Canadian Visitor Visa – 5 Best Things To Know About!

In Need of a Canadian Visitor Visa? But have no idea where to start, what functions it can perform, and most importantly, how to obtain one. Don’t worry; we’ve got this.

All people entering Canada would require a Canadian visitor visa unless they are permanent residents of Canada or belong to a visa-exempt country. 

If you are a former permanent resident of Canada, you cannot apply for a visitor visa, even if your present resident card has expired. You should instead apply for the Permanent resident travel document.

Canadian and dual citizens are exempt from applying for a Canadian visitor visa and are only allowed to travel with a valid Canadian passport. 

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As many as 55 countries are granted visa exemption, but the citizens of these countries do require an Electronic Travel Authorization [eTA] to enter Canada. 

However, United States American citizens do not need the eTA to enter Canada and can enter only on valid U.S passports.

Applying for the eTA is a relatively simple procedure. You need to fill in the application form, which asks for your personal information, like your name. 

You must be a passport holder of one of the eligible countries and require a credit/debit card to pay the visa fee.

Everything About Canadian Visitor Visa

Here is everything that you need to know in detail about the Canadian Visitor Visa.

1. What Can You Do With the Canadian Visitor Visa?

First: Firstly, you can, of course, enter and visit Canada. You can travel and see any part of Canada legally. Remember, this status is temporary. 

Second: You are not allowed to work on your Canada visitor visa. However, you are allowed to search for work in Canada. 

It has been noticed that various Canadian employers prefer to meet their employees in person before hiring them, so it would be much easier to find work while in Canada.

Do note. However, you should never hide the reason for traveling to Canada from your immigration officer. 

You are also required to specify the intention behind returning to your country to the immigration officer, whether you get employed or not. 

You would be required to prove that you won’t work without a valid work permit.

Canadian Visitor Visa
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Third: You are required to get a study permit if you wish to study in Canada. 

However, under the below extraordinary circumstances, you do become eligible to study under the Canada visitor visa:

  1. The school providing the course/paper is not a Designated learning institute.
  2. The program ends within six months.
  3. If you were able to finish the course before your visa could expire.

Fourth: You can carry out business activities while on the Canadian visitor visa until you do not participate directly in the Canadian labor market. 

You are, however, allowed to engage in economic interaction on a limited scale by visiting a business site or meeting or interacting with people who would want to expand their business,

Remember that the visitor visa would only allow you to stay and travel in Canada only temporarily. You cannot remain in Canada permanently while on a Canadian visitor visa, when the time comes you have to leave Canada no matter what.

Violating norms is a severe offense and can lead to grave consequences. Thus read all the do’s and don’ts carefully and avoid trouble. 

Keep all these things in mind while visiting Canada on the Canadian Visitor Visa to avoid any trouble in the future.

Canadian Visitor Visa
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2. The Eligibility Required To Get the Canadian Visitor Visa

  1. You must have enough funds to sustain yourself and your family in Canada. As noted above, you are not allowed to work during your visit and will require a Canada work permit if you wish to go to Canada.
  2. You should have no criminal record and must stay as a law-abiding citizen while in Canada.
  3.  There may be specific requirements or criteria for the travel you would have to meet or comply with based on your profile.

So, this is the eligibility required for getting the Canadian Visitor Visa. If you clear the Criteria, you can get your hands on the visitor visa. 

As you may have observed, the entire process is quite lucid and hassle-free. 

Getting a Canadian visitor visa will not be difficult if you have all the documents and clear eligibility.

3. What Are The Documents Required While Applying?

  1. You require a valid passport, and you will be required to furnish documents proving you belong to the country of your origin.
  2. You must submit financial statements suggesting you can fund your stay in Canada.
  3. You are also required to show the letter of invitation you receive from your relatives if you will stay with them and a medical clearance certificate if you need to go through a medical exam before visiting Canada.

 These are all the essential documents required for getting a Canadian Visitor Visa. 

Arranging the documents should not be difficult, but keep the records handy and prepared so that you do not face any problems in the future.

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4. Types of Single and Multiples

 The Canadian visitor visa can be classified into two types: single entry and multiple entries. 

A single entry visa would allow you to enter Canada only once. In contrast, the multiple entry visas would allow you to enter Canada as often as you wish to as long as your visa is valid. 

Note that applicants are directly considered for multiple Canadian visitor visas and only under particular circumstances are granted a single entry visa which is:

  1. For example, your purpose for coming to Canada is limited if a foreign national arrives on an official visit.
  2. If you are participating in a one-time special event held in Canada.
  3. Due to specific country-specific procedures or guidelines which are approved by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] 

With the Single entry Canada visitor visa, you can travel to the United States of America back and forth if your single-entry visa for the period authorized has not ended. 

You do not require a second temporary resident visa to come back to Canada. 

The Multiple entry visa will allow you to travel to Canada for six months straight as many times you want as long as your visa is valid. It is usually valid for ten years; however, the exact duration of validity is subject to the discretion of the issuing visa officer.

You can apply for a Canada visitor visa offline and online. If you decide to go ahead with the application process for Canadian citizenship offline, you should download the application form for your visa and proceed further. 

Canadian Visitor Visa
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5. What to Keep in Mind when applying Online?

If you apply online, you will require a credit card, a camera, and a scanner to apply for the visa.

You should fill out the Canada visitor visa application form carefully and check out the instruction guide on the official website before filling out the form. 

One should keep all the documents required ready else. You must attach the single waiver form to your application to avoid getting delayed or rejecting the form. The application can get refused or returned. 

Filling in the details correctly is essential to getting your Canada visitor visa. Once you are done filling out the form, you need to proceed with paying fees on the official website. 

Visit your local Canada visa application center. Give your completed application to the center. 

They will take your biometrics and ask for the service charge. Once you are done, the center will place an ‘approved’ stamp on your passport.

Closing Thoughts

Canada is a beautiful country that offers world-class education and health facilities and promises to be a fun getaway! The county has emerged as a significant player in almost every key sector, from health to education, and is deemed to play a major role in the coming years.

Canada has specific requirements for obtaining a visitor visa like every other country, but they are not complex!  Located in the northern part of North America, Canada, the second-largest country globally, is truly a wonder! 

For those wishing to travel anonymously to start a brand new life somewhere special, Canada is a beautiful country to explore and to truly embrace your new identity. It’s the ideal place to start anew and design the life you’ve always dreamt of.

The country has the most literate population and one of the lowest population densities globally, making it one of the best places to live and visit. 

To learn more about new visitor visa status, temporary resident visas, or permanent resident status check out the official website. You can also find more about the canada ukraine authorization process for the temporary resident status you need to become a proper canadian citizens.

Knowing the steps, valid travel documents, and approval from the Canadian government, you will have no fulfilling the Canadian tourist visa requirements for obtaining a Canadian tourist visa or visitor visa.

So what are you waiting for, you shouldn’t hesitate to apply for one and see this amazing country.

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