What to do near Lake Louise? What to do near Lake Louise?

Lake Louise Escapades: Unveiling 10 Exciting Activities in the Vicinity

Lake Louise is a popular holiday destination for many, and offers great adventure options, from hiking to kayaking. So, what can you do on a visit to the lake?

1. Exploring the Lake 

Famous for its turquoise waters, this alpine lake is in Banff National Park. Lake Louise receives its water from glaciers. Ice-capped mountains, magnificent landscapes, and lush forests surround Lake Louise. The stunning scenes of the Louiseglaciated emerald lake, scenic trails, natural beauty, and innocent wildlife attract tourists to Lake Louise.

Lake louise Canada - beautiful landscapes

1.1 Navigating the Routes

There are two ways to get to Lake Louise, from Calgary International Airport, the nearest airport to Lake Louise. You can either hire a private cab or take the Roam Transit Bus service. This way, your trip to the lake on Icefields Parkway will take approximately two hours.

A grey concrete road between green trees and mountains during the daytime, Alberta, Canada.
By Chris Henry / Unsplash / Copyright: 2020

Moreover, stopping at Banff, a bustling mountain hamlet in Banff National Park, can add 40 minutes to your journey to Lake LLouiseouise.

1.2 Where to Stop between Banff and Lake Louise

Banff National Park features many hotels and eateries. You can stop at average to luxurious hotels, such as Fairmont Château Lake Louise, Castle Mountain Chalets, HI Lake Louise Hostel, Banff Park Lodge, Mountaineer Lodge, and others.

Hotel Highlight: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | SmarterTravel

Apart from your preferences and schedule, it will take only a day to visit Lake Louise. However, if you want to explore more, prolong your days by a week to satisfy your curiosity.

1.3 The Ideal Months Pay a Visit

Planning in July to early September is an ideal choice in the Summer months. Eventually, you’ll be rewarded with a view of Lake Louise in full bloom.

It is the time of year when points of interest are at their peak and attract maximum people. Perhaps, it is your calling if you want to explore in the winter, to enjoy skiing and ice skating from December to early March.

1.4 Parking Accomodations

Parking lots in the summer are available with reservations or on a first-come, first-served basis. Nevertheless, overnight parking is not permitted. One can also avail of the Lake Connector shuttle, which departs every 20 minutes to reach anywhere at Lake Louise.

2. Adventure Awaits: Exploring 10 Thrilling Activities 

You may see the breathtaking nature artwork, like Paradise Valley, the Canadian Rockies with the hanging Victoria Glacier, and the plain of six glaciers surrounding Lake Louise. Here are some of the most exciting things to experience near this splendid lake.

2.1 A Super Ride on the Lake Louise Gondola

a ski lift going up a mountain
By Random Mono /Unsplash / Copyright: 2022

What could be more fulfilling than riding the Lake Louise Gondola around the lake like a bird? The ride is worth experiencing to fully appreciate the landscapes, architectural wonders, and greenery that surround Lake Louise.

Another reason for elevation gain is to view some of the Lake Louise-area locations only accessible by gondola.

2.2 Getting on the Best Hiking Trails

One of the best priorities here is to plan most of the time for going on the best hiking trails. First, buckle your shoes to discover the smartly built trails up and down Lake Louise Village. Moreover, you can also hike on Lake Louise lakefront trail, Lake Louise park side, Lake Louise campground, or towards Lake Louise Lakeshore. All of these trails are popular hikes.

A man in blue shirt and blue backpack standing on rock near river during daytime
By Andy Holmes / Unsplash / Copyright: 2020

While moving around Lake Louise in the summer, you can also choose the route of the Bow Valley Parkway. Hike up to the Larch Valley Trail or the Lake Agnes to give yourself more satisfaction. You can stop at Lake Agnes Teahouse to recollect your breath and store the beautiful spots in your heart forever.

Inhaling plenty of oxygen up on super green heights, with the yummiest chit-chat, is the best health tonic. Keeping a personal camera is a must to seize your favourite moments at every twist and turn of the lake’s grandeur.

2.3 Enjoyable Afternoon Paddling and Fishing

First, rent a canoe in the summer months. Additionally, a fishing rod on board is a terrific way to spice up your canoe rentals. Have fun fishing for those adorable critters down there. Enjoy your cup of afternoon tea in the canoe, and watch the surrounding mountains and spectacular scenes.

A woman rowing and riding a boat near Alberta mountains at Lake Louise.
By Atia Naim /Unsplash / Copyright: 2017

You’ll be even rewarded for moving further forward with a closer and better view of the Victoria glaciers and Mount Victoria in particular.

2.4 Have Fun with Wildlife Interactions 

Whether you are a tourist or on a wildlife excursion, you have only experienced half of its hidden charms if you have not experienced the innocent wildlife of Lake Louise in summer. You’ll be amazed at seeing elk, sheep, coyotes, mountain goats, and sometimes lynx, etc. However, for seeing grizzly bears, it’s better to be on the other side of the bar.

Your visit can have a deep feeling of fulfilment if you get to see them up close or even just from a distance. These sweet creatures, scattered around Banff National Park by nature, are welcoming with their humorous natural behaviours.

2.5 Visit Moraine Lake

In addition to being a stunning gem, Lake Louise also acts as a launching pad for climbing higher to discover another comparable, gorgeous environment. You must visit Moraine Lake, which is as amazing and lovely as Lake Louise.

A view of Moraine Lake with mountains and trees alongside.
By Brandon Jean / Unsplash / Copyright: 2018

Once ready for your walking and hiking excursions, climb higher to the welcoming Lake Moraine.  Lake Moraine offers the same magnificent panorama due to its location in the middle of ten mountain peaks. Moreover, it has a different personality and appearance.

2.6 Camping Expedition Near Lake Louise

There are designated camping sites available for yet another heartwarming adventure. Additionally, it is for both the winters and the summers. Lake Louise offers incredible highs and lows for the best camping spots, complete seclusion, safety from wildlife like grizzly bears, and excellent views.

If you want to be at peace and control the terms of your stay close to Lake Louise, think about going on a camping trip. This way, you can increase both your viewing and interaction levels. Especially camping in winter allows you to enjoy watching Lake Louise, the glacier trail, the view of the snow, and the best of the pristine environment.

2.7 Horse Riding Around the Stunning Lake Louise

Nothing is better than horseback riding excursions if you want to discover and take in as much of Lake Louise’s surroundings as possible.

You will also feel part of the routes and surroundings when you see yourself riding on the back of a horse while exploring Banff National Park. Especially when riding horses with family and friends in the soothing, chilly breeze, one feels on top of the universe.

2.8 Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Adventure

Why not embark on a climbing or mountaineering expedition when so many snow-covered mountains surround Lake Louise?

Thanks to green cliffs and the Rocky Mountains they are either moderately easy or challenging. One can try out every skill level and enjoy it. Likewise, you may also go on small-group or solo adventures. Meanwhile, for safety measures, you can avail yourself of guided rock climbing and mountaineering expeditions on glacier trails.

2.9 Take Pleasure in the Skiing Expedition

Experience the ultimate skiing game up on Lake Louise Ski Hill, one of the biggest attractions for visitors in the winter. Accordingly, go for Lake Louise Ski Resort, one of Canada’s Largest Ski Resorts.

Whether a new skier or experienced, you may choose from easy to challenging routes to satisfy your adventurous side. Alternatively, participate in cross-country skiing for more fun and excitement. In addition to Lake Louise Ski Resort, the Sun-Shine Village is another of the top alternatives.

2.10 Skate Wild on the Icy Floors of Lake Louise

People skating on the Icy Floors of Lake Louise.
By Kei /Unsplash / Copyright: 2018

The frozen Lake Louise is a sight to explore during winter in Canada. Visitors are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild as the lake freezes. Indulge in as many activities while skating to keep yourself entertained. Likewise, Ice hockey is another way to spice up your skating thrills.

3 Final Thoughts

What is a better way to cheer up your business associates, family, and friends than to hold their company right next to beautiful Lake Louise?

Be the next after me to plan to celebrate some precious moments of your life on the divinely served platter of Lake Louise. Let’s choose the Trans Canada Highway to Louise Village and rest in Fairmont Chateau, Lake Louise.

Furthermore, let’s spoil ourselves with Banff Upper Hot Springs and go to Yoho National Park; or move up on hiking and biking trails to Moraine Lake, Lake Agnes, and Lake Agnes Tea House, and give ourselves a Big Treat.

In its totality, visiting Lake Louise is one of the best tourist destinations in Canada. Have your high expectations fulfilled hand in hand when searching for what to do near Lake Louise.

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