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Amazing Arrowhead Provincial Park: 17 Must-See Attractions

Located in Ontario, Canada, Arrowhead Provincial Park is a part of the Ontario Parks System. It has 388 campsites, of which 117 are serviced with electricity.

It was 1237 hectares in size and offered first-rate outdoor recreation activities in a breathtaking natural environment.

People visit the park because of how perfect the environment is for outdoor enjoyment year-round. Arrowhead Provincial Park also has views of Glacial Lake Algonquin’s coastline.

17 Cool Things to Do at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Read on if you want to make your trip to Provincial Arrowhead Park memorable but aren’t sure what to do there yet. 

1. Skating

Ice skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park in the winter is delightful. The huge white canvas of the surroundings makes it appealing even during the day. 

The skating and tubing hill trail is about 1.3 kilometers long.

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2. Snowshoeing

Arrowhead Provincial Park is the ideal location in the Ontario parks system, to begin if you’ve never tried snowshoeing.

The 8-kilometer official track is indicated, but the unmarked trails, which wind through hardwood forests, are nothing short of a winter wonderland.

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3. Camping

The camping season in winter is usually from mid-December to the end of March. 

There are several campgrounds in Arrowhead Provincial Park, including Lumby North, Lumby South, Pull-Through Roe, and East River campground. 

Several pet-friendly campsites are available in each campground, and their RV length limit ranges from 25-32 feet.

The campsites’ amenities include parking lots, drinking water, toilets, camping cabins, recycling stations, comfort stations with showers, garbage, access to trailheads, and a dumping station. 

Some of these campgrounds also offer access to fishing. To know more about the operating dates of parks, visit Camp operating dates park.

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To stay updated with the campsites and parks, you can use the park’s email newsletter signup, email newsletters signup fall, signup fall colors healthy, and newsletter signup fall colors services.

Do visit the Fall Colours Healthy Parks blog for additional information, and you might want to signup for Fall Colour Healthy for all the latest updates. You can find newsletter signup fall colors on the same link.

4. Fire and Ice Nights

One can skate through a torch-lit trail on select evenings, also known as “Fire and Ice Skating Evenings,” from 6 pm to 9 pm every month. 

Skating through snow-laden evergreen trees sounds lovely, but skating along the same path on torch-lit nights is way more enthralling and loved by the visitors. 

The ice skating trail remains open from 11 am to 3 pm during Fire and Ice Nights.

5. Hiking

Arrowhead Provincial Park has five different hiking trails to offer. The longest trail is around a 3-hour hike, and there are short trails too. 

So, don’t let the cold make you miss the wonderful opportunity of taking a breathtaking hike in the park.

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5.1 Beaver Meadow Trail

It is arrowhead’s longest trail, which passes through Porcupine Bluffs. The bluffs are easy to spot during fall and spring but are rarely visible during the leafy summer months. 

Beaver Meadow Trail also circles a beaver pond where you might spot a Great Blue Heron, moose, tree swallows, otters, and beavers.

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Near the trail’s conclusion, a field is crossed, and there are signs of the once-prosperous Oke farmhouse there as well, including building foundations, old fence lines, and domestic plants like apple trees and rhubarb.

5.2 Homesteaders’ Trail

The homesteaders cleared the area in the 1870s. One can take this trail across rugged terrain and see the traces of farm fields now reclaimed by young forests.

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5.3 Big Bend Lookout

A panoramic view of the Big East River and the surrounding Muskoka landscape may be seen after a short stroll from the parking area on the Roe Campground road.

5.4 Mayflower Lake Trail

It was a small bay in a large glacial lake ten thousand years ago. At present, it is a deep and small spring-fed lake. 

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Its clear and cold waters provide the right habitat for cold-water fish like the Rainbow Trout.

The trail has numerous descents and lengthy climbs that surround Mayflower Lake. The trail can be muddy, so it is advised to carry your hiking boots along.

5.5 Stubb’s Falls Trail

The Little East River rushes down a rock known as a chute. It is a 2-kilometer-long trail that is usually covered in 45 minutes.

 One should take this trail in early spring to enjoy the beautiful sight of wildflowers and hear songbirds.

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6. Tubing

Make your inner child happy as you tube down the trail. You do not need to bring your tubes because the park supplies the same to visitors. 

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Locate a beautiful fire pit on the top to keep warm before continuing the adventure.

7. Explore the Park on Full Moon Ski Nights

Arrowhead Provincial Park offers a variety of skiing opportunities. There are groomed nordic ski trails spread over 33 kilometers, of which 11 are ski-skate trails.

8. Get Going for Muskoka Loppet

The Muskoka Loppet is held annually and is a cross-country skiing competition of 5 km. This event is meant for people of all ages. It is a source of great fun for the entire family.

9. Skijoring

The good news is that people can spend their favorite season of the year with their dogs is welcomed by many. Skijoring is even more enjoyable when the dogs are fully matured and weigh more than 30 lbs. on Shutterstock

10. Enjoy the Breathtaking Winter Scenery

The beautiful scenery, including icicles glistening in the winter sun, snow-laden trees, and water flowing quietly in winter, makes a trip to Arrowhead Provincial Park a dream winter destination visit for winter lovers.

The Hidden Gems of Ontario Province
Icy Canada

11. Swimming

Three spotless, sandy and quiet beaches also have change facilities that back into the birch groves. 

However, no lifeguards are posted at the beaches, so one must be careful. Also, no pets are permitted on the beaches.

12. Discovery Programs

The park staff offers educational programs for adults and children, including historic and nature walks, children’s crafts and games, car camping discovery programs, and evening programs having guest speakers and videos.

The programs start in early July and continue till Labour Day.

13. Fishing and Canoeing

Arrowhead Lake has Small Mouth Bass, and Mayflower Lake is good for Rainbow Trout. An outdoor card and a valid fishing license are required for fishing at the lakes.

As far as canoeing is concerned, one should be aware of the weather conditions before going outdoors and ensure that one wears a personal floatation device.

14. Boating

Canoes are ideal for viewing wildlife and exploring the shorelines of Mayflower and Arrowhead lakes. 

Motorized boats, including electric motors, are prohibited in these lakes.

15. Bird Viewing

Several species of birds stay in arrowhead and make it their home in the summer and spring months before migrating south for the winters. A bird list is available at the main gate of Arrowhead Provincial Park.

16. Biking

There are two challenging mountain bike trails at arrowhead- one is the Arrowhead Lake Trail spanning 4.5 kilometers, and the other is the Lookout Trail covering an area of 3 kilometers.

17. Winter Activities

The three parking lots and the main park road are kept open in winter for visitors to host some amazing events, including elementary school races, Annual Muskoka Loppet, and quite a few more. 

Arrowhead has maintained over 33 kilometers of cross-country ski trails for skate and classic skiing.

Closing Thoughts

The natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities in Arrowhead Provincial Park make it a great vacation spot for families and groups of friends.

We hope you enjoyed reading this all about Arrowhead Provincial Park, and it will help you with your travel explorations

So, What are you waiting for? Make this summer season extra memorable with ice skate rentals for both skate ski trails or classic ski trails, booking private campsites, and mountain bikes to trail leading to muskoka three sand beaches.

You can slide down the tubing hill with a rental tube or break out the snowshoes on the classic 8 km trail marked for the occasion.

How excited are you to visit Arrowhead Provincial Park? What things about the park excited you the most? Please share it with us in the comments section below.


1. What Transportation to take to reach Arrowhead Provincial Park?

There are four options to reach Arrowhead Provincial Park from Toronto. The options include trains, taxis, buses, or cars; the most preferred option is taking a bus.

The bus pick-up location is 34 Asquith Avenue, 100 meters from the Bloor-Yonge subway entrance. 

The bus stops for adventurers at the Highway 401 carpool lot and Major Mackenzie is on the way. Once you reach Arrowhead, you will be dropped off at the visitor’s center.

2. What to keep in mind when planning your trip?

Located 7 kilometers north of Huntsville, Arrowhead Provincial Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm in December and January. 

The park is one of the great places that can be visited any time of the year. 

However, tourists prefer to visit it during winter, like the Fire and Ice Nights, and the famous skate trail is also one of the things tourists do to enjoy the clear and crisp winter air.

In February, the park closes at 5:30 pm, whereas, during March, the park is open till 6 pm. During Fire and Ice Nights, the park is open for longer hours and closes at 9 pm.

3. What Facilities are available at Arrowhead Provincial Park?

There are three comfort stations in all, located centrally at the campgrounds. All comfort stations have washroom stalls and barrier-free showers. All stations have flush toilets too.

A park store also sells locally baked goods, candies, and snacks.

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