things to do in blue mountain things to do in blue mountain

What to Do in Blue Mountain: 12 Must-Try Experiences

Blue Mountain has been a favorite destination among the inhabitants of Ontario and travelers worldwide for a long time. One of the most significant reasons for this destination’s popularity is the various exciting things to do in Blue Mountain.

The locals visit the Blue Mountains all year round for a fun weekend getaway. The place is not lacking in providing activities and recreations that can make someone’s holiday fun and special.

So one can visit this popular year-round destination to enjoy an exciting vacation or relaxing getaway. Blue Mountain is the perfect place for you no matter the kind of trip you prefer – exciting and adventurous or comfortable and relaxing.

1. Where Can You Find Blue Mountain?

Located along the shores of Southern Georgian Bay, this is a picturesque area near the town of Collingwood. It’s a perfectly combined blend of pure nature and premium comfort. There are also many hotels and resorts and all the fun and exciting activities one can imagine.

Blue Mountain
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2. The Blue Mountain Village

Tucked between the beautiful communities of Collingwood and Thornbury, the Blue Mountain village is a charming place residing at the foot of the Blue Mountain Resort. This picture-perfect village, with its rustic charm, presents many things to do in Blue Mountain.

The Town of Blue Mountains is named after the Blue Mountains. Therefore this town of Grey County, Southwestern Ontario, has an economy primarily focused on tourism. The very flourished tourism of the town is mainly dependent on the Georgian Peaks, Alpine Ski clubs, and the Blue Mountain Ski Resort.

3. Blue Mountain Resort

While the Blue Mountain Resort is Ontario’s fancy ski resort, it has now developed into a popular destination during the chilly winter and summer, spring, and fall. The resort is the center of many popular things to do in Blue Mountain.

Among the things to do in Blue Mountain, most loved ones are skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. During the hotter months, there are activities such as hiking, cross-country biking, mini putt, and more. There are also events like the amazing Met Con Blue.

For those who are not fans of outside activities, The Village at Blue Mountain has a surplus of attractive shops, boutiques, cafes, diners, bars, and resorts. You can also enjoy your day at the Scandinave Spa located at the natural Ontario birch, which is the perfect way to spend a relaxing day. Last but not least, picture-perfect scenic caves are a favorite among tourists.

4. How To Spend Your Time in Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is considered to be the heart of Ontario. Needless to say, this place plays a vital role in flourishing the tourism of not only Ontario but also the whole country of Canada.

There are endless activities and things for everyone to do. Special activities occur depending on the seasons, and regular activities are daily.

You can leisurely visit the charming shops and scenic beaches, or you can experience an exciting time participating in outdoor activities like skiing or hiking, depending on the season. There won’t be a dull moment when you spend your holiday at Blue Mountain.

5. Make Your Visit Memorable: 12 Things To Do in Blue Mountain

There are more things to do in the Blue Mountains than you can imagine! From exploring the village of Blue Mountain to the trails, caves, beaches, shops, and spas, you can discover something for yourself in this marvelous area of Ontario. No matter the time or season, Blue Mountain is always ready to welcome you with open arms and a warm embrace. Have the best vacation experience of life by visiting the wonderful lands of the Blue Mountains.

As you can see, there is no shortage of stuff to do or places to visit in Blue Mountain. However, some things should be on the top of your list of activities and things to do in the Blue Mountains.

5.1) Seek and Explore the Scenic Trails and Town of the Blue Mountains

One must walk the trails to get the best experience while visiting the Blue Mountains. You can choose any activity you like depending on your mood and energy. While a relaxing walk along the picturesque paths is perfect for a peaceful day, one can also go for a hike or bike along the trails. The trails are more popular during the time of fall.

It is better to understand your ability and choose a difficulty level of the adventure accordingly. No matter what trail you select, exploring the place with mesmerizing views will undoubtedly be a remarkable experience.

The charming town with quaint shops and calm air is also worth exploring. You can buy a little something for yourself or a souvenir for your loved ones. Try the delicious food in the cafes and restaurants or simply walk the streets and enjoy the scenic view.

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5.2) Take the Scenic Caves Eco Adventure

You do to list of the things to do in Blue Mountain is not complete without this special adventure. This thrilling adventure to the blue mountain scenic caves begins with an extraordinary walk over Southern Ontario’s longest suspension bridge. It’s an adventurous walk spanning 420 feet from high above Georgian Bay. It gives the best views around the place. Walking over narrow wooden planks and enjoying the High Ropes near Blue Mountain is a scary yet enjoyable experience.

Another one then follows this adventure. The tour of the historic and scenic caves is something you cannot miss. This wonder that took millions of years to form is a remarkable creation of nature.

5.3) Ride the Open Air Gondola and the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

The open-air ride on the Gondola is the best way to look at the gorgeous views. Unless you are scared of heights, the open-air gondola is the best way to enjoy the fresh air, snap some pictures, and have a fun time.

The Gondola drops you at the Summitview Pavilion. This restaurant offering the most stunning view of this area offers delicious food that is almost as good as the view itself!

The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster is another ride that should not be missed among the things to do in Blue Mountain. It glides up, along, and down the mountain and is an incredible way to explore the landscape. The greatest thing about the ridge runner mountain coaster ride is self-driven. So, you can decide how slow or fast you want to go and whether to enjoy a relaxing or thrilling ride.

5.4) Have a Relaxing Day at the Scandinave Spa

After all the explorations and rides, it is also important to distress and has a peaceful time. The Scandinave Spa is just a short drive out of town.

Open all year round; this spa provides hot tubs, nordic waterfalls, cold pools, a Finnish sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, and quiet sitting zones. It is a perfect place to leave behind all stresses and unwind.

5.5) Have a Day Out Exploring the Apple Pie Trail

Start your day with a fun road trip. Take the route with scenic views through the pretty towns and villages of Georgian Bay. The area’s moderate climate is excellent for growing fresh and juicy apples.

Beautiful Hike
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Exploring the Apple Pie Trail of Blue Mountain, Ontario, is a must on the list of outdoor adventures. Don’t miss the mouthwatering pies at Grandma Lambes in Meaford. You can also pick up some delicious cheese from Thornbury.

5.6) Spend a Day Hiking in the Blue Mountains

There are a ton of hiking trails in the Blue Mountain Ontario and Collingwood area. Even the village has places perfectly suitable for a great hike. The slopes of Blue Mountain are full of incredible nature hikes, and you can take off directly from your resort room. The Blue Mountain Resort of the Niagara Escarpment is in the heart of some of the greatest hiking trails.

However, if you want to get out further to scour more of Georgian Bay and the Escarpment, the Bruce Trail is much closer and more convenient. The trail is home to some of the most popular loops for hiking.

  • The Bruce Trail Beaver Valley Route: This is a fantastic hiking choice and among the most delightful things to do in Blue Mountain, Ontario.
  • The Georgian Trail: This trail has beautiful scenic lookouts of the shores of Georgian bay and is another leading preference among hikers.
  • The Loree Forest Loop: The loop of the Loree Forest is among the shorter and easier routes that present outstanding views. Its relatively simpler hike is the best choice for beginners.

5.7) Go Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country and downhill skiing are among the most traditional winter recreations and things to do in Blue Mountain. Highlands Nordic, the Georgian Trail, and the Blue Mountain Village are notable skiing areas.

  • Highlands Nordic: Established on the Niagara Escarpment, this premium Nordic Facility offers some of the most breathtaking views of nature.
  • The Georgian Trail: The Georgian Trail follows the path of the old railroad and the Northern Railway with views of Georgian bay. It is perfect for all the popular activities in Blue Mountain, like hiking, biking along with cross-country skiing. The spectacular trail spans from Collingwood’s Harbourview Park to Meaford’s Waterpark. The trail goes through some of the area’s greatest aspects, including cliffs, waterfront, apple orchards, and coasts.
  • Blue Mountain Village: The four-season resort of Blue Mountain Village presents numerous recreations and things to do in Blue Mountain all year long. This includes skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, and more! The region is also the residence of a dozen amazing Golf courses and well-groomed Snowmobile Trails. Visitors with an adventurous spirit can try all the thrilling outdoor activities.

5.8) Go for an Exploration of the Blue Mountains with Mountaintop Segway Tours

With Mountaintop Segway Tours, experience the best way to explore all things to do in Blue Mountain and its beautiful wooden landscape. Rejoice in this picturesque off-road journey along the top of the Niagara Escarpment with your partners, group, family, and friends.

With the expertise of a trained tour guide, you will learn to operate the “two-wheeled” Segway transportation device and take in the scenic pictures of the charming Blue Mountain Village and the glorious shores of Georgian bay

5.9) Go Camping at the Craigleith Provincial Park

Considered one of the most loved things to do in Blue Mountain, this ranks as the most famous camping spot near Collingwood. Placed at the heart of Georgian Bay, it is a great center to explore the Blue Mountains for hiking and biking trails. The magnificent shale rock coastline that is 450 million years old is the ideal place for activities like kayaking and paddleboarding.

The Trail goes straight through Craigleith. So, the bikers and cyclists can have the time of their life riding through these trails.

The flat rock terrain of the Craigleith Provincial Park is exemplary for boating, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and fishing. You also relax at the end of the day by gazing at a stunning sunset.

camping ground
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Situated at the Base of Blue Mountain, the Craigleith Provincial Park is the perfect center to provide all the fun activities and things to do on Blue Mountain.

  • Hiking the Bruce Trail: The mixed forest trails are great for exploring
  • Exploring the gorgeous Georgian Trails range: One of the fun things to do in Blue Mountain is the numerous trail ranges of the region.
  • Freely accessing Wasaga Beach with A day pass: You can spend a day at Wasaga beach. Unlike any private beach, this place is easily accessible to visitors and tourists.
  • Amazing Camping experience: The park has provided the best camping experience for a long time. It is an excellent way to spend a relaxing yet adventurous time.
  • Hosting events, picnics, and functions with a view of the Georgian Bay: You can also host various events, picnics, and functions and have a good time with your friends and families.

5.10) Visit the Plunge! Aquatic Centre

The Plunge! Aquatic Centre is can be found right next to the Westin Trillium House in Blue Mountain. It proves to be a great alternative to the spa with its relaxing hot tubs.

You can soothe your mind and body in the hot tubs or on the pool patio, where you can watch your children discover unique water games with rope swings, water slides, or basketball nets. The Plunge! is a great family-friendly option that kids and adults equally love.

5.11) Spend Some Time at the Wasaga Beach

You cannot complete your list of things to do on Blue Mountain vacation without visiting Wasaga Beach, placed a short drive from Blue Mountain and Collingwood. It is the world’s longest freshwater beach and a popular place to visit among tourists.

The exact location of the beach is along the southern end of Georgian Bay, about 150 km from north Toronto and about 40 km northwest of Barrie. The sparkling sandy shores and crystal blue waters of the Georgian Bay are ideal for swimming, floating, and all other beach activities.

If you get a day pass to Craigleigh Provincial Park, you can freely access Wasaga Beach. Apart from spending time at the sea beach you can also go hiking and exploring.

Those interested in learning about the place’s fascinating history can visit the Nancy Island Historic Site. The region offers nature lovers a chance to observe its protected wildlife habitat. Bird watching is another way to spend time here.

5.12) Lookout for the Special Seasonal Activities of the Blue Mountains

The popularity of the Blue Mountains is all year round. But to make the most of your holidays, do all the things that are specially done for the specific seasons. Seasonal activities and recreations based on the four seasons of summer, spring, autumn, and winter are some of the top things to do in Blue Mountain for everyone.

i) Spring Activities

The season of renewal is not the one Blue Mountains is known for. However, that does not mean that there aren’t things to do in Blue Mountain and enjoy for the tourists visiting the Resort at that time of the year.

Spend a peaceful and relaxed time at the lush green golf courses, or take some time to relieve stress in the spa. Most hotels, resorts, and activities will get more discounted rates.

Don’t miss out on the timber challenge high ropes, rock climbing, climbing walls, Woodlot low ropes, New Farm Creemore Brewery, and Kalola.

The temperature is pleasant, and your stay will be a restful one. And if you are not a fan of the crowds, this off-season time is perfect for you to visit.

ii) Summer Activities

Visiting the Blue Mountain resort and beaches is the favorite activity of summer. The most loved summer activities and things to do in Blue Mountain include skydiving, nature adventures at the scenic caves, cascade putting course, go-karting, mountain biking, zip-lining, and rock climbing.

The Plunge! Aquatic Centre offers a day of refreshing and fun recreation activities for children and grown-ups in the warm summer temperatures.

With everything starting from climbing and zip lines to scenic private beaches and golf courses, there are unending ways you can enjoy and have the best time during summer in the Blue Mountains.

iii) Fall Activities

In the shorter days of the months of autumn, the cooler climate is the best time to cozy up with a warm drink and comfortably enjoy the sights, smells, and colors of the Fall in the Blue Mountains. The fun always goes on with endless activities at Blue Mountain, and the month of autumn is no exception.

It is the best season to explore the towns and villages on foot, try the delicious food of the cafes, snack bars, diners, and restaurants and find the perfect souvenir in the shops to take home with you.

Adventurous ones can go for hikes, bike rides, and treks or try various exciting and thrilling rides.

iv) Winter Activities

There are endless things to do in Blue Mountain to have a wonderful winter vacation. The place has the best ski resorts offering many winter activities and recreations. The Blue Mountain Resort attracts tourists from all around the world in during the months of winter.

For other things to do in Blue Mountain, you can explore the snowy hiking trails at Kolapore Forest or snowshoe across the longest suspension bridge in South Ontario. Skiing, skating, sleighing, and snowboarding are also among tourist favorites.

The seasonal decorations of the villages and towns of the Blue Mountains are something out of a mystical fairy tale. The scenic beauty of the winter wonderland is an experience of its own.

Closing Thoughts

The land of the Blue Mountains is full of never-ending recreational ways to spend your time. No matter the time or season, you can count on the land of Blue Mountains to treat you to a wonderful time.

Winter and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and sleighing are the most loved and known activities. For summer, you have hiking, downhill, cross-country biking, golfing, mini putt, thrilling rides, and the adventurous sporting event called the Met Con Blue.

There is also ample scope to spend a peaceful and relaxing time enjoying the fancy spa, walking around the charming village, or shopping for souvenirs in the pretty shops.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head for the Blue Mountain Resort. With endless activities and things to do in Blue Mountain – scenic towns, charming shops on the main street, stunning beaches, adventurous rides, and treks your stay here will be a magical experience and an amazing adventure worth remembering forever.

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