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The 12 Best Parks in Toronto: An Amazing 2021 Guide

We elect to travel for a picnic or trip when it involves relaxation and pleasure. As for picnics, we certainly opt to attend the parks. I will oblique other places and will start my discussion on Toronto parks.

Toronto is lined with farmer’s markets and vendors living near the city almost every day of the week. Although summer undoubtedly offers a wide variety of markets, many continue to winter, moving into homes. Parks in Toronto are all famous for their structures as well as facilities.

It’s all about the most recent and greatest nation’s culture, design, restaurant, and entertainment. But everyone needs a rest within the large cities, which is where the green spaces are available.

Discover your green spaces with our list of the most effective parks in the city called Toronto. In various eastern towns known for their unique landscapes, Toronto has over 1,500 parks to explore. I will give you some information about some best parks in Toronto.

1. Bluffer’s Park

Bluffers Park
By Stephen Chua/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Bluffer’s Park is one of the most effective places to work out. This huge waterfront park may be a delightful getaway to the town. Home to a different of the most effective beaches in Toronto, the park is aquatic-focused. a large marina houses many sailboats bobbing gently within the breeze.


The walking trails and bike trails to the Scarborough Bluffs lookout are found within the park’s southern end. Take the primary exit at the underside of the massive hill and park within the main lot. If you’re visiting the park to hit the beach, continue past this turn and follow the road until it dead-ends at a parking zone.

2. High Park Toronto

High Park Toronto
By Steve Harris/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

High Park comes under Toronto’s largest public parks. It also comes in one of the best parks in Toronto.

High Park has many mountain trails, sports fields like volleyball court, basketball court, a variety of vegetation, beautiful lake water, easy parking, quick access to public transportation, an animal zoo.

Playgrounds for children like wading pools, restaurants, picnic areas, off-leash areas, and various events throughout the year are also held there. High Park is quiet and relaxing in the morning and after dark. Dog off-leash area is one of the mind refreshing green spaces area. In the off-leash dog area, you can watch all activities of dogs and walk with them.


The town of Toronto uses this park, and therefore the excellent news is you do not have to pay the entry fee. There are many designated children’s playgrounds, sports facilities like tennis courts, wading pool, volleyball courts, basketball court.

There are 18 picnic areas, walking trails, bike trails, large green spaces, waterfront trails, benches galore, and thus the list goes on and on. If children want to enjoy then a wading pool is the best option for them in this green space.

Picnic Area in High Park

It has 18 selected green space picnic areas. If a bunch of individuals over 25 wants to own a picnic, you would like to induce permission to book an area.

Please note that dogs should be stranded everywhere except inside the designated dog park. The park’s picnic areas are popular for large families who want to satisfy themselves outside because of its green space.

Grenadier Pond

Grenadier Pond High Park
By Diego Torres Silvestre/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

A half a mile long and a half miles wide, the Grenadier Pond offers one of High Park’s foremost beautiful sceneries. Even after the environmental effect, this massive natural lake still provides a habitat for many waterfowl, fish, turtles, and other wildlife.

3. Rouge National Urban Park

This one is also listed as of the Best National Parks in Toronto. Rouge Park is the newest urban national park in Canada. Spreading an area 19 times the size of New York’s Central Park, this new protected area follows the Rogue River as it flows down into Lake Ontario and comes under popular green spaces in Toronto.

In the park, you will find many wonderful things to do, making it one of the best parks in Toronto.


It provides hiking trails, cycling trails, and bird watching to kayaking, boating, and camping. On the southern edge, you will find the beautiful Rouge Beach in Lake Ontario, one of the best beaches in Toronto.

Walking Trails and Hiking Trails in the Park

Tie your walking shoes and reconnect with nature right here in the Greater Toronto Area; you are visiting one of the most popular parks in Toronto. Rouge National Urban Park hiking trails run through a variety of terrain, including meadows, forests, wetlands, and farms.

Enjoy views of the Rouge and Little Rouge rivers, roam the lush forests, walk through the lush fields, and explore the area’s rich history. You will not believe that you are in the city!

List of some trails

  • Rouge Marsh Trail
  • The Mast Trail
  • Orchard Route
  • Cedar Trail and Beare Wetlands Loop
  • Woodland Trail
  • West Trail
  • Coyote trail
  • Monarch Route

All of the above routes are available in the national park.

4. Christie Pits

Christie Pits
By Mykola Swarnyk/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

This park comes under the best Parks in Toronto. The park was once an oversized dune back in the early 1900s. Because the city grew in its surroundings, commercial activities came to an end, and a park was built.

Today it’s one of all Toronto’s favorite parks, and this park remains the same even after so many years. Because of the massive number of activities that are adjoining its nearly 22 acres (eight-hectare park).

Facts about Christie Pits

All parks in Toronto have their special season to visit. The same goes for this park.

In the winter season, this park gets the most liked spot on the hills. Ice skaters also love the Sid Smith Artificial ice cream parlor, which is illuminated in the dark. Parking is difficult on the roads leading to the park. The Toronto subway system consists of a dedicated park stop.


In the summer, the park is alive with the sound of bat bats roaring, laughter from the splash pad, and volleyball hits. Other playgrounds within the park include the magnificent Alex Duff Memorial outdoor pool, children’s workshop, playground, pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, bike paths, a green open multiplayer gym, and an out of doors public kitchen.

Not all parks in Toronto have such features as compared to this one. As the name suggests, the fire pit is also famous there. Cook food here or within the shops near Bloor Street, grab a coffee, donut, or take with you to the park, and set it up at the picnic table and absorb the air. They also provide an artificial ice rink playground.

Dominico Field in Christie Pits

On February 2, 2010, the main football stadium at Christie Pits was renamed “Dominico Field” in honor of the longtime owners of the IBL Maple Leafs, Jack and Lynne Dominico. Moreover, there was an event during the Maple Leaf’s home game to make it official.

There are three baseball stadiums in Pits. The main area is located on the northeast corner of the park. Toronto Maple Leafs intercounty baseball, High Park Juniors of the Toronto Baseball Association, and local high school games are all played in the park. A small baseball diamond is found near the baths.

5. Toronto Islands Park

Toronto Island Park
By Doug Kerr/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

A visit to Toronto Islands Park isn’t short of a pleasant trip to the cottage country for some hours outside the town. This is one of the famous Toronto parks. It is an environmentally significant area where these islands got a pleasant place, with lush grass, beautiful gardens, and a few of the most effective beaches.

6. Lake Ontario

lake ontario
By VV Nincic/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

This is a municipal park located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, east of Catalaraqui Bay on the shores of lake. Built-in in 1894, the park is a day-to-day facility with picnic areas, picnic grounds, sidewalks, and a children’s playground. The city acquired the park from a street railway company in 1930, the last year of road service in Kingston.


There are more than 100 beaches on Lake Ontario, including Sandbanks Provincial Park. We can even feel and enjoy the beach areas feeling on Ontario. The water in this lake is not blue; it’s white.

It is the largest freshwater dune system in the world. Moreover, It is the nearer site to Diamond Park, which is famous for baseball diamonds ground. For baseball diamonds, Etobicoke Valley Park is also famous.

7. Trinity Bellwoods park Near Queen Street West

Trinity Bellwoods Park
By amber dawn pullin/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Trinity Bellwoods attracts an oversized millennial crowd. The 36-acre small park on Queen Street West isn’t off from the funky Queen stores but is additionally land all its own, with three baseball diamonds, eight tennis courts, two volleyball courts, a piece of land, a pool, and a fun playground for youths.

Rumor has it that some uniquely white squirrels made the space their home.

8. Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Colonel Samuel Smith Park
By Vlad Litvinov/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

The park is located near a wooded beach in the Kipling and Lakeshore area. It is home to a wide variety of plants, trees, birds, and other wildlife, as well as a network of trails and the city’s first ski resort (eighth floor).

The ice skating rink is located near the Power House Recreation Center (65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Rd.). The park also has an unoccupied dog leash area that allows dogs to walk.

9. Riverdale Park East

Riverdale Park East
By Michael Herrera/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

This nearly 45-hectare park near Danforth Avenue and Broadview Avenue is famous for its winter solstice and city views of downtown Toronto. Riverdale Park East includes two diamonds, three different stadiums, a track, seven tennis courts, an outdoor ice rink, and a soccer hockey pad, a picnic area, and a playground, making it one of the best parks in Toronto.

The ice rink has a hockey pad which is also a place of entertainment. There are changing rooms that are converted into skates. There is a beautiful playground east of the ranks.

The natural scenery at the northern end of the park is lined with lush walkways. It is located at the north entrance of the park on Broadview Avenue by the Riverdale Park East Outdoor Pool.

10. Trillium Park

Trillium neighborhood entrance
By John Coley/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Trillium Park is one of the best parks in Toronto. Trillium Park and the William G. Davis Trail are 3 hectares of public open space in the magnificent Toronto waterway. Trillium Park and the William Davis trail are an effort to revitalize Ontario Place.

This park has a superb view of the sunrise or sunset photo. Near Toronto, it’s a favorite of the many locals. An honest place to spend the afternoon lazily walking along the beach or having a picnic with a blanket.

The Toronto skyline is incredibly near the park. It’s an excellent place to relax and obtain that cottage to be happy without leaving town!

The park is symbolic as it was built with the help of the people of 1st Nations and is a beautiful place. Near Lake Shore Boulevard and the shores of Lake Ontario are magnificent. There is the Pavilion and Inukshuk. You can see Billy Bishop Airport and look back at the sky of Toronto.

11. Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens
By Daniel Fernandes/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

Edwards Gardens is also one of the community gardens that comes under parks in Toronto where you can enjoy the heart’s satisfaction. Edward Gardens sits near the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

This former garden area features perennials and roses in the highlands and wildflowers, an off-leash dog area, and wide rocks in the valley. At the highest level of the district, there is also a lovely arboretum near the Children’s Teaching Garden.

12. Greenwood Park

The 15-acre park is the east point park of Dundas street. Contrary to other parks in Toronto, it has a multipurpose sports field, a splash pad, and a children’s playground. This is the first artificial ice rink in the city.

Greenwood Park
By DMPL Special Collections/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

There is also an ice skating rink near the outdoor ice rink, one of the growing skating trails in the City of Toronto. You can visit many more parks in Toronto for fun.

So, these are 12 parks in Toronto that you can visit to have a fun day with friends and family. Grab a picnic bag and catch up with your friends in these beautiful places.

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