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13 Best Restaurants in Hamilton

All the Best restaurants in Hamilton are made available for you in this article.

The historic port city of Hamilton, which is situated between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario, is unlike any other. The city is surrounded by nature and has a long history. In addition, it offers a lively downtown and a distinctly urban vibe. Although industries in the Hamilton Harbour region made up the majority of the city’s population, the city is also home to exceptional natural beauty.

Best restaurants in hamilton
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The city is one of Canada’s most well-known and significant industrial hubs. If you ever consider taking a quick vacation, the city has a lot to offer. You can discover a lot in a short amount of time. Amazing parks, waterfalls, eateries, boutiques, museums, and fascinating locales can all be found in Hamilton.

Best restaurants in Hamilton

1. Quatrefoil

To start with the best restaurants in Hamilton, the first is Quatrefoil Restaurant which was established by chefs Fraser Macfarlane and Georgina Mitropoulos in May 2010. The eatery has been ranked among Canada’s top 10 best new restaurants.

In a charming heritage mansion turned modern restaurant, this Hamilton restaurant serves modern French cuisine and is situated in the sleepy village of Dundas, Ontario. Visit this restaurant to celebrate an anniversary, a wedding, or a birthday party.

The husband-and-wife pair of Macfarlane and Mitropoulos has worked as chefs in some of Europe’s top Michelin-starred establishments. So do visit for a fine dining room.

Food by Quatrefoil

Hamilton’s best fine-dining establishment, Quatrefoil, boasts a seasonal menu with French influences, an elegant setting, and unmatched service.

best restaurants in hamilton
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All visitors will like the French cuisine served here.

  • To sample delicious scallops, roast tenderloin, and mushroom soup, go to Quatrefoil.
  • You will be given delectable semifreddo, crème brûlée, and vanilla ice cream.
  • Try the delectable house wine, French toast, bitter, or champagne while you’re here.
  • This establishment has excellent sandwiches, coffee, tea, and espresso drinks.


This establishment is widely recognized for its excellent customer service and helpful personnel that are always willing to assist you. Prices in this area are reportedly fair. You will enjoy this restaurant’s cozy furnishings and charming ambiance.

2. Edgewater Manor

Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario and overlooking Toronto’s skyline, it’s easy to understand why Edgewater Manor is frequently recognized as one of the best event venues and restaurants in the GTA, attracting guests from all across Canada and the United States.

What makes Edgewater Manor so special?

Edgewater Manor is a multi-award-winning fine dining restaurant known for its fresh meats and seafood. Their success stems from their desire to deliver high-quality, locally produced foods that complement the large, hand-picked wine list from across the world provided to you by the in-house sommelier.

This is the place to go if you want a breathtaking backdrop. The building, built in 1921, has wooden flooring, ancient brickwork, opulent chandeliers, vistas of Lake Ontario, and a grand marble staircase that goes back to the 1800s.

The acclaimed steak and seafood restaurant serves fine dining in a Great Gatsby-style mansion, complete with an international wine list.

Food By Edgewater Manor

Take a chance at this restaurant if you’ve never tried Canadian cuisine.

  • Many travellers come here to sample great food such as delectable salmon, fillet steaks, and prawns.
  • The Edgewater Manor Restaurant offers delicious massive portions of chocolate lava cakes, crème brûlée, and chocolate cakes.
  • Make a fantastic wine, cocktail, or absinthe order. Many guests place excellent coffee or tea orders.
  • Enjoy a charbroiled steak or one of the many different entrée choices as your main course after beginning with fresh oysters or crab cakes.


Come here to host a birthday celebration with a few friends, a wedding, or an anniversary in a stunning setting. Many visitors praise this establishment’s friendly service and competent staff. For unique dishes, you’ll pay little. More people come in because of the pleasant atmosphere.

Address: 518 Fruitland Rd, Stoney Creek ON L8E 5A6

3. Born & Raised

So next up for the best restaurants in Hamilton, we have Born & Raised.

This casual Italian restaurant could be familiar to you if you watch Top Chef Canada. Born & Raised is owned by Top Chef contestant Vittorio Colacitti, just like The Good Son in Toronto. A cozy environment and a lovely interior.

best restaurants in hamilton
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What makes Born & Raised so special?

Here, visitors book a table to savour delectable fare while taking in the sights of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Come to this tavern if you’d want to sample Canadian and Italian cuisine.

Visitors may recall Chef Vittorio Colacitti from Top Chef Canada’s second restaurant, Born & Raised. If the name of the establishment is any indicator, it reflects Chef Vittorio’s love for Hamilton, his hometown.

The restaurant has a strong connection to the neighbourhood because many high-quality foods are bought directly from local farmers.

The 60-seat eatery has a raw bar with a gorgeous seafood restaurant from the East and West Coasts and a stunning wood-fired oven that was imported from Italy.

There are elements of reclaimed wood and antique treasures scattered throughout the décor, which combines rustic and modern styles.

Food by Born & Raised

The food on the menu of Born & Raised is influenced by International cuisine.

  • The menu features perfectly prepared oysters, grilled octopus, and mushroom pizza is enjoyable.
  • You can count on delicious gelato, chocolate desserts, and chocolate mousse from Born & Raised.
  • Seize the opportunity to sample fine wine, beer, or margaritas.
  • You should try the delicious espresso here.
  • Do not forget to try the stone-baked pizzas.


Come here to host a birthday celebration, wedding, or anniversary in a stunning setting. Visitors are always welcome at the creative staff’s facility. Customers enjoy the excellent service provided here. This restaurant delivers delicious dishes for reasonable costs. Customers are positively impacted by the fun environment. Seize the opportunity to sample some delectable wine, beer, or margaritas.

Address: 224 James St N, Hamilton ON L8R 2L3

4. Hambrgr King William

So the next in the line for best restaurants in Hamilton is Hambrgr King William.

best restaurants in hamilton
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What makes Hambrgr King William so special?

Thanks to the HAMBRGR team, a delicious classic burger is always guaranteed, whether in Crown Point or Downtown. They purchase their meat from local farmers and ingredients and are passionate about beef patties.

The eatery is close to Berkeley North and on the historic King William Street.

Giving their customers the ideal blend of locally sourced good ingredients matter, a wide selection of craft beers, culinary artistry, and of course, one of the most unforgettable experiences one can possibly muster in the enriching restaurant culture sweeping through downtown Hamilton is what HAMBRGR strives to do for its customers.

Food Tour

Without a doubt, not for a traditional burger. Try something new and order a Maui Wowi (pulled pork and pineapple jam) or the “Weekly Chef Smash,” which is the burger-like version of the catch of the day.

Additionally, there are chicken and vegan options if you prefer to skip red meat.

Have delicious food at Hambrgr King William, which has on-tap local craft beer, handcrafted burgers, freshly cut fries, salads, and extravagant milkshakes!

Address: 49 King William St, Hamilton ON L8R 1A2

5. Ancaster Mill

On the site of former flour mills, Ancaster Mill is a fine dining establishment with a charm built with limestone blocks from the 19th century and situated next to a waterfall. This location has a wonderful outlook.

What makes Ancaster Mill so special?

Depending on the time of year, Ancaster Mill offers dishes like spring minestrone soup and braised pork belly with roasted fiddleheads because it bases its menu on the season’s produce.

Visitors come to dine in the dining area, which has a view of the falls, indulge in the Sunday brunch buffet, and enjoy the freshness of the organic Ontario products.

Food by Ancaster Mill

Ancaster Mill, one of the most popular restaurants for a Sunday brunch or a supper celebration, embodies the spirit of wonderful hospitality.

Ancaster Mill, located along a stream and with a huge dining room built out overlooking the falls, is in high demand for weddings, family or business parties, and festivities all year.

Fans of Canadian food are advised to visit this establishment.

  • Many visitors to Ancaster Mill claim that the restaurant serves delicious fried chicken, prime rib roasts, and Caesar salads.
  • The majority of visitors advise trying excellent pecan pie, waffles, and parfait.
  • Delicious Mimosas, wine, or beer are available here as drinks.
  • Visitors are advised to choose from a variety of excellent coffee, vibrant juices, or tea.
best restaurants in hamilton
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The placement of this place makes it simple to find. This restaurant is exceptional because of its attentive personnel. People emphasize great customer service in their reviews. Ancaster Mill provides affordable meals with great flavours. Clients can unwind in this space thanks to the elegant decor and calm environment, which is why it is considered one of the best restaurants in Hamilton.

Address: 548 Old Dundas Rd, Ancaster ON L9G 3J4

6. Berkeley North

Small plates with local ingredients and a West Coast influence are best served in a stylish dining room.

About Berkeley North

A West Coast-inspired restaurant, Berkeley North is situated on historic King William Street in the centre of Hamilton. A contemporary dining space eatery that uses ingredients from the neighbourhood.

Even more, the character is added by the modern black and white decor, exposed brick walls, potted plants, and garage-style door that opens in the summer.


Their vision of fusing exquisite food with empowered service resonates with Berkeley North’s sharable style of eating, which enables the visitors to go above and beyond to create an amazing culinary experience.

Berkeley North serves up dishes that are inventive and approachable.

Food by Berkeley North

Berkeley North is the place to go for a quick lunch, weekend late-night beverages, commemorating a special event, or having a private party.

When it comes to crafting bright and original cuisine, the youthful and enthusiastic culinary crew follows no scripts or restrictions.

They use the seasons to impact the shifting menu and are committed to utilizing items that are sustainably sourced.

Here, customers book a table to enjoy delectable meals while taking in the scenery of Gore Park. The international food provided at this establishment is a plus. Salads with tuna, prawns, and avocado that have been prepared well can leave a lasting impact. Come to Berkeley North for delectable chocolate custard, blueberry cheesecakes, and coffee ice cream.

best restaurants in hamilton
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You can choose from delicious wines, draught beers, or micheladas. This establishment serves tasty iced coffee, French coffee, and coffee with cream. Because of such a great menu and delicious eats, this is considered one of the best restaurants in Hamilton.


Visitors to this establishment feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the cozy atmosphere—many comments on how friendly the personnel are and cool the service are at this establishment. Prices are typical in this area. As many guests have noted, the decor is modern.

Address: 31 King William St, Hamilton ON L8R 1A1

7. Chicago Style Pizza

Definitely one of the local’s favourite places; that’s why it is on the list of best restaurants in Hamilton.

About Chicago Style Pizza

The origin of the place is Italian. They arrived in Southern Italy from Triggiano, a little town in the Puglia area. They have been preparing pizza and traditional Italian foods since 1946, first in Chicago and then in Hamilton in the 1970s.

Pat Delle Grazie is the creator of Chicago Style Pizza Shack. It is not surprising that there is always a huge line because it is one of the busiest restaurants in the area, but the wait will be full worth.

Food by Chicago Style Pizza

They guarantee that the wait will be worth it even though this rather casual Italian restaurant is always crowded and doesn’t accept bookings.

Along with the delectable pizza, visitors also enjoy large amounts of Italian-style meatballs, cannelloni, and the well-known chicken red and white (that would be: tomato and Alfredo sauce).

best restaurants in hamilton
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It is the locals’ favourite spots because of their delicious pizza and pasta dishes. Although this restaurant has neither a website nor a social media presence, its customers’ reviews have helped it grow in popularity.

Enjoy their fried ravioli, chicken Alfredo, gnocchi, lasagna, cannelloni, and veal Parmigiana. Taste properly cooked delicious pizza, pepperoni, and lasagna.

They offer ordinary and thick-crust pizzas. You can also sample one of their 30-minute-prep specialty-filled pizzas. Have a beer to go with your dinner.

Save yourself the trek to Chicago and indulge in the mouthwatering pizza at this nearby establishment.

Fun fact: Chicago Style Pizza’s creators first offered this cheesy, saucy delight in the Windy City.

Clients can unwind in this space thanks to the elegant decor and calm environment.

Address: 534 Upper Sherman St, Hamilton ON L8V 3M1

8. The Burnt Tongue

After touring St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, you can eat at this restaurant. You’ll actually start craving soup after visiting one (or all three) of The Burnt Tongue’s restaurants. This is one of the best brunch restaurants, also known as a soup restaurant, so automatically, this gets on the list of best restaurants in Hamilton.

Food by The Burnt Tongue

The truth is that you’ll truly enjoy grilled cheese, nicely cooked potato soup, and double cheeseburgers. To sample delicious yogurt, fruit salads, and ice cream, go to The Burnt Tongue.

You can order great wine from here. One of the most popular drinks here is excellent coffee.

best restaurants in hamilton
by Engin_Akyurt/pixabay, copyright 2017

With a grilled cheese sandwich or a side of fries, the inventive dishes are enhanced even further.

For the day’s menu, which also comprises hamburgers, veggies, and lunches, check social media. It includes vegetarians, vegans, gluten sensitivities, and dairy-free soup options.


Customers enjoy themselves at this establishment because of the cozy atmosphere. Many reviewers praise the team’s creativity. Customers praise the place’s cool service. You may get a wide variety of food at reasonable pricing at this restaurant. Visitors value the opportunity to take in the cozy setting.

Burnt Tongue’s cozy atmosphere encourages people to unwind and enjoy themselves.

Address: 10 Cannon St E, Hamilton ON L8L 1Z5

9. Aberdeen Tavern

best restaurants in hamilton
by Pexels/pixabay, copyright 2016

About Aberdeen Tavern

Aberdeen Tavern offers a major city dining experience with genuine hospitality in a stunning historic bank location.

The kitchen staff collaborates closely with local producers and healthy food imports to guarantee that the finest quality is never impaired. We have a fantastic range of vintage cocktails created with freshly squeezed juices.

The main dining room at Aberdeen Tavern, which has the atmosphere of a posh supper club, The Apartment, a stunning private event space on the second floor, and a lovely patio, all serve excellent food.

Food by Aberdeen Tavern

Customers rave about how much they enjoy the Canadian cuisine on the menu.

  • Good crab cakes, salads, and smoked salmon are available for ordering.
  • This bar should be suggested for delectable white chocolate cheesecakes, French toast, and crème brûlée.
  • Many guests order delicious chardonnay, craft beer, or prosecco.
  • The best drinks to try are excellent espresso, tea, and juice.


Invite your girlfriend to the cozy ambiance of Aberdeen Tavern. The kind workers at this establishment can tell how much they enjoy their customers. Because of the good food, this is considered one of the best restaurants in Hamilton.

Quick service is important to these restaurant owners. This restaurant gives you a wide selection of dishes at affordable prices. Check out the contemporary design.

Address: 432 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton ON L8P 2S2

10. Memphis Fire BBQ

This Southern-style barbecue restaurant is so damn excellent because they provide smoked meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with homemade comfort food and a 1950s diner atmosphere.

About Memphis Fire BBQ

Chefs Steve and Lori Popp are delighted to bring together outstanding southern barbecue, 50‘s drive-in classics, and regional and international comfort food favourites, all crafted with integrity, love, and care, and all cooked from scratch.

Memphis Fire Barbeque Company is sure to delight not just the youngsters, but also the young at heart. It is a southern-style Barbecue joint that is a fine dining destination.

Food Memphis Fire BBQ

You can place a takeout order at this BBQ.

  • You’ll enjoy the meals there, particularly the delicious waffles, biscuits, and black forest cakes.
  • Many guests place great draught beer, cider, or pia colada orders.
  • Take advantage of the chance to sample fantastic iced tea, chocolate milk, or strawberry milkshakes.


All year long, the welcoming crew at Memphis Fire Barbeque Company welcomes you. Customers reportedly love the service at this location. You can get wonderful food here at reasonable costs. Visitors can unwind here thanks to the beautiful decor and welcoming environment. Do visit this best restaurant in Hamilton for some delicious food.

Address: 1091 Hwy 8, Winona ON L8E 5H8

11. Nique restaurant

So the next best restaurant in Hamilton is Nique. It’s not only a restaurant, NIQUE. It’s a group of energetic, youthful people that are ready to give our clients a rich, warm experience.

best restaurants in hamilton
by LAWJR/pixabay, copyright 2017

What makes NIQUE so special?

As you enter, take note of the pop art throughout, the open-concept kitchen to the right, and the enormous square bar in the back.

NIQUE is more than a restaurant. It is a family of young, passionate individuals excited to give our customers a dynamic and welcoming experience.

Nique restaurant, a rather odd establishment with a self-described cultural mosaic featuring dishes and a fun drink menu, is tucked away just off James St. North.

When you go into Nique for lunch…

You’ll instantly note how much natural light comes in through the enormous windows. The area is warm and bright, and the light does a great job of illuminating the local art that is dotted over the space.

When you enter Nique for supper…

The atmosphere is noticeably different. Work hard, keep modest is displayed in pink letters on a neon sign at the back of the room. The lighting is perfectly dark, with naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling.


NIQUE believes that its approach to food and drink is uniquely Canadian. Not only because they serve beavertail poutine with maple syrup gravy, but because the menu is a cultural melting pot.

This homage to Canadian culture enables them to be friendly as well as daring. By providing good meals in a welcoming setting, they try to develop a strong community and a sense of belonging that would both surprise and excite the people.

  • At Nique Restaurant, you can have tasty nacho chips, pork chops, and calamari
  • Many guests come here for delicious funnel cakes, waffles, and ice cream
  • All of the guests’ needs can be met by the extensive wine list
  • the great lunch pairs nicely with some delicious lemonade


Due to the friendly employees and excellent service, guests feel at ease here. You are expected to pay affordable pricing for your lunch. Clients can unwind at this place because of the adorable décor and serene environment. If in the city, visit this great restaurant and try their food options.

Address: 30 Vine St, Hamilton ON L8R 2K8

12. Wild Orchids

With traditional Portuguese cuisine served in a relaxed, country setting, one can try travelling to Europe. If that isn’t likely to happen, try coming down to Wild Orchid.

About Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid, which is situated on James Street North and makes use of the area’s history, is located in the middle of the city’s Portuguese community.

In a casual and rustic setting, the restaurant provides unusual food. They also contribute to the local art scene. Participating in Weekly Art Crawls as well as the Annual Super Crawl.

The main dining area expands to a comfortable seating area which can well accommodate over 100 people. Large festivities, such as baptisms, communions, showers, and weddings, are commonly catered.

Food By Wild Orchid

With separate portions to accommodate smaller groups. The full menu is available for takeaway, and their platters have proven to be highly popular for private and at-home parties throughout the years.

best restaurants in hamilton
by ReinhardThrainer/pixabay, copyright 2020

Portuguese food is served here, and the menu is exquisite and overseen by a great chef. If you’ve never had Portuguese food, this restaurant is your opportunity.

  • Enjoy some delicious grilled squid and roasted chicken before leaving.
  • At Wild Orchid, don’t forget to sample their delicious fruitcake, custard tarts, and ice cream.
  • You can choose from white wine, red sangria, or both.
  • When you visit this location, you must try the coffee.


Visitors to this location feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the welcoming atmosphere. Most customers comment on how enthusiastic the crew is. One may describe the service at this establishment as prompt. Many individuals point out that pricing is reasonable considering what you get. Every visitor’s taste will be satisfied by the elegant decor.

Address: 286 James St N, Hamilton ON L8R 2L3

13. Saint James Espresso Bar & Eatery

So hope you liked all the suggestions until now; the last one on the list of best restaurants in Hamilton is Saint James Espresso Bar & Eatery.

When you enter this modest restaurant, it can appear to be a coffee shop, but as soon as you taste the food, you’ll realize that it offers a high-end yet approachable dining experience. To define your lunch, look for natural light, a cozy setting, photogenic tableware, and a modest but meaningful menu.

Food by Saint James Espresso Bar & Eatery

  • You’ll enjoy the meals there, especially the excellent bacon, breakfast sandwiches, and avocado toast.
  • Numerous visitors to Saint James have praised the restaurant’s delicious blueberry pancakes, scones, and French toast.
  • Delicious beer will be provided to you.
  • Order a delicious cappuccino, dark coffee, or espresso.
best restaurants in hamilton
by StockSnap/pixabay, copyright 2017


Visitors to this location feel at ease and enjoy themselves because of the welcoming atmosphere. The majority of reviewers laud the employees. These restaurant owners give a lot of thought to their outstanding service. You will be charged fair charges here. The reviews of this place point out the beautiful decor as a stand-alone feature. Customers can unwind in this establishment’s welcoming environment after a long day at work.

Address: 170 James St N, Hamilton ON L8R 2L1

Favourite FAQs

1. What are the most popular restaurants in Hamilton?

The most popular restaurants in Hamilton include

  • Brothers Grimm Bistro
  • Bread Bar
  • Hamilton farmers market
  • Quatrefoil
  • India Village Restaurant

2. What are the best restaurants in Hamilton that deliver?

Some of the most loved restaurants in Hamilton that also facilitates delivery are:

  • Charred Rotisserie House
  • Chicago Style Pizza Shack
  • Bangkok Spoon Deluxe

3. What food is Hamilton famous for?

The famed Roma slab pizza is what this local landmark is actually known for:

  • a basic dependable bread pizza that has been a mainstay of business lunches
  • picnics
  • birthday celebrations for decades

4. What new restaurants are coming to Hamilton Ohio?

There is a long list of names of the restaurants that are soon to call Hamilton it’s home. Among such names some famous ones are:

  • Agave & Rye Hamilton
  • AMP House Brewing
  • Genki Ramen & Teppanyaki
  • Liberty Food Park
  • Papi Jocho’s
  • Shake Shack
  • Son of a Butcher
  • Taste of Belgium

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