-day wristband (as they do with the other rides). Children under 42 inches tall must ride with an adult, and passengers must be at least 3 feet tall.

B. Windmill Drop: A 60-foot-tall windmill tower that lifts you into the air before lowering you to the ground is called the Windmill Drop (up and down a bit more). People who enjoy vertical drops will have a great time with them!

iii. Kids Rides

A. Bucking Bronco: Don’t be fooled by the fact that Buckin Bronco sounds like a kid-friendly ride and that you sit on horses as you might on a merry-go-round ride. Fastback-and-forth swinging and simultaneous spinning are features of this attraction.

B. Bucky’s Bumper Boats: Another mild ride that is pleasant and well-liked on hot days is Bucky’s Bumper Boats. You get to cycle around in the pond, run into people, and squirt your buddies with water on the trip (and get sprayed back).

C. Wilderness Trail: Children who enjoy exploring caverns, climbing structures, and tree forts will enjoy Wilderness Trail. People who prefer to move rather than sit in something that moves them are also fans!

However, Cultus Lake is one of the best amusement park in Vancouver.

4) Flyover Canada

FlyOver Canada | Experience The Ultimate Flying Ride


It is a fantastic theme park featuring some of Canada’s best rides and attractions. Tourists regard it as a must-see location. If you want to enjoy the thrilling rides and great movies this location is renowned for, go there.

FlyOver Canada uses modern technology to offer you the sensation of flight. A 20-meter round screen with wind, mist, and scents will surround you as you hang still with your feet dangling, creating an unparalleled experience. You will spend about 25 minutes learning about Canada at FlyOver Canada. Before proceeding to the boarding room for your preflight briefing, you will first enter the pre-show area, where you will be engaged in an audio-visual presentation of Canada. The 8-minute Ultimate Flying Ride will follow, which soars over some of the nation’s most breathtaking landscapes.

At Canada Place’s exceptional Fly over Canada multi-dimensional movie theatre attraction, you can “fly over” the entire country from the Atlantic to the Pacific and then up to the Arctic. The attachment adopts a beautiful winter festival theme during the Christmas season.
On this virtual flight experience, you may enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Canada’s stunning terrain without ever leaving the ground.

Prepare yourself for takeoff after an engaging culture and history of Canada presentation. You will soar through the air, scale hills, feel the wind on your face, and inhale the earthy aromas of alpine woods from your seat beneath the high-dome screen. This simulated flight is the longest in the world at eight minutes long!

They also include other shows in addition to the Canadian-themed film experience. There will be a special exhibition on other nations, such as the United States, China, Iceland, and Taiwan, as well as several festival-related seasonal feature films with topics like Christmas and Halloween.

The Christmas edition of the event allows visitors to follow Santa on his nationwide journey while being entertained by elves. However, Flyover Canada is one of the best amusement parks in Vancouver.

Take a minute to gather yourself after your flight experience is complete, and then leave the hangar. This tour is open all year long, with performances beginning every 20 minutes while it is available.

4.1) Address of Flyover Canada

Unit 201 at 999 Canada Place in Vancouver

Additional Information:

Accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, authorized service animals, near transit, and Wheelchair-accessible surfaces. Not advised for tourists with back issues, Pregnant women should not travel, no major illnesses, including heart issues; the attraction contains several stairs, so if any visitors experience difficulty climbing or descending stairs, please notify a Guest Service Agent before entering the attraction. FlyOver Canada is wheelchair accessible, but all visitors who need to use a wheelchair must let a Guest Service Agent know when they arrive. Moreover, vertigo or a fear of heights diseases that are made worse by visual stimulation like flashing lights, such as photosensitive epilepsy

5) The Adventure Zone

Another spot where you can have a lot of fun with adventure is the adventure zone. The adventure zone’s main draws are the big corkscrew slide, Rainbow Bridge, ride zone, carousels, skeeball, fishbowl frenzy, and monster drop. Playing a game inside will also allow you to win a trip and other rewards. The Adventure zone is one of the amusement park in Vancouver.

5.1) Cleanliness and safety

The recognized playground firm with an industry-leading safety record has extensively studied and tested the playground design to ensure maximum health and safety.

Parents may now see all outside activities from the rainbow bridge upstairs or the seating area, thanks to the playground gym’s increased openness. The playground has a distinctive safety aspect as an open, outdoor garden, even though the entire structure is encased in high tensile material.

5.2) Address of The Adventure Zone

Vancouver, BC v Cartwright Street Suite 230

6) Confederation Park

Another highly regarded park where you may have a great time all day. Additionally, you can ride the Model Steam Railway, which is only open on the weekends throughout the summer. In addition to swimming, there is an outdoor water play area. Confederation Park also offers tennis, a spray pool, an indoor pool, ball diamonds, a lacrosse box, and other activities. Confederation Park is one of the best amusement park in Vancouver.

6.1) Address of Confederation Park

Burnaby, BC, 4709 Pandora St

7) Granville Island Amusement Park

Exploring Granville Island Vancouver, BC - What to do in Vancouver


The largest free water park in North America can be found right in the middle of Vancouver. Kids would have a lot of fun on the water slide, geysers, and water pipes. You shouldn’t think the park is just for children and that adults or teenagers wouldn’t like it.

A top amusement park in Vancouver is Granville Island, Water Park. While the kids splash around and have fun, it’s an excellent location for parents to stop and relax. All guests can safely ride their rides while using the water slide. Spend time at Granville Island Water Park splashing about in the fountains with your family to escape the summer heat.

It is a fantastic amusement park in Vancouver that is open to the public without charge. The minimum height requirement for youngsters who want to ride water slides is 3’6″. If you want to go to Granville Island Park with a large party, you must make a reservation in advance because the park does not allow large groups without reservations.

On Granville Island, this location is lovely for confectionery and other items.  Granville Island Water Park is the ideal location in Vancouver if you’re looking for an exhilarating experience. Go hang out with them at the grassy area and children’s park, where there is a water slide and spray park to enjoy. With their thrilling coasters and slides, you can cap off a fantastic day of exploration.

The park offers everything a little child may need, including fire hydrants and water pipes. Additionally, a separate room is available for toddlers. There are no alternatives to the 3 feet 6-inch height requirement for youngsters using the water rides. The kids are instructed to wear shoes because the pavement is painted stone. Granville island is one of the best amusement park in Vancouver.

7.1) Specialty:

Children’s activities, adult amenities, water activities, a spray park, a full water park, a children’s play area, children’s slides, attractions, shopping, and water park amenities are all available.

7.2) Address of Granville Island Park

In Vancouver, British Columbia, at 1318 Cartwright St.


1) How do you pick the top theme parks in Vancouver?

One of the top amusement parks in Vancouver, according to PNE, is Playland. It is generally suggested to purchase an advance ticket a day before your visit because it is one of the busiest theme parks during the summer.

2) What types of rides can you find at the amusement park?

The amusement park is available for roller coasters, pirate ships, windmills, drop towers, pendulum rides, and other thrilling amusement attractions. Be aware, though—riders with health issues should avoid these adrenaline coasters.

3) What makes people adore amusement parks?

Amusement parks use the thrill ride’s immediate physical gratification: the surge of speed, the loft and draw of gravity, and the adrenaline rush caused by the simulated possibility of significant bodily injury.

4) What are the many kinds of water-based amusement parks?

The log flume, bouncing boats, rapids, and rowing boats are a few examples of water rides that are typically available at amusement parks with access to water. Most of these rides are appropriate for all ages and are often kinder and shorter than roller coasters.


However, the following are the 7 amusement parks in Vancouver: PlayLand Amusement Park, Granville Island Amusement Park, Confederation Park, The Adventure Zone, Flyover Canada, Wild Wave Water Park, and Fox’s Den. Along with it, there are details about amusement parks, types of Amusement parks, and the rides there in Amusement parks.

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